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  1. Decided my next project is to neaten up my 996.1 center console as it has enough scratch to annoy me. Have been poking around looking for paint options and came across this: Porsche Interior Paint Returns 911 to Show Condition – ColorBond Paint I haven't done more than read the article however they seem to have direct Porsche colours... and are in the US .. opps. Going to read more and also check out colourlock (as per Merv's post above). Prefer to use a product that knows how to spell 🙂 . Clicking around a little more ... Porsche specific paint colour here: Porsche Interior Colors & Paint - L, V & HP Refinisher – ColorBond Paint Will update as I move forward.
  2. I think that the US market would certainly have more cars and therefore more data points. Seems that most of the cars used for the data were auctions sales ... this may explain the 'lower prices'. I just find it amazing that compared to 2017 prices, I would think most Porsches in Australia have increased significantly in value (let's say conservatively 2x). Only a few cars in the data sample reflect anything like that. Few potential reason I can see for the difference: - Australia has been less affected by COVID, therefore market stronger - Australia has more interest in Porsche / classic cars. - Australia's population growth over the time period has far exceeded everywhere else - Australia's Porsche's were previously under priced compared to the world market. - Australian's have more disposable income comparatively to 5 years ago - Might be that we have an incorrect perception of the strength of Australia's Porsche market I was of the impression that Porsche prices had gone crazy right around the world .... I don't think you could say that if the data in classics.com is accurate.
  3. Agree that the charts I've looked at don't reflect what seems to be happening here. You'd think that Australia would share similar demographics to the US and UK markets, with the trends being similar. Perhaps our market is more tied to our national property prices? Even though, once again, my understanding is that property boomed all over the world. Also, when I look at UK P-car prices they don't seem like a red hot bargain ... that said, the primary driver for the data seems to be from the US. Not that I'm in the P-car market at the moment, however it would give be reason to pause if I was looking a putting considerable $$ into a car atm.
  4. So I was looking for something Porsche related to read last night and came across classic.com which tracks the value of all (the ones I could think of) sold in the US, UK and ROW (even some Aussie sales data sometimes). Link for an example for 911SC coupe values Porsche 911 SC Coupe Market - CLASSIC.COM with chart example included in this post. Value trends go back 5 years and show each captured sale and a calculated average market place value for the model you are looking at. Also shows transaction frequency. My takeaway after looking at various models: - Price increases haven't been as steep with many models as I was expecting - I was surprised which models seemed to have increased in value more than some others - Sales frequency has certainly picked up since COVID .. lots more transactions than previously. - Some models have flatlined or decreased since 2017 Intereested in hearing other thoughts on the data!
  5. The good news is that you can do the head gasket with the engine still in the car. Getting the turbo unbolted was the most difficult part of my gasket replacement many years ago ... that's because someone decided that the turbo nuts should be welded. If the gasket failure was due to overheating, I would recommend having the head inspected. Too much work getting them on and off to have the gasket blow after a month of driving. When I rebuilt my engine a few years back, one of my crank rods was bent, which I believe occurred when someone cranked the engine full of coolant. Since then, I've read this is a relatively common outcome. Might be worth checking when the head is off ... no expert however I'd set up a dial gauge and check piston movement for each piston. If one is different, might warrant further investigation. Hint - take lots of photos of all the auxillary equipment as you remove it. Makes it much easier when you are putting it back together.
  6. Enjoyed that thanks Bruce.
  7. Thanks Bruce. Strange when you think you know something (eg. vents from S4s) only to find that your understanding was incorrect. Is there any improved cooling for front passengers with the rear vents? I could ask about cooling for rear passengers but who are we kidding 🙂 .
  8. From time to time I've been known to check our 928s of whatever online platforms have them for sale. Anyhow I was flicking through some photos of a S4 recently and noticed that the rear center console (between the rear 'seats') didn't have AC vents. As I was of the view that all S4s had console ventilation I presumed someone must have replaced the interior. As I had nothing better to do, I went looking at other 928s for sale and noticed that other S4 also didn't have the AC vents. My question ... was the rear console ventilation an option or did it become standard at a specific time? And while we are going ... is the ventilation just vent pipes or are there additional fans etc.
  9. My understanding is that the owner's wife was a little unwell and the owner decided to retire. I understand the business is for sale however haven't seen it listed anywhere. This information is 10th hand via FB so it might be completely incorrect.
  10. Hi all, Little while ago I lost my 924 factory manuals when my HDD failed and I didn't have a back up. Last night I thought I'd see if I could find them on the net, had success at: Porsche 924 Workshop Service Repair Manual Pdf Free (cardiagn.com) File downloads as a .rar (compressed file), and after extraction you get the manuals in pdf forum. Note the password mentioned in the cardiagn website, believe you need this when you extract from the .rar (that's what I did anyway). My system didn't detect any viruses etc, however I'm not an IT wizard so I can't promise anything. Suspect website might be good for other models as well. Plan to look for 996 manuals (also lost from HDD) shortly.
  11. My understanding is that the sensing mechanism is different with between the 924 and 944 sensor. 924 sensor is very unique when it comes to fly wheel sensors.
  12. Hi all, The series 2 924 turbo was fitted with a DITIC (Digital ignition system) that utilised a flywheel sensor. The 924 turbo is one of the few cars on the world that utilised this technology and lots of people (including myself) have found that their flywheel sensor needs to be replaced, and then find they are no longer produced. Surfing on the 924 groups on FB recently and discovered that a company called 'Classic Line' will be soon releasing a replacement. Company doesn't have a website (that I know of), however if interested you'll easily find in FB and could message Corentin. That's the limit of my knowledge on the subject, if anyone else is wiser I'd be interested in feedback on the sensor etc.
  13. d'oh, I missed this. Need to fix my intermittent stopping issue either way. Looks like a good turn out!
  14. For anyone interested ... like all turbo cars of this era, the amount of boost is determined by the size of the wastgate spring. The 924 turbo uses the same wastegate arrangement as a 930 with a slightly smaller spring (0.8bar if I recall correctly). Boost can also be increased by the use of a boost controller which can be plumbed into the wastegate circuit to adjust wastegate signal to control boost. Usually when the boost controller is installed you also install an air/fuel ratio meter as fueling is very important on boosted cars otherwise you'll get premature detonation. My understanding is that the general rule of thumb is that you can't increase boost on a 924 without also adding an intercooler. I'm currently running at 1bar boost with the above set up. Thing I find most improved is actually that boost comes on earlier as the waste gate doesn't partially open while boost is building due to the boost controller.

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