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  1. Just realised my membership has lapsed, probably wrong place to ask but is there a way to have auto-renewal? Thanks for the input everyone so far,
  2. Thanks, do you know if it was matching numbers?
  3. They’re the original 15s, and yes the ducktail and fender protectors are no longer present for a more “classic” look.
  4. This was bought towards the start of last year but I believe you are talking about this one. That was sharp pricing then and it’s had some money spent on it since.
  5. Hey all, The missus is putting pressure on me to sell some of my toys and I’m tossing up if I should move my 911 or something else. It’s a matching numbers 1977 911S imported from Japan a while back, healthy motor and soon-to-be refreshed gearbox. Around 150k mileage with limited documentation but I’d say it’s true considering the condition. Driver quality repaint in original Grand Prix White with gorgeous original lobster interior. It’s a cracker of a car if I’m being honest. My question is what would something like this be worth in today’s market? It’s a combination of the much-maligned 2.7 and a left-hooker, but it’s also a great example of one. There hasn’t been enough similar cars on CS recently for me to get a good read on current values, I’m hoping the PFA brains trust could help weigh in! Here’s an older photo of it, it now has a correct deck lid and some other updates.
  6. The "joystick" Eurovox that's correct for an oz-delivered 944 Turbo pop up every now and then on ebay. Some of the asking prices are insane though, although I have noticed some pop up for around $500 that disappear instantly.
  7. Wouldn’t want to judge the health of the market from a converted US middie bitsa...good entry level car for someone hankering for an early 911 though
  8. The brake light bulb holder contacts are rusted out in my S4, need to either find a replacement holder to solder in or a complete unit. Let me know if you're wrecking a 928 or have one spare. Thanks! Vinny
  9. A mate has a 924 with 924 Turbo running gear in it for sale in Melbourne. The engine's had a full rebuild, the thing pulls! PM if you want more information.
  10. Thought I’ll dig this up. I’ve been with Lumleys for a number of years for all of my vehicles, but I decided to get a quote from Ryno and they are considerably cheaper for what seems like the same cover. Has anyone had any issues with or bad experiences with Ryno?
  11. Some amazing cars coming up as part of the Wayne Plit collection auction next week, this 924CGT was what originally caught my eye but there is a 964RS and other Pcars in the mix too http://www.coys.co.uk/the-wayne-plit-collection#auction-lots http://www.coys.co.uk/cars/1980-porsche-924-carrera-gt
  12. I think if you’re genuinely selling the car, I would put a bit more effort into your sales strategy. Especially if you’re asking at the very high end of the price bracket — sounds like a clean car though and good luck with the sale.
  13. The person that bought my 924 turbo project is considering selling it, would be a good donor for you if the price is right, the engine had a bit of work done by the previous owner to me. Pm me for the phone number
  14. I’ll send u a pm now

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