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  1. This week we start reinforcing the old Alfa chassis so that it can handle the power the Ferrari engine is going to throw at it.
  2. I will when I have it all back together. The dash vents are all part of it
  3. I agree. I have been doing the history of Ferrari in our Fun Facts segment, and they only switched to double wishbones in 1962, so it is pretty new technology
  4. That is the video I stole the grinder hack from. Absolutely brilliant idea. His garage is fantastic with a heap of great ideas.
  5. Wow! That is a very expensive trim package. I have no doubt they will all sell, but that price sounds excessive for what they are offering.
  6. I was hoping I could do it without fibre glassing it but I don't think I can get away without now. As soon as I saw that bench grinder idea I thought it was brilliant. great way to have it quick to hand but then out of the way again.
  7. They are, but a Singer has resale value. Any of the others... not so much. I have also yet to see any of the 'others' get to that extra level that the Singers are at.
  8. Haha. If the engine is stuffed, it needs to be a hell of a lot cheaper than $20k!
  9. This week I try to finish up Harry 911's dash, but it doesn't all go to plan.
  10. MFX

    Cayman GT4 RS

    The video of the GT4RS test looked like it was a bit twitchy and definitely was not perfect, but it still looked like it was a mule with the front guard vents closed off, etc, so it would be good to see what the production car is actually like.
  11. The 'Unsure about engine might be fine or not' does not instil confidence...
  12. Haha. Why would anyone question $100k for that. It is obviously a 991GT3RS isn't it? That is a bone stock 3.4 auto by the way. 100% not a 3.8.
  13. ...but is that just because they made more Taycans? At the moment they can't deliver cars so I don't think 2021 figures can give a clear picture.
  14. It has been about a month now, but I am back on the Alfarrari heading down the final stage of body work before we head to paint.
  15. On the IMS front, I pulled the bearings from both my '98 911 and '98 Boxster both with well over 100k kms and they were both perfect. Those are both of course double row bearings. As for 996 mufflers. I absolutely believe the gundo hack is by far the best exhaust mod for the 996. All of the aftermarket ones I have heard end up being too loud and drone on the highway and drive you mad. Gundo gives you a great sound when you are on it and still perfect and comfortable on the long trips. Also it is by far and away the cheapest way to get it sounding good. It is basically the exact thing that Porsche did on the 997 with the switchable sports exhaust.

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