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  1. Nope, bowdens left water marks on my Fuchs, took ages to get rid of them, autoglym for me.
  2. Thanks for a great day Russ, lets hope the next one is not in three years, was it really that long between tech days😲
  3. Yep, what time again. Ill bring the Merc so you can try out your new doo-hickey
  4. Ended up taking a drive to Ormeou (however you spell it) http://www.performance9.com.au/index.htm
  5. Hi All, Car is booked in next week for four new RE003's, the shop has recommended a nitrogen fill @ $9.90 a tyre, apparently more stable pressures as they heat up, as well as less loss when the car is sitting (which it does a lot). I have a compressor, so maintaining pressure isn't a big deal, what do you think Yes or No TIA John
  6. Hi Guys, Just wondering if anybody has an indie or supplier locally to buy oil filters( in particular Mahle OC54 or eqiv). Obviously I can buy from interstate/international but freight is an unnecessary expense. I have been told PCB charges $40, not sure if that's true. Thanks for your help Cheers John
  7. Appears to be a good buy https://www.tradeuniquecars.com.au/detail/porsche-912-784103
  8. OT (sorry) in QLD do you have to run the "S" plates, or can you keep your personalised plates when you change to club rego
  9. Yes please, happy to pay the postage, should never have sold my 914, and can see another one in my future. Thanks
  10. CarreraG50

    Tyres now

    Currently going through this as well, narrowed it down to(in no particular order): Bridgestone Potenza RE003 ($680) Yokohama Fleva V701 ($716) Continental Premium Contact 2 ($760) The prices don't reflect various deals (buy 3 get 4 or $100 off when you buy 4 etc) they are just straight off the net. I have been recommended to buy the RE003, but currently have Conti's on and I really like them, ahh first world problems. Let us know what you decide maybe I'll follow suit. Cheers John
  11. Go Here https://promotive.com.au/ Michael is THE expert on AC 911's (IMHO) you wont be disappointed, be prepared for a loooooong chat on the phone.

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