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  1. The local configurator is up https://www.porsche.com/australia/models/718/718-cayman-gt4/?fbclid=IwAR231uyV5rNpg0XPdpOSyLxZiOemPHHuppKFOzBnrESKRCsJJ0wMwdEA4xI I know we have some stupid new stamp duty taxes here in Vic - but to build a car to the same spec as my old one is now just over $50K more expensive than it was 4 years ago.
  2. Doesn’t change the fact that this new 718 GT4 is going to be a cracking car. No owner is going to be disappointed.
  3. LOL - the Nurburgring times for the 991.2 were the same as this - 95% tyres. I went 2.5s faster at PI with just tyres on the GT4. 10s at the Ring is easily done with the same “upgrade”.
  4. Except they limited torque to protect the gearbox.... Honestly - I'd expect if you got a 981 GT4 with a set of headers (which went a long way towards improving lower end torque), and compared it to the 718 GT4 on exactly the same rubber you'd struggle to find a real life performance difference between the 2 from what we can tell from the specs at this stage. I think there is about as many real world differences here between these 2 cars as there was between the 991.1 and 991.2 GT3 RS's.
  5. It's a 4.0L. BUT they then went and limited the torque of the car to protect the gearbox. So really the 4.0L is just marketing as the main reason for doing it has been blunted. Extra 30HP is negated by the fact its 80kgs heavier than the old one. So it has the same 0-100km/hr time. Also currently no mention of a Club Sport option. They have said it's 10s faster around the Ring - but its also coming with the N1 version of the Cup 2's over the old N0's. Which equal about 10s around the ring.... That all being said - what you are basically getting now is a 2019 version of a car that is simply awesome. It's just not really any better than the old one was, so for those of us with the old one's we just don't have any reason to upgrade. But for those that missed out last time you now have a chance to get something great.
  6. PPS - it's not a Radical 🤪 Pretty sure it's a West. But same same. And I agree it's worth it - without doubt my favorite bit of tarmac to drive in the country. Give you goose bumps to drive at any speed.
  7. For me @ Phillip Island (GT4) Cups 2's - 1.47.7 (Dunlops 1.47.9) Trofeo R's - 1.45.0 And wear rates seem to be about the same. I'm personally a big fan of the Trofeo R's. But they still aren't a Yoki A050. But I have no doubt that the large % of the GT3RS.2 lap time improvement came from these new Cup 2 R's so I'd like to compare them to the Trofeo's.
  8. +1 I want to see how they compare to Trofeo R's.
  9. Haha! Yep. But it's good to have someone with genuine inside knowledge speaking up - even if he does have to speak in riddles. But as I also said over there - in the end they will do what they did with the new GT3RS - bolt on a set of these new uber tyres and go to the Ring and SMASH the old lap time and all of the general media will lap it up.
  10. Yeah but if it is as per the spec I have heard (basically a 981.2 evolution) - I can't see many of us current GT4 owners looking to upgrade. There just isn't enough extra about it to warrant (especially given the current car is so good). So it will be interesting to see how it sells. A lot of US / Europe people didn't get an original allocation - but here in Oz pretty much anyone who wanted one got one in the end. If it has a 9,000rpm 4.0L in it then it would be a different story.
  11. Yeah so the inside word from Weissach's is this. New motor to be an evolution of the original 981 GT4 3.8L motor - 420HP (up from 385HP) and same rpm as current (7,800rpm). Not confirmed if it is going to be 4.0L or not. So it will be bespoke to the GT4 / Spyder in the current line-up. NOT the motor from the GT3. And still only available with the same 6MT. Basically it will be more of a 981.2 evolution over the whole car, rather than a complete 718 revolution. There is a GT4RS mule with a 500HP 9,000rpm GT3 4.0L in it - but it has not yet been green lit for production. If it does eventually go ahead it will be GT3 $$$.
  12. Yeah I now realize that the situation is they are stuck on which way to go - which is why it's taken longer than expected to announce a new one. There is NO doubt they have mules for both the 4cyl and 4.0L. And there is also a GT4RS test mule out there too with no guarantee anything will ever happen with it. The issue is economics over more than just the GT4 / Spyder is the way I see it. The 718 has been disappointment so far. Sales are well down on the 981 and everyone knows it's due to the lack of love in the motor. So now with the GT4 / Spyder they have to make the choice between saying "yep the 6cyl is better hence why it's in the GT4" - and sell as many GT4's as they want but consequently probably hurt their future 718 sales even further. Or else try and bump sales of the base 718's by building a "hero" T4 version, at the no doubt expense overall in sales on said GT4 as there are some (like me) who won't upgrade if the new car is a 4cyl no matter what numbers it produces.But I do think a hero version of a T4 Cayman GT4 would improve the overall popularity of the 718 range. The other main factor is the racing version of their GT4 car. That said there is nothing to say the next GT4 spec race car has to be based on the Cayman. The original ones were 997 GT3's afterall. But most of them worldwide are going turbo (M4, 570S, AMG, KTM etc. It's really just the R8 of the new cars that is still NA). So in the end I still don't think they know the answer. But I think it's not JUST about the car in isolation as a stand alone road car - but it's a decision that needs to be based upon the good of the whole Cayman range + the racing side of things as well. If they were just worried about how many new GT4 road cars they could sell it would be a no brainer. This is where the possible GT4-RS comes in I guess. It could be we end up with both a T4 and a 4.0L hero car in the range. But again - I really don't think they've made up their minds yet.
  13. I have a Macan (3.6TT Petrol) - tow with it regularly. Drives really well but uses juice when towing. The stop/start thing annoyed me at first and I always disabled it when I first got in the car. But now I don't bother. You quickly learn a slight lift off the brake pedal (so the car still doesn't move) effectively restarts the car, and you soon begin to just do that whenever you need to in advance.
  14. ^^ That said I still think the driving force behind what the final configuration is will be influenced by what they believe is the best option for their next gen GT4 race-car is. GT4 racing is experiencing a boom and sadly the current gen Cayman has a rep for being "ok at most circuits but great at none". With Ginetta, Ford, GM, BMW, Merc, Audi, Mclaren and KTM all coming out with new cars in the segment that importantly all have a lot of development room in their current cars - I expect Porsche to produce something that that will be more competitive than the current car. The problem they have with the current car is they can't really extract any more out of it. They did the "MR" package which was just some lighter doors and a plastic windscreen but it didn't net much in terms of lap time gains. The KTM for example carries 400kgs of ballast to meet GT4 BOP - remove that at Phillip Island at the car is 4s / lap faster. The BMW M4 has "power sticks" - a USB plug in at determines the amount of HP the engine produces. The car apparently has lots more speed in it with updates to these. The GT4 and Spyder road cars do come from the motorsport division after all so they will have some say in it's design.
  15. The German website Auto Motor Sport just did an article stating the car was going to be a 4cyl. And they are usually more correct than most internet "journalists". https://www.auto-motor-und-sport.de/news/erlkoenig-porsche-boxster-spyder-2018-daten-infos-marktstart-preis-662625.html I still think it's all a guess at this stage. If it's a 4.0L NA I'll sell mine and get one. If it's a 3.0TT 6 I'll keep mine but also get one of these as well and then see which one I like more, but if its a 4cyl I'll just keep my old one and not bother with the new one - even though I really rate the 718S.

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