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  1. MFX

    Home Built Z

    Don't mind if I do
  2. MFX

    Home Built Z

    This week I get some help to put the engine and box back into the car.
  3. MFX

    Home Built Z

    Time to install the clutch and gear box, getting ready to reinstall the engine to the car
  4. I like the idea of getting the hoist high enough so you don't have to duck. I learned the hard way this week...
  5. MFX

    Home Built Z

    This week I tackle the sound deadening but not everything went to plan...
  6. MFX

    Cayman ownership experiences

    That is my old car. It has been sold 2 or 3 times since me. I miss it, well maybe not that exact car, but the CS is a great platform .
  7. MFX

    Home Built Z

    In this episode I go through tidying up and finishing of more of the interior trim.
  8. MFX

    Home Built Z

    This week my challenge was to make new door trims for the 680g and I decided to give diamond stitched inserts a go.
  9. MFX

    Home built Hot Rod

    You think you want it to hurry up! 😫
  10. It says it was imported directly from Germany but it is RHD?
  11. MFX

    Home built Hot Rod

    Same as before Still waiting on the engine. There were some things to sort out when I left, as the custom pistons were interfering with the valves, so they had to be re-machined and recoated, which has been done. The replacement rings have come back from Mahle and the last thing I am waiting on is the shafts for the ITB's. Neil gave me some old ITB bodies he had kicking around for the last 20 years on the shelf. I bought the butterflies and all of the rest of the bits for them, but the company no longer makes the shafts, so Neil has been fabricating them. He has just had a couple of issues as the first 2 didn't go as planned. He is packing the engine up at the moment to send it back, so hopefully it will be on its way soon.
  12. MFX

    ITB EFI DIY guide

    That is a very nice looking bit of gear.
  13. MFX

    Home Built Z

    The factory plastic trim pieces for my 240z are all cracked and broken, so this week I repaired them and covered them in alcantara.
  14. MFX

    Home Built Z

    This episode I make and install a custom headliner in the Z.
  15. Those cars drive me crazy, and their owners should be executed. How can you have a car like that and never drive it?!? Now it will never be driven and that is a crime. I would prefer to see that car with 1,000,000km's.