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  1. Not sure about the technical benefits given the 991.2 GT3 has a faster ring time than the 991.1 RS
  2. Could be a number of things but often on ITB it is small vibration of the butterfly shaft wearing out the idle spot on the sensors resistive track. You need to make sure that there is absolutely no movement of the shaft at the sensor when idling. Using a contactless sensor is a good idea for ITB. This of course assumes you don’t already have a contactless TP sensor. Cheers
  3. There is one positive that a car without entry and drive is harder to steal as the thief needs to obtain the key but with entry and drive a couple of $30 bit of electronics can get the car open and started. Also I found that with entry and drive if you have the key anywhere near the car while washing it the consistent locking and unlocking can drive you nuts.
  4. As far as I know there has been no significant gains in the efficiency of generating electricity by pedal power in the last 80+years so I guess unlimited refinement means lots of $$ (other peoples) for a 1% (and diminishing) improvement. The interesting bit is how we need to live the lifestyle of over 100 years ago and be our own beast of burden. At least our ancestors were smart enough to have a horse/bullock do the work. Do the people that promote this crap live the lifestyle they preach? As far as MAMILs I will supply the locks and chains.
  5. Stomach muscles worked well must have gone over three meters😂 I won’t be volunteering to wear the collection probe. But then again how bad can it be compared to what the government does to us.
  6. By house they mean one in a third world country with a couple of LED lights and nothing else. As for CO2 emissions a human working hard puts out plenty. Connecting some pedals to a generator is not an invention. https://collection.maas.museum/object/210776 Sorry but after reading this load of crap I need to go and puke. Thanks Tassie.
  7. Could be a units issue. 14.5 psi is 1 bar so a reading of 2.0 would be 29psi which is a lot of boost.
  8. Redracn

    DPF Remove

    DPF are good in cities for humans but a real PITA and even life threatening in remote locations. Even in cities you still need long drives to burn off the particulates to ash so a real PITA as well if not done. The ash will eventually fully block them requiring replacement. Also any problems with the injection that cause the engine to be a bit rich will stuff the DPF in short order. Just removing the DPF is not really an option as the ECU diagnostics will/should detect it is not there. You will need to reflash the ECU to disable a number of DPF functions or install a DPF simulator to fool the ECU. Porsche will also be fitting a Particulate Filter to its petrol sports cars. https://newsroom.porsche.com/default/en/company/porsche-sale-new-vehicles-europe-15574.html
  9. Interesting one sided grovel to the ACMA to gain additional spectrum. The tech is eaisly defeated by a small flat correctly angled conductive plate under the car or some conductive bitumen coloured paint on it. Also easy to actively jam the sensor. The better ones will use more than one method of detection.
  10. I would say about 3seconds with a battery powered drill should do it.
  11. Very good chance it would mistake a lot of items for a car. Would be interesting to mess with them.
  12. Here is one but there are others http://www.iemgroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Fiches-produit_PrestoSenseII_EN_2.pdf Once you know the tech used such as Radar, Magnetic, ultrasonic you can look them up separately as plenty of info around.
  13. PCM have the perfect coffee getter. 991 GT3RS without the halfcage and comfort seats. I don’t understand how someone could spec this but hey its for coffee😋
  14. Thanks for the info will look further into it. My problem is that there is no colour or primer coats left over most of the sheet as it is down to metal. My location in central Vic is about as easy as it gets for the coating. The caping is proof they can get it right with both the application and the formula. As I see it the standard is a minimum and the manufacturer is free to put more on to prolong the life.
  15. I dont think the issue was the colour itself as my capping while faded is still green and going strong. 2003 is probably after the actual production issues were sorted.
  16. I have a paint thickness gauge that shows the colour layer was only 5um thick (measured on the section that was under the overlap and looks like new) when it should be > 20 so as I see it this is a hidden defect that should have been detected at production. I will be heading to VCAT. Cost is reasonable considering the possible outcome.
  17. I would be very cautious with tin as my green colourbond is now white after 15 years and bluescope deny that they have a problem and consider this normal. Bluescope also have articles that state air cured paint is inferiour and has many issues such as thermal expansion and edge coverage as well as surface preperation. While not directly related to painting tiles as far as I can tell the life of paint is not that long and painting over paint in the future is even more problematic. .
  18. Its been a little while since I used these guys but at the time they were better than Suncoast for shipping. https://www.sonnenporscheoemparts.com/
  19. Another area you get what you pay for. Water proof, drop proof, accuracy, calibration support etc. Unless you are really into electronics don’t bother with the advanced features or super accuracy. For just knocking around the shed vist Jaycar for a multi meter. Just make sure it has auto off. Jaycar and kincrome also have battery testers that I have never seen or used so can not say if they are any good. https://www.jaycar.com.au/12vdc-lead-acid-battery-tester/p/QP2261 https://www.kincrome.com.au/battery-load-test-12v-500a https://www.kincrome.com.au/battery-tester-analyzer-12v but better testers are from http://www.midtronics.com/shop/products-1/battery-and-electrical-system-diagnostics Leaders in multimeters are Fluke and Keysight (Once upon a time Hewlett Packard)
  20. From an efficiency point of view what matters is the kg of goods moved v’s the total CO2 emmitted over the life of the vehicle/ship doing the moving including manufacturing and disposal. Humans are just goods being moved from a to b. The hands down winner is a large ship. Sports cars while emitting more when in use than an economical car would still be high on the list of CO2 emitters /kg moved due to low km driven and manufacturing CO2 etc. i.e. a lot of CO2 is emitted to move not much freight a small distance. Trucks on the other hand are way ahead of single occupancy cars which are about the worst performers. So to get the CO2 emitted/kg of goods moved down we need to get out and drive the cars more. ??
  21. ^ It takes fuel to make power so the more right foot the more fuel consumed and everything being equal a turbo uses more fuel than a bigger NA to match its power output? Its only at the lower end of the power range the smaller Turbo pulls ahead in consumption. Then there is the slight of hand where hybrid cars can start the official emissions test with a fully charged battery and end it with a flat one. This give great numbers for the fleet average but crap results in the real world. This rubbish is more about virtue signaling than getting actual results.
  22. I have an old black Nylex that is still going strong after 15+ years. While some of the newer ones I have have gone sticky on the surface and look like crap. In the case of hoses (but possibly not hoselink which I have not used) they dont make them like they used too.

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