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  1. Not sure yet. Want to try a standard lid to see what it looks like. The car has aero kit on it so may just keep the taco in case I ever sell the car. Yes, I have looked at that one but need the dint removed and some chips on the grills so would need repair and paint so probably just as easy to get a good one in any colour and get it painted- just trying to see if anyone had anything out there!
  2. Yeah....but nah!!! 😀 Thanks James. I need the full lid to replace the"taco shell" tail currently on the car.
  3. Anyone out there have an engine cover/boot lid for a 996? Prefer Arctic Silver so I don't have to paint it 🙂
  4. Further update. The repairer rang me yesterday asking if I could bring the car in today as the assessor would be there so arranged a 9am appointment. Got there 10 min early, assessor was already there, has a 5 min look at the car came back in and said all approved and car booked in for 06th July. First claim I have made for over 40 years so nothing to compare against other that what others have gone through, but can say the whole experience was quick, easy and very professional from Porsche Insurance and their underwriters MB Insurance. would recommend them anytime based on this experience.
  5. Hi Mike, I had my previous car seats all redone in blue leather by Wiltshire and they did a good job. I am currently getting a dash repaired (leather) by Winner leather who are highly recommended and do a lot of classic cars.
  6. Has been an interesting week. Got quotes from Shannon's, Porsche Insurance an RAA and all between $1320 (Porsche Insurance) and $1650. Lumley was around $2500. Got a quote from Enthusiast at around $800 for 8000km a year, choice of repairer but did not want the wreck etc, so looked like Enthusiast was the way to go. Then today, 2 weeks before the insurance expires a tradie in a 4X4 came around a corner, was not looking and came over into my lane and hit me basically head on. Luckily I saw it coming and had stopped and he was only going 15-20kmh (20 km zone at airport) so low speed impact but 4x4 vs 996 - the 4x4 will always win! went to a repairer who does all MB and Porsche work in Adelaide before I rang the Insurer (Porsche Insurance) and after doing the police report. Rang Porsche Insurance to report and they advise they have "a preferred repairer" in ADL that I needed to take it to. Now my policy states that I have the choice of repairer, so I was prepared to have a "discussion" on the repairer, so asked who their preferred repairer was......same one Who does the Porsche work so happy days! sent me the claim form, within 10 min, gave me a claim number and said all good to go once assessor sees it at the repairer at my convenience( I can still drive the car). Really easy process and great service from Porsche Insurance. Think I might stick with Porsche Insurance despite the cost difference! Car looks a bit sad though!
  7. Just did an online quote with Enthuiast. Max agreed value is $52,800, and with 1k excess and 10,000km a year it came in at around $75 per month. Anyone ever had any dealings with claims from Enthuiast? Hope I never need to claim but just in case.......
  8. My 1999 C2 renewal is up again - Currently with Porsche Insurance, agreed value of $50,700 at a cost of $1312.16 Lumley quoted for a max $47,000 value at $2598.50 (same excess etc) Shannons quoted an agreed value of $55,000 at a cost of $1505.00 (same excess etc as well) Mine is a daily driver - cannot bear to see it sitting in a garage not being used 🙂
  9. HI, Yep, the car had GT3 suspension when I bought it and 2 of the coilovers had slight leaks and car had a horrible thump whenever I went over a bump. I looked around at what options I could go for including taking it back to stock, however after much searching I had the Bilsteins that were on the car sent to Bilstein in SYD to be refurbished - at $750 a pair it was a LOT cheaper than replacing them with anything else. Car now drives like new. I have never had it on the track and do not plan too so the I had the coilovers set to the softest setting possible and I find them pretty good around town and great on a spitrited drive the=rough the hills - could not be happier.
  10. Hey Lee, I thought Bunnings bought out Adelaide Tools a few months ago? Maybe they will price match soon 🙂 https://www.afr.com/companies/retail/hardware-giant-bunnings-buys-adelaide-tools-20191011-p52zsa
  11. The seats were black when I got them so a total recover. Fabric came from LeMans in NZ. I hope you got the left over fabric and leather when you got the car Dalai?
  12. Yep. Cannot see any planes coming back before January. I might even have to find a real job soon!

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