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  1. Car is staying in Europe. At present it's not possible to do the Euro factory delivery for Aus delivered vehicles. Thanks !! It really is as good as all the write ups.
  2. I have connect+ running. The car needs its own dedicated SIM card installed (buy a standard SIM with a data package). The car can then connect to the Porsche servers that in turn connect to the app on your phone. It needs to be activated by the service dept. You should receive an e-mail from Porsche with instructions on how to create an account and setup the app etc. Once setup it works perfectly .
  3. Picked up my PTS 2RS (Carbon steel grey metallic) in Stuttgart and spent a couple of weeks driving through Germany, Italy and Switzerland. Highly recommend the Dolomite region, simply spectacular scenery. In total around 2,600kms.First impressions, serious amount of power for a 911. Drove it back to back with a GT3 and GT3RS. It makes the GT3 feel like a Boxster and the 3RS feels positively anemic (which is disconcerting when you know how fast a 3RS is). Compared to the 2RS when you’re holding the 3RS flat in 2nd and 3rd you keep waiting for the push in the back that never comes.Interestingly the 2RS feels slightly heavier in the steering compared to the 3RS but still just as connected (if that makes sense). The 2RS is very much setup for understeer from the factory and is scary on the track (if you keep the stock setup) and try to tip it in at speed (circa 210 - 250 kmh), it pushes wide very quickly. I drove another 2RS that had the Manthey setup and it uses a lot more negative camber front and rear, completely different car. Far more stable, a lot more grip and zero understeer. The stock setup is ok for spirited hills driving or alpine passes but it needs to be adjusted if you want to take it on the track and not use up a years supply of brown pants.The carbon steel grey metallic really changes colour depending on whether you’re in the shade or the sunlight. Porsche did a great job with all the Exclusive CXX options, very happy with how it all came out.Here’s some images from the trip.
  4. Designed by www.skepple.net Wrapped by D and S Tint: www.facebook.com/DandSTint/ Photoshoot by www.epicimages.com.au And the best part, it's all about the detail:
  5. Some video chasing a cup car at Winton last week, listen for the down change at the end of the clip. Makes the cup sound tame.... http://vimeo.com/119108056 No problems from my side but all credit for pics should go to Andrew Coles from AnyGivenReason if you pull them from the link I posted.
  6. Here's the write up on the GT3 trip http://anygivenreason.com/2015/02/renntrip-adelaide-to-sydney-in-the-new-gt3/E
  7. What is the projected increase in front downforce (or substantiated increase on the 997 version) and how are you increasing the rear downforce to suit? Porsche seem to have a pretty good handle on the aero setup for the GT3. Normally Porsche install the front canards when a corresponding increase in rear wing size accompanies. Or is this a purely cosmetic fit?
  8. Sure, will get some footage later this week on the GoPro and load it up
  9. Gratuitous parting shot....
  10. I called the workshop this morning, they had some spare capacity and I've been wanting to install the track exhaust for some time, so it was a quick drop off: and the next thing my GT3 is on the hoist ready to shed some weight: Started with removing the rear bar, those side mufflers are massive: A few more pics of the side mufflers / heat sinks !! Pic of the side mufflers and sharwerks bypass exhaust: Side mufflers removed, cargraphics headers with high flow cat's visible: Sharkwerks track / race exhaust installed, massive weight difference and no more giant heat sinks up against the rear wheels: OH. MY. GOD.... THE NOISE !!!! It's just like a cup car now and to me this is how it should sound. You hear everything (including all the car alarms going off as you drive down the street....) The only downside is at road speeds it's hard to find the RPM and gear that takes the edge off the noise. Trying to short shift up through the gears leaves you with a very low bass note and no pickup, staying in a lower gear keeps you in the sweet spot but leaves other drivers wondering why blood is suddenly flowing out of their ears. Outside of normal traffic and when the road opens its obscene... Sweet Jesus the noise..... The noise is phenomenal. If you really hate your neighbours (and you want to sound like you're about to exit the pit lane at PI in a cup car every time you back out your driveway) than this is a must !!!
  11. Front cage is in. Porsche Motorsport in Germany confirmed that the front cage can't be installed without removing the rooflining. Looked into fitting a custom roof lining but decided against it, too much time and cost for just aesthetic value, I like the cup car look of the bare roof. Next track outing in a couple of weeks to see if it stiffens up the chassis. Also added the passenger harness and swapped out the standard black seat belts for the red belts for when the harnesses aren't being used.
  12. Yep, will be in Sydney tomorrow arvo, down at the rocks to get some pics with the bridge in the background.
  13. Ssome more pics from today....

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