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  1. In this episode I put the finishing touches to the Roxsters Audi V8 engine conversion.
  2. Anyone know what the aluminium tubing strapped to the roll cage and along the lower dash is for?
  3. Yep, I used the Penrite Red stuff. From what I can gather it is correct for the car.
  4. Worth the beers. It took around 5 or 6 goes getting it hot and keep topping it up. It was pretty stressful as I didn't want to over heat it.
  5. Following the bleeding technique was a real pain. I have since bought a vacuum bleeder kit which is the preferred way and I think it will save a heap of headaches next time. I think it is worth looking into
  6. This week I finish off the air conditioning condensors and then get stuck into the face of the Alfarrari
  7. Nothing necessarily, but most are from the UK so they could have rust issues. Even if the car is perfect, it is tarred with that brush and will be seen as inferior. In Aus an import will generally be harder to sell because of this and as a general rule will be worth around 20% less than an Aussie equivalent. I personally think the import stigma is stupid, and you should buy a car (particularly a 20+ year old one) on condition, not on a piece of paper, but that is not the wider consensus.
  8. Yeah, Max was on his first flying lap after a horrendous pit stop, and Lewis was just coming out from his slow pit stop, so if either team had a clean pit, it would have been a completely different story.
  9. I just saw a post by Randy Pobst on Instagram which does make sense. As much as I think Lewis is a d!ck, Randy has a fair argument here.
  10. A cab with a wing just looks weird to me. I don't follow cab values but even as an import, tip, I can't imagine you could get into a 911 much cheaper?
  11. That was a pretty crap penalty I think. Hamilton was squeezing him. I am surprised they decided it was Max's fault. I would have said it was a racing incident or even more Lewis' fault...
  12. This week I make some custom 3D printed parts for the Alfarrari and continue to work on the HVAC system.
  13. Looks like they did a similarly thought out thing to the front bar of that, like the previous owner of the Roxster. Blocking the radiators. I am sure there is some ducting but it looks like it would be a lot less airflow than intended. Aesthetically I like it, and although I like the side vents in the skirts, I am not sure if they would be as effective as the factory side vent.
  14. It probably would be, but I had planned to use the Audi pedal from the start when I was looking to keep the Audi ECU so I just ran with it
  15. Yep it clears, but it was something I made sure I checked because it is kind of close.

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