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  1. Who is Carmen ? Sweet Karmann you have there Chris šŸ˜
  2. Thanks Chris. Appreciated Yep, have spotted new lhd panels But after Rhd. Ill move to a new wanted threadšŸ‘šŸ»
  3. Not to hijack the thread (sorry Chris), but does anyone else have anything available? im after the trunk panel and cross panel in rhd (donā€™t need a dash). Cheers
  4. ?????? More will be on the way for the cool kids that missed out ?
  5. All sold.. for now. I'll let you know when I have more available. Thanks
  6. Still have a number of these. Shoot me a message if after one. Cheers
  7. Could have had mine... ended up giving it to a mate..
  8. LuftgekĆ¼hlt Badges (Air-Cooled in German - such as the annual event in the US) I have a number of these to sell. Badges made from solid Brass, and measure approx 200mm in length and 40mm in height. 2 Fastening points on the rear. Comes with Nuts and Washers, although you may need larger washers pending where they are being mounted. Located in Perth Price - $90 posted Australia wide, $80 pick-up Payment - Direct deposit or Cash on Pick-up (Paypal available but add 4% for fees)
  9. I'll post some stuff up tonight.. cheers (and didn't mean to hijack thread Lee..)

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