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  1. GUT

    930 rear suspension set up.

    Pretty funky looking set up I’d control your urges and save your money - leave the stock spring plates. Or you could go coilover if you’re hell bent on fiddling
  2. I think I must be the only person who didn't head out somewhere this morning. PFA, Facebook, Instagram are all conspiring to rub it in! Great pics guys.
  3. I shoulda given you a proper lowball when I had the chance! I feel my GT3 opportunity has passed
  4. Always worth a good look at a UK car. I can tell you a manual GTS is a very good thing. Sports seats too The original wheels go with it. If I were him, they’d go straight back on for the ad. Soooo much better looking and if you’re going for higher $, it’s a no brainer
  5. Lovely. Ditch the wheels and it’s perfect
  6. GUT

    VIN not working for me.

    Late '83 build probably puts it as a MY84
  7. GUT

    VIN not working for me.

    1984 928 Rest of World produced in the Stuttgart factory https://www.stuttcars.com/technical/vin-decoder/
  8. Level sounds fine. Trust the dipstick. Level should be checked when the engine is at operating temp and after idling for 30 seconds or so. The hotter the engine/oil, the higher the level. It'll be lower when driving when more oil is circulating and lower when you're at idle. Pressure - yes I would expect some more variation than you're seeing. For a 3.2 when warm and idling, I think around 1 at 1,000 rpm is normal/fine. From memory, mine would idle around 1 and rise to around 4 I think. 3 seems ok to me but it should be moving - check the sender
  9. GUT

    New Classic Blaupunkt Head Unit

    I like that a lot - very reminiscent of the OEM Toronto SQR46 I have in my 930 Great option
  10. They'll be fine - and if you want ones that don't flex, upgrade to SC calipers.
  11. If it’s a 911 it seems to be
  12. Will crawl back under my GTS
  13. GTS for $65k Sounds like it has had a bit of work and still needs a little love but worth a look https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-928-1995/SSE-AD-5580313/?Cr=14
  14. I’ll sell you the right ones for $15k. You’ll come out well ahead!
  15. Factory wide-body Looks very nice. Replace the wheels and do something about the exhaust. If I were to have a cab, this would be a good choice I reckon.