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  1. Looks nice mate - good luck with the sale (favourable time to sell atm).
  2. Yes, I get the feeling that the budget is increasing (or the square metres decreasing). Bollards will definitely be the go & cameras etc.
  3. Staying in the same region? I tried to swing the argument to move down Canyonleigh way (some great big sheds there & much closer to the track) but the kids are immersed in a school they're happy with so southern Sydneyish are our limits.
  4. Wow - that's why I love this forum (well one of many reasons). Not many suggestions in there that I don't like (have the fridge & pinball machine ready so I guess that's the important things taken care of). I'm feeling that a couple of pendant style power outlets may be the go (in addition to the outside sockets) & like the idea of electric car prep. Wash bay ....yes, super nice idea (& not one I'd thought of) plus the insulation factors are critical. I'm a pretty low grade tinekerer (compared with your work Jeff) but have dreams of mechanical grandeur so a fit out in between the two extremes is probably about right. Youtube tends to get a flogging every time I do something for the first time so I'll need a big screen Regarding doors...I was thinking a sliding door (ala Tom's paddo job) but maybe the plinth is more practical. I'll have to talk to a few people that have had the sliding jobbies to see how they stand up over time with grit in the tracks etc. They look great but....will need to function well over time. Had not thought of a scissor lift & maybe something like Jack's perfect setup (long time since I looked at that clip...what an effort in that space) would do well, given have a couple of 4 post stackers. I sure can't complain about lack of ideas or input (looks like the rest of the house Renos are on hold to complete the ultimate garage fitout!) Ha! Our wine fridge currently has a sum total of .....1 bottle in it Guess I'll have to re educate and refinance that little passion.
  5. Fantastic - keep it coming. Love the wash bay idea, drainage & compressed air. Will likely be residential grade insulation (as upstairs may be accom one day). Big screen for youtube 'how to' is a great idea....something I'm always doing when working on cars.
  6. I'm putting together plans for a garage build and would like to tap the collective experience here. For those that have built or used a multi car garage....what would be on your list of must haves or things you would do differently? Our rough shape is two offset rectangeles. First time around for me designing/building a structure so all comments welcome. Intention is to have smaller rectangle housing one car & high single level with the larger adjoining rectangle to house 3 cars (& with stackers 6) plus loft storage/accom.
  7. I've done a few quotes recently for people & it's surprised me how much variation there can be from carrier to carrier & then the next week it's reversed. I'm assuming their pricing moves around a bit depending on how much space they have & how desperate they are to fill it.
  8. Well I'm kinda wide & slow....make funny noises at times & often a bit late.
  9. I'd expect a comp check as part of a ppi....not that hard to do. Depending on where you/the car are located there's the ones mentioned above or Bob Whyms & I'd also recommend Rpm (Ralph) at Arncliffe for a 997.
  10. I get you mate - I also find the Caymans a bit tight (not in a real sense but more of a 'feel'). For whatever reason, the boxsters don't give me the same feeling (roof down I guess) but they're definitely a convertible so if that's not your flavour then 911's it is! Our 996C4s had a few little mods (suspension, wheels & exhaust) and definitely felt a lot more alive than the stock 997. Having now had a track 997 that's had a lot of modification (resulting in a lively car) I get the feeling that you can dial a lot of liveliness back in to the water-cooled cars...without losing aircon or modern engine management/fuel systems that make them easier to live with. I guess we'll see more of this type of thing as time goes on rather than everything being stock. From an everyday and budget perspective, it's easier to dial attitude back into a modern 911 than it is to make an air-cooled more comfy/soft.
  11. I've sold two water cooled cars (996c4s & 997S series 1) and three air cooled cars (993 tipper, 1977C3.0 & 1976 912 bastard) in the last 4 years. I don't think about either of the water cooled cars....but do consider buying similar air cooled cars again (I only need/want 1 road Porsche for fun so probably a 993 to get the best of both). My 2c....997 perfect for everything but not exciting until bum tightening moments. 996 a bit more raw but more squeaks & rattles. 993 still got that great sound & look but a little refined than other aircooled and is suited to long runs at the expense of 'a bit boring' for early morning punts. G series fun & raw but sucks on a hot day. Longhood more fun & more raw & equally sucks on a hotly. Air cooled = more thrills at a lower speed (and to be honest...that's my attraction..in my local area lots of 50 - 100km/hr roads & the water-cooled stuff gets north of those speeds very quickly). An all rounder for me is a 993 (more involving than a 997 or 996 imo). And a 2.7 boxster is more fun than a water cooled 911 up to about 130km/hr and for the price can be added to a backdate/bastard. And it has perfect aircon. And it has a roof down option. And you can laugh at all the tools who tell you that a 911 is the only really Porsche. @LeeM - add a boxster to your aircooled when the time is right & you can't go wrong. Edit - gt3/2 & track cars excluded from above considerations.
  12. Mate - that just makes the burn on missing out so much greater. Sounds like 20min sessions are definitely the way to go. One of the aspects you mentioned (having time to mingle.& chat) would be a side benefit of two days. If you know you've got two days to run on track there's plenty of time to both drive & chitchat.
  13. Would love a 2 day event - spreads the travel at either end & twice as much fun for the same effort.

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