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  1. I have ordered a set of the P1 cushions with memory foam and lumbar support, will let you know how it goes.... Cheers, Harry.
  2. Hi All, I have for sale a Dansk Cat/Pre Muffler bypass for a 3.2 Carrera. It has seen very little action. Price: $500 Thanks for looking. Cheers, Harry.
  3. Harry

    Monty Mufflers

  4. https://www.autografik.com.au/product/porsche-911-930-turbo-wide-body-shark-fin-stone-guard-decal-set
  5. Harry

    Monty Mufflers

    H Merv, i have have a near brand new M41 that is surplus to requirements...... Cheers, Harry.
  6. Original Eurovox in my 3.2 Carrera.... Cheers, Harry.
  7. Hi Merv, Just been through the same issue with my 86 Carrera. 1. Get an assistant to depress the accelerator pedal as far a it goes, check to ensure the throttle is opening fully. If not adjust the slack in the cable. 2. Check that the WOT switch is operating as it should, it should make contact at about 75% throttle opening. Remove the connector and check continuity across the top two pins, the switch should close @ 75% if it is not closing rotate the switch clockwise until it does (place a large flat screw driver on the mount and hit with a hammer 😄) 3. Get in touch with Steve Wong and buy a chip, wow, what difference it made to my car in throttle response, power and civility so smooth and really makes a huge difference. Cheers,, Harry.
  8. Hi, I recieved this exhaust from Kline Innovation for my 996 C4S the other day. I'll let you know what it is like once it is on the car. Cheers, Harry.
  9. Hi All, Thanks for all of the kind comments. Thanks to PFA the car is now sold pending a successful PPI. Cheers, Harry.
  10. Hi All, Due to the recent arrival of a new (to me) Porsche I have to let my 968 to make some room in the car cave. My 968 has done 230,000ish kms is finsished guard red and, I am not sure you would find a better one. I have spent approx $25k on the car in the last 12 months in order to get it to the level that I like. The work done on the car is included (but is not limited to): New clutchNew Dual Mass FlywheelNew clutch master and slave cylinders and new clutch "hose"New radiator and hosesNew engine mountsNew shock absorbers (Koni Sport)New suspension bushes where requiredNew custom stainless steel Peter Starr exhaustNew steering shaftAll cam runnning gear replaced (chain, runners, ramps tensioners etc)New balance shaft beltsNew Bidgestone S0001 tyresAlternator rebuiltBrakes refurbedNew Porsche floor mats New (retro looking) Continental radio with DAB+ and bluetoothNew speakers and ampAir con rechargeRecaro Specialist L seats finished in leather / alcantara (original 8 way adjustable leather seats included)A lot more work has been completed on the car and all work is documented and has been completed by local Melbourne Porsche specialists (Weissach Sport and Zuffenhaus Classics). The car drives beautifully and sounds glorious with the new exhaust, nothing left to do now except to drive and enjoy it. Included with the car are the original, fully restored, steering wheel and the Club Sport wheel currently fitted to the car, a full set of very rare factory workshop manuals and a custom fitted dust cover. If you are looking to get into the Porsche world there really is no better entry point and if you are looking for the the ultimate Porsche transaxle model then they don't come much better than this. Plenty of pics here for those interested: https://atkinsons.smugmug.com/Cars/1992-Porsche-968/ Price: $40,000 Thanks for looking. Cheers, Harry. 0409941775
  11. Yes, it is still available. Cheers, Harry.
  12. Hi All, For sale is a complete Varioram Intake, the intake was working perfectly fine when I removed it. Price: $1500.00 Avaialble for local pickup in Melbourne, interstaters will have to organise your own shipping, sorry (it weighs a ton). Thanks for looking. Cheers, Harry.
  13. You have a beautifu car! Can you share some more pics? Cheers, Harry.

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