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  1. Mike737

    996 backdate

    Interesting. I'm on the fence as well. Maybe needs a little more hot rodding.
  2. Mike737


    Sounds like fun. I'm hoping to come along if I can escape the family.
  3. Interesting to hear the comparison between the launch of an F1 and the 918. Definitely gives it the beans.
  4. Well at least they're not going via their own cargo ship.
  5. Mike737

    Spotted Thread

    Spotted a stretch Cayenne on the way down to Moordialloc yesterday where we saw Trev & family in the McRev bus. Saw a silver 996.1 C2 + aerokit with the number plates of MAUS 1 near work today driven by an elderly couple with a disabled sticker in the window. Loved it! Never too old to own a Porsche
  6. Mike737

    Lets talk Torque wrenches

    Dam Steve, that is a thing of beauty. I feel like I've just been schooled. I had looked at deflecting beams before and found them a little daunting particularly since it's easy to over torque, but that one looks easy to use.
  7. Mike737

    Lets talk Torque wrenches

    I'm just using the ToolPro stuff from Supercheap. Been using them for a number of years and do the job no worries. I've got a 1/4 and 1/2 drive ones which covers me for most torques except for between 30-40nm. 1/2 drive I use all the time in combo with a big breaker bar for wheel nuts. If you've got a tight spot and can't get a big wrench in, use a hammer and regular socket wrench. Sometimes you can also use a adjustable vice wrench on another wrench to get leverage. Ratcheting wrenches are also really hand in tight spaces where a normal socket wrench cant go. Rattle gun can also work well depending on your space and what you are doing.
  8. Mike737

    CAMS helmet changes 1/1/19

    HANS devices are worth the investment. You can also look at some of the Simpson devices which strap onto your torso and sholders if you're more likely to have a side impact, however they cannot be substituted for a HANS if regulations requires them. Not promoting second HANS devices, but if you do pick up an older model HANS you will need to make sure your harness is compatible.
  9. It's an MX5 so I would be dealing with the same issue for cooling, thankfully suspension should be on the cushy side. I read about your experience so I'm hesitant to go with even though everyone previously recommended them. Price just seems a bit off to me. Waiting for a response from their online form. Does @symsy need car transport?
  10. Trying to find a basic transport service for moving my new daily down from Brisbane. Open air carrier is fine and I'll need door to depot. Hoping to find something under $700 otherwise it's cheaper to fly up and drive it back myself. I've looked at CEVA but they're a bit on the expensive side at $745 (depot to depot) for what I need and look like their service has gone a bit down hill. Pixcar is quoting $741. Anyone dealt with Australian Car Transport? They're quoting $552 which seem like a good deal,
  11. Depends on the buyer, but the OEM ones are worth money. Can add up to another 5k on the car depending on if its the full kit (rear wing, side skirts, front bumper).
  12. She's a beaut Simon. Never knew how rare these things are! Gotta be a future collectable for sure. In the mean time, drive the heck out of it and hopefully catch you at a SMT in future.
  13. Mike737

    Porsche Track Day (Beginner) oil question

    Can depend upon if CAMS officials are attending the event. I used to mount it to the helmets left jaw so I would only loose my jaw instead of grey matter. Still not a great idea though and CAMS won't pull you up if its secured to the car (needs a secondary even if inside the car - race tape/zip ties + mount usually satisfies scrutineers)
  14. Mike737

    Texting whilst driving

    Guess you played a movie on your phone to keep from getting distracted ?

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