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  1. Nice build. Love a good hot rod. My car has around the power you are after. Is awesome. This might come in handy if you haven’t already found it https://rennlist.com/forums/964-forum/1202928-tiptronic-to-manual-conversion-instruction-manual.html
  2. Am in. Sounds great. @SkidmarksThanks for organising.
  3. I had motec m130 installed and tuned in Melbourne for less than 10k on a 964 engine in a 3.2. Only parts that weren’t included were the TPS, injectors and air flow meter delete.
  4. Nice driving! aporscheapart has a 915 dog box for sale http://www.aporschapart.com/specials.html
  5. For a good street setup to get rid of the factory understeer I would do New shocks of choice, maybe re valve rears Bigger rear torsion bars 27 or 28, leave front stock. I am not sure why many tend to make the front so stiff. De cambered ball joints. Strut brace Get rid of the rubber bushings. They really cause the suspension to react quite slowly. I have had both. The difference is huge. Use the Rebel racing bushes. https://www.rsrproducts.com/product-page/rebel-s-racing-rsr-front-bushing-set https://www.rsrproducts.com/product-page/rebel-s-racing-rsr-rear-bushing-set Mono ball or hard rubber strut top and rear trailing arm. Stan at Performance 9 can probably help with some of the bits so you don't have to buy all from the US http://www.performance9.com.au
  6. Custom golds only for g series. The stub axles had to be stuck onto the front shocks.
  7. Hi Ben at Weltmiester did all the work. Wish I could do it myself. Yep had to weld bracing to the rear strut towers. Not a tricky job they told me but does require the engine out. I have the self aliging front torsion bar bushings. https://www.elephantracing.com/porsche/911/bushings-bearings-for-911/sphericals/ I think to completely get rid of rear squat you need 930 trailing arms or do the rear roll centre mod like Teutonic did. Mine is pretty good now with better shocks. To put into perspective my car has 200lb front, 400lb rear springs, a bigger front sway bar, lower profile tires, no rubber in the suspension and still rides better than it did with torsion bars. I think the bushings bind a lot on the front a arms and rear trailing bushing points. Doing the elephant front sphericals has fixed the front. The rear rebel racing ones may fix the rear if sticking with torsion bars.
  8. Hi I have a 86 3.2 I have gone from standard to bilstein, 23/31, sport rubber bushings, 16 inch wheels. Now have MCA coilovers, elephant rose joints everywhere and 17 inch wheels. The car now rides better, handles way better and the chassis doesn’t load up that weird way anymore that it did with torsion bars.
  9. Hi Brett. Could you please delete the photo. I have taken it off Gumtree. Thanks
  10. Woops! Didn't even think. Have edited the add. Thanks for the heads up. Motronic
  11. 964 Motronic ECU Rebuilt in perfect working order. My car in now on MOTEC. Gumtree listing below has photos https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/abbotsford/engine-engine-parts-transmission/porsche-911-964-motronic-ecu/1192692467
  12. Not sure about the weight difference, I didn't weigh them. Interwebs reckon about 20kgs not including the flywheel. Stan reckons he sold me a very light flywheel. It does seems to rev pretty quick. The engine is further back in the chassis though. Needed a G50 engine hanger. I only just got the car back. Not sure how much this effects the handling. Have changed heaps of suspension bits and have not driven the car in 18 months. First drive was pretty good car is certainly much quicker with a 3.8 and motec. I lucked in to a box that already had a short bell housing. I think there was only a small section that needed a bit of hammer. The only other tricky bits were the clutch pedal and gear shift selector extension. The mechanic had to fabricate some bits for both.
  13. I just had a short bellhousing G50 conversion done on my car whilst the engine was being rebuilt. Was about 10k net after 915 trade in with Stan. That includes a new lsd, clutch, flywheel, clutch pedal. The g50 is so much more user friendly. You can actually get second on a downshift without a perfect rev match!
  14. They have the correct Porsche part numbers. And are Sold
  15. I have a set of Fuchs off my 3.2 that won’t be going back on. They have been repainted and have centre caps. Fronts are 951 16x7 -23 offset so will fit larger brakes rears are 16x8 -10 offset Mounted with Bridgestone re002 205/55/16 fronts and 225/50/16 tears. Tyres have probably 2000km on them. I can take some more photos of them once I grab them from storage. $3500
  16. 1986 911 Carrera 3.2 sway bars 22mm front and 21mm rear Good upgrade for pre 86 cars. In good condition. Front bar has saddles and bushings rear is nude. $500 James 0421039227
  17. I have had on of those momo buttons sitting on my desk for ages. Mind sharing how you fitted it?
  18. Cams sold. Anyone keen on what’s left make me an offer.
  19. Few bits left. Thought the cams would have been snapped up.
  20. Have a few bits left over from my last round of upgraditis 964 Pistons and barrels $400 964 cams $550 SOLD 964 oil pump SOLD 964 rods $200 964 intake manifold SOLD 964 head studs FREE with barrels Wevo 915 classic shifter and psj (unused) $600 for both. SOLD James 0421039227
  21. Cool . Thanks for info will keep my eye out.
  22. Any more info on the upgraded oil pump bits?
  23. Send it to https://www.myus.com/pricing/. They only charge on weight not size. Its makes it really cheap to send large light stuff to Aus. I got my front valance here for $80 US. It will probably cost more to send to the freight forwarder than to Aus!

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