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  1. At least for me, by the time the car is that old k's are completely irrelevant. It is all about condition and mechanical service/rebuild history. If a 30 year old car had only 50k kms I would be just as worried if not more so. On an unrelated note. This is not a Porsche but I had to share the horror. Shield your eyes.... https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1968-Jaguar-E-Type-Manual/SSE-AD-6709950?fbclid=IwAR30Gd47ETidsyxfwq0cnZBoaBtsC2hWMFazhcIRvmDxJyTG1LGY1I_0WBE
  2. Wow. I haven't been following the 930 market, but that looks like a whole lot of 930 for the money!
  3. It was scrubbing badly and I need to replace a dodgy connector on the Cam angle sensor so it wasn't running great and we didn't get to do the brake test, but the rest is looking good. Hopefully next week we will finish it off
  4. Got Harry out in the wild today for the engineer. Man it looks nice in a different setting for a change
  5. Yeah I didn't think of that, but it actually is holding together ok for the time being and a mate has already put on in the post for me
  6. This week I tackle a bunch of little bits and pieces to finish off Harry, with mixed success.
  7. Your argument is flawed. Just because a 997.1 GT3 is 90% of a GT3RS, has no bearing on how closely they should be valued. Logic plays no part in this, it is all about rarity and desirability.
  8. That is a long boat trip if you are taking your car and avoiding zombieland to the North of you...
  9. This week I start looking at the cooling system and make up a fan shroud for my radiator on the Alfarrari.
  10. Your car looks MUCH nicer than a 996 in my opinion. The 996 is a much nicer car to daily than the old aircooled offerings (pre 964 anyway), but I find the older cars much more engaging to drive. The 996 is lots of fun, don't get me wrong, but maybe a little too cushy, not as raw and visceral. I know you are dying for a 996 and a change is always good, but for me, if it is mostly a weekend toy, I would stick with a well sorted AC. I worry that you will sell yours and a while later regret it
  11. The SC is a G series . G series refers to basically all of the impact bumper cars like @Dreamr mentioned. I think you are referring to the 3.2 Carrera's or possibly the last of the 3.2s with the G50 gearbox
  12. If you are worried about the coils, just keep a spare in the car. The colder header will quickly tell you which one has failed and you can swap it out, but as you said, they should be fine. I initially considered going wasted spark, the main thing that stopped me is that with twin plugs and the big 370Z coils, I was worried constantly firing 12 coils at once would be too big of a power draw particularly at high revs. Looking forward to seeing how it comes together.
  13. I am not up on the Micro Squirt, but on my Link ECU I directly connected it to the tacho. Was a simple one wire (black/purple) connection and the tacho works. If you want to set up a cam angle sensor, I used the Clewett Engineering kit and it was pretty simple to install and then you don't have to run wasted spark. That said, the coils may get hotter and not last as long, but for simplicity wasted spark still will work.
  14. A very good rule of thumb is if you can see a little bit of rust, it is just the tip of the iceberg...

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