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  1. At this stage the shoving is not local but cars are not manufactured here so we are beholding to overseas manufactures who are at the mercy of much larger governments. What happens over there will absolutely affect us as in most of the future Porsche range being EV only. What subsidies do coal and gas get in Aus? Yes an even playing field would be great but the RET (Renewable Energy Target) along with priority acces to the grid for wind and sola is far from a level playing field. Why should other forms of generation have to change their output which comes at a cost to them which is passed onto us just because the wind blows harder or clouds come over. I agree 100% about more EV leaving more liquid fuel for performance cars but as far as CO2 budget while the EV are coal powered there is no real reduction. The current CO2 evaluation is a big con as it only looks at tailpipe emissions and not the actual mine to recycle emissions which are what actually matters.
  2. Someone with multiple cars including Porsche's complaining about high electricity prices and then using subsidies from those less fortunate to reduce their cost is a bit rich. Perhaps it is your very reaction to the price rise caused by others that is causing the price to rise even further. The RET is a major factor in this with the end result that only the well of can afford electricity. The use of EV will drive the costs of electricity even higher. Hang on for a wild ride.
  3. I like it that people with sola panels and you seem to have a lot of them think that there is no cost in providing their backup for when the sun does not shine and that their unreliable sola electrons are of the same or greater value than reliable on demand ones . Sounds like you should be fully off grid to get a better idea of the true cost of a 24/7 reliable power supply. I assume when you say 1MW for June you mean 1MWh I get your point about showing off on a Porsche forum but hypocritical? I do not pretend EV are good for the environment or ignore child labour in third world countries mining the rare earth metals an EV requires or forget that the less well off help subsidise solar panels when I could easily pay full price. Dont get me wrong, I am not against EV as such just the invalid reasons for choosing them and having governments shove them down my throat. After all the more EV out there the more fuel for me to burn and I am doing my best to use as much as possible while I can.
  4. Review of the Jag I pace. https://www.carsguide.com.au/car-reviews/jaguar-i-pace-se-73253 Seems EV manufactures lie about EV range even more than they do about ICE fuel consumption.
  5. A mega thread for virtue signalling EV buyers showing off their purchase or desire to purchase one also seems appropriate.
  6. A week of clouds in Melbourne which is common in winter may mean you can not drive your Porsche/VW/Audi and this is the problem with the unreliable intermittent power sources. You can not use some long term average number to determine if power will be available when needed. Wind has essentially been MIA these last few weeks and it is coal and gas doing the heavy lifting. Reality is that wind and sola require backup which is almost entirely fossil fuel. Could it be that greenie politics hurts and tries to control people rather than help them?
  7. The push to EV is driven by government regulation particularly the fleet average consumption requirements and not consumer demand. This is demonstrated by how much the sales of EV dry up when subsidies are removed. If you think we will have an issue with liquid fuel in the future then it will be insignificant compared to the shortage of electricity when everyone tries to plug their EV in. Neither the ability to produce electricity or the ability to distribute it in the quantity required currently exist and will cost $$$$$$$ to implement. And you won't get far on a 15Amp charge for the limited duration on the off peak supply which is variable and controlled by your supplier. So glueing yourself to the road or sabotaging logging equipment or raiding farmers properties and putting them out of business are all ok as long as you label yourself as green?
  8. Nothing racy about a H pattern manual. No real racer in the last 30 years has chosen one. Even Porsche acknowledges this with the club sport which is PDK and track only. Still waiting for a GT4RS with PDK and at least 330KW. Looks like I will need my deposit back.
  9. If you have a Model S just put it in the dumpster before it burns. https://electrek.co/2019/06/01/tesla-fire-supercharger/
  10. Virtue signalling is now more important than getting the job done. Well done VIC POL you have managed to set a new low bar for stupid.
  11. "saying it was “always learning from our fleet”." translates as "our cars are not ready and currently in beta testing" Another $2.3Billion from investors? Reducing sales? Not going to end well especially when the established car makers who actually do know what they are doing release their upcoming offerings.
  12. I would say there is no real problem staying within the manufactures limit for ethanol for normal use and up to a month of storage. I have seen plenty of corrosion and material incompatibility damage caused by ethanol in long term storage. Often it is not enough to cause an issue straight away but eventually it will be a problem. Just because someone stored a car on ethanol and it seems to run fine when put back into service does not mean that damage has not been done and the life expectancy of various fuel system parts shortened. I would only store with a full tank of 98 with some storage additive.
  13. Yeah AUS ones as the exchange rate is so bad it came out about even. Even forged aftermarket ones were similar $ and I don't mind the OEM look. There are inferior cast and flow formed for less $.
  14. I went with OEM Wheels and picked up the TPMS sensors at a fraction of Porsche prices from Germany.
  15. I have a set of wheels with PS4s and another set with PS2 for my 991.2 GT3. I use the PS4s for cold/wet conditions and general country driving and the PS2 for track and the occasional spirited drive in the high country (but only when it is dry). They are different tyres with different feel and the PS2 are louder. The GT3 with the PS4s is still an excellent drive and you quickly get used to them. The PS4s and are a better all round tyre unless you are pushing the limits. The wife complains about the PS2 because she keeps stepping the back end out when they are cold😱

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