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  1. Ive got a multi vehicle policy with Shannon's and have always found them good, however lots of members I think have stuff with MB insurance.
  2. Ahh interesting, so the GT cars are fine - unless they have limited production to Aust. Rennlist is full of people who are locking builds in the coming months for mid year delivery for GT4's/Spyder's. I guess they turn up whenever they turn up though!
  3. seems expensive - import, tipper and $10k less than an AUD one in a more usual colour that has 10k more on clock. .
  4. I wonder the same thing, I thought it was the same as the last gen with the change what you've noted.
  5. That makes no sense, no GT4/Spyder production? Or no GTS production? Have you submitted a build spec and received a sales contract? Or you've placed a deposit for a car? There's no word on Rennlist and people are currently locking spec's on GT4s that are going into production for delivery in June
  6. I understand the lead time is 9-10 months no? Not too bad all things considered, Porsche sent a bunch of letters out to clients in December regarding production delays. Have you a committed order and got an allocation yet? Or you've place a deposit?
  7. 😂 true - wait is 8-9 months for a new order. I agree the GT and turbo pickings are slim for anyone in the market.
  8. 4.0ltr engine and 991.2 GT3 suspension would be worth the ~$50k entry cost for me, as well as being a new car and spec'ing how you want. But, wait times etc and while they are asking circa $200k for the 981, Im sure there's some movement so the price delta is likely greater than $50k. So can see reason for pause. I also think that being able to get a 3 pedal manual N/A car is going to go out the window very quickly, in 5 years I don't know that you'd be able to get one (except maybe GT3). I tend to keep cars long term so also have that angle/lens on it
  9. I agree - you can order and get what you want provided you're happy to wait. Seems like a much better way to go to me at least.
  10. Agree- with the prices on second hand market, makes buying new an attractive proposition in some cases and better value prop. Everyone's different, I think some buy and enjoy the cars but don't drive them as much for a variety of reasons. I.e. only like using them on weekends, C&C, or when weather is good etc. Others buy and drive more regularly, or just aren't as fussed on total km put on it. Prices go up, or go down. Only matters if you're buying or selling. Strokes for folks. Just need to do more driving, no point saving them for the next person.
  11. Same. I just put km across each car through the year, no point saving them for the next person IMO.
  12. In NSW to put it on historic you'd need to be in a club that permits historic rego. On full rego it would need a blue slip, I imagine the same for historic rego but someone more knowledgeable would be able to confirm.
  13. I did the same when I had a new one put in our Macan.

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