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  1. John Lemon is finally finished, so here is the entire journey wrapped up in 5 minutes.
  2. MFX

    Bathurst 2018

    The issue I see for Holden though, is that they don't have anything that stands out in any sector of the market. Ford is doing great things with a range of hot hatches (not sure for how much longer), Mustang (like it or not) through to the Ranger. What does Holden have? Nothing for the enthusiasts to lust after.
  3. This is just a quick video trying some of the suggested tests for my warm start issues. At this stage it is still not fixed.
  4. This is the series final of project John Lemon, and this week I replace the shocks and lower the rear of the Beetle.
  5. MFX

    Project Cars 2

    I would be going to the track day. At the moment I don't have a track worthy car so Sim Racing is it. I wish I got to take my old 987CS to the track, it would have been a blast!
  6. MFX

    Project Cars 2

    Sim racing is definitely not the same as getting out on the track, but I am still improving my driving a whole lot. That is where I am impressed by learning Bathurst as there are many difficult corners, particularly along the top of the hill, where weight transfer is super important. Little things like learning that a bit of throttle can stabilise the car between corners in the s's and I just discovered last night how much trail braking into turn 2 helps my times. You can of course also really push the limits without the fear of dying
  7. MFX

    Project Cars 2

    I did a couple of laps today and shaved off a few tenths. Now running a 2:08.691 but there is still a bunch more in it.
  8. MFX

    Bathurst 2018

    I always wondered how Red Bull could afford to sponsor the top teams in every extreme sport around the world. Surely they don't sell that many cans of lolly water. I was interested to learn that they are the biggest manufacturer of the Holden supercar panels (I think there are only a couple of places that make them). So obviously a lot of income is generated through developing and selling parts and equipment to other teams in each sport.
  9. MFX

    Bathurst 2018

    I really think it would be much more closely followed if it went back to the Group A type rules and got some diversity out there. The old bogan 2 horse race is boring to me. When I was talking with the Erebus team back at the SMP round and the reason they moved from Mercs, to Holden is the factory support and availability of parts, etc. It is a pity as I think the diversity makes it much more interesting.
  10. MFX

    Bathurst 2018

    I think the series has missed a few opportunities like that. Why on earth did Nissan go with one of the worlds most boring cars, the Altima. It would have been much better to see a GTR out there, even if it was a RWD V8.
  11. MFX

    Project Cars 2

    Update, latest time is a 2:08.967
  12. MFX

    Project Cars 2

    Ok, I finally gave in and got Xbox live, so I can use the Time Trial function. So much better having the availability of a ghost. I managed to put down a 2:09.221 so far but there is definitely more in it. @Pokiou time to hit back
  13. I can vouch for this car. I was very impressed with it's performance, I hope my engine will be as nice to drive (if it ever gets back here ).