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  1. JV911

    Morning composer

    There's a 34 page thread on Rennlist and still no useful information There's speculation (including Porsche trying to "manage sales numbers") but nothing concrete.
  2. JV911

    Car rotisserie

    Deposit taken
  3. JV911

    The Wine Thread

    No different to the use of "Champagne" and "tokay". Word is the Italians are trying to reclaim prosecco too, which is what most Australian bubbly producers switched to when the Frogs reclaimed Champagne. Not just cheese, the best damn brie you'll ever have 😉
  4. JV911

    Morning composer

    Here's hoping. RS still not coming up on prixcar
  5. JV911

    Morning composer

    Shagadelic baby!
  6. JV911

    Spotted Thread

    Gulf blue gt3 on Victoria rd 😍
  7. Hear, hear! And far too easy to keep your licence it would seem. Take that knob who ploughed into the RBT cops while texting. He had lost his licence, not one or twice, but four times! Like when my grandparents came here (one of my grandfathers worked on the snowy hydro scheme), new immigrants should have to spend time in country towns. That will both easy congestion in big cities and breathe life into remote areas. There is no silver bullet for fixing congestion - it needs a combination of good mass transit, better roads, decentralisation, and population control.
  8. But then there are a number of tolls which the state government rebates. What incentive is there to catch public transport? Again it's arse-about - they should be rebating public transport fares, not tolls.
  9. Most of the tolls are arse-about e.g. you should be charged to enter the CBD, and the tunnel should be free. Speaking of lights, a lot of intersections would benefit from right turn arrows.
  10. JV911

    The Wine Thread

    Paired nicely with d'Affinois and Roquefort
  11. JV911

    Morning composer

    Still there? I might have a sticky beak at lunch
  12. JV911

    Morning composer

    They don't Port Kembla, Wollongong
  13. For sale: car rotisserie Was $1k new, asking $600. Had my RX2 on it for a month and has been sitting at the painter's since. As new condition, albeit dusty. Pick up Greenacre NSW (mostly assembled, which saves a few hours in labour, but you'll need a ute) More photos here https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/CAR-TRUCK-BOAT-VEHICLE-ROTISSERIE-FRAME-REPAIR-RESTORATION-4500LBS-2041KG-CAP-2/231943261245?hash=item3600e54c3d:g:J-wAAOSweW5VSEjt:rk:3:pf:0
  14. JV911

    SC Exhaust . What Are You Running?

    SSIs + Monty 2in-1out = German symphony orchestra My SC was dubbed the Red Baron

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