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  1. He was obviously the fastest car during the last stint so I would think the officials will take that into consideration.The decision to fit new tyres was the race decider.
  2. SC 3.2


    Was taken by a real pro
  3. Wow!! I thought the R4360 was impressive.....but it is a baby compared to that monster.
  4. Hi Mike,I used the small motorcycle ones after fitting a plastic rear bumper on my SC and they work a treat,they secure the plate and provide great illumination. Best part is no need to drill holes in your bumper to mount the large original style ones.Sorry can not attach photos on this forum Pete
  5. I have had some experience with Nagaris and owned a late model ( complete with factory 351 2v Clevo ) coupe a few years back. As mentioned they have a good power/weight ratio ( mine was 1100kg / circa 250hp ) They look great but have a few downsides....very basic unsorted suspension with handling compromises.The interior is not well ventilated for a hot climate ( read QLD ) Some parts now becoming hard to source. However a neat Australian Sports Car that turns heads.
  6. Bargain !!! Good set for the street and track
  7. It is still essentially a 308 GTB,just with a body kit-so the rego still reads Ferrari regardless. There has been a genuine F-40 in Brisbane since new and has never been registered as it is LHD When it is 30 yrs old no doubt that will change.
  8. Terrific shots ,the dickhead was VERY lucky his pride and joy was not towed.
  9. Usually( in an SC ) the dash was vinyl even with the leather seat option,although the 930 had a stitched leather dash I guess anything is possible.
  10. Does not work that way in QLD......we have to pay stamp duty at 4% even on historic reg.

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