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  1. In this episode, I finish off the bi-modal exhaust that I built last week and then Mrs Jeff finally gets to drive Harry 911.
  2. This week I sort out the fuel rails for the Ferrari engine after I cut the mounts off when I hacked up the plenum to fit in the Alfarrari.
  3. Obviously any of it is distracting, but mobile phones would be number 1 by a long shot, but so many people are just oblivious when they are on the road. Every time we are under lights and siren (in a huge red truck mind you), I will set off the rumbler (which you can physically feel for about 100m in all directions) and be smashing on the massive air horn and people don't see us. Every run I will be like that, right on someones bumper for 30 seconds or more before they finally notice, and you can see the instant they do because they suddenly jump on the brakes or jerk on the wheel. P-platers should definitely have to drive manuals, so that they have to pay more attention to what they are doing, and it makes it much more difficult to use their phones, etc.
  4. It would probably do it, but it won't last long. I have learned that I really hate working with stainless
  5. Stainless is so hard, it would kill a hole saw straight away
  6. Being a firie I have been to literally hundreds of motor vehicle accidents and I think I have been to less than 10 that were 'speed' related. They were primarily young kids who were driving like idiots and ran out of talent. 99% of the time it is distracted driving.
  7. I am with the others. I would be happy to buy that if it checked out, but I am not the typical Porsche buyer. You will definitely have a much smaller buying pool as most seem to go for originality. I would suspect you could ask similar money to an original car, but it will probably take a lot longer to sell.
  8. This week it is time to do something about the tired old exhaust on Harry 911 and bring it up to match the rest of the car.
  9. It is time to pull the engine out of the Alfarrari again and now I need to make up some way of getting a crank angle trigger to work on the Ferrari engine as I no longer have the factory one.
  10. What is it with w@n#e&s putting GT3 badges on Carrera's?? It doesn't matter if it has more power and a body kit. It is not a GT3.
  11. That may be the case as Wakefield has a very long sustained right hand section, but I am surprised that would be an issue for a car with blown shocks and dodgy street tyres. I would suspect it more on a car with slicks pulling much higher g's in the corners.
  12. I got Roxster out for its first track day and it was a heap of fun.... until it wasn't.
  13. You can use the same aluminium line from Raceworks that I did, and it will probably cost you a lot less than Pirtek.
  14. I did it on mine, but I swapped them out for aluminium hard lines and I had the engine out already. Not too difficult.

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