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  1. reddahaydn

    What did you do to your Porsche today ???

    The result of Phillip Island on the weekend....
  2. Hye Dan, How do you add AUX to the older radios? I've got a 98. Cheers
  3. reddahaydn

    [VIC] #HANGARBANGER2 27.01.19

    Whoops! Just got around to registering! Sorry! Whoops just read the comments and went back and searched my email and found that I also registered back in June! doubly sorry!
  4. reddahaydn

    CAMS helmet changes 1/1/19

    You could get away with the helmets you mentioned but I bought a hans compatible helmet for my go kart and after 2 sprint days decided I wanted a harness and hans if I was going to keep at it. If you don’t get a harness you should still look at a simpsons device and a hans compatible helmet. They don’t cost a lot more anyway. You cant put a price on your spinal cord! If you do go the ece22 route make sure it has it written on the helmet - for some reason they don’t all have stickers and I know a few people who have had issues getting through scrutineering with ece22 motorbike helmets due to lack of markings Enjoy it mate, it’s the best fun! In regards to the harness with no cage - my logic is that in 95% of crashes the cars don’t roll over - so I chose to protect my neck and on the off chance I roll I’ll deal with it then. The roof on most cars is still pretty strong. If your hitting the lid with enough force, the cage can still move or your seat can get pushed. Any accident with that much force and your in strife anyway . But you’d be in a hell of a lot more strife from the initial impact with no hans before you even get a chance to have issues from the roof pushing in on you. Buy a bucket seat (no Wings to keep it road drivable, Velo make adr approved seats which will get you past most police even tho not technically engineered) & a 6 point harness with save your neck in pretty much all accidents your likely to have. Or just run a Simpson device if you don’t want to modify your car, or at minimum a go kart neck brace (turned backwards), and one of those seat belt wratchet things (CG lock).
  5. reddahaydn

    easiest route into some racing?

    I started back in April with a go in the Vic Supersprint Championship. Haven't looked back, ended up doing about 12 sprint days this year. Deciding which series to run next year, might do the Victorian Supersprint Championship again, and then do either challenge bathurst or the national supersprint championship at the bend in November. Hugh's been hassling me to do a few hill climbs as well. I'm of the thinking that it's probably worth doing a few years of the sprints before popping my racing cherry, as I know it might be hard to go back. The 944 challenge is pretty competitive. A good entry level series with heaps of cars would be excels if you can get your head around the front wheel drive side of things. Or Formula Vee as mentioned. Costs will go up from there. Find what series has a good field in your state before you find a car. Go and ask a few of the guys running it at a meet what it's like. Probably best to ask someone who has crashed or broken down, then they'll give you an honest opinion. Good luck mate, enjoy!
  6. reddahaydn

    Formula 3 - Sophia Florsch Crash

    This is horrifying. She's very very lucky she hit the other car and went over the fence into the building. If she'd hit the fence at that speed it would have been all over. Very very lucky girl. I can't believe they got the fence fixed and restarted the race. https://www.foxsports.com.au/motorsport/formula-3-macau-grand-prix-crash-watch-video-as-two-drivers-are-hospitalised/news-story/c47e0d20a5cca1f839f3ef543c4c19ed
  7. reddahaydn

    996 GT3 Purchase

    I'm the same as you fellas. I always pay $1000 for them to hold it till I've travelled to see it. I've bought most of my cars sight unseen, but subject to a final inspection when I pick them up. Bit of a dick move to sell it on someone who's travelling interstate and had bought flights, would have been hard for them to do that if if a deposit had been paid. Problem with travelling is you effectively need to do all your negotiating prior, so it really is sold subject to a final inspection, not just that your coming to look then try and negotiate. You have no room to move when your 1000kms from home!
  8. reddahaydn

    Phone holder - iphones etc

    I run a ram mount suction holder and X Grip, with their tether. It's great. Pricey, but the inbuilt tether means you can get your phone out in between sessions to charge it instead of cutting and re-doing zip ties. You can video forward without seeing the mount, and you can get different length arms as required. I've used a RAM I pad holder in my 4x4, and they are also used on boats, so they are about the strongest best quality holder you'll find. pricey, but worth it. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/RAM-Mount-Universal-X-Grip-iPhone-7-8-PLUS-Suction-Cup-Holder-RAM-B-166-UN10U/152037136470?epid=6003301294&hash=item23661e9856:m:mfASGPO70Pw_cXOWjciQJbw:rk:10:pf:0 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Ram-Mount-Tether-Universal-X-grip-cradle-mount-7-8-Tabs-iPad-Mini-RAM-HOL-UN8TU/152127215468?hash=item236b7d176c:g:HccAAOSw-INa4hxU:rk:16:pf:0
  9. reddahaydn

    Sandown - 996 C2 - Looking for some tips!

    Above is my latest session on 10 track day old tyres. Getting more comfortable using more of the kerbs. Best lap is lap 7. Below is my first time at Wakefield park on the weekend with a new set of rubber. I ended up getting a 1:10.7 but I forgot my GoPro and my phone video isn't the most reliable thing so all my sessions with sub 1:11 laps didn't have video. Any advice on either track would be useful! I found I was getting the brakes locking up at wakefield on the rear hairpin. I need to brake harder into turn 2 and turn in a little faster, it's weird with the kink in the straight right before you need to brake. Same as the fishhook. Got the new wheel on as well, gives me a bit more leg room.
  10. reddahaydn

    996 GT3 Centre Console Delete

    Thanks for the link. Ordered mine today! Unfortunately Trev's link to the console riser has been discontinued. That was promising, however I'd like to know how much it would weigh.
  11. reddahaydn

    Passing of Bob Jane

    disclaimer, i don't know the truth, but I read his son was upset because Bob was risking BJTM because he was spending a LOT of money on both women, and the thunderdome, to the point where it was risking BJTM. Rodney stepped in to try and rescue the buisiness. Whether or not that was the right thing to do, since it was Bob who owned and built the company I don't know.
  12. reddahaydn

    Passing of Bob Jane

    RIP. I think it was the thunderdome and women that were his undoing in the end. Poor bugger.
  13. A mate has this issue on saturday. Your helmet is a Class B helmet. This is OK for all speed events except international events.
  14. reddahaydn

    996 Ducktail

    Depending which ducktail you find, I may be keen on your taco shell. Or I may get the same ducktail. That look is really growing on me!

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