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  1. Diggin


    I have a 987.2 Boxster S manual. Love it.
  2. Shame the 987.2 Boxster S manuals haven't been doing so well. I just keep seeing the value of mine go down Oh well, it'll be a high km car when I sell it as I just love driving it too much to let it waste away in a garage.
  3. Hi All, curious problem has developed. I have a 2009 987.2 Boxster and a Samsung Galaxy Edge 6+ phone. When I get phone calls, the PCM ringtone no longer comes on. The audio mutes, and my phone rings, and I get a message on the PCM screen that I have a call. I've had a look in the PCM options and the ringtone option is no longer available. No other phone functions are affected, just the ringtone. My local PC is doing some investigation as they've not come across this before, but I was hoping someone else out there may be experiencing this and hopefully has found a solution. Cheers Diggin.
  4. Diggin

    Boxster 987 tyres

    I have Bridgestone S001 on my Boxster. Not N spec. Pretty sure N spec was only for 911's due to the weight of the motor. Never had any issues with these tyres. Grippy and wearing very well.
  5. Diggin

    RIP... :'(

    You'll be right, its all deigned to fall apart now for saftey, and most of the the other marks will buff right out
  6. Better hope that guy who bought his old 930 doesn't see this. I think he wants to have his children
  7. I have a DAS6 Pro and a full stack of Lake Country 6" and 4" pads. I use the Menzerna range of products and cant fault them. This pack https://www.carcareproducts.com.au/product/menzerna/polishing_sampler_and_protection_kit
  8. Geeze. Glad I dont have the coin to buy a new Boxster. Seems Porsche are starting to copy Ferrari As for the number plate, I believe Americans dont need them on the front
  9. Shame the freight from ECS is over $250 or it might have been worth it. $60 more and overnight delivery from Hamiltons - good enough for me. And I can talk to them so I know I'm getting the right stuff. Had friends order stuff from the US that was supposedly correct. Shame it wasn't when it turned up. I've never been overly keen buying stuff off shore.
  10. No idea how thick, but was told by PC Canberra they'd need to get done next time the brakes were done - Pads were down to less than 2mm, but strangely enough the wear indicators hadn't gone off. Rotors had some decent lips on the top and bottom also. Got the parts from Autohaus Hamilton in Sydney. First rotor i took off got fouled on the handbrake assembly - had to work out how to get it off - which I did after a bit of fiddling. Also, some bits not quite the same as the many youtube vids I've watched over the past few months. The handbrake assembly can make the rears a little more painful than the fronts. Brakes are important Didn't want to stuff it up.
  11. Replaced the rear pads and rotors on the Boxster. I think it was the most terrifying thing I have ever done. But its done and the they seem to work fine Chalk that up to a win.
  12. Diggin

    Cayman RS spied

    with all the GT4's coming on the market, I think a lot are worried what an RS version will do to the price. Me, I hope one does come. Might see more realistic pricing on current GT4's
  13. I think the standard performance is poo compared to the S. The S has more KW and more torque, and its noticeable - especially if you have a manual and dont want to change gears all the time. I have an S (but in a boxster), but I've driven all 4 (Cayman and Boxsters) and the S in my view is definitely better
  14. How'd it go? I was going, until we lost power at some point during the night and my alarm never went off Was 9:30 by the time I got up.
  15. I'm out. i dont have $86,000 in cleared funds sitting around.

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