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  1. Are they the early 66mm centre hole (using three prong caps) or the 70mm later ones?
  2. Terrible waste. Unless those 10k were on the track. Hopefully the new owner sees fit to use the poor thing.
  3. @JB WTF??? GLWS - it is very much a 9++ out of 10 car - someone will be lucky
  4. Yup seriously impressive photographic work there. Enough to convince someone to pay more than double what it’s worth on a good day?
  5. Sure. Give me the keys and I’ll take good care of it.
  6. I’ll be away that weekend unfortunately. 😢 If anyone is unsure whether or not to do it - stop thinking, just do it! Its a great track and a fun time with top people. Do it!
  7. New tyres on the ‘73. The wheels are 15x7&8. I went with the Pirelli Cinturato CN36 Front 185/70 R15 Rear 215/60 R15 Same tyre that Porsche specified back in ‘73 but with modern construction and compound. They replaced some very old Yokohama A-drives. With the higher profile the car feels quite different in a very good way. I’m yet to drive on them with gusto but I’m very happy with the look and feel so far.
  8. You’ll know you’re in VIC when the speed limit drops and the roads turn to sh!t
  9. GUT

    Battery charger

    It looks to me like you could reposition the clips so they don't obstruct the lid

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