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  1. I've found toyo r888r to be good (very predictable, lots of communication & no sudden snap away) but most say the AO50's are both slightly stickier and longer wearing. I'll be ordering some r888r from england shortly purely because I've been happy with them so happy to roll again - plus outright performance/grip is not so important when paired with a standard SC motor. (Toyo seem to have no interest in r spec tyres in aus anymore so it's easier to go os for 17s)
  2. Hadn't thought about the CIS relationship - that's true enough. Wifes car so unfortunately the dual cab ute is out (& defender does the towing duties so no consideration there). Will check out the x5 approach but will probably lean to 8's. Maybe, as Coastr says, they're all the same one way or another. Just have the shits that an otherwise solid car that feels like it will go forever keeps having wobblies associated with emissions based equipment. I guess that's just modern cars (you know you're getting old when...) Some tasty numbers there. Good to know - thanks.
  3. v8 Cayenne is definitely in the mix - just curious to see what type of increase in thirst we can expect. Thanks @ANF for the v6 merc thoughts. I've found in the past that v6's have had to work pretty hard & while fine while cruising, the around town experience in this area saw ours up around the 20l/100km (but have not tried a merc v6 so happy to give it a whirl). Food for thought. Thanks @MFX for the input (& fyi we've found our 2011 to be perfect in every other respect...I can just see the diesel thing annoying me into the future).
  4. Thought I might put this out to the PFA brains trust. We've owned a 2011 Cayenne for about the past 5 or 6 years & while happy with the performance & general reliability we have now had two majorish expenses relating to the EGR/pollution control systems. The first was DPF failure and intake manifold cleaning required due to carbonation. We've now had a diagnosed failure in the intake manifold valve/butterfly/flap thingy (my understanding it's to alter the intake manifold length for better performance). In all of these cases the common element is exhaust gasses passing through components and slowly adding carbon....which over time cause that component to seize and fail. My understanding is that this type of thing is a byproduct of a dirty burn (rubbish diesel here & cars trying to be clean). So I can't help but wonder if a larger capacity v8 equivalent is the answer (assuming you get a cleaner burn from that type of system). I love the torque of a turbo diesel but consistent component failure feels like a design flaw (or our crap fuel) rather than general wear & tear. So - can I get some real world l/100km figures on what people are seeing from their v8 2t wagons? @MFX - big benz feedback? Think I might be swapping out for a v8 in the near future....
  5. Mistaken location - looking for a local set (so have not proceeded).
  6. Thanks for the real world experience Simon - I'd stumbled across their site & put it into the 'investigate when i need to bring them in' box. After a day with the cup2's I'm happy but will be bringing in r888r. Will bring in a set for the SC while I'm at it as it seems Toyo have given up on the local r spec market. Rather than mucking about with freight forwarding in the US it seems Demon-tweeks might be an easier option. For those following the thread - the cup 2's (used on a wet track progressing to dry by the end of the day) were good but as expected, not quite as grippy as r888r's (which is fine given different design brief). I'll be keeping them as wet/cold day tyres.
  7. Hi Deano - thought I'd throw in longer term perspective. We've been running a cayenne that is now at 167000kms & in that time it has done servicing, tyres & 1 shaft. Shows no signs of issues/rattles etc. They're screwed together pretty well - I plan on running it for as long as I can.
  8. That's good to know, will keep it in mind for next time. What I'd really like to do is sort out a proper tyre relationship so I'm not always chopping about & running around. A project for this year.
  9. In the end, couldn't get any r specs in a complete set so cup 2's it is. Lots of positive reviews out there so I'm sure they'll be fit for our purpose. Will see if they are the 'road' cup 2's or the 'r' cup 2's & depending which (tyre bloke says r's but not with much certainty), will also get a set of the other, given we'll have clients out in wet days too. Will keep a set of slicks as well for personal pleasure. That's better than Sydney if it's 19's (coming in around 1700 for the AD08R's....seems they'd be coming from interstate).
  10. Have decided to go with the cup 2 r specs - will put up some thoughts on how they feel v r888r v slicks (from an average punter's perspective).
  11. Congratulations mate - I'm sure you must be excited.
  12. I'm going to try & test a couple at work & have it recorded - would be great to see how effective it is in a real world engine bay fire.
  13. That makes sense & if I was doing any road driving I'd be straight onto the Yoko's. Given it's 100% track work it makes sense to go more in that direction. It's funny home some sizes/ratios are hard work in Australia - small market. If I end up going with the 'import a bunch' I'll put up a message & see if anyone else wants to place an order.

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