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  1. They do look yummy in two tone.
  2. Well today I finalised my car storage for the new year. Tonight my car was removed from carsales. Love win win situations. Suspect my GT3 will be in my hot little hands for many more years as I have no idea what I would replace it with.
  3. So this is my car, however I'll give you my thoughts from when I went on my GT3 purchasing journey. I fully appreciate the difficulty of pricing my car .. even now I don't really know what it's worth as what data points do you use? There's not a great number of 996.1 GT3s come up for sale ... most that come up are some version of CS ... the threads prior to this one show how hard that quagmire is to sort out. Throw in a lack of service history and mix it up and you come up with ??? To counter this, basically this is a very straight and honest car. Due to the challenges listed above I had two independent PPIs completed .. in some way to find an excuse not to 'have to' determine a price. The PPI came back all clear. No over revs, no indication of accidents, the body is in pretty good condition. In short there was nothing wrong with the car apart from an absence of paperwork telling me that was the case. The interior is showing some marks here and there, however for a twenty year old car I feel it presents pretty well. Then you're left with the fact it doesn't have 'the' seats and the roll cage. I asked myself what I wanted to use the car for, and determined that as I didn't want to track the car, the roll cage and associated equipment wasn't really of that much value to me. To be honest, when I have the car loaded up for a week away driving twisties, having access to the rear of the car to put luggage is really helpful. So when I realised this I asked myself how often do you actually see GT3s with non sport seats and I determined it's actually quite rare. The final part for me was the fact that I actually enjoy working on my cars. I could spent $40k more and get a car with all the service history and low kilometers... but then I'd be nervous about driving it in case I added too many kms, I'd have to drive it for hours just to get it serviced (I live in the boonies) and I wouldn't get to create the bond I find I get with cars when I've spent some time grazing knuckles and cursing double jointed German car builders. I stressed and strained then just went and purchased the car and discovered that 996.1 GT3s really are as much fun as all the rumors suggest. As someone who typically owns their Porches for decades (924T currently going on 21 years and previous SC was 10 years) I decided that I'd just get a GT3 that worked for me and not get too stressed about purchasing an investment. Thankfully I'm not in a position of having to sell my car, the only reason I put it up for sale is that we're currently moving towns and I'm having trouble find appropriate accommodation for my 'collection'. That said, since listing last weekend we've made some progress of sorting out this issue. I expect I'll probably just remove my car in the next few weeks and then I won't need to be stressed about the day I sold one of Porsche's most important models purely because I was struggling to find garage space. What I have found interesting is that the people who have contacted me about my GT3 are enthusiasts with some very nice Porsche collections. I think the opportunity for a 'normal' enthusiast to get into one of these cars is slowly drifting away. I certainly doubt I'll be able to get back into the market if I sell mine .. certainly not one that isn't very tired.
  4. Seems like it's sold already! Was surprised at the number of 924 wanted ads on Gumtree.
  5. Hi Ant, That hose is difficult to get, it was the only hose I didn't replace in 2018. However earlier this year I purchased one, I'm sure it was from design 911. Tried logging into my design 911 history however it wasn't playing the game. Worth have a better look there, if you can't find something let me know and I'll dig a little more.
  6. Late model 930 with larger vents🥶. I'd be very keen on this if I was in the market for a 930.
  7. My thought is that the brakes haven't been bled properly. Either that or you have a leak somewhere. I've found the only way I can effectively bleed my brakes is to use a pressurised break bleeding system. I would think that this would stock equipment for your mechanic, so it's odd that your pedal is still soft.
  8. 924 turbo pricing difficult to determine as not many come up for sale, and the ones that do often have a few niggles. I reckon a relatively sorted 924 turbo is worth somewhere between $20k to 40k, with a car that's in 'original condition' (ie running however has had a few years without love) between $10k to $20k. Using my imagination of the car you describe, I would value the car at $5k. Reason being, is to bring it up to a reasonable car you'll need to spend at least $15k. Some parts for 924 turbos are getting difficult to source. Nobody wants to work on them and everything will need to be replaced as all the bits are towards end of life. That said, when they are running right, these cars are lots of fun and you'll have one of the most unique Porsches on the road.
  9. Well done Ant! When I rebuilt my engine a few years back I checked and checked the flywheel position in relation to tdc as I was concerned I'd stuff up the timing. Seems not everyone is as careful. Sounds like Spencer has given your car quite a birthday so that's great, they are remarkably reliable once they're set up. Everyone complains about the CIS fuel system, however once they're sorted, you won't need to touch again. Looking at your engine, seems like most of the typical delayed maintenance has been resolved so you shouldn't have any issues for awhile. Once the bank balance shock has subsided, the next potential 'to-do' is the suspension shocks. If they are original they'll be dead. Not a bad 'do it yourself' job. I replaced mine with new ones however in hindsight I'd possibly rebuild now. Nice looking car though .. reckon at some stage we should do a 924 turbo meet up. I'm currently refreshing my dash and air conditioning, once that's done I'm planning on doing a couple of longer drives! Mind you, Heathmont might be a tad too far!
  10. I recently found I'd lost an air conditioning compressor bushing from my 924. Unfortunately some 924 parts are getting difficult to get, and I looked and looked and couldn't find one until I came across: http://www.porscheplanet.co.za/classifieds.php?do=main&catid=15 So I sent off an email and received a prompt response. They also had a few other parts that I'd had trouble finding and a few part that I wanted that they could supply more cheaply than some of my normal parts suppliers. Anyhow money sent and parts have been received so I was glad I found this business. So if you are looking for some parts, these guys might be worth having a look at.
  11. One of my favourite sites. Not Australian data however it's still fun! https://www.howmanyleft.co.uk/
  12. This might help. 993 might be in the grey area however seems likely the bags will work. https://www.edmunds.com/car-safety/do-car-airbags-expire.html
  13. Suspect you've missed a ground somewhere when reconnecting. I'd look around the gauge pod, and work backwards. Suspect if you find the missing ground your other problems will fix themselves.

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