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  1. I have always problem opening the drivers door from the outside so decided to dismantle and investigate. looks like the problem is a bent door latch assembly, would be from PO long time back. would anyone have a drivers side latch assembly to suit a 74 911 they are will to part with? Also trying to get side window cranking up and down easier, is there a measurement spec where the bottom rail is positioned on the glass? Thanks in advance Martin
  2. Great coffee, food and cars and of course good company. Nice to meet you all, see at next outing. Martin
  3. Looking for a 915 gearbox, prefer mechanical speedo drive, but not a deal breaker. Must be in reasonable condition. I have a 901 4 speed out of a 68 model 911 if your looking for an exchange as part of the deal. Also looking for a RHD pedal box as it is for a sporto conversion. Many thanks Martin
  4. Checked oil level and took the car out for a drive to other side of town to get the club plate docs signed off. All the way over tried all gears but still could not get 4th. On the way back I persisted to go through all gears, then all of a sudden it went in and been fine since. Im guessing the synco must have been stuck? And the combination of heat, movement and persistence has paid off and I have all gears shifting. Picked up the club plates also today. The p car is on the road after many years of work (with many interruptions) Cheers all for reading. Martin
  5. Even stationary I don't think it's getting 4th totally. Working up the Gold Coast this week, but looking forward to getting back and sorting it out. Club plates going on the car next Monday, so keen to get it operational and putting some kms on it cheers
  6. Thanks Michel, To be honest when I first bought the car I considered going to a 915 box, but after driving the Sportomatic it is great and very drivable. I have a 3 litre engine that was in it and performs great, not a matching numbers car put Australian delivery all the same. Hope to get it sorted and will stick with the Sportomatic. Cheers Martin
  7. Hi Shane, Read through your post, lots of great information if I go down the rebuild path. Have checked the swivel joint on the selector shaft, there is a small amount of wear, I'm going to replace bushes when the come in and see if it helps. There seems to be plenty of extra movement in the gear link to pull it in maybe the rebush will improve the situation, perhaps the wear is not allowing the start to move back and catching on the selector Going from 2nd to 3rd is fine and all other gears not an issue. Gets a little notchy when warm, so will do a oil change to see it that improves the shifting. Will work on the above and take it from there. As I don't know the history on the car and it was a non runner when I started its a bit difficult to trouble shoot Martin
  8. Hi all Sportomatic gurus, I have a 1974 911 Sportomatic that I'm just getting on the road after a lengthy restore. Car is running fine and selects all gears apart from 4th, have adjusted the shift linkage a dozen times and replaced bushing in the linkage but still not able to get 4th. Seems to partly engage but jumps out as soon as the clutch kicks in. Has anyone have any suggestions on the problem, I'm thinking the issue is with the fork in the gearbox. Also, anyone a spare 925 Sportomatic box for sale? Thanks, Martin
  9. Searching for a new sportomatic brake pedal pad, unavailable as a new part. Does anyone have one they want to part with or know of an alternative car that would have a pedal of similar size. any suggestions?
  10. I had work done by Ringwood Speedometer in the past an they have done a good job Martin
  11. Hi, I have a set of 15 inch bbs wheels if interested. 15 x 7 and 15 x 8

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