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  1. Would be an even better shot if the headlights were on high beam😁
  2. I hear the comment that the faster car will find a way past all the time but I would like to suggest that if a car was not behind a few corners ago and it is there now then it is lapping faster which does not necessarily mean in a straight line so to help slower straight line speed cars that are faster overall just easing of the throttle a bit down the straight makes it much easier for them to get by in the safest location. Yes the faster lapping car can probably get past somewhere around the track but best to invite them to do it down the straight. From my experience the single best thing a slower car can do is be predictable and sticking to the correct line is the best way to do this even if you hold up the car behind for a few corners. Following a faster car for a few corners can be educational and following a slower one is often entertaining😁
  3. All the PS4s I have purchased in 19 and 20 are made in France.
  4. Tire rack says do not mix as does my Porsche manual. https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tiretech/techpage.jsp?techid=26 I have had a bad experience by mixing what appeared to be identical tires on the same axel with the only difference being the country they were made in. USA and Japan. The FWD car was evil to drive and upon enquiring with the manufacture they confirm construction differences and gave me FOC a tyre to match the one I just purchased.
  5. I have heard that from a couple of people but race engines with solid lifters have always been more “heavy metal” sounding than the placid road oriented hydraulic lifter engines. After all one of the features of hydraulic lifters is their relative quietness. If you want a race car for the road then best to have a race engine and not an over stressed road engine being operated beyond is limits acting like a ticking time bom.
  6. It’s functional even if only by a fleas nat of nothing a proper heat wrap would be much better. Heat pickup by the fuel rail or fuel lines or anything else including heat generated by the fuel pump is a major issue and fuel temperatures of over 50C are very problematic. The lower the tank gets the bigger the problem as less fuel to absorb the heat. Moral of the story is don’t expect to climb a mountain on a hot day with not much fuel in the tank. It will get hot and boil in the tank at the fuel pump inlet at the lower atomespheric pressure.
  7. Hi Arne, If you have a couple of spots at the Northo on Friday myself and Mrs Racen would love to meet up with everybody there over an ale or two.
  8. Is it illegal to just turn your low beams on and off or is it only illegal to use the flash function that operates the high beams at on coming traffic? I’m surprised that there is a cop doing the speed limit. All the ones around here drive over it.
  9. Looked like a lesson on how to avoid getting to o close to the apex.
  10. A lot of cars now have a small amount of regenerative braking using the standard alternator and battery which along with start stop is really hard on the battery. The problem is that regenerative braking can only happen if the battery is not fully charged. So the ECU keeps the battery at a lower charge state by using it to help run the car electrics. As well as a tiny fuel saver this is also a performance advantage basically similar principle to F1 KERS. So it would be reasonable for the battery charging to be adjusted for max performance in sport mode which would mean pushing in as much charge as possible during braking so the alternator makes no drag on the engine when at full throttle as the car can now run all/partially on the battery. This is 25year old race stuff. Good idea to log stuff independent of the car systems as a lot of data especially what is present to the driver is highly doctored.
  11. In the 991.2 GT3 which has an AGM battery but no start stop etc. the voltage varies quite a bit from over 15V down to low 13s on a long drive. Even after removing the CTEK with a fully charged battery it seems to take a long time for the voltage to reduce but I can not be sure this is not deliberate and part of the batteries conditioning. A constant 14.3V is about right for a wet cell non smart charging system. Have you seen the voltage drop back in the past. If you have a current sensor on the battery negative terminal wiring then you probably have a smart charging system. As the battery ages it’s charging profile changes and swapping to a new battery will see the used battery profile applied to the new battery. Best to find out if your particular car requires the ECU to be reset for a new battery.
  12. Modern cars especially ones with stop start using AGM batteries have an integrated battery management system that accounts for battery age and usage and adjust S the charging profile and voltages accordingly. 981 is probably in this category as my 991 certainly is. When changing batteries the ECU needs to be told it has a new battery and it’s type and capacity. I have noticed that having the battery on a Ctek seems to upset the integrated charge tracking but more investigation is required. So if AGM battery make sure the ECU is reset accordingly but if car had a more conventional battery then all numbers look ok.
  13. The R came with body coloured features in the interior. No carbon unfortunately and I am not sure if you could even order carbon. The R was also 2012 MY only wit 19 coming to Aus.
  14. Now I have to check if any engine issues but probably just tyres as car was a 991.2 GT3RS. If it was the second video of the red 991.1 GT3 (with original engine) it would have been a case of business as usual with it letting go.

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