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  1. MFX

    Home Built Z

    In this episode I go back and tidy up a bunch of loose ends on the 680g
  2. MFX

    Home built Hot Rod

    Exactly what I was about to say
  3. MFX

    Home Built Z

    In this episode I attempt to sort out the birds nest that is the wiring on the 680g
  4. MFX

    Home built Hot Rod

    Haha, old 911 engines are cheap and easy to find everywhere Neil is actually packing my engine up this week, so it should be back here soon (I hope, but I will believe it when it gets here ). The final comp of the engine is 11.6:1, but he is sending it with base gaskets in .25, .5 and 1.0mm which can take it down to 10.6:1. I am not sure, but I will probably set it up to 11.1, just to be on the safer side, although Neil is confident it will be fine at 11.6.
  5. MFX

    Home Built Z

    In this episode I try my luck at cutting and buffing the 680.
  6. MFX

    Home Built Z

    In this episode I swap around the brakes and have another go at bleeding them.
  7. MFX

    Home built Hot Rod

    I am not sure the exact set up at this stage, but that is what I am thinking.
  8. MFX

    Home built Hot Rod

    The car will definitely be 98 only, that is for sure, but with the twin spark Neil is confident that it should run well on that. It will be EFI in this case, so hopefully we can get the tune just right and it will still be a streetable package.
  9. MFX

    Home built Hot Rod

    That is basically spot on
  10. MFX

    Home Built Z

    In this episode I tackle the rest of the diamond stitched trim in the interior of the Z.
  11. MFX

    Home Built Z

    In this episode I sort out the final fit up of the front end.
  12. MFX

    356 coupe

    Fantastic work. So did you make all of the panels yourself on an English wheel?
  13. MFX

    Home Built Z

    In this episode, I tackle the trimming on the rear wheel arches.
  14. Nice work, I am a well known tartan supporter. Tartan the world!
  15. MFX

    Home Built Z

    I have spent the last week sweating it out in the heat fitting seatbelts and reassembling the doors.

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