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  1. Disco sits nicely given what looks like a lot of towball weight.
  2. I rate the VW V8 Touareg (and its Porsche and Audi cousins) with air suspension and 800Nm the best tow vehicles this side of the big American stuff cruising is effortless and it just eats long distances in comfort.
  3. The drain plug on a chain in the floor makes it easy to hose out.
  4. I get far far more looks and questions when out in my G Wagen Pro Cab Chassis W461 than I ever have in any Porsche. Here in Aus we are lucky to have access to the W461 which is the military variant and the Aus army have a couple thousand of them. No matter what is done to a Cayenne the Merc will always be a better off-road vehicle but you pay for this with a basic hose out interior and poor on road dynamics. https://www.mercedes-benz.com.au/passengercars/mercedes-benz-cars/models/g-class/g-class-professional/explore/downloads/_jcr_content/swipeableteaserbox/par/swipeableteaser/interactions.attachments.0.g-class-professional-brochure.pdf There is also the issue of bushability i.e. how likely is it a rock/stick can get flicked up under the car and damage some part or get jammed in a spot and do damage. The Cayenne along with most independent suspension monocoque cars rate very low in this area. Also keep an eye on the GVM as a couple of blokes plus water and camping gear could see it well over its weight limit. Good luck with the searches as I sold my 955 with PDCC many years ago and have not seen one anywhere since.
  5. I’m not sure that 1900’s tech is progress😁
  6. Seperate EGR is a pain alright and a regular service item to clean the crap out. CAM overlap EGR while more limited in its ability to reduce combustion temperature has few issues. Given a modern cars EGR only operates at part throttle to mainly reduce NOx to pass the prescribed emissions tests you just need to give it more throttle (than used in the test) and it turns off in order to extract maximum performance. The thing is that most people drive harder than the tests require so get nowhere near the official fuel consumption while belting out much higher emissions. And people are just waking up to the biggest automotive con in the last 30 years.
  7. Not sure about the technical benefits given the 991.2 GT3 has a faster ring time than the 991.1 RS
  8. Could be a number of things but often on ITB it is small vibration of the butterfly shaft wearing out the idle spot on the sensors resistive track. You need to make sure that there is absolutely no movement of the shaft at the sensor when idling. Using a contactless sensor is a good idea for ITB. This of course assumes you don’t already have a contactless TP sensor. Cheers
  9. There is one positive that a car without entry and drive is harder to steal as the thief needs to obtain the key but with entry and drive a couple of $30 bit of electronics can get the car open and started. Also I found that with entry and drive if you have the key anywhere near the car while washing it the consistent locking and unlocking can drive you nuts.
  10. As far as I know there has been no significant gains in the efficiency of generating electricity by pedal power in the last 80+years so I guess unlimited refinement means lots of $$ (other peoples) for a 1% (and diminishing) improvement. The interesting bit is how we need to live the lifestyle of over 100 years ago and be our own beast of burden. At least our ancestors were smart enough to have a horse/bullock do the work. Do the people that promote this crap live the lifestyle they preach? As far as MAMILs I will supply the locks and chains.
  11. Stomach muscles worked well must have gone over three meters😂 I won’t be volunteering to wear the collection probe. But then again how bad can it be compared to what the government does to us.
  12. By house they mean one in a third world country with a couple of LED lights and nothing else. As for CO2 emissions a human working hard puts out plenty. Connecting some pedals to a generator is not an invention. https://collection.maas.museum/object/210776 Sorry but after reading this load of crap I need to go and puke. Thanks Tassie.

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