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  1. Electrical connectors really hate two part epoxy in so many ways it would take pages to list them. Imagine coming back to your car and finding your charge cable glued to the socket. How long before someone comes that is qualified to cut the cable. Those behind you need to locate another charger and you are of to a dealership probably on a tray. Even just poking a pin into the cable will cause massive headache. This stuff is a vandals dream.
  2. Problem is that with current policy there is no capacity to scale up. We already lack adequate supply reserve in the grid. If an average house uses 14KWh/day then one 350kW charger is equivalent to 600 houses so a 10 stand charge station is 6,000 houses. This will require its own substation and new poles and wires right back to the (distributed) generation sources. Now let's put in 10,000 of these fast chargers around the country that's the same as 6,000,000 homes. Moving the automotive fleet from Oil to Electric won't happen anytime soon and will be shockingly (pun intended) expensive. As far as electricity prices go you haven't seen anything yet so grab the popcorn. The virtue signallers will be able to strut their stuff for a long time yet.
  3. When every claim is expressed as an "UP TO" you know your having your leg stretched. When the claim is about vapourware both legs are getting a good lengthening. Assumptions like the car can do 400km in the first place on 80% charge as that is all you can get in a fast charge and no indication of the remaining charge at the end of the stated range. Seriously who would rely on the computers estimated range as you never know what headwinds you will face. After the first couple of charges range reduces with every charge and it reduces much faster when fast charging so if the promoters were honest they would use the range just before battery replacement and include all items that reduce the range such as AirCon and give you a guaranteed range. Yep I would like to see that a "guaranteed range" that is acceptable then we might be onto something. You would be mad to think you can just drive up to an empty charging bay. Join the very long line as most people travelling melb/syd will arrive around the same time.
  4. Autonomous push bikes should be the next big thing 🤪 The braking part should be easy and could be done now. Autonomous pedestrians would be an upgrade for those who have lost all self preservation genes. I have a spot already selected for the stop/go probe 👹
  5. Road roulette. The modern road crossing zombies will just walk out in front of anything hoping it has an alert driver or autonomous systems. Let Darwin's theory rule I say.
  6. The FPR regulates the pressure going to it not after it. So if there is 6 bar after the FPR then you have a restriction in the return. Return pressure should never be more than half the regulated pressure.
  7. Just priced it online and its $98,881 Drive away. Only additional options are sunroof $3K and inovision package 8K. A good haggle might even get one cheaper given EOFY is around the corner.
  8. I’ve been getting lots of emails and some calls to get me to test drive the new Touareg given I have the soon to be old model V8 Rline. I keep telling them to go away until they have the new 300+ KW 900Nm V8 for me to test drive. (Probably next year). The current Launch Edition Touareg (190KW,600Nm) seems like really good value with lots of extras thrown in including air suspension and heaps of safety stuff even LED matrix headlights.
  9. Redracn

    Over Charging !

    You have to laugh at anyone who quotes up to numbers as they are never achieved in the real world. Add in air con or heating or battery ageing or a head wind or cold conditions that dramatically reduce battery capacity. The roads will littered with abandoned EV’s. The next big thing will be diesel generators mounted on utes or trailers coming to the aid of the stranded EV suckers.
  10. Good for couple of months but the self discharge of the battery will get you in the end.
  11. Doesn’t matter what car you drive when it comes to batteries. I have had two P cars on CTEK when not in use and the batteries test at > 80% and they are 8 years old and going strong. There are also many computerised charges on the market that do the same job as CETK. After all charging a battery is not rocket science. But CTEK is quality so just get one.
  12. With ECUs you get what you pay for and there is plenty of junk at the bottom end while at the top you have Bosch and Mclaren Electronics. ———————- Ill add a bit on Knock as it is a very extensive subject that needs a book to cover it. Again you get what you pay for. Knock comes in levels from nothing to extreme. The trick is to detect it before it does any damage. Knock is measured indirectly by various means. The most common worst performing and cheapest is a microphone type sensor bolted to the head or block that listens for the sound frequencies that indicate knock may be present. Problem is that it can also hear every other sound coming from every part of the drivetrain including ancillary equipment and the gearbox. The signal(knock frequencies) to noise( everything else including some at the knock frequencies) is very important as we need to detect knock at very low levels before it becomes destructive. This task is often impossible using bolt on the head microphone sensors in race engines or older engines not specifically designed for knock detection. Various methods are used to improve the signal to noise such as only listening in a small window of crank rotation when knock is most likely to be present and at its strongest. This also allows individual cylinder detection and control which is far superior to just retarding the entire engine. Then you have more advanced detection systems all aimed at improving the signal to noise ratio such as a microphone sensor for each cylinder that has a direct sound path to the combustion chamber such as sensor under spark plug or a sound bar systems. Then you have direct cylinder pressure measurement to detect the pressure waves that are the telltale sign of knock. The other aspect is that you (must) tune your knock system if you want to get the best from it and this involves making the engine knock and possibly destroying a few before you get it right. OEM’s use direct cylinder pressure measurement to tune the bolt on microphone system and ensure it works. So all knock systems are not equal. While they can all detect extreme levels of knock very few can detect knock before it becomes destructive.
  13. I can only say so much until the 7th of July when my muzzle expires.
  14. If you must go Motec my advice is to stick to an m600 with knock module as it will do all you need at a lower cost. There are also many other options out there.
  15. Congrats on a great choice. My V8 TDI Rline Touareg gets 7.5L/100 cruising at 100+ and just over 12 towing a 3T Triple axel at 100+ and I don’t take it easy on it. So expect even better from yours. They also make a brilliant daily.
  16. Disco sits nicely given what looks like a lot of towball weight.
  17. I rate the VW V8 Touareg (and its Porsche and Audi cousins) with air suspension and 800Nm the best tow vehicles this side of the big American stuff cruising is effortless and it just eats long distances in comfort.
  18. The drain plug on a chain in the floor makes it easy to hose out.
  19. I get far far more looks and questions when out in my G Wagen Pro Cab Chassis W461 than I ever have in any Porsche. Here in Aus we are lucky to have access to the W461 which is the military variant and the Aus army have a couple thousand of them. No matter what is done to a Cayenne the Merc will always be a better off-road vehicle but you pay for this with a basic hose out interior and poor on road dynamics. https://www.mercedes-benz.com.au/passengercars/mercedes-benz-cars/models/g-class/g-class-professional/explore/downloads/_jcr_content/swipeableteaserbox/par/swipeableteaser/interactions.attachments.0.g-class-professional-brochure.pdf There is also the issue of bushability i.e. how likely is it a rock/stick can get flicked up under the car and damage some part or get jammed in a spot and do damage. The Cayenne along with most independent suspension monocoque cars rate very low in this area. Also keep an eye on the GVM as a couple of blokes plus water and camping gear could see it well over its weight limit. Good luck with the searches as I sold my 955 with PDCC many years ago and have not seen one anywhere since.
  20. I’m not sure that 1900’s tech is progress😁
  21. Seperate EGR is a pain alright and a regular service item to clean the crap out. CAM overlap EGR while more limited in its ability to reduce combustion temperature has few issues. Given a modern cars EGR only operates at part throttle to mainly reduce NOx to pass the prescribed emissions tests you just need to give it more throttle (than used in the test) and it turns off in order to extract maximum performance. The thing is that most people drive harder than the tests require so get nowhere near the official fuel consumption while belting out much higher emissions. And people are just waking up to the biggest automotive con in the last 30 years.
  22. Not sure about the technical benefits given the 991.2 GT3 has a faster ring time than the 991.1 RS
  23. Could be a number of things but often on ITB it is small vibration of the butterfly shaft wearing out the idle spot on the sensors resistive track. You need to make sure that there is absolutely no movement of the shaft at the sensor when idling. Using a contactless sensor is a good idea for ITB. This of course assumes you don’t already have a contactless TP sensor. Cheers

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