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  1. Brake clean will remove the oil. Silicone causes fish eye's.
  2. Crack the paint and dab a bit of atf oil or hydraulic oil on it. Both designed to have anti rust and capillary action. Doesn't wash off easily either.
  3. Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh wheeled out in the back of an old landrover. 🀭
  4. Both sides need to be investigated by grinding paint off ultimately anyway. Factor 5k and decide who's paying him or you. Atm 'he' owns a rusty car not you.
  5. He's right, he's with Shannon's. 😊
  6. Hot exhaust buried in hay and he's like, ell0. πŸ€”
  7. Yes, preparation is everything. Any moisture trapped under paint and or rust not converted or bare metal not primed properly. Even painting during humid conditions can mean a water trap in the air lines may not catch all the moisture. In the picture of the drivers side, just above the bubble there's a mountain range looking form. It's indicative of a layer of paint underneath that has flaked, typically you would remove the edges by feathering by sanding. So it shows lazy/poor preparation. Not bad sign if that's all that has to be remedied. You'd have to remove that left kick plate to see what's really going on there. I wouldn't buy a rusty car without a really thorough inspection. But I'm not in that market.
  8. To me both drivers and passenger side pillar/sill have had repairs. Not really attended to thoroughly so now you're seeing failing coverage. In fact it looks like some peeling has been touched up.
  9. What's that number again? I'll give him a call at 3ish in the am when my bladder says enough. 🀣
  10. I'll have go. If this isn't enough for you can go @$$% yourself. πŸ–•
  11. You'd think, or I would. That it's been to the rs shop it'd sound nicer already. I don't think he's using all the beans though in this clip eh. Always the bloody bridesmaid. πŸ₯± As you say carnewal. If I can afford the car I can afford the upgrade. The way the re market is here ATM I might just be able to. Value gone up 300k in 3 months. Wtfaaaaark.?
  12. It made very little sense, and seemed very strange. But so does my wife at times. Mmm, maybe I'll call her SPAM. πŸ˜† SPAM does reek. Sooo, maybe not. πŸ˜‡
  13. Err, wasn't there another post here that kicked this thread off today? Gone.

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