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  1. I have a very good mate who has a black/black PDK one with about 28k from memory on the clock who is on the fence with selling it, has FSH and extended warranty. PM me if you want to get his details though I've no idea on prices for them, they are great cars by all accounts.
  2. With orange accents? That was a 997.1 RS
  3. The Yoko motorsport tyres come from Gordon Leven
  4. Think you'll get great track performance as well as road characteristics, they are pretty quiet compared to a dedicated R spec e.g. R888 / A050 etc
  5. Depends entirely on colour, km and condition. The stuff listed at present at ~290-300k is about $60k over the odds in my view based on what some of the lower km recent cars have sold for in the last 12 months or so. The heydays of low km ones pulling 340-350+ are long gone.
  6. Jesus I couldn't imagine doing that on a bike 😲 Just with some Gucci aftermarket aero to help with the cornering
  7. For sure GT3s are awesome as track weapons, though a TT is plenty capable and overlooked by many as a track car. My 997 runs a 1:45 at Eastern Creek, its stock with the exception of better brake fluid, that's got to be pretty comparable with a 997 GT3.
  8. Warranty extension is now up to 15 years
  9. I have 245/40/18 and 295/30/18 on a set of 18" 996 turbo twists.
  10. One is the flagship model, the other is a C4S with pdk? You are the only one that can answer what you want, though I concur that 6mt Mezger turbo >C4S because 6mt turbo The 996TT will be more reliable than a base 997 C4S
  11. For the best driving experience I'd think you'd want a manual and coupe in both options. The PDK in the 997.2 is much better than the tiptronic if you don't want three pedals. Ultimately it really depends on what you are after, my advice is drive both and get which one you want. It's your opinion and view point that matters

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