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  1. Gavin (CliffToCoast)

    997 Carrera S farewell

    I totally agree with this. The 997 is a perfect all rounder....which means at times it feels not quite special enough, until much further up the speed spectrum. I think a few mods could easily dial out the everydayness but then you might as well get a 964 or back to the 70's if rawness is your thing.
  2. Gavin (CliffToCoast)


    Nice work Neil - wish I had those skills & courage.
  3. Gavin (CliffToCoast)

    Brisbane unusual/track ppi

    thanks mate - spoilt for choice now!
  4. Gavin (CliffToCoast)

    Brisbane unusual/track ppi

    That's the one - thanks James
  5. Gavin (CliffToCoast)

    Brisbane unusual/track ppi

    I'm looking at getting a ppi on a Porsche that is very much not standard so not looking for a normal type of ppi. I'm interested in compression, leakdown, boroscope & general straightness etc (it's a track hack 997). So the usual tick a box type of thing & general report will not be much good to me. Any contacts are gratefully accepted.
  6. Great post mate ! I've always thought that the most entertaining of all modern Porsches I've driven has been the base 987 2.7 litre (not the same as the 2.5 but not worlds apart either). I thought it was a better drive than the 3.2S of the era, more enjoyable than the 996C4S & 997S we were running at the same time & it's still the only modern Porsche I'd own for road use. That's not to say it is a 'better' sports car than a 911....just more fun at semi- sane road speeds on the roads I typically drive. It's likely only a matter of time before people seek out the purity of a 2.5, much the same way a longhood is considered a better drive than a g series etc. So it looks like a 2.5 tipper should be on the test drive list for 2020 (no room on the wish list for 2019.....).
  7. Gavin (CliffToCoast)

    928 solid engine mount suggestions

    Early car but later model engine & crossmember & mounts (it seems). There's a real mix of components on this car.... That would make the engine mounts about 1990 vintage I'd guess (when the car was modified to current state) - meaning they've lasted 28 years.
  8. Gavin (CliffToCoast)

    928 solid engine mount suggestions

    Sorry for the confusion - was thinking Solid Rubber v Hydraulic. Interesting point @Ozvino wasn't thinking about longevity. Time to do a bit of research on Rennlist. @ANF - did you source yours locally or have them shipped?
  9. Gavin (CliffToCoast)

    928 solid engine mount suggestions

    @Timm and @tazzieman - I don't think I'll notice any additional noise and vibration....will likely just blend in with the rest of it. The old girl is very stripped out & pretty rough. @ANF - currently running hydraulic ones & one of them is in pretty poor shape so time to group replace.
  10. Gavin (CliffToCoast)

    Tracking a Tiptronic 997

    Really appreciated reading this post - nice work & interesting that it seemed to make sense when you backed off a tenth rather than wringing it like you might in an older air cooled 911.
  11. Gavin (CliffToCoast)

    964 blowing 'dust' out of ventilation

    I had a similar issue soon after purchasing a 993 - eventually a slightly larger piece of dust came out the vent and I realised it was a very soft type of foam. The guys at Autohaus (where I'd purchased it) suggested it was part of the HVAC system that was degrading and that it wasn't anything serious. They also suggested it wasn't worth worrying about unless I wanted to replace/refurb the whole system. So I monitored the problem and after about 3 weeks (driving twice a week) it stopped. Didn't seem to have any impact on the effectiveness of either heat or air con so I'm not really sure where it might have come from. I believe the 993 had done very little driving in the 4 yrs prior to our purchase.
  12. Gavin (CliffToCoast)

    928 solid engine mount suggestions

    The time has come to replace the engine mounts on the 928. I'm leaning towards solid mounts & am wondering if anyone has an experience to share wrt suppliers. On my first brief look it seems it's all OS. Cheers, Gav
  13. Gavin (CliffToCoast)

    987 engine issue from mechanic report

    I once got caught out with this - full set of history was in the glove box....ppi place didn't bother to look.
  14. Gavin (CliffToCoast)

    Boxster Bargains

    I'm sure it would generate plenty of content :)

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