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  1. And to think, the 1st one probably cost $50k. 2nd one needs more ruched leather
  2. Here's what I'm thinking for the interior: RS-spec. Carpet in the rear, RS door trims, maybe even door pulls if we can get them to work with the mechanism. Here are the seats I have: BF Torino Rally ST. I can get extra material so maybe I can work in some basketweave somewhere.
  3. Roll cage is bolted to the wheel tubs Certainly a tonne of work would have gone into making the steel guards.
  4. This is low, even for the ABC https://www.2gb.com/completely-ridiculous-abc-slammed-for-suggesting-chess-is-racist/
  5. Auction was due to close almost an hour ago, yet bids keep coming in...
  6. Alternative asset. When the share and housing markets don't perform, and term deposits are paying 1% people look elsewhere.
  7. A piece of history is up for grabs at auction! https://www.lloydsonline.com.au/LotDetails.aspx?smode=0&aid=17034&lid=2277813
  8. https://www.lloydsonline.com.au/LotDetails.aspx?smode=0&aid=17034&lid=2277841 Stunning Porsche 911 replica with 3.6 litre engine with LINK ECU, bare metal restoration with ST body kit, RS seats, and RS door cards including re-trim of the interior,15" FUCH rims with Michelin BT15 tyres, Dansk muffler with stainless headers, Momo Steering wheel
  9. I bought this out of spite 😅 https://www.redbubble.com/i/t-shirt/Don-t-Mention-the-War-Fawlty-Towers-by-unbreakableman/48675566.NL9AC?ref=product-title&utm_campaign=2019_ordershipping_transactional_&utm_medium=email&utm_source=RB&utm_term=35991521
  10. You got me on the colour, but the brap should be below the legal limit, which is a generous 96db for pre-83 cars (although it'll have a valve to bypass the rear muffler on occasion ). The wooshers (BOV and wastegate) will be plumbed back into the intake and exhaust respectively i.e. no screamer pipes.
  11. Not legally though - drag radials are not speed or load rated and therefore not road legal. I've confirmed this with Mickey Thompson and Hoosier directly. I've tried to make driving it on the streets as hassle free as possible - that means no full cage (front is removable), no cheese-cutters, no radials, no beadlocks etc. It seems every car built in the last 4 years has them (to the point where it's passé), but I've avoided going down that route. That should result in fewer headaches and help the car stand out from the crowd.
  12. Yep, all the big hp cars are either bridgeport or semi peripheral port Primarily straight line stuff, but it will be interesting to see how it goes around corners. I plan on driving it on the street so have opted for adjustable coil-overs and decent rubber (Nitto NTO5) all round, rather than cheese-cutters at the front and drag radials at the back. If I get serious on the drag strip then I'll get some steelies with Mickey Thompson slicks.

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