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  1. This week I finally finish aligning all of the panels on the rear end of that Alfarrari.
  2. I need to go back and make sure now. I am worried I didn't put enough angle on them.
  3. This week I finish connecting the heat exchangers and then work out some other mounts.
  4. It would be great if they were a straight bolt in. Although I have actually got a complete set of factory replacement bushes and shocks to put into the car. As it is going to be primarily a street car, I want it to be as comfortable as possible. It may be slightly compromised for the odd track day, but I am determined to make this a car I will happily just get in and drive everyday. At least that way I have a base to start from and work out if I want to upgrade anything later
  5. They have a new episode on the Escargot though
  6. This week I continue where I left off last week and fit the boot floor to the car. How hard could that be?
  7. MFX


    I have one. It is for a 2.7 but I assume they are the same. PM me if that will work.
  8. In this episode I build my own heat exchangers for the 911.
  9. Such an awesome car. It was getting more attention at WTAC than the new Brabham it was parked next to
  10. I haven't workout out the location of the knock sensors yet, but that will be soon. I have ordered an extremely expensive M5 throttle motor to control the ITB's off of the same single linkage you could connect the cable to. Cruise control is one of the options I was looking at with the DBW, but also idle control and it can even be set up so that the throttle is not linear, so there is a lot of flexibility. I mentioned what wasted spark is, but I am going with one channel per cylinder (Extreme has 8). Still working out who I am going to approach to tune it.
  11. Looks like my Z is worth a lot more than a GT3 clone. Definitely not the car for me, back to the drawing board.
  12. Interesting. I was aware of them, but did not consider them. I will see how I go with the Iridiums for now. They made a HUGE difference on my Z. Particularly the cold starts and fouling a whole lot less.
  13. With my compression I wanted to go for the biggest spark possible. I know guys use LS coils, etc, which work fine. It seems like there is a bit of contention about how much spark is necessary, but Neil is a big proponent of more spark = more hp. As for ECU I am going with a Link Extreme. I will be running ITB's with TPS, twin knock sensors, Air temp, surface temp, and probably twin O2 sensors as well. I am also going fly by wire throttle which should be interesting.
  14. This week I go into what I am doing with the ignition system on the 911 engine.
  15. This week I have a go at making the biggest panel I have made to date. The boot floor of the Alfarrari.

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