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  1. Dalai, I believe yours are from a Turbo as per Bruce's comment. Or that was the info I had :-)
  2. + 1 on the 996. Jump in, turn key, car starts, drive off, have fun.....Simples!
  3. Yep. I will be there. See you on the grass!
  4. Solve the problem by getting a Tip 996 for a daily and a 2.5 manual Boxter to thrash through the hills and chop up to your hearts content
  5. All part of the service Lee...You need to know what the dark side holds before jumping over 🙂
  6. I treated mine to a service yesterday as well...5000km since I had the IMS Solution done (when I bought the car) and all going well.It has turned into a Daily Driver 😉
  7. So when is the next Sunday morning drive?
  8. Water cooled is the only way to go Lee! You need to come to the dark side. I am just looking for a Silver one for you!
  9. Has anyone used Das 9 in Adelaide for parts? They are Porsche wreckers and I have been in contact with them looking for some interior parts and they seem to have quite a bit of stuff. I might go for a drive to see them next week to have a look at what they have that I might "need"
  10. Gees Lee. The HK911 would be amazing with that upgrade!
  11. Did you wait for that specific time to post this Darien???
  12. Or delete the rear wiper altogether...

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