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  1. I had no idea this even existed. Anyone been? https://luddenhamraceway.com/motorsport-park/
  2. I don't think so. Goes to show that there are wankers in all walks of life - Other cops have given me the thumbs-up, but whoever these clowns were probably resented having to do RBT at 7 on a Sunday morning
  3. Which part of the car will you be spending that on? Seriously though, set a budget and then triple it. Donor cars are expensive and you'll get hammered on parts from the US and Europe with the $ where it is. As others have suggested, buying someone else's hotrod or unfinished project is a good option.
  4. You fared better than me then. I pulled into a roadside RBT recently and after blowing 0.00, two of them went over the car with a fine-toothed comb trying to pick defects. They eventually settled on the roll cage. I explained (politely) that it is of course a factory option and registered as a two seater. Despite not having an infringement since the mid-90s, they ticked the "defect" box on the infringement notice...right beside the "warning" box. PITA having to go to an inspection station with proof that the cage was an option, then to the RTA to clear the "defect" within a two week period.
  5. Sounds fun! Hope it sounds better than the current four pot in the A45 though.
  6. That mesh looks like it's from Bunnings
  7. Chalk 991 GT3RS in Mosman.
  8. From today's Australian: In days of yore when men actually manually flew aircraft, a term called piloting, a common phrase was “there is no substitute for experience”. Just like in the shipping arena, a captain had to earn his stripes. Enter automation, which has now reduced the pilot’s role to flight deck manager. This is fine when things work as advertised, and modern aircraft are exceedingly safe, or so we thought until Boeing literally dropped the ball with the 737 MAX 8. The pilot’s role has so diminished and manual flying skills and knowledge have been so reduced that pilots with only several hundred hours total flying experience can now occupy a control seat. As long as they can program the flight management computer that is deemed satisfactory, especially to the bean counters that run airlines. But what happens in the rare cases where an abnormal problem occurs and the crew have to rely on old-fashioned flying skills?
  9. JV911

    Over Charging !

    So the ALP is stating a target of 50% for electric cars by 2030. Where the F are people going to charge them? Fair enough if you have a garage and can leave the car to charge overnight, but a % of cars (probably the majority) are parked on the street. The logistics alone is staggering.

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