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  1. Looks like the twin to mine - slightly different type of yellow & that's about it.
  2. I'd recommend Cavaco's in Sydney for a 3 litre carrera engine job. They've been looking after mine for about 16 years (including a top end rebuild) and I've been very happy with them.
  3. Didn't arrive mate (inbox was pretty full - now resolved) so I've sent you one. @garypgt3
  4. 997 gt3 so long as you're happy to put the time into the car (& have some level of background driving....which I'm sure you do). That's a whole lot of car to get to know.... Wish I'd never clicked on that link.
  5. I know the story mate - someone just posted a boxster that I find particularly appealing but it's not even close to a need.... I'll give it a week or so before putting it on my105 so plenty of pondering time. Feel free to flick me a pm or call me if you have any questions (and if you pulled the trigger it would give me the best excuse to come down to tas.....I've got school holiday period free plus about a week after....just in case).
  6. Hi Nick - sending you the pics now. The black pair are not recaros (as you will see).
  7. Hi Hughesy - black. Likewise, happy to email or whatsapp/sms you pics. Cheers, Gav
  8. I purchased this about 8 months ago when I was looking for a light alternative to other trailers. It is a 2011 Tilta Dual Axle with options including tool box, stone chip screen, tyre rack. The wheels and tyres are all in great condition and I've just purchased a new battery for the compressor. Overall I'd describe it in very good condition given its age and it shows no signs of serious or structural wear - it's ready to go and should give years of service. I'm selling as each of our cars has a different track and I'm tired of constantly adjusting the ramp thingys. If you're taking mostly one car and others on occasion it would be fine. To move the tracks requires 4 u bolts per track so it's not rocket science nor particularly strenuous....I'm just a bit lazy. Pros - all options except winch, super light so easy to handle, can carry up to 2100kg, adjustable ramps on trailer to suit vehicle width. The tool box and tyre rack are pretty handy. I've successfully carried a 911Carrera (not S) a 1978 911, '67 912 and 78 928. I would suggest anything wider than a 997 (including the S & C4S) to be too wide in track. It tows easily and light weight means it's less intrusive than some of the other brands. Typical tilting action along with a couple of wooden blocks that I have to account for super low cars. My 78 911 & 928 are a little lower than standard height and they load easily. The 997 we have is stupid low so it requires the wooden blocks under the ramps. Cons - it's not new but nor is the price. It won't legally take loads over 2100kg - I've never tested it in practice. That's about it. Now sold. Edit - registered until Feb 2020 Cheers, Gavin
  9. I'm cleaning out to get a bit more space and would like to move the following items on. Two Matching black 911 Seats - Sold One passenger side Recaro - two cigarette (I'm guessing) burn holes, one fixed -$300 This came out of a 78 Japanese 911. It looks old but I've not been able to find a date stamp on it anywhere. One burn hole has been filled/plugged, the other remains as per pics. The backrest has a small tear in the rear at the top. The underside & structure looks pretty perfect and the bolsters etc are in good shape. So it would be a use it as is or go for a recover/trim. 996 muffler - $550 Came out of a 2004 996 C4s some 6 years ago (car had done approx 80000kms at that point) and has been sitting since. 997 muffler ($600) & other pipes ($400) From a 2007 track car (997 3.6 ie not an S or 4S) recently purchased. I'm not sure when it was taken out of the car but looks to be in pretty good condition & the car has approx 70000kms currently. To be frank, if you're keen for one of the above but think the price is too high, shoot me an offer. If you're the only interested party & the offer is reasonable you can take it - not much point in these things sitting with me.
  10. Do you have the opportunity to drive both in close succession? You may find, regardless of spec, that one drives & feels much better than the other. That will make the decision a whole lot easier. Edit - if you find yourself in sydney, drop me a line & I'd be happy for you to have a quick spin in my 77 targa in the local national park. It's a 3 litre, 915 box combo & will give you a fair idea of what they're like when they're in good operating condition.
  11. Our '67 912 cheat is in the 100 - 120 range for costs to this point (what it's worth is a different market question)- paint is 7/10, engine is 2.7 warmed over with webbers, track past, currently stripped road trim interior, good suspension, S brakes. I see it as an entry price into the longhood hotrod thing & it would only go up from there wrt price. Driving enjoyment is up there (it's the best aircooled I've driven for pure thrills) but it's a long way from a collector/investment car - all the joy is in the driving. I feel that a tickled up 3.0 or 2.7 engine is better in the earlier cars than a 3.2 as they feel a bit more 'zingy' & a bit less torquey if that makes sense....never been a fan of the 3.2's but I've only driven motronic versions. I can't imagine a 3.6 on the skinny rubber & smaller brakes but that's probably more a question of driver taste (skill/testicle size?) & hp desires than anything else. I like @OBRUT idea of an early narrow body IB - getting harder to find clean versions of these.
  12. My conclusion is that about 1000kg or less & 200 - 250hp = maximum pleasure on public roads. More weight & power is just wasted & more often than not, gets in the way of driving pleasure. Edit - having not owned a gt3 of any generation I'd happily exclude it from my comments....
  13. Stop-start commuting & milk runs = no earlier than 993 imo. I'd lean towards getting two for the money you're talking. One for the 6am selfish blast/trackdays & one for the commute (993 or 964 tipper & early or middy hotrod). Just to muddy the water a little further....

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