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  1. Well, hopefully not that far off
  2. It is still a way off yet. It needs a clutch, brakes, driveshafts, not to mention a proper tune and that little inconvenience of rego That was from a hole in the exhaust (not from part that I worked on). I will weld up that hole when I get a chance.
  3. Last time I got it running, just. In this episode I go through and trouble shoot a bunch of the little issues to get Harry 911 running nice and smooth.
  4. Gundo hack is the best mod you can do to a 996. The perfect exhaust note, with no drone.
  5. Yes, after a lot of trials and tribulations I have finally got Harry 911 running.
  6. This week I finish off the engine and gearbox mounts on the Alfarrari.
  7. I am definitely not the authority, but the Turbo is blisteringly fast GT car (particularly with a couple of simple mods) and the GT3 is more of a race car for the road. Very different propositions. Do you prefer a more comfortable car that you can point and shoot and get that turbo rush, or do you want a more paired back, raw, race car for the road?
  8. I actually got the car running yesterday (for about 30 seconds before I fried the starter). I went through and cleaned up the grounds for both the coils and the ECU, but it looks like it may have been getting spark all along and could have just been that my timing light is not working properly. I have a new starter being express posted to me today, so hopefully I will have the full video of the car running properly by the end of the week.
  9. You had me thinking there and although I was pretty sure there was, I had to go back and have a look. It does have fuel rail retainers that are very neat brackets that sit on the under side of the rail. I too do, not want to have the whole thing burn to the ground
  10. Now we are getting in to the fun stuff and that starts with securing the Ferrari engine into the Alfa's engine bay with some custom engine mounts.
  11. The tyres didn't go on straight away, but the fronts are getting on. Luckily I need to replace them anyway as they are too big and scrub when I turn.
  12. The build of Harry 911 has been almost 5 years now all building up to this, but will it actually start?
  13. There is a guy locally who has a 250 Lusso which I saw him again driving to the bank (essential travel) last week. Just parked in a line of cars along the side of the main street. Most people not even noticing it. Beautiful car. My ulitimate list.. hmmm F40 (never really been a fan of the F50) 300SL Gulwing would be there Countach (the ultimate bedroom wall car @OBRUT ). My 911 hotrod finished perfectly The last spot keeps flipping around and I want to put any of 20 different cars on there.....
  14. This is the second compilation video of the progress so far of my Ferrari engined Alfa 105 project.
  15. It actually doesn't look too bad. The roof doesn't look like it is kiniked at all. It looks mostly cosmetic (plus a couple of airbags). Could be more going on underneath though. What is it worth completely repaired but on the WOVR though? $200k?

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