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  1. Looks wise, it's closer to the Panamera than the Mission E. To say I'm disappointed is would be an understatement.
  2. The car still needs some rust removal in the footwell. Painting it once that's done should be straightforward, the bodywork having been done some time ago. It'll come back together quickly after that as I have most parts and know they fit.
  3. Don't quote me but I think it was passed in. I seem to remember thinking, "that's cheap" Nice one. I watched the live stream and it looked like a great example!
  4. Yea, they're right. The red 365 GT4 also cracked $500k, as did the Countach. Silver 911R got $650k and the DB5 got $1.5 something. If only they were auctioning a time machine...
  5. One pipe on either side of a diffuser would be much betterer
  6. It's going to look great next to my between my Type 35 and 57
  7. JV911


    Might have to check it out. Haven't watched since the Champ/CART days.
  8. Overheard a very interesting conversation on the bus this morning. Two chaps, one of whom was a 1st officer and the other a trainer (of pilots) were on their way to a seminar. The latter was of the view that the planes should not be grounded but the pilots trained. He said the Max is being marketed by Boeing as not too dissimilar to another type of plane and there are two training courses available; a 5 day "differences" course, and a more thorough month long course. The Courses are $50k and $200k per pilot and course budget airlines like Ethiopian and Lion choose the former. Well, it turns out the planes are more different than they are made out to be, and in an emergency the pilots just don't have the skills to prioritise/cope.

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