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  1. I'm about to bring a car back from Brissy on a trailer & will be doing Northbound in 1 leg but looking to come back over two days. Does anyone have recommendations for a one night stop that's somewhat secure for a car & trailer combo?
  2. We have an 8 year old car that neither myself nor my wife have bothered to learn half the shit on (it's a povo pack Cayenne so hardly loaded up & yet..). Music, aircon, seats & that's about it. Everything else I own is either much older or (in the case of the defender) so primitive that recent build is no hurdle to simplicity. I feel trinkets are the only way to differentiate cars these days - looks good in the brochure & gives the salesperson something to talk about. Most cars are so efficient in how they go about their core purpose it's only the useless stuff left to fiddle with (went looking at fridges the other day....exactly the same issues...one job). Quite possibly just another sign of getting old but I'm well & truly over complexity for the sake of it.
  3. 36 for an engine & gearbox sounds not too outrageous, depending on what was done. I'd purchased a car that had a 31k receipt for engine only plus fuel system (street spec, no fancy rods, high compression or anything else....just standard).
  4. Hi Brett - I've just sent you a pm to organise a pickup time.
  5. If the first Gavin doesn't go through with it, this Gavin would be happy to have it.
  6. One of many ‘not quite right’ things on that car yet it’s my current favorite for personal drives. The poke & noise is quite intoxicating & the most recent set of boots have made it just right for back roads (changed the profile ever so slightly). I wish I could remember why the edge bits on the spoiler were removed - I was told.
  7. Oh man - why would you take that back to street trim. Plenty of street trim cars around....
  8. Nope - I reckon presents as value but likely a small market. It's one year too early for me but if you look at other pricepoints for historic track cars it seems sharp.
  9. Our road space has a fixed upper limit (which we seem to be hitting) so we are now paying with time and sometimes money in tolls. Unless the upper boundary is moved (and most studies seem to indicate that when roads are added, rates of usage increase to match) we are stuck. Alternatively, invest in effective mass transit and place incentives on traveling outside of peak times, although that doesn't help with school drop off. We recently changed our kids schools as we were collectively tired of the 35 min commute each way twice a day. We are two weeks in and far happier as a family. Aside from the time back in our daily lives, the lack of 'hassle/edge/intensity' from the morning and afternoon has completely changed the household dynamic. Admittedly this is not an answer for everyone but it sure was for us (drove 7.8km today & planning on making that a high point of the week....had to go to the nursery to get some plants). I love driving for pleasure but commuting in traffic entirely drains the soul.
  10. I originally had factory pipes & h/e's into a 2 into 1 monty with a massive exhaust pipe on my C3.0. Droned quite a bit and was quite loud at idle. Went to SSI's & a dansk sport which is less drony & better at idle but probably just as loud under full throttle. More bark & less boom if that makes sense. Wife reckons it's still way too loud (house shakes when you start it etc) but I think it's just about right & when I go for a drive with a bunch of other older Porsches it seems to fall about mid range for volume.

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