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  1. wilburforce

    Phone holder - iphones etc

    They are ugly - but i use one of these in the SC and get pretty steady footage. https://www.seasucker.com.au/heavy-duty-smartphone-mount-seasucker-ram/ Whatever you do don't stick it to your dash...
  2. wilburforce

    Definitive steering wheel thread

    @Alex69T do they have any dish? What are you chasing for them?
  3. My 79 SC was a UK car and had the "Super Sports" package - it had a turbo look but without the widebody from what I know. It had the Whale Tale, front spoiler, front fog lights, Bilsteins, and Fuchs with Platinum centres and a few other tasty treats.
  4. +1 Craig @ Buiks
  5. wilburforce

    CAMS helmet changes 1/1/19

    Does anyone know the pros/cons or running a harness and HANS in a non-cage car? I've seen some negative comments on running HANS in a car without a cage if its a roll-over situation. HANS seems a no-brainer if you can run it - but i guess my question is, Do i have to install a cage to run HANS?
  6. wilburforce

    Wide body set up

    I looked into this ages ago Jamie. From what i can remember Turbo had both spacers, different 'hubs' (not the right word i'm sure) and wider offset trailing arms. I looked into it as i was running spacers - but every man and his dog who has done a WB conversion has tried and most just end up running spacers or wheels built with different offsets. If you can find some turbo trialing arms you are halfway there - but they are hard to find and $$$'y
  7. Do some research on Roboadvice. As silly as it sounds it’s a cheap way to get diversification in the market from a quasi-planner. Not a long term investment but very liquid and good way to park it for a while and get good gains - usually above market. Check out sixpark.com.au
  8. wilburforce

    WTB - 997S manual

    Good info @smit2100 The budget says 997S man or 996TT auto. Its a daily driver so i was prepared to consider an auto in a 996TT or even 997.2 Stock is thin on the ground so i'm waiting for the right thing to come up.
  9. wilburforce

    2 x new rennline aluminium track mats

    @privatepang out of interest how do these go in a RHD car? Sort of work or not at all?
  10. wilburforce

    WTB - 997S manual

    I did thanks mate - had same thoughts re: bumper swap! Thanks @Fraz I'll keep it in mind. They are bloody cheap for what they are - especially compared to 997TT
  11. wilburforce

    WTB - 997S manual

    Very unhelpful mate. You’re meant to be keeping me on track! I spent the rest of Sunday looking into 996TT again after catching up with @Fraz
  12. wilburforce

    WTB - 997S manual

    Bit of a thread bump here - anyone looking at selling or know about anything that's not on the market at the moment? There are slim pickings!
  13. wilburforce


    I know of a near-new M&K if you're interested? PM me
  14. wilburforce

    I bought a 997! A 996 comparison

    That's interesting to know Gavin. Is that just on power or handling as well? Interested to know if PASM makes much of a difference.

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