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    GOR advice

    It depends on the weekenders, Caravans, Tourists and Tourist busses Over seas visitors on the wrong side of the road but it is the luck of the draw some days it is perfect , The road was washed out near Apollo Bay a few months back but would be repaired by now.
  2. 964 C/4 lightweight Factory Spec:http://www.germansportscars.net/porsche-964-carrera-4-leichtbau/
  3. The Porsche 911 964 Carrera RS was launched in 1992 and was considered a lightweight version of the Carrera 2 that could be used both on the road and the race track. Arguably, this was the most dynamic and agile 911 since the original version was launched in 1973. The engineers behind the project utilised the philosophy of removing weight and adding power when designing and engineering the car. Remarkably, nearly 175kg of weight was removed from the standard version as a result of using aluminium for the bonnet and doors as well as thinner glass for the windows. All of the weight-saving measures added up and resulted in a vastly reduced overall mass. Luxuries such as back seats, power windows and armrests could all be disposed of and the increase in power came from a brand new lightweight flywheel and some other minor modifications. The individually selected flat-six engine produced a minimum output 260 bhp and was mated to Porsches G50/10 gearbox with closer ratios and steel synchromesh units. Also fitted to the car was a limited-slip differential, modified suspension (with a 40mm lower ride height) and stiffer springs. In another weight-saving move, Porsche chose to remove all the sound deadening and manufactured the wheels from magnesium. Porsche further developed the RS model to with all focus towards track driving and racing and thus created the N/GT with just 290 units produced. The car was subject to further weight reduction with all carpets and soundproofing removed, and replaced with plywood footboards as well as the standard RS seats being replaced by Nomex covered FIA specification racing buckets. Additionally installed was a full welded in roll cage, long-range fuel tank, dual internal fire extinguishers, internal dash mounted engine cut-off, and the DME was relocated behind the driver to allow the use of six-point harnesses. Rarer still was the N/GT "Racing Package" sub-production model, straight from Weissach with just 20 examples made each in their own individual colour. Originally destined for a one-make racing series in the early 1990s, 26 cars had been ordered from Porsche however the series was scrapped before the first race began, leaving Weissach in possession of 26 N/GT models. One-time Porsche importer for Japan Mitsuwa originally agreed to buy 20 of the cars in 1995 providing the interiors were slightly adjusted to be more suitable as a road car but the deal was culled. Instead, the 20 cars were sold to Art Sports in Osaka, who marketed the cars as the 964 RS "Racing Package". The tasteful upgrades applied and recognised by Porsche include a skilfully trimmed leather covered roll cage, triple tone leather RS Touring bucket seats, a full RS carpet and trimmed headliner. This exceptional "Racing Package" N/GT was delivered to its first owner on the 7th November, 1992, being as the only example in Polar Silver. In addition to the "Racing Package" supplements, the interior was specified in Black with Triple-Tone Blue Recaro Bucket Seats. The car remained in Asia for the most part of its life receiving regular, and documented, maintenance with no less than 10 stamps in the original service book provided by main dealer and well respected specialists, it has been maintained with no expense spared. In early 2015 it was subsequently exported to the United Kingdom and sold via Porsche specialist JZM in March 2015 to its most recent owner. As part of its sale, the car received a comprehensive inspection with any necessary maintenance tended too. During its most recent tenure it has covered just 400 Miles and has most recently been serviced in January of this year. Today this rare "Racing Package" RS has covered under 31,600 Miles from new and is presented in excellent condition having received a full inspection by leading Porsche specialist Jaz prior to its sale. Accompanied by its original bookpack, spare key, spare wheel and unique history. This RS is ready to be enjoyed by its new owner immediately with viewings available at our showroom, which is based just outside London.
  4. No offence to those that like D 90 wheels put personally i think the wheel guys were having a bad day when they sketched up that design
  5. 88/930 5 speed cab Worth a look ? :https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/camden/cars-vans-utes/1988-porsche-930-turbo-cabriolet/1158509232
  6. Off the same page James :https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/maylands/cars-vans-utes/2007-porsche-cayman-s-coupe/1141264214
  7. (11http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C829409911 Retro W (11orks GTR For Sale (1990)911 Retro Works GTR For Sale (1990)
  8. You Can Now Buy the Most Interesting 911 Ever BuiltBy Christian Moe - August 10, 20170 COMMENTS When Porsche enthusiast dreams come true, it looks a lot like this.In the land of Porsche, there are a few names that every enthusiast knows and loves. Names like Hurley Haywood. But for us, the greatest modern Porsche madman is Dr. Erik Brandenburg. The medical doctor/falconer/vintage rally racing enthusiast has spent years buying, driving, and creating wonderful off-road Porsches. After he raced the famous Transsyberia Rally in 2007, Brandenburg had a trio of cars made that were replicas of his rig. And now there is one for sale. We see the 911 “Safari” cars as the pinnacle of air-cooled achievement. Utterly capable, nearly indestructible, and undeniably unique and interesting. The rugged truck tires are massively tall 215/85/16s, yet somehow they make the 911 look more aggressive and capable than comical. In some sort of nod to maintaining a semblance of Porsche purity, those tires are mounted to factory Fuchs wheels. This particular car started life as a 1979 SC, and the drivetrain was left mostly unchanged. The body was seam welded and stiffened, and the suspension received a major upgrade, but there is a lot more 911 SC here than there is rally upgrade. The car is currently sitting with an asking price of just over $150,000, and we can’t even describe to you how much we want this thing. If you become the new owner of this superlative machine, please honor the legacy of the good doctor who had it built: Drive it as hard as you can. Try your damnedest to break it, and then when it laughs at your futile attempts, bash it even harder. If you asked, “new 911 GT3 or 911 Safari?,” we would be liable to slap you across the face for asking such a stupid question. The Porsche 911 is our favorite car. Seeing one fettled, changed, and then launched over massive jumps just makes us feel like a child inside. We are filled with wonder and giddy happiness that is nearly indescribable. If you become the new owner of this superlative machine, all we ask is that you honor the legacy of the good doctor who had it built: Drive it. Drive it as hard as you can. Try your damnedest to break it, and then when it laughs at your futile attempts, bash it even harder.
  9. Don't take it to hard Niko, Its a rare car indeed to get through this thread unscathed
  10. Had a set fitted at a "go over everything" service at a dealership, Lasted a month if lucky brought an aftermarket set from some where, They lasted a week longer for half the price , Engine lid no problems just the frunk, @LeeM has the answer a good stick (or extension roller pole) does the job no more frunk latch dings in your head
  11. tomo

    Buyer for decent 356

    Sounds like a good deal they as they still waiting for the race horse
  12. I would like to upgrade to a hotwire set up like the 993, A mate had adapted the 993 hot wire setup along with 993 headers and heater boxes to his 964, Man that thing could go.
  13. Porsche should have kept the old design as they have gone back to it now, Looks good on that 993

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