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  1. Try some of the Porsche Club websites, you may come across some. Pretty thin on the ground though I expect now days, you may get someone who's got a set stashed as a second / third set for track work sitting in a garage somewhere not being used.
  2. I watched the auction live, it was sold under the hammer at 85,000 pounds. I took a screenshot which I'll dig up if I can't find it online. EDIT: Found it, was at the MPH auction which was streamed live by Goodwood. https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/26809/lot/53/ Some of the other stuff at the Goodwood auction by Bonhams had mixed results also - i.e. sold or was passed in at cheap prices. F40 - 18k de cat- 775 ($1.43m) sold Aston DB6 - driver - 95 pound ($176k) passed in BMW Z8 - 110 pound ($204k) passed in Aston DB Mark III - 112 pound ($207k) sold Merc AMG SLS roadster - 98 pound ($182k) sold 89 - Aston V8 Vantage Volante - manual 7ltr - 280 pound ($519k) passed in 63 Jag E type - 65 pound ($120k) sold 87 Fezza Testa -24k miles - 90 pound ($167k) sold
  3. Ahh didn't know that. Maybe he's trying a reversal on capturing old mate coming off the oil rigs!
  4. photos are old, wouldn't read too much into the rego without actually calling the guy?
  5. Prices have no correlation to any other market and make no sense. Particularly with them approaching / over 25 years. Bonham's just sold an artic silver 993TT at the Goodwood auction for 85,000 pounds ($159k AUD).
  6. It had a fire from memory and was fixed by PCSS. Expect this would have been when colour change occurred.
  7. I've got the Recaro ones (out of Japan) in a 996 with leather buckets. Work fine and secure under the seat cushions and outer seat lip.
  8. Hope it all works out. Enjoy it! Life's better boosted
  9. A front splitter is like $400, not a big deal.
  10. Yeah I agree, nice looking car.
  11. its too vague to understand Was there an issue with your car and service items? Or do you have an issue with the service provided by Porsche from an extended warranty aspect?
  12. Rod bearings are a common issue on BMW M cars since the S54B32. Its easy to check, they drop the sump and check the bearings, not that big a deal.
  13. The Cayenne fix (at least the 955/957 Turbo's) is easier as its just a replacement for the plastic pipes out for the alloy/metal ones. The coolant pipe weld on the mezger is an engine out job. Some have said they can be pinned with the engine in the car, but the workshop I use wasn't keen on that on the 997s, not sure on the 996 and what the access is like.
  14. The coolant pipes happen, I know of a 997TT that had the coolant pipe failure.
  15. Boats are significantly more expensive!

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