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  1. You have your plates - it can shit the bed every day until pink slip time next year....it's legal!!!! Well done mate.
  2. Hi Steve - I have a couple of Recaros that are currently sitting around. One is an adjustable back rest, one a fixed seat. They are both older style - What spec are you after (I'll dig up some pics for you today)?
  3. Sorry if this is a silly question.....what type/spec motor is that?
  4. Quality car with a suitably well written ad & pics. Nice work & I'm sure it will find a suitable home.
  5. Did ours last year and all the options were over $500 so I'd suggest the $300 might not be the right one?
  6. Deserves pics once they're on. 250 through 5.5....busy times
  7. I currently have a Macan on stands that I'd like to move while the rims are getting restored. Does anyone have any suitable roller rims sitting around (or suggestions for readily available rims that would suit). Appearance is of 0 concerns (likewise tyre condition)....it's just to move it around in the shed. Sydneyish location preferred.
  8. I prefer the feel of a good 915 to a good g50. That's doesn't mean it's better....just that, imo, it offers a bit more feel & feel is, for me, more important than outright performance. I feel the g50 makes the driver one more step removed from the action. However I also prefer a nice 901 to a nice 915....again, feels lighter and that little bit more connected. No doubt wrt engineering, there are very good reasons that Porsche moved on (not the least of which is that each iteration can handle more hp for a longer period). Good thing we have so many opitons/versions to choose from!
  9. Got 19's on a 997.1 track car & R specs are more difficult to find at times than if 18's (might not be an issue for you but worth mentioning). Can't comment on ride/comfort changes going from 18 to 19.
  10. Following this thread - a 2.9 has always been of interest to me & loving the data you have here. Nice work!
  11. I've got an absolute frankenporsche of a 928 - but it is a manual so I can say that it doesn't feel like a truck gbox...in fact quite a bit better than a 915 imo. I have been told they are quite strong...hence the truck analogy perhaps... Edit - if you want to talk 928's in detail, perhaps have a chat with Bruce Buchanan....he seems to know pretty much everything about them.
  12. I'd be happy with the filler cap & seal plus the exhaust hangers...consider me 2nd in line behind mr anf

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