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  1. I have leds in the boxster. They're from J.W. SPEAKER. They have two diodes at 180 on the stem. I've only been out in the dark four times so far. The first time i had the old windscreen with zillions of chips in it. I noticed the reflection of road signs on these chips dazzling the eyes. New windscreen wow, really nice light. So far i haven't had any flashes from oncoming traffic and they don't light up the rear screen of traffic ahead of me. There are a couple of small shaded patches but it's close to the front of the car so no big deal. Ventilation of the heatsink could be a problem if not well considered IMO.
  2. If you have metal reflectors and glass covers you can use the 130/90w but you will need a regulator each light. A double is usually used. If they're plastic it will burn from the added heat. I've done this years ago. Very nice lights. πŸ˜‰
  3. Surely this is not knews to you? πŸ€”
  4. I'm sorry if I'm wrong. BUT in my view the OP shut down negotiations with the reply. I too would rather as a seller get a buyers intentions out before wasting my time and effort with a viewing then a low ball.
  5. Sikaflex products are used by coach builders.
  6. They only bring their mamby pamby, oh we don't have this, oh this smells or dusty or our road needs sealing, gotta drive the kids to school with slick attitude, or I'm old so you should....close that quarry that's still producing because there's big twucks that i can't dominate. They're the wingers. Oh shyt, I've caught the disease. 😷
  7. firstone

    Should I PPI?

    Italian tune up?
  8. I bought a light switch for the boxster from partscontainer/newparts. (Ebay seller) so automatically calculated the gst etc. $160 del compared to 300 odd from Porsche etc here. Same part, Italian made for P. So i guess it's still worth checking. Unless your time is more valuable than that. If it's a throw the dice thing, I guess most will opt for local.
  9. Police speed on roads. Ok we'll go to the track. Oh that's right, track closed. Local authorities recently bowed to a minority of complaints because they got support from the green vegan mayor.
  10. Good thinkn 99. A mates lexus was doing exactly that.
  11. The small things in life. Porsche life anyhow. I've been putting off getting the windscreen replaced because, you know, it's a Porsche, who could do it properly. πŸ˜‚ Obrien did it today. My old one was so bad i can't actually see the new one. πŸ€”
  12. To be clear. We had maintenance to do or short term work. We don't set up or start on high volume roads until after 9am so the peak (about 5000 between 730am and 9am) traffic gets away. We reduce the limit according to proximity to workers. Should have been 40klmh because they were within 1.2m. Considering the traffic refused to do the new limit we are then required to stop them and send one lane at a time. We made the reasonable choice but it backfired on us. Yes the police capitalized on the situation but they were motivated by safety. Just saying because this is what they face regularly so they take a hard line. We have to as well, which we try to avoid as much as possible. Traveling 500m at 60 vs 80 costs how many seconds? SFA Just perspective not judgment.
  13. Friday we set up our road works on Tweed coast road just as the police, fire and hazmat had cleaned up an accident. 80klm zone 20,000 vehicle's per day. Reduced to 60klm with all the usual advance warning signs 90% of drivers still doing close to 80. Two Hway patrols nailed about 30 of them. I laugh at them. Dickheads tail gating texting no respect. Sorry we're not popular slowing or stopping traffic but we deserve to go home safe as well. 😜

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