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  1. He's not on here, check http://www.casconeautosport.com.au/ for contact details
  2. Check the prices at your nearest Costco. They've been known to stock the Pilot Sports at crazy prices from time to time - not sure if they're getting rid of old stock or Michelin promo's with Costco. I'd buy them there if you've got a good price and find a good tyre guy to stick 'em on your wheels.
  3. Looked clean from a far, but I guess you're thinking it's far from clean Sounded good too
  4. Just thought I'd follow up on this thread with the outcome. Ended up using Victa from Umbrella Towing. He was the easiest to deal with at the end of the day as he just gave me a price and did it, all the rest messed me about soon as I try and to make a booking due to car height So if you're looking for good old fashioned owner operator type service then check out Umbrella Towing - https://www.facebook.com/UmbrellaTowing/
  5. Your budget sounds about right for a series 1. Series 2 you'll probably struggle a little. Remember to buy the best you can afford, not the cheapest unless you're willing to accept the rule of thumb of putting twice the dollars down later in repairs (whether it turns out to be the case or not). I think you would have a high probability of buying trouble with a manual coupe under 40k unless you were expecting to do all the work on it yourself and have a hoist. Keep an eye on this thread for possible candidates -> https://porscheforum.com.au/topic/13105-996-values-coupecab-manualtip/ Good luck with the search
  6. @Philbee count me in for the convoy. See you in the morning
  7. Interesting. I'm on the fence as well. Maybe needs a little more hot rodding.
  8. Sounds like fun. I'm hoping to come along if I can escape the family.
  9. Interesting to hear the comparison between the launch of an F1 and the 918. Definitely gives it the beans.
  10. Well at least they're not going via their own cargo ship.
  11. Spotted a stretch Cayenne on the way down to Moordialloc yesterday where we saw Trev & family in the McRev bus. Saw a silver 996.1 C2 + aerokit with the number plates of MAUS 1 near work today driven by an elderly couple with a disabled sticker in the window. Loved it! Never too old to own a Porsche
  12. Dam Steve, that is a thing of beauty. I feel like I've just been schooled. I had looked at deflecting beams before and found them a little daunting particularly since it's easy to over torque, but that one looks easy to use.
  13. I'm just using the ToolPro stuff from Supercheap. Been using them for a number of years and do the job no worries. I've got a 1/4 and 1/2 drive ones which covers me for most torques except for between 30-40nm. 1/2 drive I use all the time in combo with a big breaker bar for wheel nuts. If you've got a tight spot and can't get a big wrench in, use a hammer and regular socket wrench. Sometimes you can also use a adjustable vice wrench on another wrench to get leverage. Ratcheting wrenches are also really hand in tight spaces where a normal socket wrench cant go. Rattle gun can also work well depending on your space and what you are doing.
  14. HANS devices are worth the investment. You can also look at some of the Simpson devices which strap onto your torso and sholders if you're more likely to have a side impact, however they cannot be substituted for a HANS if regulations requires them. Not promoting second HANS devices, but if you do pick up an older model HANS you will need to make sure your harness is compatible.

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