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  1. New engine - done by the dealer. Sounds good to me. I don’t really think matching numbers is a concern with these.
  2. I saw it at Autocoupe a while back. I think it was getting inspected for a prospective buyer. Looked tough. Stiff as suspension. Rough around the edges in a normal race car way. Would be a tough car to live with on the road. You’d need friends in the right places to rego with the cage. Race car. Appeals to me for that purpose.
  3. GUT

    Wide guards brake fins

  4. GUT

    Rarlyl8 930 exhaust

    How’d it go? Interested to hear your thoughts
  5. Doesn’t have clubsport seats or the CS fire extinguisher.
  6. GUT

    Spotted Thread

    They only say that once
  7. Remember daylight savings starts Sunday 2am 1 hour less sleep
  8. Unfortunately I’ve only got an hour in the airport before heading north- otherwise I would have a look (for me!)
  9. Just happen to be heading to WA tomorrow... Got no cash
  10. GUT

    Rarlyl8 930 exhaust

    That's a tough one - on balance, I think I'd go for the street. It seems to sound pretty good with decent volume without being completely obnoxious. I think the hooligan sounds awesome but it's definitely on the loud side - great sound but a bit tiresome.
  11. GUT

    930 rear suspension set up.

    Pretty funky looking set up I’d control your urges and save your money - leave the stock spring plates. Or you could go coilover if you’re hell bent on fiddling
  12. I think I must be the only person who didn't head out somewhere this morning. PFA, Facebook, Instagram are all conspiring to rub it in! Great pics guys.