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  1. I was gunna say that these kids must have been smoking weed when they came up with this. But they would've scoffed the donuts.
  2. Great to see people with $ confident to spend.
  3. You kind of illiterate the point that others have been making. You shouldn't have to know the inner workings.
  4. Ask your insurance company for an agreed value for what it costs to buy and see what they offer.
  5. Ok quick search on the Chinese tyres. Some punters reviews and professional surveys. All the top manufacturers are producing tyres there. Seems from around 2009. Punters on forums have varying comments as you'd expect. Professionals that had no idea what they had on the car during the tests rated them well. I wasn't aware they we're China made so had no preconceived idea. They seem as good as the ps2s I've had on this car. They and the car outdrive me anyway so.
  6. I just checked them they are made in China. The ps3s i have on the back are made in France 200 fitted from my local shop. Ps2s seemed hard to get att. Tyres only last 30k klms anyway. ๐Ÿ˜†
  7. 8 amps is a serious charge output. It'll be quick. Is it lead acid? Not sealed? At 45amps you'd want to be able to vent it.
  8. Output says 13.5 which is what a 12v car battery charger outputs.
  9. I just put ps4s on my front same size. I can't remember where they're made but it's not China. They're awesome too.
  10. Wow, did you say 1970 or 1870 model? ๐Ÿ˜†

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