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  1. Mate of mine bought it to get back into a boosted P car.
  2. It would have been coming from the PCSS track day out at Eastern Creek today. There were 3 out there and an assortment of GT3RS' also, they had a good turn out and it was a fun day out, the weather held for the most part!
  3. I've got a 6TT, I wouldn't move it from the garage for a 993 C2 or the like, it would have to be a turbo. Life is better boosted
  4. no idea how deep they are buy try or consider polywatch
  5. An RS is always an RS, engine is probably the issue long term with the .1 RS. I think it'll be viewed as an orphan between the Mezger and current cup based engine in the .2
  6. Porsche made 345 world wide, I think Aust got 12 or 15 cars from memory, all were 98 models.
  7. I took it as a reference to the ex Jim Richards white TT? Not sure if its currently for sale though.
  8. I didn't think Dave ticked the box for that, but wouldn't surprise me that the SA didn't sort it when processing the order!
  9. Crazy money - Porsche were going to fill orders for 120+ cars which is madness when the 996 and 7/2 had circa 30 cars each locally - the 7/2 RS only had 5 delivered (they made 500 globally). Still, could be worse. It'll be a great buy at the bottom of the depreciation curve in 4-5 years
  10. Correct, there are more RS' than the standard GT3s in the 991 series in Australia. I think they are great but may end up a bit of an orphan as the previous cars had the Mezger and the new .2 car has the cup car engine. I'd have one, but at $300k - not 360 the dealers are asking. May take 12 months or so to get there
  11. Circa 4,200-4,300 in the .1 and currently bit under 3k for the .2 RS' They've made about 11k GT3s across the .1 and a bit less of the .2 which is still in production - they are not rare.
  12. Not quite correct, they are both owned by the same private equity mob now since about 6 months ago.

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