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    JV911 reacted to Jason A in Budget banging - sensible, but interesting cars for sensible $$$   
    @edgy yes your the big kahuna on the wine. 
    I wouldn’t worry about the reliability of the later Meganes. I tracked mine prolifically over the 4 years and never had an issue. The only thing I ever had to do was remove the front pads and sand them down as I baked them at QR and couldn’t stop them squeezing. I can assure you it was driven hard.
    On the older Renault’s I agree reliability was an issue.
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    JV911 reacted to wilson59 in Suspension lift   
    Took the old girl in to have the height raised a little .  Had it raised an inch and it has made so much difference to the ride . 

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    JV911 reacted to WGA in My new RS   
    Finally found time to fly home and take delivery of my Aussie based RS which has been sitting at the dealer for over 2 months.
    The only special items outside of the normal options list were getting the Arum wheels clear coated. The std Arum wheels are more of a dull matte bronze finish but the clear coat now makes them look much more gold and really pop in the sunshine. I also got red door pulls fitted to match the red belts and the red deviated stitching. And black PORSCHE lettering on the wing.

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    JV911 reacted to Robert930 in DEPOSIT TAKEN FS: 911 1988 3.2 G50 wide body RHD   
    Hi All, selling my 911, listed here first in the hope it goes to a red blooded enthusiast as I’ve spent a lot on this car.
    Porsche 911 1988 3.2 Carrera G50 RHD
    Factory RHD (UK delivered)
    Wide body all steel guards completed by coach builder, so not a factory M491, but very well done (have documentation)
    Delivery Books and loads of receipts
    3.2 Engine completely rebuild, not a top end refresh, but a complete case split, new pistons, barrels bearings, chains, studs etc, only regular maintenance for the next 200k kms is what I would expect. Engine is literally 2500kms old now and uses no oil, no smoke, runs very well. Didn’t need the rebuild either, but the common oil leaks were what prompted me.
    Matching engine and gearbox to car
    Factory guards red and bone leather, never seen another like, factory sport seat option 
    Almost the whole catalogue of elephant racing suspension has been thrown at this car, and it handles exceptionally without being harsh or rattly, think 964 adjustable coilovers
    Wheels are US built Fikse fuchs which I believe are now licensed exclusively to Singer, when I last priced these 4 years ago it was about $10-12k to land these here.
    Repainted about 4 years ago, not that it needed it, (but did have cat claw marks over most of the car) it really shines, no dents or rust (been in Aus for quite a long time) 
    I also have all the genuine bits for the A/C which will sell with the car, also the original Blaupunkt radio, tools, books, original muffler etc 
    Also I have a set of genuine Fuchs that will also go with the car if you want that stock look (16x7 and 16x8) these alone are $3000-$4000k
    Car sounds and drives great, if your looking for something that doesn’t leak oil, blow smoke, or is moments away for a wallet ripping engine refresh, then this is a 911 you may want to consider 
    Located in Sydney NSW

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    JV911 reacted to hugh in I just bought the Outlaws ride...76 930   
    I hope it includes an armed robbery with a getaway chase, you sliding across the bonnet and some explosions! 
    (I know, I should have been a director )
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    JV911 reacted to LeeM in Chris Harris and the Type 64   
    $1.2AU if you havent seen Tom's post
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    JV911 got a reaction from LeeM in Chris Harris and the Type 64   
    Nope, sorry mate. Will be interesting though
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    JV911 reacted to Raven in Chris Harris and the Type 64   
    Went for $17 million ,,,,buyers name not disclosed 
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    JV911 reacted to Raven in Chris Harris and the Type 64   
    I hope Porsche do buy it and it goes home so to speak ...
    Personally I have no issue with the Nazi connection ,,well all know and it is well documented that  Ferdinand built and designed machines of war and PR projects  for the Nazis Government  ,,,it is part of history regardless of if it was wrong or right at the time ,,,and it is not like anything has changed with current governments ,,,they are all criminals 
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    JV911 got a reaction from Raven in Chris Harris and the Type 64   
    Going to auction at Monterey today!
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    JV911 got a reaction from LeeM in What's for sale (Internationally) that's interesting Thread   
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    JV911 got a reaction from LeeM in Chris Harris and the Type 64   
    Going to auction at Monterey today!
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    JV911 reacted to LeeM in Australian motorsport future   
    It's been dragged out for far too long with the original series promoter getting shafted by Supercars I believe. 
     Australia needs this series when they only have those ridiculous 'Super Utes' failing badly as a well promoted support category. Personally, apart from Carrera Cup, the whole Supercar series is becoming a joke with now 3 classes of V8 series' being the main game, Super 2's and 3's. What's the point of watching basically the same cars with different paint jobs go round in circles? Bores the shit out of me. The Touring Car Masters get shafted all the time, the GT's are becoming a very boring category with low entries (just 10 cars at The Bend not long ago) and insisting on endurance races which to me are boring due to fuel and tyre strategies and no balls out, fender banging racing, the F4 open wheelers was just for rich kids and very low entries due to the exorbitant costs, not to mention the very high cost of just entering a meeting makes it an impossibility for those who aren't that well healed. 
     The organisers of all higher profile motorpsort need to get back to basics with support categories to make it worthwhile for people to go and watch, and stop trying to make a fortune out of it with ticket prices and ripping off the home grown competitors. Russell Ingall recently wanted to take his kids to watch the V8's in Queensland, but it was going to cost him $500 or so for just one day so he didnt go. I also looked at the admission price for one day for me and the missus at The Bend next weekend for the Supercars (only interested in watching the Carrera Cup), yet by the time you consider travel, entry, food n drinks we both said no way we're paying that! I know they all need to make some money, but instead of incessantly increasing the admission prices, why not halve it, have twice as many bums on seats and make the same amount of money as they would with half the crowd? 
      Supercars has lost its flavour with many die hard Ford v Holden fans due to Foxtel and hardly any free to air tv (I have Fox so I dont really care about that), yet most of the fan base are people who can't afford to drop $500-1000 for a weekend taking the family to a race meeting. The new TCR series with Euro 4 bangers is cheap to go and watch apparently and the racing isnt too bad with some biff n barge, but is it really that interesting when most of the cars regulalry blow up and/or fall apart? They're no threat to Supercars as it's a different fan demographic, yet the Supercar and GT series management need to take a look at TCR and see how they run it. 
     These S5000's need to have 20 cars on the grid minimum, not 13, and I'm sure Garry Rogers will be making a motza out of the rent a ride competitors. I just hope it's good racing, because in this day and age, unless its grass roots racing, it's boring as bat shit to watch 
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    JV911 reacted to Raven in Australian motorsport future   
    These have been around for some time now close to 18 months ,,,not sure what the hold up is in getting the series up and running ,,,looking forward to it when it starts 
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    JV911 got a reaction from hugh in Australian motorsport future   
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    JV911 got a reaction from Windsor289 in Whats for sale (in Australia ) and interesting Thread   
    For the record 300 isn't the asking price (but it really would cost more than that to recreate). Maybe it was a typo, or maybe AH did it as a conversation starter...which to have worked 
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    JV911 reacted to Raven in Chris Harris and the Type 64   
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    JV911 got a reaction from DJM in Whats for sale (in Australia ) and interesting Thread   
    How much do you reckon it would cost to build? I'll give you a hint - it's more than that.
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    JV911 reacted to Jason A in Budget banging - sensible, but interesting cars for sensible $$$   
    Mate you are on a slippery slope here, get a i30 diesel Hyundai- otherwise it a bit more of this and a bit more of that. Your partner will be taking a NASCAR to the shop to get bread and milk.
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    JV911 reacted to OBRUT in 964 Market Watch   
    Here comes another one:
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    JV911 reacted to 901er in Panel Shop Recommendation - Sydney   
    +1 for Exclusive body works (Ron Goodman) 
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    JV911 reacted to itsujack in 964 Market Watch   
    Completely understandable. I have an ever growing list of cars I'd like to sample, yet limited storage (and funds!) means its one-out one-in for the foreseeable future...
    GLWS, someone is going to pickup a very special 964.
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    JV911 got a reaction from itsujack in 964 Market Watch   
    Oh yea, about that...well, yes it's for sale. Doesn't get driven enough and need to tick some other cars off the bucket list.
    PM me if you'd like to discuss.
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    JV911 got a reaction from Arnage in Whats for sale (in Australia ) and interesting Thread   
    How much do you reckon it would cost to build? I'll give you a hint - it's more than that.
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    JV911 reacted to Raven in 964 RS Image thread   
    964 Carrera 4 Lightweight (Leichtbau) 
    Conceived and built by Jurgen Barth of the Customer Sports Department at Weissach, the car was designed to be a stripped out racer that would be easy to import into the USA, as Porsche had many problems trying to federalise the 959 that came before it.  Barth envisioned a single make race series created especially for the Leichtbau, and forged ahead to make the car ready for export, in the process creating the rarest 964 of all.
    Starting with a seam welded shell, Barth specified aluminium doors and front lid, fibreglass engine lid/spoiler and Plexiglass windows all round to pare the curb weight to a minimum.  The weight saving continued inside with all insulation and carpeting removed, and replaced with lightweight Recaro racing buckets with harnesses, RS style door cards and a special Momo steering wheel.  Cup car adjustable suspension was fitted, along with a chassis strut brace and hand made Matter roll cage. Even the oil tank is mounted within the wheelbase for better chassis balance, with a side mounted filler flap harking back to the 911s of 1972.
    The drivetrain consists of an RS spec engine with unsilenced separate racing exhaust manifolds, a close ratio 5 speed gearbox with a single plate clutch and single mass lightened flywheel, and the manually adjustable mechanical all wheel drive system from the Paris Dakar winning 953 of 1984.  Ready to race, the car weighed 1,090kg, around 150kg less than an RS.
    Unfortunately a race series was not forthcoming for the Leichtbau to compete in, and the Carrera Cup took over as a worldwide forum for the 964RS, of which 2,282 ended up being produced.   only 22 examples of, the Carrera 4 Lightweight were produced making it one of the rarest Porsche 911 ever made ..m


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