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  1. Many of you have seen a lot of my garage in my videos, but in this video I give you a full tour, and you may even get some hints about upcoming videos.
  2. 6 figures is a given. Not a lot of thought was put into that headline. I have no idea really of what it is worth but I will take it now for $100k
  3. We have had the 996 for a few weeks now, but it is finally time for Mrs Jeff's first drive and she can give us her impressions of it.
  4. Finally I can get onto some of the custom work for the Alfarrari and this week I have my first go at TIG welding Aluminium by making my new fuel cell fit the car.
  5. Why do that with a road car. I doubt anyone would be able to feel that extra weight, and it makes such a difference to the driving experience and useability. Pure track car, strip out everything. Road car, minor comforts are a good thing
  6. I have managed to get most of them. On the rough country roads it still rattles a bit, and I doubt I will ever be able to sort that, but on the freeway it is pretty good. I will be getting some new tyres in a couple of week so hopefully that will make things a bit better again
  7. This week I finally fit the fan belt and finish most of the wiring on the engine.
  8. Well that was a nice win. The clunking coming from the suspension was getting gradually worse and with out rough country roads out here, I was thinking I needed to check it out and work out what bushings I need to get for this car asap before I go on any road trips, or long drives. I jacked the car up and removed the rear wheels, and went over all of the arms for movement looking for a completely roasted bush. They were looking old, but everything was super tight, with no movement to be found. Then I checked the sway bar drop links and low and behold. The bolt on the passenger side was halfway out and very loose. 10 seconds with a 17mm spanner and a quick test on our bumpiest local road, and it all feels nice and tight. Phew. That is a bunch of work I can mark off my list, at least for the time being 😄
  9. I may be biased because I just bought a 996, but I have really come around to the headlights. I was weighing up getting a 997, but for almost double the money for a similar driving experience, it mainly came down to wether I wanted to be seen driving the newer looking car. I think on the outside 90% of people will think a 997 is a brand new 911, where the 996 does give away more of it's age with the headlights. That said when I have mentioned to several people now that my 911 is over 20 years old they are shocked. The biggest compromise for me is the interior as I think the 997 is a big step up from the 996 in my opinion. More so in cars like mine with the lighter coloured interiors, where the black with the leather upgrades on the 996 turbos is much nicer. Ultimately I think if you want a cab, then you may as well go for the newer car, as I see them more as a cruiser that you want to be seen in. If you want to drive, then get a coupe turbo and you will be good. Also I know you can easily mod the 911 turbo's and make them insanely fast. I have some mates with them and the speed is insane. I personally think, too fast to really enjoy as a road car. If you like to point and shoot, they are great but on a windy road, for me moderate power is much more fun
  10. Continuing on with the welding of the rear of the Alfarrari this week and then panel beating everything nice and smooooooth.
  11. Convertibles don't hold their value compared to coupe's. New the most expensive option is always the auto, convertible, and the manual coupe is the cheapest. On the second hand market a few years later it is all up the other way, where (at least in the Porsche world) the manual coupe is the most valuable, and if you can get the unicorn without a sunroof even better. A 996 turbo manual will be much better at holding it's value as it is basically at the bottom of it's depreciation curve. 997 cab will just keep dropping for quite some time yet.
  12. I will definitely look into them. I assume it is just the bushings not the entire forks? I have heard the engine mounts are a must do so I will have a look. The front end feels a bit loose at the moment as well, so I think it more than likely needs all the bushings replaced to tighten it back up again. I will probably just do the factory replacements, as I don't need it any firmer, just tighter
  13. New episode for Christmas Day! Even if they have no appreciation for wrecked rotten Alfa's
  14. That is not a bad idea. I have got most of them now. I am thinking it is more of an issue with they old tyres which are vibrating a bit over 100kph. I had the wheels balanced which helped, but didn't eliminate the vibrations completely. It currently has Dunlop Sport Maxx tyres on it an don't rate them, but I have some PS4's going on in the new year. It also has a bit of a clunk on rough roads coming from the rear, which i suspect is a bushing or engine mount that I need to track down

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