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  1. I was there from age 12 to 15...so would have been 1969-1971 He retired back in 1983..then went to work in the Family Court for 10 years before his second retirement.
  2. Obviously you were on the wrong side...My father was a QLD Cop from Academy at 16 to retirement at 55. Cairns, Longreach, Ipswich, Bundaberg & Brisbane...saved my licence a couple of times in my youth 🙂 Fine upstanding gentlemen one and all!
  3. I just got my first ticket in many years...60 (exactly) in a 50 zone. My fault, as I missed the 50km sign on a 6 lane road, however the $475 fine was, I thought, a tad excessive, And I understand the fines are going up in the budget coming out next week.....Will need to take out a mortgage increase if I get caught again!! This in a state where there are zero checks on vehicle to see if it is roadworthy, even when selling one...just sign the papers, pay the tax and you can legally drive anything, no matter what the mechanical condition!! Should this be in the "Rant" section???
  4. Unfortunately you cannot be polite to a speed camera...
  5. 996......Obviously the poor cousins of the Porsche world.....not worth wasting time photographing them 😄
  6. Not sure whether it is still possible for you to do, however the last 2 X 911's I have had were purchased in MEL and bought to ADL. With both of them, I had a garaging address in MEL (Friend) so kept the cars registered in VIC for 6-12 months depending on rego left when I bought them, then transferred to SA Rego. Because I had "owned" the cars in VIC and they were registered in my name there, it was just a case of drop the VIC plates off and get new SA Rego...no checks at all (The "sales tax" was paid when I transferred the rego in VIC, so none payable in SA either). 1 was a 1984 3.2 and the current one is a 996.1. I am guessing your car is not still registered in VIC?
  7. Much better than driving the electric Renault Zoe I was piloting in Sweden this week!!
  8. Dalai, I believe yours are from a Turbo as per Bruce's comment. Or that was the info I had :-)
  9. + 1 on the 996. Jump in, turn key, car starts, drive off, have fun.....Simples!
  10. Yep. I will be there. See you on the grass!
  11. Solve the problem by getting a Tip 996 for a daily and a 2.5 manual Boxter to thrash through the hills and chop up to your hearts content
  12. All part of the service Lee...You need to know what the dark side holds before jumping over 🙂
  13. I treated mine to a service yesterday as well...5000km since I had the IMS Solution done (when I bought the car) and all going well.It has turned into a Daily Driver 😉
  14. So when is the next Sunday morning drive?

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