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  1. Sorry, there's a few ~4 minute snippets on there but the full movie is only available to subscribers (which is not clear on their site).
  2. https://motorsport.tv/motorsporttv/video/heroes-full-movie/30339?autoplay
  3. A few knobs had to ruin it for everyone. A fair proportion of new cases over the weekend were, you guessed it, backpackers in the eastern suburbs...karma's a b!tch. I'm guessing it's the type of interaction - at the pub and at bingo/housie, you're shaking hands and kissing hello, sitting in close proximity to people for hours on end, and drinking from glasses which probably haven't been cleaned as well as they should. At Coles you're in and out with no interaction...except for those people who have to handle every piece of fruit in the shop! Interesting but I don't know if Italy is a good comparison. 60 million people in an area less than half the size of NSW and a very sociable, cosmopolitan society and the 2nd oldest population of any country. I have friends and family in lock-down there, but it was probably too late when that came into effect.
  4. Or more precisely, they've passed it on in full for fixed loans but not variable. They also cut small business loans by 1%, waived merchant fees and actually increased term deposits by 0.6%. There are literally dozens of factors that go into interest rate decisions; the RBA rate is just one, and not particularly significant in the scheme of things. It's just the one that gets the news headlines. Then there are shareholder interests and the majority of us will have bank shares either directly or in our superfunds.
  5. My mum said there were about 50 or 60 of her fellow senior citizens lined up at 7am waiting for coles to open this morning. As it opened, dunny paper was being handed out at the door to avoid a stampede - a few people tried to go back around for seconds but were rightly refused. Further, for those items that are limited to, say, 2 per customer, the checkout won't scan a 3rd.
  6. JV911

    993 suspension

    You won't get change from $10k once you include labour, Wevo semi-solid engine mounts and a few "while you're in there" things
  7. Carrera 3.0? If so, Id' be restoring that to near original with a hot motor and tasteful mods rather than backdating. At a minimum
  8. They're an alternative asset - there's no return having money in the bank, so people look elsewhere. Also when the property market is hot and interest rates low - people have made money and/or are more inclined to draw on equity.
  9. Yep, I would have gone with the Group 4 look, but I do love what they've done. Except the wheels...they're horrid.
  10. Just saw these on Harry's Garage. Googled it and viola, a PFA thread. There's a few types, so might get one for the kitchen too.
  11. At least they've moved on from the old "I work on an oil rig" routine.
  12. That curved piece you made was particularly satisfying to watch. If I was to have my time again, I'd like to be a fabricator.

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