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  1. I only know from my Macan, but the difference in the PDK between normal, sport and sport plus are 3 huge steps. I never drive in normal as it is too sluggish and unresponsive. Sport is what I drive in day to day. You can't drive slow in Sport Plus, it is like a rabid pit bull on a leash
  2. Damn. Too late for me to change my plans. I will have to try and make the next one.
  3. I have been driving Harry 911 for quite a while now and it is definitely time for some much needed upgrades.
  4. Haha. All I am saying is that is will be plenty quick enough on the amazing roads around you, and you will have plenty of fun with it. Looks great mate enjoy
  5. Sounds like a very nice build, but I think he is dreaming at that price. At the end of the day it is still a non-original Boxster for 911 money.
  6. You saw the speed they could carry a couple of years ago on Elephant Pass . On the track the GT3 will make a difference, but on a road like that, you are not really going to go any faster in a GT3, so I think you will be more than happy enough
  7. I really think that car has changed the game entirely. The fact that it makes 2 tons of downforce while stationary is a completely new way to go about making a super fast car and takes Gordon Murray's fan car to the next level.
  8. Last Sunday of every month, from 8-10 at Schmokin in Berrima. Usually get 200 to 300 cars of every flavour
  9. I wish they didn't put it on the same day as my Cars and Coffee and I would make the trip. Too many Cars and Coffees on the last Sunday of the month 😡 (I inherited the Southern Highlands CnC but I can't change it now..).
  10. This week I am still getting over my cold but I get stuck into smoothing out the engine bay of the Alfarrari.
  11. MFX

    Portable car play.

    Mikes mount attaches to the ash tray I believe which I no longer have
  12. Absolutely stunning car, but for what it is worth I think I prefer it with the old wheels..
  13. I can see your points (besides the handling) and they are valid, particularly if you want something to regularly cart adults around in the back of. My 2c worth. For my situation without kids, but needing one car to be able to tow a trailer when I need it to, cart dogs around and do the day to day, it is just big enough without being too big. It can carry rear passengers for the very rare occasions I need it to. I don't give a crap about off road and I would have no idea how it does for that (and I doubt many/any SUV owners have ever used them for that either ). I know it doesn't handle like a GT3, but I am not afraid of driving enthusiastically (as any who have been on a drive with me I am sure could attest). I used to push my 996 to the limit of traction and on the same twisty road, I think I would be near on as fast in the Macan as I would in the 996. The handling on a good twisty road for an SUV is absolutely amazing to me. That said, I live in the sticks and do not do the daily grind in bumper to bumper. It is definitely a firmer ride and much less comfortable than in my old Merc SUV. The way I describe the Macan is that it is the perfect boring car to do all of the boring day to day things you need, but if you find yourself on a fun road in the boring car it is still a great day. If you are never going to find yourself in it on a fun road, then definitely buy a Merc or Audi, or whatever else.
  14. MFX

    Portable car play.

    I have a magnetic phone mount but I find when I am really getting on it on a bumpy back road, the phone ends up slipping off and ending up under my feet at the most inopportune time. I have made up a simple sheet metal claw that holds onto the phone underneath, but I still have to plug in the cable and it is all a bit messy. Just a turn to clip the phone in with a built in wireless charger sounds so much better.

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