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  1. I am not so generous when it comes to dud engineering 👹. Heads should have rolled over the .1 engine issues. At least they pulled out all stops to ensure the .2 was done properly.
  2. Not just better oil supply but solid lifters as used in proper race engines. Also the cranks motorsport derived oil feed. Bottom line is better lubrication at around half the oil flow rate.
  3. I know of a loan westpac should never have made so the tightening can not be all bad.
  4. Based on the engine alone and the higher RPM limit the .2 has to be the better deal. The .2 faster Ring time is just cream on top.
  5. Historicaly aren’t the most special Porsches the stripper ones. The “less” is “more” philosophy. Afterall when it comes to a car intended for track use weight is evil and unnecessary options add weight.
  6. Redracn

    Tesla autopilot fatal crash

    If there was any truth in advertising then all electric charge stations should have a large sign on them that clearly states how much CO2 is emmitted in producing the electricity.
  7. I suggest you visit a financial planner and have a long chat with you accountant. I would add that with dividends you have franking credits so if a dividend is franked at 30% you only pay tax on the differance between this and your marginal tax rate. Some dividends are fully franked and some have none. Capital gain is another area. As an Australian resident you get a 50% discount on any investment you hold for greater than 12 months. There is a lot to this so seek professional advice.
  8. If you peel back the frunk liner just behind the catch you can see the silver braided wire cable that goes off to the passanger side. My R definitely has the frunk emergency release.
  9. Both my 987 and 997 have a cable you can pull to open the frunk once you open the door. Just like opening the bonnet on a typical car. So where should they have put the battery? I think it could have been much lower but then it would need to be accesed from underneath. But doing this would make it a better sportscar. Compromise and priorities.
  10. Redracn


    The latest “PDK” is good in fact very good but the “PDK S” is at another level again. Lots of benefits lighter, faster shifting, no creep at idle etc and even a bit of gear rattle but my favorite is that pulling both paddles at the same time is the same as pressing in a manual clutch. Burnouts anybody?
  11. Redracn

    Tesla autopilot fatal crash

    He is just setting it up now to avoid any responsibility in the future when it all implodes.
  12. Redracn

    First big road trip

    A local told me the best time is weekdays just after the sun rises. Need to avoid the tourist buses as they (along with most tourists) do not use the slow vehicle pullouts. For the best drives take a detour on some of the coast to inland roads then turn around and do them backwards. Way better drive than the GOR.
  13. Redracn

    Autonomous EVs

    Yep anybody with keyless entry and start is a sitting duck. The electronics required is so simple it could be done by a hobbyist. Best to stick to the old fashion remote door opening “transponder key” that has to be put into the key holder/ignition. The “man” Faraday pouch could be a new fad and a Faraday safe in the house with a time lock plus dye bomb the latest functional decoration.
  14. Redracn

    Autonomous EVs

    We are talking about 2 different hacks here. The common one probably used on the GT2 is to use a cheap radio repeater/relay that greatly extends the distance the car can be from the key. Someone with one end of the relay follows the owner into a shop etc and stands a few meters from them while the other perp with the other end of the repeater just opens the door jumps in and drives away. The car simply thinks the repeater is the actual key. This method knows nothing about the encryption and does not break it. The manufacturers could fix this but security is something they are not good at. A Faraday shield will work in this case. The Tesla hack is a true hack in that by being near the car in question as it is opened and getting two transmissions from the key it can then break the encryption and fully replicate the key. A Faraday shield is usless in this case. It is likely other cars suffer from the same issue as Tesla as they tend to get their components from the same few suppliers.
  15. Redracn

    TPMS for 981

    I picked up some genuine HUF (Formally BERU) ones for about $50 each including the stem plus shipping from Germany. AU uses the 433Mhz units. It is much easier if you know the porsche part number as the EU sites generally cross list it. The OEM part number as well as the Porsche one is also normally printed on the sender. My HUF pn is RDE047V21 for a 991.2