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  1. firstone

    F1 2019

    They get a shirt cap n all the hot dogs they can eat, pepsi or coke. Oh and free entry.
  2. Bruce your contributions are always valued greatly here. You seem to be quite a gentleman, and I find that very valuable. Cheers to you.
  3. firstone

    Hand Throttle mechanism

    I found a pic of the t5 and t6b the knob is to the right of the tacho. One of 3 on the dash.
  4. Apparently he's fine. As in he has no injuries other than concussion. I haven't got much more detail yet. He wasn't found unconscious at all. He was found by lovely locals asleep and they took him into their home where he was still asleep this morning. They couldn't wake him ( which is a side effect of the withdrawal from his meds ) so they opened his iPhone with his fingerprint to find messages on his facebook messanger. They rang his mother through that but their English made it sound like unconscious. And yes his father is shit at reminding him to take his meds. More to the story but i don't know what. He's ok and there are lovely people in the world and facebook has a little respect from me now. Bloody kids, who'd have em.
  5. He's been found unconscious but breathing 1.5 hrs away from where he was. Farrrk Yes his father was with him. His type is super aggressive if he feels threatened and his perception of a threat may be imagined.
  6. Not a vent so much as an appeal incase someone has insight by which i mean strategies. 2 hrs before leaving the Philippines to fly home my step son went outside to smoke and walk to a shop. Phone battery almost flat, and has disappeared. Their local police and consulate and AFP are now involved. We have filed a missing person in oz so that his bank records etc can be used. He's 19 but has neglected his meds for his autism for 3 days without telling his father until just before he went outside. This sh1t happens to other ppl hey.
  7. About as safe as leaving my kids in a religious institution. 🤔 what's the topic again?
  8. So what happens to to air con when the engine stops like that? Ahhh. All that time and money focusing on impractical shyt they think we want. Just another neon light in a city. So many nothing stands out.
  9. Check for chunks of rubber in the wheel arches. 🤓

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