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  1. Call Simon and discuss it. They'll happily send it to PCW or PR Technology etc for you to have it inspected.
  2. Car looks fantastic! Best of luck with the sale
  3. Anniversary Boxster sounds like a good thing actually.
  4. PDK in one would be the go I think. But >250k bikkies is huge dough for one and I can't see the value, the delta is too close to a GT3 or lightly used 991 3/RS
  5. The Cup 2's perform well in the wet, I got stuck in one of my cars on the way to Canberra in a very heavy storm with standing water over the highway for 30-40km and they dispersed the water fine. If you don't track the car though, no point having them IMO.
  6. mate where are you located? I'd call Simon at Classic Throttle Shop or Dutton's as they get offered things all the time and can source whatever you're after Alternative would be to call Richard or Paul at PR Tech or Hamilton's.
  7. Awesome! Glad the little man loves it as well
  8. Happy days, hope he enjoys the new whip! Looks great.
  9. Same, I'd love a Violet Crumble one. Issue I have is punting two cars for 1, probably makes sense from a running cost aspect but our little one loves going in the back of the TT that doesn't have the scaffolding. It'd also be a step back in straight line pace an HP. Big wings, aero goodness and crazy paint schemes = win though!
  10. I agree on skipping the full thing. I did the Tour last year with some mates and we are planning to go again next year. I wouldn't do the full thing, the cars nowadays are way too fast, the tour is plenty fast enough (it's only the straights that are speed limited). I left the 911 at home and took the Macan GTS as wanted 4wd, heated seats and road tyres instead of Cup 2 as I expected it was likely to rain a bit. It was quick enough to be on the bumper of the new 991 Carerra's and 718/981s that were running through all the twisty bits. If you do it, you'll have an absolute ball, Porsche put on a great event down there.
  11. Mate of mine bought it to get back into a boosted P car.
  12. It would have been coming from the PCSS track day out at Eastern Creek today. There were 3 out there and an assortment of GT3RS' also, they had a good turn out and it was a fun day out, the weather held for the most part!

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