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  1. Not gunna tell when and where. But to say it's splattered with bugs is an understatement. Ordered some new ps4s for the front, and looking at some way to fit good long range spotlights. Zero traffic is nice.
  2. A very different frontline. Perhaps just as dangerous.
  3. Why do you care about the Chinese bro? Anyone that knows the big boy rules can play.
  4. I must ask the local horse trainer that has an R8 what it is. He may need to sell.
  5. Fookn ell. I can't find anything to say. You really deserve better. Anyone does.
  6. Sydney petrol station e10 was 49.9c lt, many are down to 80c lt. E10 1.33 lt in our fkn town and our local mayor calling for a shut down of our local region. FFS even the banks are playing fair. Government going into record debt to pay for the economic crisis which generations beyond our lifetime will pay for. It's the usual arsholes. BP/ Woolworths, SHELL/ Coles and CALTEX. All our fuel in this country is from the same suppliers. Government treasurer said he'd crack down on toilet paper profiteering. Why not this blatant disregard for people already struggling. $25 or more extra per 60lt fill up could make a huge difference in many people's life atm. Hope their chooks turn into emus and kick their dunny down. 😊
  7. Fun would have been if you'd left your reply a couple of days. πŸ˜‰
  8. firstone

    My Porsche 928

    I'm searching for local natural honey. I'm sure I saw some out here. πŸ‘
  9. It'll come off without breaking it. I soaked mine in a solution of water and dish liquid. Pretty heavy on the soap. 2 days later wiped it of with a chux. It's gooy coming off but fine once it's done. 4 yrs and still fine.
  10. Buyers are buyers. More buyers, stronger demand. We're nearly all foreigners here.

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