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  1. The challenge with the 924 turbo is that the exhaust manifold is a three bolt pattern, where most turbos are four. A different turbo isn't impossible, however will require some thinking.
  2. Don't think you'll go too wrong with a GTS... the kind of impulse buy I could imagine myself doing. Does anyone know what he GT2 went for?
  3. I went from a SC to a 6 GT3. My reasoning: - I had a SC and the 924 turbo. The two cars are quite different, however being the same vintage also made them very similar. I didn't want (well... I wasn't allowed) three Porsches so I decided to sell one. I've had the 924 forever and know it inside out, so I decided to move the SC on. - My biggest concern about selling the SC was a concern that a 996 wouldn't feel special. That has not been an issue... I still get excited every time I start my engine. - It is so nice to have decent air cond and some of the more modern car conveniences. This is especially important as I do long drives in my car and they aren't always on amazing and twisty roads. - Considered 964s, 993, turbos, 6 GT3s and 7 Gt3s. Decided on a 6 GT3 as I felt it was raw without being old, comfortable without being soft and interesting from a Pnut point of view. If the pricing between the models was different, I may have come to a different conclusion, however the 6 GT3 just seem like a bargain to me at the moment. They are a hugely important Porsche model and are now the 'classic' Porsche that modern Porsches are compared to. - Was lucky enough to drive a very nice air cooled 911 again recently. It is a very nice car and I would be proud to own it, however it did reinforce to me that the Gt3 was the right car for me at the moment. At some stage I might own an aircooled 911 again, however I don't think it will be instead of the Gt3.
  4. I agree that the fuel filler doesn't make sense. I believe the cover was standard on all 924 from '79, so no turbos should be cover less. The turbo pipe is from a series two, so it can't be some weird initial production version. I reckon the car was 'merged' with an older 924 following an incident. That's the only thing that makes sense to me. I would approach this car very carefully.
  5. Looks very tidy. I'm of the view you should spend a few $ now and get the car sorted (not that it seems to need that much). That way you won't be annoyed by the little things. I did that when I purchased my 996 and fixed an window that would need to be dropped into positon after closing the door, and replacing my radio as it's buttons had peeled. Also check the age on your tyres ... not that a 200km car is likely to have original tyres.
  6. Seems to me that the 996.1 GT3 is becoming the benchmark for the modern classic Porsche, the go to reference between old and new. In some ways as different to the air cooled 911s, as the 356 was to the early 911s. In time, I believe they will continue to be used to compare the 'latest' Porshce with the car that started the legend. In a similar way that long hood 911s are used to explain the evolution to the 993. With each successive retelling of the 'legend', I believe the 996 GT3 will gain in credibility and collectability. And if I'm totally wrong... I'll still get a buzz every time I jump into mine regardless.
  7. Yes!! I would purchase lots more parts from Aus if someone had a decent online shop! Instead I just get them from the UK so that I can have the transaction sorted in one movement.
  8. Seems to be sold already! The sellers comment regarding the interest from other Porsche owners is something that I have also experienced. Had my SC and 924 at the Noosa Beach car show a few years back. Spent the whole day talking 924s with various people, nobody had any interest in my 911 as it was one of many in attendance.
  9. Did the .1 GT3s come with the cloth/ Nomex seats? I thought all .1 GT3s were delivered with leather on the bucket seats.
  10. Stew.. you stole my reply. Andrew is an enthusiast and will get whatever it is you are trying to do.
  11. Troy, I'm a 924 fan however do be aware that you'll probably not recover the money you put into the car. If however you are doing it for enthusiast reasons welcome to the club! design911.co.uk is helpful for mechanical parts. It's also not too difficult to source the parts pdf from Porsche, this will make your parts search much easier. Ebay also often has good used parts.
  12. No problems THT. Have had an alternative query so I'll now list these as sold. Thank you everyone for your interest.
  13. Yes. One of those things that normally wouldn't be my thing, however on Tintin's car it works for me.

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