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  1. But it's optioned with the 4S front bumper and the very first ever set of crab claws which are still in mint condition. They alone are at least worth the $500,000!
  2. @James P that photo isn't offensive, just distressing to all 911 enthusiasts. Especially 991 Turbo fans. Hopefully it was stolen, but I doubt it since it's on camera doing the same thing last month - same time, same place, same direction. Plates are commercial plates too.
  3. Yep, looks like lorbek plates to me as well. Sad day for all cops, family and friends. Edit Wrong state. QLD plate. Maybe a PCM surround. Was booking too, and doing the same as last month (from 21st of March)
  4. Good luck on your next venture @JB
  5. @dan_189 dropped a diagram here for the system on the m96, which I would assume would be the same on the m97 https://porscheforum.com.au/topic/8127-996-slow-turnover-when-engine-warm/?do=findComment&comment=147323
  6. Late night + self serve wash bay + your own washing stuff. The late night part is really important as they don't like you bringing your own gear along and not actually paying for the whole time your there. Generally the places which car meets attend are better places to go. Just make sure the water doesn't dry too quickly on the car as they might be adding sodium chrloride to the water. Generally the high pressure water they might mix more into compared to the final rinse / misting spray / low pressure rinse. The mist spray should be a better ph level and some locations even have a deionizer.
  7. Generally I feel the same, but when done right... Yup that's a M96 in there and he's been using those horses and so have other people, particularly the press and other youtubers. M96 can be a beast in the right hands.
  8. I had a moment where I was mid corner at about 100 and someone decided to cut me off without any warning doing about 40 under the speed limit. I luckily had an emergency lane to move around them otherwise it would probably not have been an accident either car would have driven away from. I took the opportunity whilst on a skid pan with an ex counter terrorist driving instructor to figure out what was the best approach if a similar situation occurred. The answer is to just smash the ABS and steer it where you want - do anything else and your in trouble. @amanda was actually there the day I was trying to figure this one out. ABS is actually a form of stability control since it has to deal with the possibility you might have half the car in the dirt/grass meaning it has a bunch of smarts on how to keep the wheels turning and not locked whilst the car is possibly changing direction. I was pleasantly surprised at how much control I had going from a high speed lift off snap oversteer into ABS breaking situation in the 996.
  9. Nice one mate. Car looks great. What colour is it as it looks like it's reflecting a fair bit of sky in that photo
  10. For the long explanation on what the Meguiars ceramic wax is https://youtu.be/6Vr0TN0xt1w TLDR version: use it to top up a ceramic coating to even out the surface.
  11. Now 1st and 2nd after the ford was disqualified for having too much fuel
  12. Probably sold that quick it only got a couple of email alerts out before it was marked as sold.
  13. Someone got a good deal here. 40k ono it was listed as and less than 24 hours before it was sold. Who snapped it up? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1998-Porsche-911-Carrera-996-Manual/SSE-AD-3153929
  14. There will be a group of us heading to PCM for 11am on Saturday.

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