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  1. Just out of interest. If it was a terminal come loose, is it advisable to fiddle with it to see? For some reason I have in my head it has to be a correct procedure to pull these plugs.
  2. Jump you did. Wow, hardly drew a breath and it's done. 👍
  3. FYI ps4s are made in China. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I have 2 on the front and can't tell any difference to the ps2s I had on from France.
  4. Fk that's a lot of work. The smiles at the end say it all.
  5. I've only been around Porsche 6 or 7 years and this forum. The brains trust here have a wealth of knowledge that has benefited many. However I don't think one could afford to consider all of these opinions and thoughts truly representative of the overall oz market. Meaning we have no idea what percentage of the actual market are represented here. The vehicle looks and sounds like a great example. It only takes one buyer.
  6. firstone

    WTB - 996.2 C4S

    He'd have a story you'd have to listen to.
  7. Your thoughts on the GT4RS seem logical but I hope some of them get used properly. Have to be a weapon.
  8. firstone

    WTB - 996.2 C4S

    Recent history says too much. The future may say different. What if it was bought for near to that? May just set the new benchmark?
  9. Ask Porsche I'd say. Nissan not Porsche, I put an aftermarket exhaust on a 370z. Answer was. No worries unless it could be proven to effect parts that are covered by warranty.

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