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  1. Wasn’t driving today, but I did find this awesome pic online from a few weeks back at Sandown
  2. Getting closer to my 3.5 second goal. Knocked another 2.6s off yesterday. Pumped! Still feels like there another 1.5 seconds left, but the rears starting to get real twitchy now, needs a harder rear sway bar. Any constructive criticism is welcome! Wish I had re read your tips before I went Doug. I didn’t do most of them properly!! I need to Use more ripple!!!!
  3. Love the MR8, that's awesome!
  4. I’m looking for one if anyone has one for sale!
  5. Why bother replacing it if it's not showing any signs of failure? Just make sure you keep your oi level 2 bars below the top and you'll never have an issue
  6. Thanks @Kammo, I'm trying to decide between the race chrono, or an external GPS for my phone and run it with track addict. I find the speed map on the phone useful with the Google maps satellite image in the background. And I can Bluetooth my OBD2 data to it as well. Probably splitting hairs.
  7. good tip about not using engine braking - i don't really do that, and that's what caused John's engine to blow up at Sandown - apparently LS3's don't like hitting 7500 rpm on the downchange! I'm currently using track addict pro with a link to my go pro (whatever the new go pro is, it doesn't need a cover so the sound is heaps better, plus the image stabilisation is good) I also use a bluetooth obd2 to get revs/throttle etc from the car. I tried to also hook up an external 10hz GPS reciever on the weekend but I couldn't get it to work while the bluetooth OBD2 reader was connected, but if i can get that to work as well then you have track position/lap times/speed and G forces all sorted and very accurate. the phones only sample at 1Hz. lap times they are within a 10th normally, but they go off the track at corners. I'll show you at the track sometime. I am looking into a AIM Solo 2 or a Racechrono pro so that i don't have to keep plugging my phone in and out and connecting to everything every session. Something i could maybe hard wire to 12v or a usb plug and leave in the car. Dunno, we'll see. I'll show you my set up sometime, it's pretty easy for basic videos. Just needs to be a bit more accurate on the GPS side of things. You could probably hook a external GPS to harrys to get accurate speed data. or just try track addict.
  8. Thanks mate I've been running track addict with a go pro and blue tooth OBD2, but I want something a bit more accurate, and I couldn't get it to work with both my obd2 and a external GPS, which meant I have to give up some data. I've been trying to decide between the racechrono above, or the AIM Solo 2. Rob - I've sent a PM.
  9. Hey guys, I'm after a GPS data logger suitable for club sprints. No real particular brand in mind. No set budget, I'll review each offered unit on its merits. Cheers, Haydn
  10. @DJM thanks heaps mate! I knocked 2 seconds off my previous PB as well, but there's still work to do! Will get back there and work in those pointers! What day did you do with Dean canto? I'm going to do an evening day soon. You were flying Sunday! Car ran well I take it? I never got to come see you at the end of the day as we went out in the last back to back session
  11. Nice driving at QR mate! Looks like you can use those kerbs a little more. I'm a year into the slippery slope, best thing I ever did!
  12. Had another dip at Phillip island on the weekend, and after the fog cleared we got 2 perfect runs! Knocked 2 seconds off my previous PB! As always, any tips are much appreciated. Still want to shave another 3.5 seconds off it. Best lap Below - few laps from the Final session (was back to back so tyres were hot but fuel was low). Was testing a few things like holding 3rd for Honda and MG. That datto is a 950kg E85 225rwkw SR20 weapon! Skip to lap 4 to see my car from behind Hope you enjoy
  13. reddahaydn

    F1 2019

    Great drive by Dan. Wasn’t really expecting him to hold of Bottas and Max at that track. How ridiculous was the decision against Vettel. Im Not a huge Vettel fan but he was robbed. Love how he swapped the place markers at the end.

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