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  1. I think quite a few of us are happy it's a (mostly?) partner free forum. Two new bits of metal coming home in the next few weeks means a Christmas present downgrade for me... Just secured some additional off site storage - will delay the inevitable discovery.
  2. Not my area of expertise so it's second hand from me. I've got a few mates that apply coatings & do detailing at a fairly high end and last time I asked them what they'd recommend for a track level of protection - they both said a coating. Things may have changed or it might have been the way I put the question to them but I recall being surprised myself. There was no work in it for them (they're in Melbourne) so it was purely professional opinion. The coatings they were talking about are exactly what you have specified above - a mechanical/extra barrier. They said if you project a rock at the surface at just the right angle and a large amount of force then you can expect the coating to chip but you'll get a big dent too and the metal will dent before the coating fractures. I guess the questions comes down to the durability/repulsion abilities of the wrap material versus a coating that goes hard & on that I reckon you'd be best with a direct opinion over my meanderings. Opticoat seems a popular choice - I've used 'Kamikaze' previously on a road car (as I didn't want the ultra hardness I'd be looking for on a track car). Cost wise - I don't think there's much difference at the top end of the coatings and in either case you're paying someone to spend at least a day on your car (you're in the nice position of having a good paint base to start with). Coatings will vary from a '1 year sacrificial layer' to 'track level protection' whereas a wrap is a wrap - right up at that top level of protection right away.
  3. Great - thanks Jason. I'll check out your previous posts.
  4. Hi Jason - do you have any more pics of the car that you'd be happy to share? I've always wondered about a 993 base for a track car but there are not many around.
  5. Are you settled on a wrap? Would you (or have you) considered a ceramic type finish? I'm talking about a fairly high end protective film that is applied by hand. It tends to give the car a very tough exterior (track work stains no problem and you can then use more aggressive cleaning products that you wouldn't usually apply to paintwork with wax). These coatings tend to give the paint a 'harder' or 'brighter' type of finish than a wax. Some people might add a layer of wax or two on top of the ceramic finish to bring in the 'warmth' to the look. So....totally different to a wrap If you're interested in more I'd be happy to put you onto the one guy in Sydney that I reckon is worth using. cost will likely be ballpark the same but finish will not look like a wrap.
  6. We've got a Cayenne as a family hauler but I've always looked at the diff locks, clearance on lp road tyres and general size/structure of components and thought that its potential talents were entirely wasted on road. Would love to see some pics when available.
  7. Indeed - however questionable at times. I also have a thing for early 80's subaru wagons so it's only a matter of time before they too become recognised symbols of rad.
  8. IMO 964 & 993 offer a similarish ownership experience with aesthetics being the biggest difference (again that's just for me.... the softer front lines of the 993 have never quite sat well with me). The 996 is a whole nother thing...different ownership experience entirely. I regret moving on our manual C4s - it was rough around the edges (compared with the 993) but such an accomplished performer for the money & would have one again in a heartbeat. If you're looking at prices for engine rebuilds - I'd suggest talking directly with one of the several Porsche shops in Sydney. They'll give you an idea of top to bottom pricing across aircooled & watercooled.
  9. I'd suggest that most hobby cars will only get out every 2 or 3 weeks and I don't think that's a problem. If the car is straight and has a good service record (sounds good from what you have said) then you have ticked every box you can. You are buying the po as well as the car - how does it feel when you are talking with him? After that it can be a little bit of 'roll the dice'. The car is 15 years old. Some things will have wear on them and you may or may not have catastrophic failure of engine at some point (the odds are very much in your favour - it's not likely but is still possible). If the price is right and it is fun to drive there's not much else to do other than take the plunge and hope for the best! 116000kms is reasonably low so that's in your favour in terms of wear on components. I sold a boxster with that neighbourhood of kms and would happily have been the buyer rather than the seller so they can certainly still perform well at that point.
  10. I can't help but think what 100 - 130 buys in terms of fun & see it sitting right in there for a sale. I hope the owner gets every bit they are after and the buyer is a happy next owner. I'm sure far more has been invested in the car than 100 - 130 yet that matters little (to many/all buyers). If anyone out there wishes to purchase a car based on money spent, I have a 180k 928 for you whenever you're ready (it's even lurking in the above pics).
  11. The following parts are surplus to needs. I have taken a 'best guess' at pricing. If I'm well over in my pricing & you can show me an example of market price(I've just spent 30min looking without much luck) I'll be happy to sell at that point (ie I'm not looking to make a killing - happy for these to go to a member if they have a use for them). 997 Series 1 Complete Doors (outer, inner, motors etc...the whole thing, glass in). Black. $1000 each. 997 Series 1 Rear factory tail spoiler (again, whole thing, fan etc with retractable spoiler) Black. $800 997 Series 1 Rear Window (glass) $750. They're all original condition, parts replaced by cf & composite bits. Was keeping in case of targa spec desires but have come to the realisation this car will spend it's life with me on track. Pics to follow.
  12. Someone once told me that some cars only come around once.....they had a point.

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