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  1. Very nice wheel. I needed a dark blue one for my 930 a few years ago. Hard to find. I’ve had a few of these over the years. For a nice wheel with normal wear/patina but no damage I’d put it between $500-600. For the right person who needs/wants this particular colour maybe $750. I’d hold onto it if I were you. Too hard to find when/if you need one.
  2. Loving it. You made it a very easy transaction - thanks! If I could have another, I would!
  3. I’m over the moon with my 996.1. To hell with value. I’d definitely have an RS - in fact I may have had an RS if the seller bothered to call me back - but that’s another story - good luck with his most recent listing... I’m not that upset to be honest. I’m just glad I got in when I did 7,000km and counting… Drive them please!
  4. I have a full set of 16x7 front and 16x9 rears in available for $4.5k. Not willing to split, however.
  5. No they came from another car in SA
  6. A few years on and there’s a few updates. Pole Positions have replaced the sports seats, RUF steering wheel is on as are RUF front and rear bars, 964 Turbo S tail and KW Clubsport coilovers up front. RUF mirrors are next. Will eventually put coilovers in the back but next time the engine’s out so I can do the bracing. Some interior work is on the cards too rear seat removal, replace the horrible RS door cards and new carpet/matts
  7. Counting the hours till Regional VIC unlocks so I can get mine out for a surf coast run. Its only lockdown that makes mine a garage queen.
  8. Looking for a pair of front hubs for a 930 '84-89 part number 930-341-065-01 If anyone has some lying around. I can find them O/S but thought I'd put out the call here first. Cheers, Luke
  9. It will still work for RHD but will sit just a bit askew. You’d be able to tell - driver’s side mirror sits further forward than passenger.
  10. Lovely car - I’ve spent a fair amount of time following it around various country roads and it’s a ripper. Rare as hens teeth and the new owner, whoever they may be, will be very happy with it.

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