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  1. man that is nice. can't say I've seen a two door in person. good luck with the sale.
  2. $15-20k for a sorted one in great condition - if you can find the right buyer looking for an auto. As it stands I would agree with you, around 5k, probably less.
  3. vinnytang

    928S4 Parts

    Is anyone wrecking or has a stockpile of 928 parts locally? I need some parts for my 1990 S4. Stuff like spare wheel, door panels, switches and smaller things. Thanks, Vinny.
  4. Looks like it’s got that sought after joystick Eurovox stereo still too! A well-sorted, auto oval-dash couldn’t be worth much more than 15-20k if you find the right buyer.
  5. I had a look around before I listed it and couldn’t find a matching numbers early 911 for under 70. Happy to be wrong though!
  6. Hey all, After deliberating about moving this car on for the last few months, I've finally taken the plunge and listed it for sale. Sad to see it go but need to focus on a few other projects in 2020. It's been a great car to me over the last couple years, and hope it goes to a good home. Below is the listing I've written for CarSales, feel free to ask me any additional questions if you're interested in the car. This 1977 Porsche 911S is a great example of classic ‘70s Porsche design. While most “mid-year” 911s have been cut up and modified, this car still retains its original engine, gearbox, “narrow-body” and beautiful red interior. If you’re looking for an unmolested classic 911, look no further than this one. This car was originally delivered to Japan in 1977, and was imported to Australia in 2009. It still remains in its original LHD configuration, complete with matching-numbers, Fuchs and its original Grand Prix White/Lobster Red combination. It’s travelled less than 20,000km over the last decade and the odometer now sits at 160,000km. The engine is still strong with healthy compression, while the 2nd gear synchro is a bit lazy. Always starts and drives perfectly and shifts fine when driven sensibly. The exterior is in good condition, some blemishes but no signs of rust or damage. The interior is in immaculate condition, with the MOMO Prototipo steering wheel and modern Porsche stereo (original radio included) tastefully complementing the classic design. Aside from servicing, the previous owner had the following work done: - New stainless headers - 930 rocker covers, ball joints and tie rod ends - Air-con delete I have completed the following maintenance within the last 250km: - Intermediate service by a Porsche specialist - New Michelin tyres and wheel alignment - Brake fluid change - New genuine Porsche washer pump - Professional detailing The car is now ready to be enjoyed by a new owner. I’ll be sad to see it go but circumstances have changed and I can no longer keep it. It’s currently on non-transferable club registration and should have no problem obtaining a RWC. Please feel free to contact me via PM for any additional questions or to arrange a time to view the car in Melbourne.
  7. Thanks Raf, let me know. Hey Rob, thanks for the offer but I'm looking for something a bit older to suit the 70s vibe.
  8. Hey all, looking for a 350mm or 380mm steering wheel to suit my 77 911. A nicely used one is fine, a Prototipo or something similar would be fine. Preferably already in melbourne. Thanks in advance!
  9. The "joystick" Eurovox that's correct for an oz-delivered 944 Turbo pop up every now and then on ebay. Some of the asking prices are insane though, although I have noticed some pop up for around $500 that disappear instantly.

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