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  1. Cheshire Cat


    Fair enough. Do you have anyone in the U.S. to receive the parcel and to resent to your place without an invoice?
  2. Cheshire Cat


    I understand that you didn`t ask me but I`ll share my finds anyway https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/CP-Import-Pistons-Porsche-Porsche-3-0-SC-911-XP5001-/182298339066?hash=item2a71d3e6fa https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/CP-Custom-Pistons-Any-Bore-CR-For-PORSCHE-911-TURBO-NITROUS-Engines/263268217181?hash=item3d4c02315d:g:EJ0AAOSwubZZ5rFv
  3. Cheshire Cat

    Haltech ECU E11v2 help wanted

    without any cable it is pretty hard to get in
  4. Cheshire Cat


    Well, if I would me a out a year ago I'd go with ms3 for sure. And I tend to agree with you about relationship between tuners and ecu manufacturers. Anyway I have pretty good ecu this days and don't really want to swap it on to something else since it just does the job. Advance some ignition might get a bit more power without knocks.
  5. Cheshire Cat

    FS: 911 SC exhaust

    To be honest I don`t know if it will fit there... I`m using 964 replica and it needed a bit of cut off will fix the link
  6. Cheshire Cat

    FS: 911 SC exhaust

    Mike the headers are stock 911 SC ones, not worth dreaming of :)) European headers wont work with this muffler anyway, it works with original headers and connecting pipe. and I`ve tried to attach the photo seems like it didn`t work :))
  7. Cheshire Cat

    FS: 911 SC exhaust

    I love that sound so much decided to go with their new muffler instead of cheaper and simpler "borla" etc setups anyway, I`m pretty sure it won`t go off me too quick
  8. Hey gents, selling my custom stainless steel exhaust, which is muffler and premuffler, made in Ukraine by Soara Performance, it doesn't meet new setup I'm building now (new headers in progress by the same guys, they rock). It has a O2 sensor port welded in, sound very nice and deep and not as loud. Anyway the sound clips are provided. 1 in 2 out and no drone or anything like that. Had less than 300kms on it (not 300 hundred) I want 500aud negotiable. Can add a pair of the rest of the exhaust (911sc headers etc) for another couple hundred.
  9. Cheshire Cat

    Porsche seats FS

    Just a bump. If you need more photos I'll be able to provide.
  10. Cheshire Cat


    What kind of setup you have Mike? Btw I have a set of pistons with 9.3CR for alusil cylinders if you need.
  11. Cheshire Cat

    Getting my 1983 911 cab back on the road

    By hand, but it is MUCH easier to use heat and it is fun. I was quite worried about it but that was easy as. You will hardly need any extension pipe with heat.
  12. Cheshire Cat


    I haven`t decided yet, was keen to 911S ones then started moving towards GE80 profiles but seems like I`ll start thinking about the cams after my heads will be reconditioned and ported, with the flow numbers I`ll be able to get some custom made ones for my setup.
  13. Cheshire Cat

    Getting my 1983 911 cab back on the road

    I`ve borrowed some stud removing tool from a friend looks like this I can tell you I was quite lucky so far, 11 of them I got out with either minimal or no problems but one of them was a pain. Anyway, if you feel like nothing helps and the stud is bending\twisting and doesn`t want to come out - use a gas torch to heat up the case and start loosing the stud. Works very good and saves time and the case. As for the socket for the flywheel - got the set, bought it long time ago, hopefully I`ll manage not to destroy it :))
  14. Cheshire Cat

    Getting my 1983 911 cab back on the road

    How are the studs going? I`ve managed to take them all out without destroying any of them (one bent quite good but was in one peace). Heating on the case works really good.
  15. Have a set of 3.0 Alusil cylinders and pistons for sale. 95mm bore 9.3:1 CR (U.S. market) condition - well, used for sure but still working, didn`t notice any problems but yet to investigate for cylinders geometry. Added to that have a set of rods, good condition original SC rods. The lot whole for 1000AUD. Negotiable. More photos by request but I`d recommend personal inspection.