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  1. Great to see some free to air coverage! You popped up a few times hugh!
  2. Can I just ask a dumb question please - Can someone confirm whether my understanding is correct or not - trying to use Lehman’s terms - basically the long and short of it is that only the first $57,000 of the vehicle cost is tax deductible/depreciable no matter how much it costs you. Financing costs are ratioed at 57k divide by the purchase price as to how deductible they are. This is then cut down again based on your log book percentage for work use. Unless you use, or can say you use, the vehicle for 80-90% business then your back to only $45k being deductible Running costs I’m not sure about? Same ratio? Or are all the running costs deductible x log book percentage work use? Anything you claim as depreciation has to be paid back unless you sell you car for the price you have depreciated it to? maybe this is different for a lease, but isn’t the ratio of lease costs the same - ie only 57k/cost is deductible off you taxable income and you have to pay the rest from your after tax income? Happy to be schooled! Please someone tell me there’s a way to make a $120k vehicle more tax effective than putting it against your house!
  3. I was so close but my misses is about to have a baby and I'm doing 80 weeks at work so I can take 2 weeks off. I knew it would sell quick but I just couldn't get organised on time. Haven't had time to breathe the last month. I'd seen it in Nick's a while back and thought man i wish that was for sale! Plus (and I'll keep telling myself this to get over the regret) I've just bought a new exhaust system for mine, and booked in for a tune next week - so the closer I get to actually having spent GT3 money, the less it makes sense to sell mine at a loss and buy one haha. but that Mezger........ That being said, I have been sitting here at work, not doing work, but reading all about the Quinn car, I'd put the fitzy car at a $20-$30k premium, so that drops the Quinn car back to around the $100k mark before it's a viable option. Plus I'd want to convert it back to a Mk 1. @LeeM - I'm just hoping that the scruitineers don't take him seriously if he tries to enter A3 Road Registered 2001-4000cc!!!!!!
  4. Well. 😩 It seems fitzys is gone. Shame, I was dead set tempted to offload mine for that. You snooze you lose I guess! Hopefully the new owner is keen to put it out on the race track! There's some ripper 996s on carsales at the moment!
  5. I've recorded it, hoping to get time to watch it this weekend!
  6. reddahaydn

    F1 2019

    Much better result for Dan today. Woulda been a pretty dull race for him, fairly non eventful but I’m bet he’s just glad his car had no issues. I still haven’t heard why hulk retired? Those Merc’s just look so strong. Gunna take a lot of work from Ferrari to catch them in the constructors. I love the Leclerc looked as fast as Vettel again! Can’t believe they made him let Vettel past, it was obvious that Vettel was only keeping up because he could use drs on the straight. Just need Jack Miller to finish safely tonight!
  7. Looks good, cool looking track.. Bit like wakefield, walls are a fair way away so you can really get stuck in! Nice work!
  8. Personally I think TCR with take over V8s in a few years. The cars are more achievable for your average punter, and hot hatches seem to be getting more popular. But if they can't get it on free to air it's hard to drum up Interest. But the kayo $25/month Foxtel sports option will certainly help. I definately think GT will grow a fair bit but not at the pace that TCR will, I love the GT races on F1 weekend!
  9. Twro- just depends on the scruitineer but generally if it’s tethered to something solid it’s fine. I’ve never had an issue using zip ties, and I’ve run sprints with probably 6 different clubs and sets of scruitineers. Just make sure it’s all in place and tethered up when you go to scruitineerint, or they’ll make you come back. Cheers
  10. Great event! A credit to all Involved. I just saw the map- realised I missed the whole yellow section. By the time I wandered out there at 2:45 the skunk weeks guys have the forklift under a iroc car packing up! The whole yellow section was basically empty. Awesome how it was so spread out! Very cool just wandering around. Perfect venue!
  11. I never got to vaccumin but I'm good to go. Catch yas in the morning!
  12. AOS gave up the ghost. Was smoking like crazy, so engine out to replace. Happened Saturday in the last session (was getting worse through the day) so I had to sit out of PCV on Sunday unfortunately Didnt go any more ponies but did put a LSD in while it was easy to get to.
  13. Hye Dan, How do you add AUX to the older radios? I've got a 98. Cheers

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