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  1. I stand corrected i had a pair of CS seats in my red thing for a while. Fantastic seats and actually very comfy
  2. And ‘leather clubsport seats’!? In other words standard GT3 leather sports seats. NOT clubsport nomex seats. A classy joint like that should get their facts sorted. And put a price on it.
  3. Love it. Alas I’m car rich cash poor and can’t bring myself to sacrifice one. My type of car though
  4. I've had the pleasure of following this beast through the hills with both @Jimmy and @Fraz at the wheel. What a great set up car and exceptionally well looked after. It will be a lucky person who ends up with this next.
  5. Nice impulse purchase. I’ve got one. They’re fantastic.
  6. And it was my car before that and in totally different condition. All credit to @rafikdous for his work to build it to what it is. It was definitely NOT built in Germany 😏
  7. If you’re selling the 66mm ones for the 70mm price 👍 I can always use more wheels. Alas, no cash.
  8. Are they the early 66mm centre hole (using three prong caps) or the 70mm later ones?
  9. Terrible waste. Unless those 10k were on the track. Hopefully the new owner sees fit to use the poor thing.
  10. @JB WTF??? GLWS - it is very much a 9++ out of 10 car - someone will be lucky

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