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  1. Hi Jason yes a mate in Adelaide bought the blue one for sale from QLD. I'm assuming it's the same car, there ain't that many blue ones around!
  2. Unable to tomorrow😔 lookin forward to next week!
  3. A blue .2 just landed in Adelaide yesterday too! 😎
  4. Looks great in red. Adelaide is getting a fair number of mezgers! Be good to get together for a drive
  5. I'm away at the moment, Keep this thread updated please and i'm definitely keen to get together some time late feb though!
  6. Another Adelaide one here. Keen to get out and drive!
  7. There's also this one Check out this Porsche 911. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2010-Porsche-911-GT3-997-Series-II-Manual-MY10/SSE-AD-5825404
  8. Well done mate stunning car! Looking forward to seeing it around Adelaide ?
  9. Hi Symsy trying to Pm you about this, but unable to. Is your inbox full?
  10. Thanks for the insight! So is this the car that's been on its roof?
  11. https://www.carsales.com.au/dealer/details/Porsche-911-2008/OAG-AD-16210677 Hi guys new(old) member here. . Does anyone have any history /comments on this car? What is a fair value today? Thanks

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