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  1. bumpity bump. Seats and seat backs are sold. Price reduced on Rennline stuff. negotiable.
  2. Found it. DM me you number - my business is based in Southbank so could meet on Monday.
  3. I know where the other Ultra Violet one from Dutton's went a couple of months back as well. With any luck it'll make an appearance on the next SMT.
  4. I think i might have a JWest one lying around @Damienb Let me scratch around - it's yours if I can find it. Where abouts are you in Melb?
  5. Fantastic idea! I have a different controller for work and home so this will be great.
  6. Hi @Les I have a set of TB5 to suit 15 x 8 and 15x10 if you are interested. Located in melb
  7. The colour is awesome Luke. Can't wait to see the finished product!
  8. Sports Seats are sold. Beige rear seat backs are sold.
  9. Good to meet you @michel - see you for a drive when you’re in Melb next
  10. I have a 79SC and had this exact same thing happen. It was a combination of the starter, corroded earth straps and the starter relay. I'd start with checking the voltage across the relay first as that's the cheapest/easiest fix. Then earth straps, then starter. As it happened my started was due a rebuild anyway - so happy to be able to get another 40 years out of it.
  11. I'll see if i can dig some out - they're currently in storage at the farm. Will DM you Negative. they're like a Beige with dark coloured piping.

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