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  1. Moron duhh, me? Hate. Go on if it makes ya feel good. 🀣 I've been autistic all my life and called all sorts of disparaging things because I think differently. Choose.
  2. I'm just choosing to see the funny in human behaviour because it makes the ride easier hey. But I do watch a lot of comedy. I don't think he should have justified damage or harm in his mind, but he did. Sorry to rub you the wrong way. Bad joke. I hope someone reads him right and gets him help.
  3. Dunnydoo golf course ploughed by local bloke. Maybe they shouldn't have pissed him off. 🀣
  4. Hey tomo, which one is $4 ? I found one that was 6 now up to 10. I'm a big spender eh. 🀣
  5. Hope he figures out what he's good at. Keep moving son, this ain't it.
  6. Oh mate, cars sales with that smile. 🀭
  7. No crow bro. πŸ™‚ It's helpful to know. Chalk one up for a success.
  8. I use my phone for everything. Amaysim is 30 bucks for 55g
  9. There's more than that. They have dials that are hidden but said to be in plain sight. πŸ˜‡
  10. I like to hear this. You are up against trained professional sellers. My friend tells me her son finished a 4 year "apprenticeship" as she called it, to sell. It is however an old art we've been up to for a while now as humans but we've not all made it our primary skill. Tony the Greek he say to me, "you never be desperate ". Right now with the buyers "desperate " creates that oh well I'm fkd, I'll just submit story and the seller has the upper hand. Nice job @npvpositive
  11. Have you thought about searching auto wreckers for second hand?
  12. Hmm, porsche turd. They might have taken it seriously and replaced them with a cup engine too. That's a lot of money to have in a turd. I have 20k in an m96 fart, it's not exactly a turd because it's only a bearing away from ok. Shame porsche.

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