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  1. Redracn

    Tesla autopilot fatal crash

    Ralph Sarich would be a contender. Exceptional ability to attract govement money and ultimately achieve nothing but a short lived overly complex air blast assisted fuel injector which was quickly made redundant by the direct injection we have today. Elon just ramps the scale of the con up by a few orders of magnitude.
  2. Redracn

    EV owners : they're on to ya!

    I prefer to watch snowflakes heads exploding to the sound of popcorn in the microwave.
  3. Redracn

    EV owners : they're on to ya!

    Warning for snowflakes. This video shows Lemmings and a cliff.
  4. Redracn

    EV owners : they're on to ya!

    Us bad lemmings should just fall into line and do what we are told. /sarc It seems even more taxing of the poor is required to subsidize the virtue signaling of the rich.
  5. A car that can wreck its own bodywork by flicking gravel etc. up from its own front tires. This is even worse in a 4WD Turbo. To often the artistic takes precedence over function and practicality which is ok for art but crap when you want drive and use the car.
  6. Redracn

    Aussie petrol is crap

    Here we have a choice we can get the good 98 or the crap 91 and some manufacturers specify the good for their cars but it seems Toyota customers can not read or can not afford the good stuff. Toyota as usual are only interested in Toyota. The rubbish being spewed out about the SUV and Dual cabs etc not being held to the same standards as passenger cars when they know full well they are used as passenger cars shows the contempt they really have for harmful emissions and the health of their customers.
  7. Redracn

    EV owners : they're on to ya!

    There should also be a weight multiplier for the virtue signalers driving heavy EV as well as a torque multiplier as the EV do more damage accelerating from lights. Then add battery disposal and other end of life cost as well as removal of purchase subsidies were the poor pay to stroke the EV drivers ego and we will see what sort of people buy EV.
  8. Redracn

    Aussie Road trip Suggestions

    Tassie then Adeliade making Dubbo easy on the way home.
  9. Nice drop from the Heathcote region.
  10. On rereading I slightly misinterpreted your post and just repeated what you said. Probably the good red just kicking in. Yep lots to gain from simple mods. I use the 80/20 rule as it applies in lots of situations.
  11. But not all mods that make a car significantly faster could be described as radical🤪 Just setting up the suspension geometry and good tires can make a big difference.
  12. Looks like a bit of comparing apples to oranges. Modified to unmodified etc. going on. At club level the steering wheel to seat spacer is the biggest variable then tires and suspension. Power is way down the list. One of the biggest problem for modern cars is the availability of really good tires and there is the weight. It is my view that with equivalent drivers, modification, tires etc the newer car is faster. Thats progress😋 But then again the so called older car also benifits from modern tires, shocks, suspension bushing, brakes etc so is it really an old car or a remanufactured one.
  13. Have you considered a cheap OBDII tester. It can show if the ECU has emission related errors and also show the RPM which is from the crank position sensor. If the cranking RPM is plausible then the chances are there is nothing wrong with the sensor.
  14. Redracn

    Low oil pressure in air-cooled 3.0i

    Closer to 14.5 Psi
  15. I think a lot are trading up and getting out of the non race heritage problematic (camshaft issues) 991.1 GT3 engine to the way superiour 991.2 engine. The downward price on these could be good for those that are happy to trust the 10 year engine warranty will be honored but only time will tell if the DLC coatings etc have solved the issues or only delayed them in order to save face for a bit of very poor engineering and testing.