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  1. The Nurburgring lap record doesn't stand a chance against this thing
  2. JV911

    the New 992 911!

  3. JV911

    the New 992 911!

    https://www.carsales.com.au/editorial/details/new-porsche-911-leaked-115781 Not sure I like the light "bar" across the rear...
  4. JV911

    Restomod Rx2

    New lenses Spent a few hours removing stickers, glue and rubber from the windows. Came up mint!
  5. Now that's what I'm talkin about! And then there is the Taycan...I thought we were getting the Mission-E??? https://rennlist.com/articles/porsche-taycan-sport-tursimo-spied-looking-production-ready/?utm_source=jan16&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=content
  6. I'm likely to get a bollocking but here goes... 918 Spyder and Carrerra GT should have come as coupes, or at least optional. The CGT in particular can look ute-ish in profile. IMO it would have looked nicer as a coupe with a roof-mounted air intake like the GT1 or RUF CTR3
  7. JV911

    Spotted Thread

    Saw a few nice 911s out yesterday (and VWs and Mercs...later found out there was a Euro day at Tempe park!) Favourite was a 991.2 Carrera GTS in what looked like grey-black on Lyons Rd, Drummoyne
  8. JV911

    Restomod Rx2

    Both markets got them - externally they look the same, however the ones fitted to US cars had bulbs in them, whereas the Aussie ones are just reflectors.
  9. JV911

    Restomod Rx2

    Quick update: the car is still in the paint shop. There was a bit of a delay i.e. I decided to stretch the guards (to accommodate taller tyres) and replace the whole boot floor Had some time to kill today so I cleaned up the side markers. It turns out that whitening toothpaste is the perfect abrasive to polish lenses.
  10. Randoms, but it's always the same pair. The seem territorial...seeing one react to its reflection in my laptop screen one morning was priceless
  11. What a beauty! We've had a skink in our lounge room for the past few years - Seems to be doing a good job of keeping the roaches in check. Then there is this little guy and his mate, who have the run of the house if we leave the screen door open:
  12. 6 (all 8.9 litres of it!), commonly used in Cesnas, Navajos and light choppers, but they make 4s and 8s too https://www.lycoming.com/sites/default/files/O %26 IO-540 Oper Manual 60297-10.pdf