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  1. Our '67 912 cheat is in the 100 - 120 range for costs to this point (what it's worth is a different market question)- paint is 7/10, engine is 2.7 warmed over with webbers, track past, currently stripped road trim interior, good suspension, S brakes. I see it as an entry price into the longhood hotrod thing & it would only go up from there wrt price. Driving enjoyment is up there (it's the best aircooled I've driven for pure thrills) but it's a long way from a collector/investment car - all the joy is in the driving. I feel that a tickled up 3.0 or 2.7 engine is better in the earlier cars than a 3.2 as they feel a bit more 'zingy' & a bit less torquey if that makes sense....never been a fan of the 3.2's but I've only driven motronic versions. I can't imagine a 3.6 on the skinny rubber & smaller brakes but that's probably more a question of driver taste (skill/testicle size?) & hp desires than anything else. I like @OBRUT idea of an early narrow body IB - getting harder to find clean versions of these.
  2. My conclusion is that about 1000kg or less & 200 - 250hp = maximum pleasure on public roads. More weight & power is just wasted & more often than not, gets in the way of driving pleasure. Edit - having not owned a gt3 of any generation I'd happily exclude it from my comments....
  3. Stop-start commuting & milk runs = no earlier than 993 imo. I'd lean towards getting two for the money you're talking. One for the 6am selfish blast/trackdays & one for the commute (993 or 964 tipper & early or middy hotrod). Just to muddy the water a little further....
  4. Fantastic story & 911 - nicely done!
  5. I'm about to bring a car back from Brissy on a trailer & will be doing Northbound in 1 leg but looking to come back over two days. Does anyone have recommendations for a one night stop that's somewhat secure for a car & trailer combo?
  6. We have an 8 year old car that neither myself nor my wife have bothered to learn half the shit on (it's a povo pack Cayenne so hardly loaded up & yet..). Music, aircon, seats & that's about it. Everything else I own is either much older or (in the case of the defender) so primitive that recent build is no hurdle to simplicity. I feel trinkets are the only way to differentiate cars these days - looks good in the brochure & gives the salesperson something to talk about. Most cars are so efficient in how they go about their core purpose it's only the useless stuff left to fiddle with (went looking at fridges the other day....exactly the same issues...one job). Quite possibly just another sign of getting old but I'm well & truly over complexity for the sake of it.
  7. 36 for an engine & gearbox sounds not too outrageous, depending on what was done. I'd purchased a car that had a 31k receipt for engine only plus fuel system (street spec, no fancy rods, high compression or anything else....just standard).
  8. Hi Brett - I've just sent you a pm to organise a pickup time.
  9. If the first Gavin doesn't go through with it, this Gavin would be happy to have it.
  10. One of many ‘not quite right’ things on that car yet it’s my current favorite for personal drives. The poke & noise is quite intoxicating & the most recent set of boots have made it just right for back roads (changed the profile ever so slightly). I wish I could remember why the edge bits on the spoiler were removed - I was told.

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