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  1. Shouldn’t matter anyway ... both Mercedes and renault sell road cars and mclaren is happy to use their engines, and they’re happy to sell mclaren their engines.
  2. Very interesting. Guess I looked at it differently... Porsche have apparently been flirting with the idea to get into F1. Buying an established team, even a poorly performing on, is cheaper than starting from scratch. Porsche, being German, would be full of confidence in their own ability - I believe they would think that if they bought Williams, they could turn it around with their own in house knowledge and resources. The Williams brand has a lot of following or at least nastalgia in the established f1 countries - Porsche has the following in the two biggest country’s that aren’t focussed on F1. A Marketers wet dream? Ripe for the picking? Porsche sell SUVs to fund motorsport, just like Ferrari sells sports cars to fund F1 I like to think that even in this day and age, there’s still some linage back to that Yes it won’t be cheap... but it’s the biggest motorsport stage on earth... they’d sell a lot more cayennes and Macans if they stepped up to the big boys league
  3. Clickbait! That needed a question mark after it! But how good would it be if they did!
  4. Well I guess that depends how many people bought Renault’s because of the increased exposure Dan brings to Renault compared to boring hulk! He’s a very marketable guy.
  5. Once you start listening to a podcast you realise why they get paid so much. these guys devote their lives to try and get to F1. Casey stoner’s parents sold their house, moved the family to Europe and lived in a caravan before he made it. There needs to be some kind of return for a life time of effort and the huuuuge gamble that “their kid will make it”. I bet there’s plenty that don’t. I though Dan was on $48M at Renault over 2 years, and I heard a mclaren were paying him $31M - which I’m now hearing people say $42 but I’m yet to hear that officially. So he didn’t take a pay cut. Also unsure on currency And whether the media convert to local $$$ or leave it in pounds. Lewis makes $73M aud. Everything renault tip into F1 is discretionary spending, so they may have made $120M profit but they tipped $400m into F1 rather than their usual $300? Mclaren just fired 1200 workers too - their 720s has been a bit of a flop and their dealer model is flawed @LeeM I love grass roots racing but in grass routes the people with big budgets are miles in front. and that might be the difference between a $10k vs $40k budget, or a $50k vs $300k budget. Everyone whinges about that in professional sport - hence the every tightening regulations to make the small teams more competitive.
  6. Come of feggans, don't be like that! By the way, have you registered for Phillip Island in a few weeks?
  7. Might be a good move for next year results, but when the new Regs come in in 2022 I'm not yet convinced. Mclaren are in trouble financially and are pushing for budget restrictions, and Renault have a huge budget to develop a car that suits the new regs. Just depends whether the people they have hired are the right people. Will be interesting to see how much input Adrian Newey has in Red Bulls new car - he loves a regulation change.
  8. I'm in! lets get this going or something similar!
  9. I can recommend to up it to the Thrustmaster T300. Will be a much better experience than the G29/T150 for not a lot of dollars more. I pinched a computer from work, bought the thrustmaster gear and built my own rig. Wish I'd done it years ago. The best thing with Assetto is you can load all the Aussie tracks in, and also a lot of cars that you like, like a 996 cup car.
  10. Wasn’t driving today, but I did find this awesome pic online from a few weeks back at Sandown
  11. Getting closer to my 3.5 second goal. Knocked another 2.6s off yesterday. Pumped! Still feels like there another 1.5 seconds left, but the rears starting to get real twitchy now, needs a harder rear sway bar. Any constructive criticism is welcome! Wish I had re read your tips before I went Doug. I didn’t do most of them properly!! I need to Use more ripple!!!!
  12. Love the MR8, that's awesome!
  13. I’m looking for one if anyone has one for sale!

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