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  1. Wow. I love 964's but that is 997 GT3 money...
  2. This week I tidy up a bunch of little things I wasn't happy with the steering and pedals of the Alfarrari.
  3. I definitely looked at that, but there is a big structural beam right in the way. If I can use the factory side scoop for the air feed is also a plus.
  4. Looks like a fun outing. From the videos I have watched it looks like it would be a pretty high speed track in something quick.
  5. This week I get the gear linkages connected and do my favourite thing. Pull the engine out again, so I can trial fit the V8 conversion clutch and flywheel.
  6. If you compare that to Andrews car, it just goes to show that good, well priced cars move quickly. If it sits, then something is off the mark
  7. After a short break, I am back and re-energised, getting stuck back into the Alfarrari. This week I pull the engine out, again, and finish up the steering column mounting.
  8. Now you have got me thinking and now you mention it they might be alloy. The engine was blown when I got it and the first thing I did was tear off all of the CIS, so I didn't really pay much attention.
  9. That is Andrew's car and they messed up the ad as it is an '84 3.2, not an SC. Absolutely beautiful build.
  10. That looks like what I pulled off of my 74. I still have it all, but it is obviously not going back on my car.
  11. Although that is definitely my kind of style, I would have thought you would know what a 993 and 996 interiors look like 😜
  12. Having seen the market with all used cars in the last few months, everything is up, a lot. In my opinion anything you buy now, you are buying at the very top of the market and you have to be ready to take a big depreciation hit over the next 12 months or so when, as mentioned, production resumes and the market corrects. I bought recently and know I paid around 15% more than I would have 9 months or so ago for the same car, but I justified that what I sold was up also which mitigated it some what. I still know it will hurt a bit more later though
  13. Hey Mark, I have most of that stuff that you are welcome to. I also have your engine stand Jeff
  14. This week I have my first play with real CAD. I also tidy up the reservoirs from last week and have a look at tidying up the steering column.

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