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  1. This week I button up the main structure of the Alfarrari's roll cage... mostly.
  2. I don't know if it is just me but mine seems like it is sitting lower now. It looks great, but it doesn't like the big bumps too much.
  3. For starters I am using the Boxster 5 speed because that is what I have and I have messaged the guy who put a 400hp Maserati engine in his Boxster and he has had no problems thrashing the guts out of it. https://www.planet-9.com/threads/ferrari-v8-engine-swap.246367/
  4. Thanks mate. I heard about it quite some time ago, but it was a relief that it actually worked
  5. In this video I remove the 4.2 litre V8 engine and transmission from my 2003 Audi C5 A6, getting ready to swap it into the 'Roxster' my Porsche Boxster track car.
  6. After going through the engineering process a couple of times, it seems like there is a way to get most things through if you want. I did think about trimming the cage in, but I have also been to too many motor vehicle accidents to take the risk. The argument is that it is hidden still means that the bars are much closer to your head than the original bodywork even though I am sure I could make it so that you never knew it was there if I wanted to. Unless I am wearing a harness and hans I would prefer not to drive a car with a front cage.
  7. Back on the Alfarrari this week and it is time to tackle building the roll cage.
  8. Remind me to never sit on a lounge in your man cave
  9. Haha, I thought I managed to change it before anyone noticed
  10. The Roxster is at least a manual that was running and registered, and I paid less than that for it. I could also possibly say the Roxster was in better condition, but that is a judgement call
  11. This week it is time to do a bit of preventative maintenance on Archie 996, and change out the water pump and do a complete flush of the coolant system.
  12. Also regarding whirly birds, I installed them onto mine to try to keep the heat down and I haven't had any noticeable decrease
  13. Love the shed decoration, and I am with you. Now I have a hoist, I wonder why I spent so long waiting to get one. I always thought they were much more expensive than they actually are and definitely the cheapest extra covered car space you can buy
  14. Yeah. I love the Bowral area, but my shed is far too small so it is time for more space

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