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  1. & I'd say this particular seller is not overly keen.... Once looked at a longhood/hotrod car at CTS that had not a single piece of paper, although it was clear the car had had a lot of money & time put into it. 'As it stands' was the quote at the time & it was in the 130 -150 asking. I wondered what response they expected when they couldn't say a single thing about the car, engine, paint etc. I'd have expected better but it's obviously not an isolated cae.
  2. Thanks James - once the owner gets back to me (assuming it seems all ok at that point) I'll take you up on your offer.
  3. Thanks James - have sent a message to the owner.
  4. Fighting hard not to have a dig. It looks like good value to me as a recreational/fun track car. Would you care to pm me any other details you might know James?
  5. Long long lists of complaints for at least 5 years....also in Sydney. Anyone caring to research will find plenty of pretty horrid stories (not all clients but enough for concern). It's a shame really because the model they run (purely from a numbers perspective) is not a bad one so it's a bad look & very unethical behaviour. Nothing will happen - they'll cop a fine, close & rebirth under a similar name.....
  6. We sold a boxster a couple of years back around the 100k mark & it was still driving just as nicely as when we purchased it (not consuming oil, no rattles etc).
  7. Second the idea of walking if it doesn't feel right. It's not the type of Porsche you can only get from one place. Regarding the warranty....it only works as a business model if, on average, they pay out less than the warranty is worth...which means it's not worth it to the client/consumer, on average. Plenty of online stories about 3rd party warranties and not many of them are glowing with praise.
  8. Gavin (CliffToCoast)

    My 928s back on the road

    Wow - that's beautiful!
  9. Gavin (CliffToCoast)

    New Classic Blaupunkt Head Unit

    I have a nakimichi product or two from years back...still performing well, great units.
  10. Gavin (CliffToCoast)

    924/944 running and maintenance costs

    Swing down to Cavacos at Gleve & spend 10 min chatting with Dave or Carlos about how much you would be looking at spending per year if they were to do your work (assuming perfect case of a car that just needed servicing). That's your minimum spend without anything going wrong. If you're willing to do the work yourself you will save a bit but you'll need tools, space & time (as others have mentioned). Given it's an old car you should also be willing to spend on the big unforeseen/unlucky costs such as engines/gearboxes. No one wants these & it's not normally part of what people factor in but it does happen & if you can't cover it then you're up for selling a non running car. Best to go in with eyes wide open and if you just get hit for routine servicing then that's great.
  11. Gavin (CliffToCoast)


    Second that with Joe at Porsche Insurance. We used to have cover with them and they were great to deal with.
  12. Gavin (CliffToCoast)

    I bought a 997! A 996 comparison

    I couldnt really compare handling as the 996 was awd plus it had been lowered a smidge & set up a touch more aggressively so there ended up being a large difference between feel. The 3.8 definitely had a bit more torque but it was not a practical level of difference in road driving other than long high speed inclines (Mt Ousley was fine in 6th gear in 3.8 & would pull from there whereas the 3.6 needed a change down to5th for the same urge (at about 110km)
  13. Gavin (CliffToCoast)

    I bought a 997! A 996 comparison

    When we were running a 996C4s w3.6 & a 997 S with the 3.8 they were very difficult to split in terms of performance. There were a couple of longer hills where the 3.8 could pull away from the 3.6 if you were committed to holding top gear in both, yet one gear change on the 3.6 and you are level pegging again. So for light cruising, about the same......and for full tilt driving, about the same.
  14. Gavin (CliffToCoast)

    Window regulator repair pin - wanted and for sale

    Hi Ben - just tried to shoot you a pm but it seems you are unable to receive one....
  15. Gavin (CliffToCoast)

    Wanted - targa top 1977

    It is time to make a decision on our targa top roof, which is now worn beyond the point of being useful in rain. Does anyone have a targa top or hard top alternative they'd be willing to part with. I would like to keep the original one on ours in original condition so am seeking a replacement to refurbish or use as is.