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  1. There is no mechanical reason that shouldn't work. Either you haven't got it in gear properly, or something is broken. Put it back on it's wheels and see if it will drive.
  2. I will probably just extend the loom. I really only need to lengthen the furthest couple of coil packs and the loom will make it.
  3. Like the others have said, if you don't need to sell, hang on to it for a while. At the moment I think even last week was different from this week, and I would be very surprised if you would find a buyer at anywhere near recent market rates. You can always put a price on it let it sit. If you want to move it now, I think the price will need to be seen as a bargain as bargain hunters will be the only ones in the market right now.
  4. It has been several years now, but the engine is finally back in the 1973 Porsche 911 RSR project.
  5. I believe mine are internal thread, which makes sense as the car is a 74 base.
  6. I see in your rides you list Datsun. I just finished my 240z and the equivalent new mechanical parts for my 911 cost, without exaggeration, 10 times the price. The exotic car wrecker where I bought my Ferrari engine, had around 50 Exotic engines, and then gearboxes, brakes, panels and everything, from a 488 through to Lambo's, Maseratis, etc. I asked about air cooled 911's and he had nothing because he couldn't get any wrecks economically because the drive lines were worth more than the cars.
  7. The shocks were supposed to be a straight fit for my car, but I think they are the wrong ones. I plan on just sending them back to exchange for the correct part of my car. Or are you saying that they are possibly the correct part and I just have to pull my shocks apart to find out?
  8. In this episode I get the last bits and pieces on Harry ready before I can install the engine.
  9. I would probably go with the 69 car. It is already converted so it is never going to be worth what an original is. Documents are also not really important for the same reason. If the 76 is an original C3, it would be silly to butcher it as it is much more valuable as it is. What engine/trans does it currently have because if you don't have a 3.6 they are becoming increasingly hard to find and expensive. Engine rebuilds are insanely expensive (it was MUCH cheaper to buy my Ferrari engine than it was to rebuild my 911's). My suggestion after spending a lot of time and money building a hotrod, is find something with a great drivetrain that is rough and then fix it up. Body work wise, a 911 is pretty much going to cost the same as any other car. Mechanically, they are stupidly expensive. My 2c.
  10. I don't care how messy your car is, just don't put messy photo's in the ad if you are trying to sell it
  11. In this episode I replace the rear main seal and the clutch on Archie 996, and button it all back up. Hopefully it will run! It was actually quite easy to get the bolt back in with a magnet. That was probably the easiest part of the whole thing
  12. Another instance of not vacuuming the car before taking pics!? If you can't be assed cleaning it then don't take pics of the dirty bits....
  13. MFX

    997 for daily

    One thing that I do come across daily driving the 911, is when I go to the supermarket for a couple of things and it turns into a lot of things. I forget until I get back outside and realise I brought the 911, and then have fun trying to fit everything in, without squashing the bread and fruit, etc.
  14. The replacement bearing itself is still over $1k which is a crazy price for something that is really a $30 bearing, but the labour is a lot.

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