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  1. No need for PPI if its coming from a Porka dealer - the warranty (it should come with 12 months) is worth it as it can now be extended to 15 years from date of first registration so you'd be able to get another 5 years out of it. It'll add a premium to the cars that have it and make them easier to sell.
  2. The 2RS runs the same spec as the 7/2 on the rear but a wider front (245 v 235) To confuse matters I had to stick a 245/40/18 on my 6TT at Bathurst this year when the Cup2 235 started to delaminate and we couldn't get a replacement in same size at the track (on the Easter long weekend). It ran fine for the remaining sessions on the weekend matched to a 295/30 rear.
  3. I've run both Yoko and MPSC2 FWIW and have them on seperate cars at present. The cup 2s are great for an all rounder you can drive on the road, have low(ish) road noise and punt around at the track with good levels of grip (well above a road tyre). They don't hang on and have the total grip level of a dedicated R spec but they are about 85-90% of the way there.
  4. I think there's still a gap- not sure how big it actually is in practice as I haven't done a day out at ECR on them yet but have on the Cup 2s. The flexibility of having a cup 2 that drives like a road tyre on the road without all the associated noise of an A050 is a massive plus in my view.
  5. See Mark or Jack at Bob Jane Blacktown or Daniel at Haberfield can get you a set
  6. 1q2w3e4r

    My new RS

    looks the goods! Enjoy it
  7. Err. The engine issues aren't being attributed to the GT3 RS and 911 R per my post I'm sure there's been failures, they have made circa 4000+ of them - there's plenty of information on Rennlist and on the whole GT3 saga, the summary is it isn't a RS issue. The engines while the same have differences, particularly with the finger followers which was the issue with the GT3, which is why the issues aren't attributed to the RS and R. If it was, seems pretty odd that Porsche wouldn't warranty the R or 3/RS but would offer a 10 year engine warranty on the GT3. https://rennlist.com/forums/991-gt3-gt3rs-and-911r/1096577-another-gt3-rs-engine-failure-3.html Informative thread on Porsche coming to the party with the GT3 engine. https://rennlist.com/forums/991-gt3-gt3rs-and-911r/1005204-991-1-gt3-cog-our-meeting-with-pcna-pag-plus-porsche-s-official-announcement.html See post 1 of the above link Dr. Walliser explained that Porsche had to develop new engine tests to recreate these patterns. With new baseline testing in place, Porsche was able to reproduce and diagnose the issue, and develop new finger followers and camshafts using revised manufacturing processes and specifications. Dr. Walliser presented test results and images that demonstrate the effectiveness of the new parts. After more than double the test hours of engines that failed, the new finger followers looked as though they were new in comparative photos. In fact, we initially thought they were new. We saw no visible wear.What about the 991.1 GT3 RS and 911 R? While these engines share a similar architecture with the GT3, according to Dr. Walliser these models are not affected. He explained that there are many differences between the GT3 and R/RS engines. This seems to be consistent with our observations, as there are no known reports of issues with these models.
  8. Engine issues are limited to GT3. GT3RS and 911R's aren't impacted. I'd get an RS, because and RS will always be an RS though I'd use it for weekend runs and track days. Perfect scenario would be a new 2/RS when prices bottom in 3-4 years
  9. Porsche warranted all 991.1 GT3 engines based on research and pressure from Rennlist - its worldwide for 10 years https://rennlist.com/forums/991-gt3-gt3rs-and-911r/1005204-991-1-gt3-cog-our-meeting-with-pcna-pag-plus-porsche-s-official-announcement.html https://www.motor1.com/news/176404/porsche-911-gt3-extended-warranty/ https://www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/a11658728/porsche-991-gt3-engine-warranty/ I think they end up a bit of an orphan to be honest, the 991.2 cars have the cup car engine again and the 997's have the Mezger, if I rolled the dice on values on a 991 I'd get an RS
  10. Funds to the dealer holding/trust account, they are responsible for making sure anything they sell has clear title
  11. It's the dealer (VIC), not the registration that is the issue as I understand it.
  12. Call Simon and discuss it. They'll happily send it to PCW or PR Technology etc for you to have it inspected.
  13. Car looks fantastic! Best of luck with the sale
  14. Anniversary Boxster sounds like a good thing actually.

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