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  1. Porsche seems to be very protective of its Porsche exhaust aftermarket items. Hence I suspect they bend the truth about warranty being void if they go aftermarket. Fact is (I suspect) the aftermarket exhaust would not be covered under Porsche warranty, and that's it (if catback). I suggested my customer talk to Far Trading in their state to get the low down on Warranties and the power of retailers... The whole point of a warranty is to guarantee the quality of a product and its components. Voiding it as soon as anyone slightly changes it is highly questionable... Nissan tried that back when I had a performance Nissan, and I simply ignored it, as it varied from dealer to dealer. In the United States, they have outlawed warranty "hostage taking" as it is unfair and anticompetitive.
  2. I have a lot of customers ask about warranty and fitting aftermarket exhausts. For most car manufacturers, the cat back section is free to change without affecting overall warranty, but obviously, the exhaust system won;t be covered under the car's manufacturer warranty. With Porsche however, I've been seeing claims that the car's warranty will be void if you fit a muffler that is not Porsche manufactured. Surely this is false and substancially illegal for Porsche to make this claim. Does anyone know for sure? Is there any evidence one way or the other? Thanks Mike
  3. Disregard the Muffler bypass option, If you have a PSE exhaust, then replacing the cats is really the only way to make it louder without changing the mufflers... http://www.bestexhaust.com.au/store/fabspeed-porsche-carrera-catbypass-pipe-p-15551.html http://www.bestexhaust.com.au/store/fabspeed-porsche-carrera-sport-pipe-p-12855.html
  4. Assuming you mean for the 997.1 Carrera S... http://www.bestexhaust.com.au/store/fabspeed-porsche-carrera-muffler-bypass-pipes-p-16352.html Free Delivery... Yes, just bypass the mufflers... That's the easiest way for more noise... See here: http://www.bestexhaust.com.au/store/images/Porsche_997_Carrera_Muffler_Bypass_Pipes.jpg
  5. Friday 25th to Monday 28th November. Use discount code BLKCYBER when checkingout to get 15% off, our already shipping inclusive prices. www.bestexhaust.com.au
  6. http://www.bestexhaust.com.au/store/2016-c-78_58_1805_2953.html
  7. Until the end of August, all orders for Tubi Style products will be upgraded to express shipping for free.
  8. Capristo Porsche 991 GT3 full valve system with headers and sports catsPart Number: 02PO 086 03 001 Exhaust system for the Porsche GT3 (type 991, 2013-2015), 1.4828 Stainless (~T309), muffler with valves, 200cpi sports cats, manifolds, controller CES-3 http://www.bestexhaust.com.au/store/capristo-porsche-full-valve-system-with-headers-sports-cats-p-16131.html
  9. Check this out. Highest quality carbon fibre and stainless, 50% discount for group buy. at least 5 buyers paid by end of July. Respond here and I'll send you an invoice. http://www.bestexhaust.com.au/store/fabspeed-carbon-fiber-wall-porsche-p-15868.html Mike
  10. Just to let you know that we now sell cargraphic. If the product you want is not listed, let me know and I'll add it. www.bestexhaust.com.au
  11. http://www.bestexhaust.com.au/store/supersprint-porsche-9971-turbo-sports-exhaust-with-cats-quad-tips-p-1523.html

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