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  1. Nice one mate. Car looks great. What colour is it as it looks like it's reflecting a fair bit of sky in that photo
  2. For the long explanation on what the Meguiars ceramic wax is https://youtu.be/6Vr0TN0xt1w TLDR version: use it to top up a ceramic coating to even out the surface.
  3. Now 1st and 2nd after the ford was disqualified for having too much fuel
  4. Probably sold that quick it only got a couple of email alerts out before it was marked as sold.
  5. Someone got a good deal here. 40k ono it was listed as and less than 24 hours before it was sold. Who snapped it up? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1998-Porsche-911-Carrera-996-Manual/SSE-AD-3153929
  6. There will be a group of us heading to PCM for 11am on Saturday.
  7. @CJ996 nice targa! Which blue is it?
  8. Worth more as parts, particularly if the engine light is just something trivial.
  9. You have no idea the amount of envy I have just for a regular 996 GT3, let alone a Manthey Racing version!
  10. I ended up getting it done. New motor fixed it. Expect around a $1600 job if you get someone to do it.
  11. Looking good Alan. Decent amount of extras you picked up on your way out of the body shop. Which exhaust did you end up getting?
  12. Yep, same issue here and have been living with it for awhile now. It's unfortunately the motor unit that contains the logic board. I'll be replacing mine later this month. You can tell it's not your switch by the fact that it worked for a little while after re-learning.
  13. I've guessing you've just got the stock halogen (non-optioned) lights not the HID/Litronic/Bixenon version which was an option on the 996.2. Mine came with the bi-xenon and they work fantastic. I would think that if you can get yourself a litronic set they might almost just be plug and play.
  14. @wilburforce I'm running the TUV sound which @dan_189 is referring to. They're quite nice and give a bit more note without shouting which is really good when you're trying to roll in somewhere silently at night. Just a little more noise until about 2k and they start to pick up and also give a slight throttle overrun noises Dam @dan_189, that sucks about the cats, but explains your lack of noise.

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