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  1. Cheers mate! But, I think, I probably shouldn't hijack this thread any more than I have. 🙂 If enough people are interested - I can start a thread on my EFI conversion - which includes a lot more work than just the intake (all of which is just a part of my 911 hot-rod project.)
  2. I went in a totally different direction, but 3D printing let me achieve it. I'm adapting a 993 intake manifold (with functioning resonator) to the 3.0 SC motor. This isn't totally new territory. Race shops in the states have done this with 964 manifolds/injector blocks. Anyway, I designed the adapter blocks in OpenSCAD, then had them machined by a company in Italy, called Weerg. I must have printed 30 prototypes to get it right before sending off the final design. The fit is "perfect" - but this is just one part of many steps to getting EFI going on this car (which is a topic in itself.) I reackon I'm at least a year away from a first start...
  3. Hi KJ, I'll give you a call tomorrow to discuss...
  4. Hi guys, This should be the last thing I sell on my car for a while. Yeah, I know right! I promise, there is a car left. 😀 Initially I wanted to refurb these, but I've decided to go in another direction. They are stock calipers (Front & Rear) from a 1981 911SC. The fronts are pictured. See more photos here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/rPJtHsb254dMqTkf6 Believe it or not ... They are working - I did not have an issue with them on the car. Included are the pads and the hard lines (pictured.) I gave them a bit of a clean, but they clearly need a full resto to look their best again. Not looking for the last penny here... Let's be fair and say $60 per caliper, ONO. I see them on eBay brand new for $250+ so this could be a nice project for someone. I'm in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne - would prefer a local pick-up, but can ship them out to you as well. Daniel
  5. As per my other thread, the other two components from my 1981's engine for sale are: The distributor: Part No: 0237301009 The CDI ignition system: Part No: 0227300004 More Pictures Here: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipPkgFBUaL0HpZutSFgzm9B2HFplt5ajSogSH8yk8EtrDUE7UcYOxeEV4bIuOQq9oQ?key=VjdXNk92blJBVWtxOEhjeVEyb2l6V3Uwa2VDTW9B Both removed from a fully functional 930/10 Euro Spec engine. They are only being removed because I've designed to go the EFI route with my "budget" hot-rod build (haha.) I'm after $450 each for these items, ONO. Prefer local pickup (Melbourne, south-eastern suburbs) but I can send them off around Oz too... Regards, Daniel
  6. Hi Everyone, Since I have decided to EFI my car as part of my restomod, I've removed the CIS (fully functional) and putting it up for sale as-is. The system belongs to a 1981 911SC RoW, so it was on a 930/10 Euro Spec engine (big ports, ~38mm.) Everything was fully working at the time of removal (about 6 months ago), from the WUR, cold-start valve, you name it. Also fitted is a brand new K&N filter (just clean, oil and reuse in the future.) A complete photo album is here: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipPCDf8By5jLslWS00-KmRGMWJloHoKqgDHhgRitiENT-t7iK5eQHzzvHDEXCKqkqg?key=ZWlwaTc0MnB5TmRkSXlHQTg3MXF4V3dGQnVUbUFR I would really prefer not to seperate. I had thought about chucking this onto eBay, but I figure I give you guys the first crack it. Look for $1600 or nearest offer. I've seen them go for substainally more than this... But I'd prefer not to have it sitting around in the Garage for another 6 months! Would prefer local pick-up (Melbourne South-Eastern suburbs) or I can ship it out to you via Pack and Send. Regards, Daniel P.S. I also have the distributor and CDI ignition systems (both fully functional) - which I will also put up for sale in separate threads. P.P.S. Edit - thread now up, here: https://porscheforum.com.au/topic/15919-fs-911sc-cdi-ignition-distributor/
  7. Just to update everyone, all of these items are gone - this advert was posted back in July! Sorry, I should have informed you all earlier.
  8. Mirrors are sold! Everything else remains... No reasonable offer refused!
  9. PM Sent... Should I just post the number? Maybe if one of you chaps talk to David, you can ask him if it's ok? Not sure if he wants it or not.
  10. Hi everyone, Yes, it's time for my annual purge of items which I'm replacing on my 911. Aren't I great member? Perhaps one day when I get the car running again I'll be a bit better... ANYWAY, take advantage of my stupidity enthusiasm to upgrade, and see if any of these items suit your needs! First up, sway-bars, which I believe are 20mm front, 18mm rear. Need a bit of cleaning up, perhaps a new coat of paint. Looking for $100 each, or nearest offer. Next, front torsion bars. I believe these are 18.8mm (19mm) - also needs a bit of love, but seem intact. Torsion bar adjusters NOT included (but pictured.) Looking for $200 for the set, ONO. Front Boge shock inserts. Appears to have Part No: 1020132388 Took these off only because of the wider upgrades I have planned, but despite their age - they seemed to work well. Ditto for the rears (that follows) $100, ONO. Rear Boge shocks. Appears to have Part No: 10201-32 250-F They look a bit rough around the edges, but worked well. Also looking for $100, ONO. Finally, a set of flag mirrors and bases (for RHD cars) - the electric motors don't work very well. I did test them. There is some movement, so perhaps it's salvagable - I doubt it. It never functioned on the car. I saw this as an opportunity to upgrade to something more asthetically pleasing (think: Vitaloni Sebrings) on my hot-rod project. Either way, the mirrors may yet help someone with their project, so here they are: I'd like to get about $100 for them as well. ONO. That's about it for now. I'm located in the Melbourne South-Eastern suburbs, prefer pick-up and cash. I can use the local "Pack and Send" to ship bits interstate. That's my preference - they're close to me at work, and they're reliable. If anything tickles your fancy, please reply or PM me. Regards, Daniel

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