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  1. Looks like a packaging nightmare to me. Just wait until all the extras are added on.
  2. One has also started racing in Tarmac Rally’s
  3. Licence requirements are the same. A properly prepared EVO 9 in the hands of a top team is more than capable of winning outright. It’s really not about how fast you are in a straight line it’s about how fast you can reliably and safely get around the corners. Feel free to keep yourself wrapped in cotton wool and let the rest of us make our own decisions. You may also want to look at the details of the 3 deaths last year. One drowned due to a VERY long chain of unlikely events. The other two were in a Porsche that went over a crest 40kph faster than the 140kph that you become airborne at and cars with weight in the rear should never become airborne as they never land well. The danger of that crest was well documented and all drivers aware of it. The driver chose to go over it excessively fast probably for the photo opportunity as a professional photographer was at that point. The majority drove it appropriately with no chance of crashing. New rules limit speed over dangerous crest to around 70kph so no chance of air on any of them.
  4. Old video from 2011. The organisers have learnt a lot since then especially about the instructions given at the driver briefing and the gaps between cars. Even this year the main competition field was given very detailed instructions about stopping to assist as even they make a hash of it.
  5. My pleasure G, Unfortunately I traded a car that fitted me like a glove for a ritzy but very annoying one. If only I could turn back time. Another benefit was it passed my country pub test in that you could leave it out the front overnight and it would still be there in the morning un-scratched. Only other car I have owned that made the grade was a Subaru Outback. The Audi would probably be burned to the ground (perhaps not a bad thing)
  6. Hi G, I really loved my 2015 Touareg. With 250kW and 800Nm it could devour any mountain even when towing my race car. Kerry loved it around town as our shopping basket with 360 camera view and many other views to help in tight car parks. It was very quite inside with a superb ride and it could eat long distance Km with ease. We got around 7.5L/100 on trips over 1200km on a tank and 10.0 around town. No adblue was also a benefit. Only issue in 6 years was a loose connection on the radar cruise system. Had pretty much every safety related item but still had hydraulic power steering and NO START STOP which was its best feature when used in rural areas. I tried to get its replacement but it only came into Aus in very limited numbers and by the time I realised that it was the last of the diesel V8s that VW would bring to Australia (Confirmed with them) I unfortunately missed out on one. So now desperate to get hold of a diesel V8 as a keeper before no more are made (writing is on the VW group wall) I went with the next best option an Audi SQ8 (320kW, 900Nm Triple charged V8 Diesel). It’s a nice stylish car that gets many comments but is no quieter in the cabin and has very annoying coasting and start stop functions that are on every time you start it which need a lot more refinement especially on the undulating roads around here where it will gain speed while coasting on down slopes and not regather itself until we’ll over the speed limit. Only saving factor is that a quick pull back of the shifter puts the gearbox in sport mode and turns off all the eco rubbish and as you know I don’t mind driving around in sport mode and with the sound synthesiser that operates both external (speakers in the exhaust) and internal ( separately selectable in individual mode) is not a bad attempt for a diesel. These big V8 diesels won’t disappoint and will shame most hot hatches at the lights. Given the modern annoying eco nanny stuff I am actually missing the simple pureness of the 2015 VW Forgot to add the V8 only came in as an R Line so has lots of leather and special styling etc.
  7. ^^^ Motorsport Australia would have to do more than think about this. Battery cars require recharging so you have two options. 1) Have the tracks upgrade their power infrastructure by about 100 fold. This upgrade needs to go all the way to a major substation at a minimum and would come at a huge expense and be overall an under utilised asset(liability). 2) Fill the paddock with 200 to 500 KW diesel generators as there would need to be enough to be charging 3/4 of the cars at any given time. They could move from event to event also using diesel. A fully EV event is nothing but a pipe dream. And even a 30 car field at a meeting would be a logistics nightmare to get them all re-charged.
  8. ^^ Would that be a Cayman R Yeatesy ? It’s definitely rawer and the PDK even more aggressive. I often say it’s like a mongrel dog looking for a fight and if your not up for it don’t prod it or be aggressive with the controls even in normal mode.
  9. Yep well put Grimmy I will add that GT cars with PDK take it up another notch with the creeping function when idling removed so even less like a torque converter auto. You also can disengage the clutch's by pulling both paddles at the same time and re-engagement is based on the mode you are in. Has all sorts of uses. You can even drive off from stopped just like a manual with plenty of revs on board.
  10. Do you mind telling me the model of the Motec ECU you are using?
  11. That 3500rpm is a transient issue. Is the acceleration enrichment turned on?. Can you log any transient compensation?.. The lambda for the part of the run that I would assume no transient is in place is now taking shape nicely. A bit more work would get it very close. Only issue I see is the bank separation at 6000rpm is at the limit of ok. They progressively seperate and then come back together so would seem to be a function of the engine. Could easily be fixed with individual bank or cylinder tuning for a perfect result. When it comes to sensors I like the name to indicate what it is measuring and at the moment I really could not call the measurement cylinder head temperature as it is just to far from what a cylinder head should be. Also I always like have it so that you can remove / replace / change the sensor for another etc and always get the same reading. This ensures parts are interchangeable and that anybody can reassemble/service with no issues. I am not sure the so called head temp measurements would meet this requirement. Yep you can just use the value from it but be aware that changing the sensor or brand etc may change the reading requiring the compensations to be adjusted accordingly. Also the value could change with time which is problematic.
  12. I don’t want to put a damper on it but a temp gun ( I.e one that you point and pull the trigger) is not capable of measuring the temperature of water or anything shinny or clear or any of dozens of other types of surface finishes and colours unless the emissivity is specifically set for that of the target object.
  13. Yep corrosion is one of the reasons along with the use of loctite. Surface oxidation of aluminium is a really good insulator as is loctite. Then there is also the technical issue of shared current paths of signal and high current devices including ignition coils and the radio frequency and DC from them being injected straight into the ground cct of the sensors for the ECU to read. Single wire sensors were simply NEVER EVER going to work. Running excessively rich until it warms right up is very bad news. Cylinder wash down is real. I have seen race teams use no coolant sensor but they properly warmed the engine with external sources before starting.
  14. The primary use of coolant temp is for engine warm up. Oil Temp is way to slow to rise and is a poor proxy for the engine temperature. Far better to use head temperature and do it reliably. Also with head temperature corrections can be applied to improve engine performance and protection that can not be done using oil temperature.

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