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  1. MFX

    911 RSi

    That was my intention, to share some tips and tricks on building these engines. Just take your time and you will be good.
  2. MFX

    911 RSi

    I really enjoyed building my engine last week and I am actually looking forward to getting stuck in to my Z engine as well. I am keen to watch your progress. Good luck with it.
  3. MFX

    Home Built Z

    I am back from my hectic week building my engine in the US and I am getting back into working on the Z. This week I got into primer and cleaning.
  4. I threw this video together of my Home Built meet up in Orange County and my visit to Pelican Parts Cars and Coffee. The scene in LA is really on another level. Where else do you see 4 Carrera GT's at a cars and coffee?
  5. The dash vents are interesting. I have been looking at doing that sort of thing on mine when I add the A/C.
  6. Definitely worth paying your excess for that repair. Bumper, tail lights and window rubbers need to come out to do it properly. If you get choice of repairer, Ron Goodman is a good bet. He needs to pay for another race car
  7. MFX

    Home built Hot Rod

    Hi Mark, Neil talked about knife edging the crank last time I was there, and he was of the opinion that it was a waste of time. He went into his reasoning in quite some detail, but I can't remember the arguments off the top of my head. I think It may be easier from the bottom in this case. Neil actually made up a sleeve (looks like an Aluminium Donut, with a taper which was the exact size, as he hates the ring clamps, but it was too tight, which he thought was odd, after he opened it up just a touch it was too loose. It ended up that it was too tight because of me overlapping the compression ring. Not sure about the bearing quality issues, but I do know that some of my bearings were genuine Porsche items and some were Glyco, so not sure. As for the pump internals, they ended up not working for these pumps as the splines are too close together. They work on bigger pumps and look a bit like a figure 8, but due to how close together the splines are and the dimensions of the pump internals, the 8's were so small that they didn't pump even as much as the factory ones. He is still looking at more development on them, but the original plan didn't work on these. It was quite interesting when I talked to him about the new Williams Singer engine and some of the issues they are having with the 4 valve heads. He showed me a couple of aircooled 4 valve heads he had on a shelf that he had developed for the 962's and back then they had similar issues. Jeff
  8. MFX

    Home built Hot Rod

    Interesting. That may well be the issue. Strange that they would change the side of the tang mid engine run. You would think if they were going to do that it would be done with the 3.0.
  9. MFX

    Home built Hot Rod

    My last day at Performance developments, and we finally get onto assembling the bottom end.
  10. MFX

    Home built Hot Rod

    I marked everything, but my notes were slightly confusing, when cylinder #3 goes with piston #1, and will end up on the engine as Cylinder #4. I am not sure how I stuffed it up, when we were doing it, but that is why everything is triple checked, and we fixed the problem.
  11. MFX

    Home built Hot Rod

    That doesn't sound like fun at all! I will admit that putting the pistons into the cylinders was the most stressful part of the whole week. The oil rings are so small that any slight gap with the ring clamp and it would pop out. What kills me is that we had them all in, and then I realised I somehow got some of the pistons in the wrong cylinders. If I hadn't made that mistake, it would have been fine.
  12. MFX

    Home built Hot Rod

    Day 4 of my 2.8RSR engine build was not my best day. I have plenty of dramas with my rings and bearings. Everything can be fixed though.
  13. MFX

    Home built Hot Rod

    I am amazed at what I have learned this week. It has been non-stop. Get up, get to the shop, work until late, then edit, try to get some before I start all over again, but it is sooo worth it.
  14. MFX

    Home built Hot Rod

    Day 3 of my 911 engine build and I am removing the oil tubes from the cam towers and gapping rings.