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  1. Gavin (CliffToCoast)

    Sports Headers and Muffler suit 3.0

    If nothing turns up, might be worth calling Zags & asking them for the exhaust shop they use (penrith exhaust or some similar name) & what they've found works nicely for a 3 litre engine. I've seen a few nice ones on their cars that are basically headers with a small crossover at the back.
  2. Gavin (CliffToCoast)

    Mexico Blue 996 Coupe

    Love how that looks - best narrow body 996 I've seen!
  3. Gavin (CliffToCoast)

    Fan Housing

    I've had one welded in the past but was told at the time to start looking for another replacement.....
  4. Have never considered a 928 in the past & picked up mine as it was local, blah blah but most definitely a track pig......& so now I find myself looking at minty version & convincing myself that I 'need' one...
  5. Have very much enjoyed watching their vids https://928motorsports.com/othervideos.php
  6. Gavin (CliffToCoast)

    We've got it good

    @symsy- feeling a similar sensation down here. Ever increasing volumes and increasing presence of plod. It's still manageable but I reckon it'll all be over within 5 or 10 years. I've been perusing the top end of Tasmania for a little while (Tamar Valley area) & will likely get down there later in the year for a bit of a serious look-around. I love walking around a city but wrt driving & day to day living I can't stand crowds, congestion etc.
  7. Gavin (CliffToCoast)

    Wanted - 915 5 speed box

    Ok - that I have. Happy to get some pics for you & go via pm/email or phone from this point if that suits (Mike has passed - was looking for something with a bit more life in it than mine).
  8. Gavin (CliffToCoast)

    Wanted - 915 5 speed box

    It's an original 78 case & not sure about the ring & pinion (or whether it's in a condition worth using) - will find out tomorrow for you. I lost 1st gear after a track day & Cavacos opinion after opening it up was that there wasn't anything in there worth using at all, taking a long term view....so we pulled it & replaced with a rebuilt 'ready to go' box (time was a factor) & it's sat on shelf since. Hi Sven - should also add that mine should be considered as the basis of a build only, I don't believe the internals were in much shape overall. My choice came down to entirely rebuilding what I had from scratch or slotting in one that had already been done.
  9. Gavin (CliffToCoast)

    Wanted - 915 5 speed box

    Hi Mike - when you say good condition do you mean a 'bolt in' type of box or are you looking to rebuild? I removed one from our track car last year and decided against rebuilding it. Cheers, Gavin
  10. Gavin (CliffToCoast)

    2013 Cayenne GTS info assistance request

    Welcome to the forum. We have a similar vintage Cayenne (turbo diesel) and most times it goes in to the shop for a service (every 10 - 12k km) it's 1 - 2k ish, with the occasional bigger bill. That's without any major repairs to date (we purchased it at 50000kms and it now has 120000km) - just routine servicing and consumables such as brakes. We live in a fairly hilly area but it doesn't get punted hard, just cruises around. I'd guess then that our running costs would be a base line compared with the gts or turbo - I'd imagine they'd get driven harder so consumables will wear faster. Big components going bang will cost big dollars but that's a 'roll the dice' type scenario with any Porsche out of warranty. We've found ours to be very reliable in a fit/finish sense - no bits wearing or falling off/breaking so we're pretty happy with it.
  11. Gavin (CliffToCoast)

    My Porsche 928

    I think the time difference is down to the torque of the 5l compared with the cayman engine. Will look up the weight - it's a tin can so there's nothing in it...but the cage adds weight.
  12. Gavin (CliffToCoast)

    Practical, not political

    Agree on the 0.5 metre thing. I'm occasionally on a bike (mountain bike so shoulder isn't an issue) & personally can't get far enough to the left for my happiness so it's all about a wide berth when overtaking. 5 x 2 vs 10 x 1 makes sense - I reckon anything more than about 4 in a row becomes hard (hence the pack question). I can see the psychological and social benefits to large group riding but I feel there's an increase in risk to everyone when doing so. No matter in the end as you just have to deal with whatever you encounter on the road, whether it's 20 cyclists or nan & pop towing a van, all the same thing in the end.
  13. Gavin (CliffToCoast)

    Practical, not political

    Cyclists here - can someone let me know why it's safer to ride two abreast or in packs. Porsches, being small are easier to get around cyclists but when I encounter big groups it becomes a lot more trying/dangerous. Thought the Royal National Park & a couple of local hill climbs (some of which you are not allowed to walk along the side of the road due to the lack of room) you can often have to make a decision between sitting behind a pack for kms or taking a calculated risk, which will no doubt end in tears one day (whether it's me or another driver). Having to make that decision does annoy me (and I will also add that I would be/am equally annoyed if I get stuck behind a car doing similar speeds so it's not just a cyclist thing). On roads where there is plenty of sight and room, even if you have to sit back for a while - I couldn't care less & happy to wait & go around when there's an opportunity, regardless of the size of the group. Yes - some cyclists are stupid pricks, as are some drivers....for me it's more of an issue about being forced into a riskier decision making process than I'd usually like. So - there are some cyclists here...what's the go two abreast and what's the go with large groups? I don't get it but I'd be happy to.
  14. Gavin (CliffToCoast)

    My Porsche 928

    Oh I've pushed my limits on track but I'm coming to the realisation that the cars limits are much higher than my capabilities. Had a chat with the po on the phone the other day & he said after hundreds of laps at bathurst over a 10 year period he never felt like he got everything out of the car that was on offer & that his track spec cayman (which is why the 928 was let go) is still 2 seconds a lap slower than the 928.....so it seems I've got a way to go....a nice project to work on, getting more seat time & instruction. I think any aspirations I had towards a gtanything are on ice for some time (never mind relative running costs). Plus I like the bloodymindedness of taking a gt car & turning it into a track steed (I don't think I'd bother spending the time or money to do so but happy to play with the finished product). Cheers, Gavin
  15. Gavin (CliffToCoast)

    My Porsche 928

    I think it can be done but there are certain blocks that are thicker (Japan?). No doubt the factory ones taken to 5.0 l are thick enough. When the one that's in my car went bang it was replaced with a thicker M......(can't remember) block....reputed to be better....time shall tell! The clover leaf/baffled style sump was also a feature....only available in certain years & helpful with oil starvation/frothing issues. Can't say I've done any long high lateral corners for it to matter yet....one day