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  1. JV911

    964 cab rear seats

    I think I still have the seats out of mine, so let me know if you don't have any luck with the cab seats.
  2. JV911

    964 cab rear seats

    are they different to a coupe?
  3. Well that was comical. Bidding started at 30mil, then quickly climbed 40, 50, 60, 70 million! Then nope, that's seven-teen! Other notables: Seinfeld's 997 RS4.0 $600K Carrera GT $650K 964 C4 LWT $410K 718 RS $4.65M 2016 911R $280K! 1967 911S $825K! 1986 930 $121K (Excludes 12% buyer's fee, and taxes) Shhh
  4. For the record 300 isn't the asking price (but it really would cost more than that to recreate). Maybe it was a typo, or maybe AH did it as a conversation starter...which to have worked
  5. Brown 930, ANZAC Bridge approach
  6. BMW 135 - later model with single turbo N55 donk. N54 had issues, notably a penchant for grenading its turbos. A chipped 3 litre straight 6 turbo in rear wheel drive = squirt
  7. You want practical? Get a ~2005 Holden Cruze! (I'm not joking either) We just had a Cerrato for a weekend away. Nice enough - quiet and comfortable but a bit plasticy and lacks oomph on the highway. We've had a few Mazdas and always recommend them. Either side of $30k I'd be looking at a new 3, or 2 year old cx5. If the budget stretches to ~$40k, I'd be getting a near new cx5 turbo petrol. I'm also a massive Golf GTI/R DSG fan, and have been looking at MK6 Rs again lately.
  8. How much do you reckon it would cost to build? I'll give you a hint - it's more than that.
  9. I love that comparison - in fact the 964 is smaller than a VW Golf.

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