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  1. GUT

    BBS E88 for 996

    I kinda like them 😏
  2. Congrats @P-Kay Great choice. Will have to catch up for a drive
  3. GUT

    Dansk Muffler

    75mm This is it: http://www.montymufflers.com/index.html#M21
  4. I could, but since I think it’s fairly similar to the Dansk, I’ll just stick with what I have and let someone else have it. Or leave it on the shelf for my next IB car!
  5. Good advice. Having fitted this up to my ‘73, it’s apparent this is for an impact bumper car - the tail pipe sits lower. This would be the M21 model. As such, it is available for sale. $750 It sounded quite similar to the Dansk I had on the car but I didn’t drive it to get the full picture. I’m in Melbourne
  6. GUT

    Dansk Muffler

    I’ve got a Monty 2 in 1 out. Bought for a ‘73 but the tailpipe fits an impact bumper so I can’t use it. Excellent condition and sounds very similar to the Dansk I have on the car now. $750
  7. Dumb question but someone might know…how does this compare to a dansk of the same configuration? @Oldskl60 your inbox is full. Can’t sent you a message
  8. Not meaning to hijack but I’ve got a set of 16x7/9 Fuchs and a few 4 spoke steering wheels in black if interested. Also a few other 930 bits like Andial shortneck intercooler, full induction system, tea tray tail and maybe more.
  9. Mine’s the same - silver, red belts. UK delivery
  10. It’s a video game. All his content is from games
  11. Had some of these on my 930 for a while. Let them go to the original owner for a song.
  12. Half dry, half wet track day at Phillip Island on Thursday.
  13. Thanks Jim - they look like a good option.

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