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  1. I always find under load problems the most difficult to resolve as it's hard to look around the engine bay while driving. I've never worked on a 928 (or driven one for that matter) however the first thing I would look for is a vacuum leak. I'm going to pressure you 928 is an older version with CIS as more modern version have electronic fuel (unsure from when .. my guess is S4). If it has a vacuum leak, as you increase load on the engine the fuel ratio leans out and then the engine starts to miss. It may be a hose that was dislodge while doing the plugs??
  2. I've been on a few drives with this car, it's certainly the type of 944 I'd direct a potential purchaser to as all the heavy lifting has been done. I also like the colour! Good luck with the sale Jason, there are always mixed emotions selling Pcars so I hope it all turns out the best for you.
  3. There were a few changes. I believe there was a change in the engine electronics .. and I think clutch. Not a big change as per S1 vs S2, however a couple of bits and bobs.
  4. My SC was brown with brown interior and I always really liked it. Only challenge is if you need to replace a trim item, more difficult to get a brown piece. Like the condition and look of this turbo. It will be interesting to see if it does sell, if it is indeed '82, then it's more rare then the regular turbos... which may make some parts difficult to source.
  5. Classic! I won't ask how it drives, however it's worth owning just to look at.
  6. The interior and exterior look good. Typically the steering wheels are the three spoke ones, MY82 may have changed, it would be worth checking the vin. Worth checking the VIN full stop of course, that will tell you whether it's an original. Engine looks a little tired … suspect all the hoses will need to be replaced, along with a few other things. Least, from what I could see, everything looks original … and the engine is from a later model turbo.
  7. I have found that its important to reinvent the Porsche adventure from time to time. Today it might be about cars and coffee, tomorrow it might be about sorting out the paint job, next year might be about doing some track work. If the thrill is gone, sometimes its about reinventing .. and sometimes it's about doing something different.
  8. I reckon one of the hardest parts of owning an old Porsche, is that compared to anything new, they are essentially slow … tend to need $$ and don't make you a rock star as your pre Porsche owning dreams suggested would happen. So then why do we have these slow money sucking slugs? I think part of it for me, is knowing that I'm keeping the car alive... saving the artwork for the next generation. My little gift to carmanity.
  9. When I play the game "which 944 S2" would I buy, I thought this one looked very clean. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-944-1990/SSE-AD-6062031/?Cr=5 And at $29k seems to be on the lower end of the $ curve. Do agree though, few S2s to choose from.
  10. Yes I agree. Being the last of the true widow makers they represent the last gasp of a previous time. I feel the GT3 does have the collectability advantage of being NA, in time I feel NA will be unique in a flood of efficient turbo charged cars. That said … a CS GT2 .. don't seem many of them.
  11. Couldn't resist watching the 996 GT2 Clubsport that was auctioned at Lloyds tonight. Not sure if it reached reservce etc, however this was the final bid. Appreciate this is a GT3 watching thread however thought it would fit well here regardless.
  12. You don't see these at auction very often: https://www.lloydsonline.com.au/LotDetails.aspx?kw=porsche&smode=0&lid=1851799 For when the link is no longer functional: 996 GT2 with 28k km, club sport version, silver. 3days and 21hours out from auction, price sitting at $106500.
  13. The vast majority of 996.1 GT3s were CS versions, so I wouldn't buy 6.1 CS purely for rarity. My understanding is that with each successive version of GT3 there is a greater % of touring.
  14. design911 is good for most parts, particularly right hand drive specific parts.

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