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  1. 8 threads of the same (?) project? why? Could you please post updates in just like original thread instead of making endless threads?
  2. gimme all your emailing at them pics should be sent :))
  3. Let's try this way https://photos.app.goo.gl/FBq4nRtEebFGm8Mf7
  4. I have a decklid and seats, not sure they are the pnes you`re after though might check for the antenna thing. I did have some but not sure if authentic
  5. pm me your either email or ph number and I`ll send pics to you
  6. Teatray decklid with Turbo badge on it is for sale - 650aud. Not sure if able to ship from Melb more photos available 3.0sc distributor thing with AEM EPM sensor attached (wiring is a bit hacked but all is working 100%) 911SC p/c's 95mm Alusil in a pretty good condition CIS setup (lots of buts and pieces) with fuel lines etc Hit me up on prices and pic And I insist that a buyer inspects the stuff before paying or no returns policies are applied.
  7. Cheshire Cat


    do you mean dizzy?

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