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  1. At least it gives you time to set up another option mate. Play the game to get what you want. You're a winner!
  2. Marketing tools used to their best. Very clever. You can't sell a secret. 😉
  3. Bet you're glad for all the new tools since you started.
  4. We're all known for all the things in our life. Especially when we die, and more so if you've achieved and been recognized by the public. 4 wives and 12 children is notable. A shameful thing to remark on? I don't think it is. It's just text without context. Sometimes i write to little to create the correct context, sometimes i write too much. Like now probably.
  5. This photography business is fraught with danger. 😎 Those bits are all plastic anyway.
  6. Nice work Jeff. I love that you have no fear mate.
  7. Love the colour. I've never seen it on a boxster. Maybe it's a wrap?
  8. Don't google abandoned race tracks. The places it all started have been left to the environment. Big money lured all the players into contracts and now you have the 'natural evolution'. We're hoping to bring Speed on Tweed back this year. Fingers crossed. It's an awesome show.
  9. I can't make it. Thanks for putting it together though. Next year. 😥
  10. Wow... a serious crash. The picture gives me shivers.
  11. Did you double check you used all the bolts?

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