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    100 points for anyone to be photographed with a Hangar Banger 2 tee, bonus points if its with a notable car and/or personality. I can also bake you a cake with sprinkles on top. 
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    I hate that the Taycan doesn't have the wide rear hips and suicide doors of the Mission E.  Otherwise . . . 👍
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    Don't quote me but I think it was passed in. I seem to remember thinking, "that's cheap"
    Nice one. I watched the live stream and it looked like a great example!
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    That is my son on the left working on the day pushing your car out for you ... Don't worry, he had his little white cotton gloves on ...👍

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    Don't quote me but I think it was passed in. I seem to remember thinking, "that's cheap"
    Nice one. I watched the live stream and it looked like a great example!
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    JV911 reacted to Uncle in Looking for a 957 Cayenne Turbo w/ PDCC   
    I've been looking for a solid 18 months with no luck and thats in 955 or any form. This just dont seem to ever come up and when I've found seller saying "It has the offroad package" its just the normal car with some optional cosmetic side steps etc. I currently have a 955 I use to tow my hunting rig with. Its a simple set up with some 19" A/T's. Another mate has a Q7 with 18" running 31" AT's.
    As an off road thing they are pretty good with the car working very well to control wheel spin. Putting it in low range and doing a sharp turn with result in it wanting to turn the inside wheel exactly the same as it would with a locker. So unless you are full on rock crawling you won't really need a locker. 
    Because I've pretty much given up on finding one with the offroad pack my plans are to build a front and rear bar then look for a little more height. I'm also on the hunt for some cheap 18" wheels so I can move to a 31" tyre to give it a little mor sidewall. I spent 2 months trying to find some steel wheels and gave up. Even getting blanks to redrill was too hard for most places. 

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    I get far far more looks and questions when out in my G Wagen Pro Cab Chassis W461 than I ever have in any Porsche. Here in Aus we are lucky to have access to the W461 which is the military variant and the Aus army have a couple thousand of them. No matter what is done to a Cayenne the Merc will always be a better off-road vehicle but you pay for this with a basic hose out interior and poor on road dynamics.
    There is also the issue of bushability i.e. how likely is it a rock/stick can get flicked up under the car and damage some part or get jammed in a spot and do damage. The Cayenne along with most independent suspension  monocoque cars rate very low in this area.
    Also keep an eye on the GVM as a couple of blokes plus water and camping gear could see it well over its weight limit.
    Good luck with the searches as I sold my 955 with PDCC many years ago and have not seen one anywhere since.
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    JV911 reacted to Dave_S in Looking for a 957 Cayenne Turbo w/ PDCC   
    I'm looking for a project car to turn into a reasonably serious 4x4. Hopefully well priced. Every man and his dog has a Hilux or similar, I'd like to do something different.
    I have narrowed down my search to the 957 Turbo or Turbo S. Until I realise it might be too hard to find, I'm only looking for one's with the PDCC or rarer still with the Advanced Off road Package PB1 with the selector as shown below. I don't believe they were bought in to Australia, but maybe ?
    4 issues I want to address to make it a more serious offroader.
    1. Ground clearance
    2. Wheel travel
    3. Tyre size
    4. Front locking or mechanical clutching diff
    Looking on the internet I don't expect ground clearance and wheel size will be a problem. Wheel travel is clearly something that might be the biggest issue, however there is a guy in the states working on this now who I think will come up with a reasonable result. He hopes to get 10.5" front and 12" rear travel. Not too shabby.
    I haven't looked far into the front diff yet, but a selectable locker or a good clutching diff would be nice. I'm not sure if this will bring up errors, so it might be nicer to just have the selectable locking. I would be interested in any advice on this.
    The slowest part might be finding the right car, PM me if you know of one available that might suit.
    Thanks Dave

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    JV911 reacted to Mik001 in So I just bought a 928 GTS   
    So I just bought the white GTS from The Gosford Classic Cars auction. I’ve never had any interest in these so I’m not too sure what to expect. It was an impulse purchase.  It was 90k plus buyers premium. I’ll attach some pics. 
    What are your thoughts ???

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    JV911 reacted to LeeM in Goodwood   
    I organised everything in readiness for this years Members Meeting, with strict instructions to the missus 'Do not talk!'.  I always sit up and watch both days and every lap of both the Members Meeting and Revival, and have the following day off to recover from my lack of sleep and coffee and snacks binge. They are the only two meetings I look forward to every year, yet I find out last minute it's now pay to view this and the Revival!  Not paying $80ish each time for the 'privilege'. Assholes 😡
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    JV911 reacted to Tips in Gordon Murray's MK1 Escort - Retropower Build   
    Not Gordon’s but there is an AU RS on grays at the moment
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    JV911 reacted to itsujack in I bought a Porsche for my genuine accessory; and not the other way around   
    Inspired by @JWM 's "long distance relationship" thread, it's time for me to share my similar experience last month.
    Long story short - I'm now a Boxster owner... again!
    Long story - Earlier this year I made a (late night) purchase of a Genuine Porsche Roof Transport System (RTS) for a 986 Boxster. These are super rare and I've never seen one for sale in Australia before so why not? Only problem was I didn't own a Boxster to put it on... So I started looking at cheap Boxsters, but stumbled onto what had been described as a flawless OG 2.5L Manual in silver with black interior down in Melbourne. Bad ad, bad photos, but only 12,700km... and full service with Porsche Centre Melbourne. I put a (low) offer in which the owner politely declined and then I forgot about it. Fast forward a few weeks and he contacts me on a Friday afternoon saying he needs to move it on and a rather good deal was done. I ran to the bank just before closing, grabbed a bank cheque and booked the first flight in the morning to Melbourne. By 8:15am the next morning I was rather apprehensively knocking on the owners door ready to drive away in a mint Boxster, or book a flight straight back home (I've had mixed results buying cars sight unseen so this one could have gone either way). Fortunately, he rolls it out of the garage... and it's absolutely perfect!
    Needing to be back in Sydney by 6pm for a dinner date, I go straight to the closest 7-eleven for a servo service; check oil colour and level, coolant, water, tyre pressures (it's still running the original Conti's which are now 21 years old 😬, they look good with plenty of tread and no cracking but who knows what the rubber is like internally...) feed and water myself and I'm on the freeway to Sydney by 9am. A couple of quick stops, nine hours and two years worth of km later I pull into Sydney with ODO showing 13,600km. The day was super hot and fortunately the A/C was ice cold and the car did not skip a beat. I'm sure with a new set of tyres the ride quality will improve somewhat but even on the 21 year old ones it was great. These things must be one of the best bang for buck cars out there right now! Having never driven a 2.5L before I was actually surprised at how sprightly it was.
    Back in Sydney I clean off all the bugs and @OBRUT and I give it a look over struggling to find even one mark on the paint or interior. So now it's just passed it's rego inspection and I need to fit the RTS and some new tyres. I have no idea how long I'll keep it, but I will enjoy it together with the other cars for a while, and maybe stick it in the PCNSW Concours later this year for a bit of a laugh!

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    JV911 reacted to hugh in Cayman GTS in Targa North West   
    Plenty of tarmac rally stages here in Vic with 98% corner ratios and some go for 40+kms! I remember finishing one such stage in my first rally experience and noticing several cars at the following staging with spew down the passenger side of the car.................Definitely not suited for those with a weak stomach. 

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