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  1. Same. One of the most entertaining odi batsmen
  2. https://www.smh.com.au/sport/cricket/australian-cricketer-dean-jones-dead-20200924-p55z1d.html?btis Former Australian cricketer Dean Jones has died of a heart attack, aged 59. Jones, in Mumbai as part of the Indian Premier League's official broadcasting commentary crew, suffered a major heart attack. Close friends of Jones said he had gone for a run on Thursday morning and had the heart attack at lunch-time in his hotel room. Former Australian fast bowler Brett Lee attempted to revive him.
  3. 365x18...that's a lot of rubber
  4. Number 3 Rebellion just stalled leaving the pits, blowing 2nd place in the process!
  5. The website is dreadful too. Subscribing was ok, but it took me 10 minutes to find the live stream!
  6. Doubt it, owned by Foxtel 😑 I'm thinking I might need to get a VPN and sign up to Eurosport.
  7. The biggest race of the year is on this weekend. How do we watch now that Eurosport is not on Foxtel?

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