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  1. Unless you intend to race it a VIC rally permit is worthless and even then for the one tarmac event in VIC that it covers you might as well get a UVP. Far simpler and less hassle. https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/registration/limited-use-permits/rally-permits
  2. Redracn

    Tesla autopilot fatal crash

    The issue is not so much that the EV catches fire but the fact that when it does it can not be put out unlike petrol and diesel which can be smothered with foam or any one of a number of extinguisher types.. The foam can also be used to reduce the chance of a fire while being rescued where as nothing can be done about the EV battery fire. There are also many instances of EV batteries catching fire well after the event that damaged them. So after a minor incident you would not want to take it home and park it in your garage. Even body shops are going to need a fireproof area to store a damaged EV $$$$. Even getting a tow could be a major problem. The slightest hint of a battery issue and the EV battery will be a liability that requires disposal at a significant cost.
  3. Redracn

    Tesla autopilot fatal crash

    So this nutter from GM thinks the cars won’t catch a virus? Which could cause them to act as if they are drunk, tired, on drugs, possessed or become a serial killer etc. Proper autonomous cars will most certainly be checking their car book page after all they are telling us the cars are intelligent and it will be illegal to keep an intelligence locked away from the outside world as that would be torture. And you could possibly drive it mad making it want to get even with its owner. So far there is not one shred of evidence that driverless cars will have less accidents in the real world. In fact currently they seem to be inviting accidents due to their real world inability coupled with a stupid naive drivers view that the car is actually autonomous and they can defer every decision to it. Two teenagers recently die in a Tesla fireball so it seems even with all the safety tech they can be crashed and when they burn you just stand back and watch as there is nothing that can be done to help any trapped occupants.
  4. Redracn

    My New GT3.2..still waiting

    Yep there is a lot to the PCM4. I spent a few hours with it and a battery charger attached. 3D/2D maps and I can zoom in and out on both the center screen and the gauge screen. I can even pinch zoom on the center. The Device Manager is also a good feature. Press the phone signal level symbol in the bottom left. PCM4 can also connect to two different phones at the same time which is a must have at least according to the wife. Picture of rim damage from gravel on my tarmac rally car.
  5. Redracn

    My New GT3.2..still waiting

    I will grab a few shots as soon as the sun comes out and I give it a wash. Been a bit dreary around here for the last few weeks. I have gone the opposite direction with a GT Silver CS PDK with satin platinum wheels blacked out headlights and privacy glass rear and 1/4s. I like the PCM4 it works very well with the contacts on my phone including address and navigation to them. Its connectivity capabilities are extensive and and took quite a while to work out how it will best work for me. There is also the option of Apple CarPlay to cater for all needs which is far better than any previous PCM The suspension is brilliantly compliant up to the point where it runs out of travel. Yes I have road marks on the front air diverters and the rear diffuser. On the roads around here the firm setting is way too much while normal is acceptable. The front lift is excellent. Up in 2 seconds and so far it has cleared stuff my other cars would touch. PDK-S is at another level. Items like double paddle neutral and no creep at idle remove any notion about it being a traditional auto. It as a manual with automated shifting or user selected gear. The sequential shift mode of the gear selector is spot on with the directions as they should be. The shift paddles have a much better tactile feel. The PDK does have a gear-set rattle below 2000 rpm and makes a lot of mechanical shifting noise when doodling around. It has a rawness to it that lets you know the car is special. The smaller 360mm steering wheel is brilliant. I have not been over 5K but the engine looks to be as epic as everybody claims. The torque is way above expatiation for a 9K limit. In fact on the road you can shame just about anything at less than 4K. Its response and ability to freely rev is at another level up there with race engines. I have steel brakes after my previous experience with PCCB. They were on their way out at 22,000km. Seems they do not like spirited driving and being over 400C and oxidizing (loosing weight) but not getting thinner as the actual friction surface is protected from the oxygen in the atmosphere by the special pad transfer layer so the initially small surface cracks grow wider reducing the area of the frictionn surface. They have their new weight marked on them. I also had rim damage as the clearance between the caliper and rim is so small that gravel etc gets jammed in there all the time. Steels have plenty of clearance so not a problem. I do however miss the no brake dust of the PCCB. I just need to get more Ks ASAP. 😋 9k is going to be crazy. 🤪🤪🤪
  6. Redracn

    My New GT3.2..still waiting

    I was out getting some run in Ks on the GT3 (with wing) and stopped for some fuel. A patrol cop pulled up at the servo exit and sat there while I filled ignoring other cars leaving. So I start it up with the usual pops and bangs just to get his attention then drive away thinking he will pull me over as soon as I leave or sit right on my tail. But it seems I was being paranoid as he left me completely alone and paid no attention to me. Based on this it seems the no wing = stealth theory is busted😜.
  7. Redracn

    My New GT3.2..still waiting

    I think I would prefer the cops not notice it but based on the evidence it could be a cop magnet. 🤪
  8. Redracn

    New 718 to have GT3 Motor

    Im pretty sure anyone in the market for a GT4 would pay extra for the GT3 4.0 engine. A GT car with a non motorsport based engine? What are they thinking. Then again it could be the 991.1 GT3 3.8 engine with a lower RPM limit so its valvetrain will survive. After all they had to keep it in production to replace all the stuffed ones and cover the 10year engine warranty they had to offer to stop the 991.1 GT3 being classed as junk. Also being dry sump it can handle R tyres something the integrated (not so dry ) sump of the road engine is marginal at.
  9. Redracn

    New 718 to have GT3 Motor

    Yep with the 718 maybe stuff ups are no longer that rare. But it is not all Porsches fault as they have no option but to do the best they can with the stupid emission laws and other EU crap.
  10. Redracn

    New 718 to have GT3 Motor

    ^ I have my money down on a 4.0 PDK. A 3.8 MT is not going to sell well as there is simply not enough between it and the last one of which there are plenty of low km examples available. If 3.8 is true then Porsche have made a rare stuff up.
  11. Redracn

    991 GTS Tyre Choice

    A good allrounder for a modern porsche is the Pilot Sport 4S (note 4S not 4) the Cup 2 is a specialist dry tyre and needs to be warmed up for best performance. Cup 2 are not good in cold or wet conditions.
  12. Redracn

    Is this motorsport?

    A much better use of batteries. and when the battery packs go you know it. The autonomous programmers need to get into this and see how they go.
  13. Redracn

    Which Porsche GT car?

    ^ Try TMR for Hankook in VIC (Team Mitsubishi Ralliart)
  14. Redracn

    -6 AN fuel lines - how to connect to fuel filter?

    You could always change the filter to a more common one with push on fittings and use one of these. https://www.aeroflowperformance.com/fuel-systems-efi-accessories/efi-fuel-fittings/af808-01blk or just get the spanners out every 50,000km
  15. Redracn

    Which Porsche GT car?

    Forgot to add don't track a GT4 unless it is under warranty or the 3rd gear issue is fully sorted. I personally know of a number of them that have had the problem.