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  1. It's amazing what tends to fail on cars at the 40 yo mark. My most recent replacement was my air conditioning cooling fan motor. Fan just started to intermittently not work ... then stopped. Before that was my radiator cooling fan motor ... before that the transistor amplifier (on front wheel well). Certainly makes you appreciate how many parts are in cars!
  2. I've had a few queries regarding new steering shafts for the 924 based on other posts. I replaced my shaft in 2016 so my memory was hazy on where I purchased my replacment. Was cleaning up emails tonight and came across the link the jmg which is where I think I purchased mine from. Steering Shaft - Variant 01 (jmgshop.com) Replacing a sloppy steering shaft is a great improvement to our cars, so thought I'd share prior to forgetting again.
  3. Nick's 924 turbo is very nice. Surprised it hasn't sold as price seems reasonable given other sales.
  4. Was it listed at $50k? ... sold so quick I missed the add prior to its removal!
  5. I also like to have a look at the UK market. I find some cars are priced significantly different ... others less so. What is hard to know is the quality of the lower priced cars. In regards to 968 club sports, a glance at that market in the UK suggest one could be picked up for 35k pounds. A rough rule of thumb for cost to land it Australia is x2 + $15k. So that would get you a club sport landed for $85k. The +$15k is rough and doesn't include any PPI or moving the car within the UK .. purely shipping, taxes and a small allowance for incidentals. Suppose the question is how much is all the hassle (and risk) or importing from the UK worth to you? I haven't imported before, it would certainly be an interesting exercise. I think if you buy knowing that when you sell the market will price differently to an Australian delivered car then you're good to go. Advantage of a non Aus delivered car is that the interiors don't tend to be a damaged from the sun. For fun I also had a look at the white 968. Seems like a very sorted car and presumably a buy if someone wanted a sorted 968. I'm not sure if the CS model is worth the premium (when comparing similar delivered cars). That said, don't buy a non CS if your heart really wants a CS. I truly believe that the buy in price of any Pcar is in many ways just an ownership deposit, therefore you don't want to buy something and always regret not buying what you really wanted, regardless of what is sensible. At the end of the day, as long as you know what you are buying and price it accordingly, most models will tend to go up and down on the same tide. I'm only a very casual observer of the 968 market and also have now interest in any of the cars mention so my comments should be taken with this context.
  6. Few 928 at Lloyds: For context - S4 in WA was LHD. 87 S4 needed some love, not too bad though. 85 S needed lots of love.
  7. One thing I tired over Aussie day was spraying an ice cream container with Dupli-Color Vinyl and Fabric paint to see how closely it replicated my 996 Dupli-Color Vinyl and Fabric Paint Aerosol Paint, Flat Black - 311g | Supercheap Auto . I did this as it kept coming up in my searching and could have been an easy solution. Unfortunately I was unable to get a consistent coal with the spray ... sometimes it came out as gloss black ... other times it seemed as if there was a white sheen over the paint. Even when I didn't have this issue, I seemed to get marks in the paint. I'm thinking the issue is that this is meant to be a vinyl and fabric paint, whereas I was spraying onto plastic (like I wold if recovering my interior pieces). Looking closely at the colourlock option at the moment. Believe replication of the rubbery finish will be difficult with any solution .. as the rubbery coat seems to be separate to the paint applied onto the plastic parts.
  8. Glad my 924 doesn't surf the net otherwise if might be offended it doesn't have a car cover with it's name embroided on it .... it might also be cranky it doesn't have a name! Very nice looking example ... perfect 924 to buy if you wanted a 924 turbo and not a 924 turbo project.
  9. bear924


    I would refresh back to factory specs. Probably cheapest option, probably easiest option, probably best option for simplify resale when the time comes. There's also a certain simplicity in just keeping it like it left the factory.
  10. It might be because of my social media feed, however there seems to be many 924 getting love at the moment. Mine is a hoot to drive so I do get it ... be interesting to see if the momentum keeps going. Whoever nabbed James's 924 bought very well.
  11. Decided my next project is to neaten up my 996.1 center console as it has enough scratch to annoy me. Have been poking around looking for paint options and came across this: Porsche Interior Paint Returns 911 to Show Condition – ColorBond Paint I haven't done more than read the article however they seem to have direct Porsche colours... and are in the US .. opps. Going to read more and also check out colourlock (as per Merv's post above). Prefer to use a product that knows how to spell 🙂 . Clicking around a little more ... Porsche specific paint colour here: Porsche Interior Colors & Paint - L, V & HP Refinisher – ColorBond Paint Will update as I move forward.
  12. I think that the US market would certainly have more cars and therefore more data points. Seems that most of the cars used for the data were auctions sales ... this may explain the 'lower prices'. I just find it amazing that compared to 2017 prices, I would think most Porsches in Australia have increased significantly in value (let's say conservatively 2x). Only a few cars in the data sample reflect anything like that. Few potential reason I can see for the difference: - Australia has been less affected by COVID, therefore market stronger - Australia has more interest in Porsche / classic cars. - Australia's population growth over the time period has far exceeded everywhere else - Australia's Porsche's were previously under priced compared to the world market. - Australian's have more disposable income comparatively to 5 years ago - Might be that we have an incorrect perception of the strength of Australia's Porsche market I was of the impression that Porsche prices had gone crazy right around the world .... I don't think you could say that if the data in classics.com is accurate.
  13. Agree that the charts I've looked at don't reflect what seems to be happening here. You'd think that Australia would share similar demographics to the US and UK markets, with the trends being similar. Perhaps our market is more tied to our national property prices? Even though, once again, my understanding is that property boomed all over the world. Also, when I look at UK P-car prices they don't seem like a red hot bargain ... that said, the primary driver for the data seems to be from the US. Not that I'm in the P-car market at the moment, however it would give be reason to pause if I was looking a putting considerable $$ into a car atm.
  14. So I was looking for something Porsche related to read last night and came across classic.com which tracks the value of all (the ones I could think of) sold in the US, UK and ROW (even some Aussie sales data sometimes). Link for an example for 911SC coupe values Porsche 911 SC Coupe Market - CLASSIC.COM with chart example included in this post. Value trends go back 5 years and show each captured sale and a calculated average market place value for the model you are looking at. Also shows transaction frequency. My takeaway after looking at various models: - Price increases haven't been as steep with many models as I was expecting - I was surprised which models seemed to have increased in value more than some others - Sales frequency has certainly picked up since COVID .. lots more transactions than previously. - Some models have flatlined or decreased since 2017 Intereested in hearing other thoughts on the data!

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