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  1. Not sure why this has turned into an insurance thread. You need to tell the insurer about modifications if you want them to payout on them in the event of a claim.
  2. Mine's modified, though it's the only car I had I was happy to keep stock for a while to start with (think it stayed this way about 2 years). it's got - GT2 Recaro leather bucket seats - OEM Tequiment roll bar - Europipe exhaust - Modified K16 Zero Clearance turbos with 997 GT2 compressor wheels and 997/2 GT2 RS intercoolers - 4.0 RS clutch kit with 964 RS flywheel - 997 short shift kit (totally forgot about this, great mod. The stock 996 shifter isn't good and the factory short shift kit is way too closely stacked together) - Upgraded 6 pot GT2 brake kit and associated Brembo type III 350mm rotors at all 4 with pagids Makes about 100 more at the wheels over stock on the dyno. Its not the quickest PCar I've had, either on the track or down the 1/4, though it is is good enough for 127mph traps and pulling on the latest GT3 range in a straight line. Its got a great balance of performance for what its worth and easier for me to reconcile tracking as opposed to something worth north of $300k Ohlins is next on the list
  3. Porsche made 190,000+ G series cars. I'd harbour a guess there's significantly less GT4s. GT3s, the numbers only get "big" in the 991 range 996 - 4000 ish, plus ~680 RS' 997 - 4500 ish, plus ~ 2600 RS and 600 4.0 RS' 991's I've seen number ranging 4-6k across both the GT3 and RS destinations is .1 and .2 guise.
  4. Thanks for making me re-read this, I actually meant the Pilot Sport 4s which is the super sport replacement. You can get the Pilot Sport 4 in 17s as I've got a set on my E30.
  5. Shouldn't make a difference as long as you run the same ones on the relevant axles (front and rear match). The N rating 3/4 is just the evolution of the tyre design in that model. The tread etc should all be the same. Outside of the debate as you didn't ask, but the Pilot Super Sports are a much better tyre if you need to replace two rears.
  6. You made two threads, I posted in the other one. It may not impact provided the factory cats are in place. I'd call Porsche. The warranty explicitly doesn't include the exhaust when you read it, it's also worldwide. Porsche in other areas globally include minor modifications such as exhausts without impact to warranty. I've actually already had this conversation with Porsche locally (one of the dealerships) on one of my cars when I was continuing the extended warranty and they were taking it up with head office. Not sure where they ever got to as I just removed the exhaust, cleared their issue for the warranty and had it put back on.
  7. I don't believe so, as long as the factory cats remain. Best bet is to ring Porsche and ask.
  8. Yep, I agree entirely. Bit shit all round, especially for the seller. There's plenty of others you'll be able to track down. I'd just keep it if I was him, as you say the fact it may not qualify for extended warranty will make the hit carry forward while all the others are eligible.
  9. Yeah fair call. I'd do the same, I', not sure what value you would have to put on the discount needed where it's never going to have engine warranty *unless the powers that be grant it and it has the potential to grenade the engine (even if very unlikely).
  10. The first gen TT's are bullet proof. The only thing to do as mentioned above is swap out to the metal coolant pipes, though most of them have had it done by now.
  11. From a read of the site looks like a couple of months is reasonable expectation. Imagine it's a simple as then just sticking it on a charger for a couple of hours and then back in the car, but someone who has one can chime in

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