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  1. PhilH

    Electric Porsche

    Gees Lee. The HK911 would be amazing with that upgrade!
  2. PhilH

    Project 77 - new build

    Did you wait for that specific time to post this Darien???
  3. PhilH

    996 Scratch Removal

    Or delete the rear wiper altogether...
  4. PhilH

    Caman prices over the last few months!!

    Isn't that an old Toyota Lee?..
  5. Since when did you need brakes Lee? Let me know if you are gong to Clarendon tomorrow.
  6. PhilH

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    Hey Lee, How come all your photos of the car are from the same side????
  7. PhilH

    996 nearly

    Yeah....but it looked good!!! Take a couple of days and drive it over...good way to get to know the car!
  8. + 1 on Mark Buik or otherwise Mark Poole at RSR Sports..
  9. Happy to meet you and you can drive mine up to Hahndorf tonight mate.....just to get the feel of a good 996!
  10. Sounds OK on price given the engine work. I bought my 1999 C2 in mid 40's then had the IMS solution, brakes, and a few other things "while they were in there", so buying one with nothing done is not going to end up cheap. The car I bought had Aero Kit and GT3 suspension but would owe me around what this one is advertised for. Manual 996's are getting harder to find so this one looks to be "reasonable". I think Lee should buy it...
  11. PhilH

    HK 911

    I agree! You only need 2 FAT ones for the rear.
  12. PhilH

    HK 911

    Best I have ever seen it look Lee!! Looking forward to seeing it in the morning! BTW, I just had a look online and GOH2O number plates are available...perfect for the 996?
  13. PhilH

    All things insurance

    My 996.1 is insured through Porsche Insurance. It was cheaper than Shannon's etc and seems to be as good a coverage as others. Of course, I hope I never need to find out what their claims procedures are!!
  14. Looks fantastic! Hope to see it on a local drive in the not too distant future.
  15. I went for a drive up to Lobethal in the Adelaide hills today to get some specialist paint for my wife, and damn me, the shop was closed! Looks like I have to do it again tomorrow?

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