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  1. Already have a 85 3.2, which is the keeper I'll probably be buried in ?
  2. Cheers. Doesn't mean you can't put it back to almost stock when it's time to sell, with the original exhaust, air box and tuning gear coming with the car, anyone who buys can just keep the heavy original seats and anything else they change to just swap back whenever. Not that I'm trying to sell the car or anything ?
  3. With the saving, throw in a white powder coated cage and a pair of race Recaros with harnesses, get the LWFW fitted and it's good to go, 22kg saving already with M&M exhaust fitted ?
  4. 901er has taken this off my hands. Thanks guys.
  5. Hi guys, as this is the wanted thread, I'll let 901er get back to me to see if he wants it first. I've had it sitting as a spare just in case the original from the 3.2 stuffs up, happy to let it go to who ever for free.
  6. When u say crappy, how crappy ? I have the original Eurovox from my 944 that is missing the tape flap and side bars unfortunately. Yours for free if you want it.
  7. Hi all, After long deliberation, it's time to sell the car due to a number of things. Firstly, I hardly drive the car and as many threads here have pointed out, trying to drive the car as it was intended even on the back roads has more than a few times nearly ended with seizure of the car and suspension of my much needed licence ! Unfortunately also here in WA we have a major lack of tracks to use and even the local sprint events which used to held at RAC driving track once a month have been shit canned, thanks to local mungbeans whining about exhaust noise, even when the track is right next to the airport !! I'm going to list the car here first before I think about putting it with the sea of other white 997 GT3's on Carsales, just in case someone is truly interested. I have just added a couple of photos on here, as I'm going to get a full set done and then will send them as a compressed file to any potential buyer along with full details/history of the vehicle. Vehicle details: I have owned her since 2011 and purchased from QLD where she clocked up the majority of her kms. 87,000 kms ( high for a GT3, but not so much for a 10 year old vehicle, she has been used ) I purchased her with 71,0000kms. Chellingworth Porsche WA first delivered: Full service history, serviced every 12 months, Chellingworth, Porsche Willoughby, Porsche Brisbane (major 2010) and then from 2011 by Andy Stack at Rennsport WA (major 2014) Carrara white, touring/comfort spec, chrono, full M&M race exhaust from Germany $6,000 (original valved exhaust comes in box with car) FVD sport tuned file flashed to the car (USB flash drive with stock and tuned files and Duremetric cable will come with the car) Near new Michelin Pilot Supersports fitted. Near new alcantara gear selector and steering wheel recovered, with custom trim and 12 o'clock white ring, due to wear a few years ago. Excellent condition, with only the few usual tiny stone chips here and there. I have a lowest figure that I'm willing to take, but will not even reply to anyone throwing stupid numbers at me or low balling. $190,000 (Negotiable) If you're a potential GENUINE buyer, please PM me and we can talk, thanks. Sorry, for some reason Photobucket seems to be playing up ! Trying to put some photos up
  8. Well he is a Pom like me, so according to you Skippys we only have bath once a week ?
  9. As long as you have the one in the rear, you're all set ?
  10. For me the pick of the litter is my Aus delivered 85 930/26 231bhp 915 equipped car for the full experience !
  11. As per previous threads, don't go there !

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