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  1. Drive a 991, drive a 997.2. Which one feels better? Which one causes you to look back just that one last time. As above, they are very different to an M car so sort that out first. A 991 may offer better value for trinkets/dollar ratio and if you're after refinement it's a step ahead. The 997 is a little smaller and lines closer to earlier 911's (if that matters). I personally feel that a 997 is a very different ownership proposition to a 991. One is a modern classic (wrt design)...the other is a newer car that has had an owner or two. Both fun - different flavours.
  2. An acquaintance of mine is considering selling his split screen kombi (nut & bolt rotisserie restoration). Would you consider that type of car or is it a Porsche/Lambo, etc only thing?
  3. gt4 is, imo, a little more friendly. On track gt4 seems to be a little happier to wiggle around without any feeling of drama or spitting you off compared with a gt3. That's based on handfuls of laps rather than long term ownership so take it with a grain of salt. Times on a hillclimb or track will likely come down to driver so it will be a case of deciding between slightly older & more dramatic or slightly newer & better balanced.
  4. I have a lexan/pc window (passenger side) currently in my 997 that I'd like to retrofit a slider to (or swap the whole window to a slider version if necessary). The window is fitted to a cup cf door. I'm looking for local recommendations for shops that might fabricate this type of thing before I order from the US or UK. Aversion to waste makes me think retrofit is a nicer idea but if swapping out is significantly easier I'll jump that way.
  5. I'm on the hunt for a passenger window for my 997 - looking for lexan with slider. I currently have a 'non slider' lexan window & debating whether to try & retrofit a slider or just swap it out. Before bothering with OS ordering & freight etc, thought I'd see if anyone here has one sitting around...
  6. Was a small coin toss for me between an interceptor or a 911 about 15 years ago. Never got back to having a crack at a Jensen..have always had a soft spot for the interceptor. Something about the combination of GB, Italian & US inputs that appeals.
  7. My favourite water cooled Porsche back when we were running a few of them for road trips 'just right'
  8. If you decide to sell rather than swap, flick me a pm. I wouldn't mind having a spare proto for our 78.
  9. Absolutely - easier to be nice in most cases.
  10. Footage recently of a youngish copper up here in (what looked like) the eastern suburbs telling people 'a quick walk around the block then go home' when they were out 'exercising' or whatever. We've gone into a pretty full lockdown at home but if I was out in my one hour of the day to go for a walk or a jog (and keeping right away from people) and a copper told me to go home, I doubt I'd have the self control to not voice my opinion. Just as there are idiots out there doing the wrong thing, there are also idiots out there in uniforms (who are no doubt an embarrassment to their colleagues as well). I attended an incident this week & the worst offenders of the 1.5m rule were the people in uniform (from all services). It's hard to remember when you're working but doesn't serve as a great example. As for club plates....it has to be asking for trouble if your'e out in them at the moment, right or wrong.
  11. I'd like to think this little event will make a few companies diversify their production locations & I think there's great value in making things onshore. I'll happily pay more for a locally produced product than one made in china & I'm sure I'm not alone. I also know that talk is cheap and over the last 20 years everyone has voted in exactly the opposite direction with their purchases.....might that change? I hope so.
  12. The question then becomes how you separate the worthy from the others & then what you do with the 'unworthies'. I used to think of graduated housing where you get moved up or down depending on how you treat the place. But once again the kids get punished on the way through. It's a problem that has been unanswered for a long time.....on the positive side Lee, there will never be a lack of demand for maintenance on those places (as heartbreaking as it is to work in that environment). I had to check a smoke alarm once in a smallish block of about 20 very old villas, right in the middle of a suburb like you've described. The whole place was filled with seniors (war widows maybe...) and it was as neat as a pin. Poverty everywhere but very neat poverty. I felt incredibly sad for them being surrounded by the ferals in the rest of the suburb - going to the shops would have been a major stress event for them. I feel for you mate - I only get glimpses every month or so on the odd job but if you're in it day in/day out it would be a grind.

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