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  1. Haha, not yet, but it will be something close when I finish it
  2. Absolutely. I wouldn't have been able to stop anywhere on the pass, even if I wanted to. Super scary!
  3. I finally have my meeting with the engineer to see if he is happy to sign off on all of my modifications. Fingers crossed.
  4. Now the car is running I just have a few bits and pieces to sort out before I can get it registered.
  5. I finally sort out the running issues and no surprises it was my fault. We then tune it up on the dyno and get that final figure.
  6. In this episode I delve a bit deeper into the tuning issues on the 680G.
  7. I didn't pay attention to how often I said that, but obviously I am not concerned about that as it is in the past and I am moving forward
  8. For what it is worth I have a reasonably long in the tooth ML500 which I have towed cars to and from Adelaide and Melbourne on my monster car trailer and it is great. I can sit the cruise control on 120 and I haven't found a hill that will slow it down with car and trailer on the back. The side benefit is it is not an enormous people carrier, it has Mercedes comfort, and the 5l V8 means it is far from the slowest thing on the road.
  9. Ouch, the truth hurts, but I will hopefully have something to talk about by the end of the week
  10. I love hearing that you have actually driven the car. So many of these still have delivery kms, which completely defeats the purpose (and they probably have much higher maintenance bills).
  11. It is finally time to do something a bit more permanent about my spray booth.
  12. Alcantara is a brand name basically, the product is micro suede. I got mine from Daleys in Chester Hill, Sydney, for a reasonable price. I am not sure where you actually get genuine Alcantara brand stuff, but it is around, it is just very expensive.
  13. After 18 long months of tinkering in the garage, I finally get to drive the 680G.
  14. In this episode I sort out my timing issues and tune the car using the colour tune.

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