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  1. firstone

    Track Days

    Yeh I've watched a bit of it. They look like they're all having a ball.
  2. firstone


    I don't steal (unless you count oxygen) πŸ€” so i don't know why you would bother taking such a recognizable item. I hope you get i back. Never know you're luck. More disturbing, the thought of the invasion. Hope you and the family cope ok. I've been through it.
  3. firstone

    Morning composer

    We all love to sleuth. In that case it's a cool backstory.
  4. firstone

    STOLEN: 996.2 Service Book

    Look for a 996 just come on the market. 😎
  5. firstone

    Morning composer

    Certainly an epic adventure. Do you guys think it's adding anxiety with excitement or all positive? In days gone by you'd put it in the back of your mind and it'd be a little surpise of sorts. With all this tracking in such detail it has to cause more security concerns for the companies involved as well as the authorities.
  6. firstone

    Morning composer

    Prison on the ocean. 😎
  7. Seriously ridiculous. Yes sorry sir, i didn't get the memo. πŸ€”
  8. firstone

    356 coupe

    Where did you pick up this skill? An extraordinary ability not common today surely.
  9. firstone

    Morning composer

    Tide? 🀐
  10. firstone

    Morning composer

    Bit of a stretch. All addicted to fossil fuels. But a nice sentiment.
  11. Well done IMO. More flies with honey, as they say. You'll love the car soooo much as soon as you drive it.
  12. firstone

    Morning composer

    Great news for all of you. The forum benifits right up there again.
  13. firstone

    Tar blobs on your wheels..

    Buy a bag of oranges. Eat the fruit, makes ya toot and squeeze the skin on your wheels. Win win. 😎
  14. firstone

    Morning composer

    Try getting a pics from a drone? 😎

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