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  1. Agree with this - my interpretation is that it's still a bring forward of depreciation and not an additional 50%. Like you I'd be very happy to be proven wrong! We are waiting for legislation to be drafted/discussed prior to advising clients.
  2. You just have to cut the body up into smaller pieces..
  3. I'll hit you up on messenger
  4. I've got 3 boys - 2 are old enough to run boosters and I use a Britax Tourer. https://www.babybunting.com.au/britax-safe-n-sound-tourer-booster-buff-black-1.html The youngest is 18mo and I've got a front facing seat for him. https://www.babybunting.com.au/britax-maxi-guard-black.html Both fit perfectly when you remove the seatback and bottoms. Very simple to fit yourself.
  5. I daily mine and love it. I have 2 kids seats in the back and the only real downside I have is that we are a family of 5 and don't all fit in. There's a fair bit of room in them really - you'll notice a massive difference in cabin space from the 77. Also the frunk I find the space is more usable than the G series, you can fit a fair bit of stuff in them. The 'entertainment system' is a piece of shit though, I put in a carplay headunit and it's magic. Not sure you could daily without it. You're welcome to take mine for spin if you're keen.
  6. oops - i just checked mine and I need to renew. Did these used to auto-renew?
  7. Love it - looking forward to the progress shots!
  8. Awesome car - I can't believe you are selling this Nick.
  9. Wanted to buy a non leaky oil tank for my 1979 3.0L. Anyone got anything lying around?
  10. Bah - thanks for the info Mark and Simon. I've had my eyes out for a set of 18's so i can run A050 on the 997.
  11. Were these off a narrow body or wide body 996 @Faris247. Would be interested if they could get on a 997.1C2S.
  12. Thanks for organising a great day @Kerry and @9fan - and for @hugh and @Mike737 who were game enough to jump in the passenger seat to give me a few pointers. Great to see a few new members who were excited about getting on the track for the first time. Definitely challenging conditions in the morning but a hell of a lot of fun! I did get my fair share of track time @Skidmarks - shame you had to head off before the track dried up, would love to see that car at full noise around the track.

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