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  1. Hey, nah, sorry, I don't want to keep one, going full on with light buckets :)) Not going much, collecting parts :))
  2. Well didn`t knoe where to put it exactly but it is quite usefull info for some of us, esp for those who`s into EFI etc enjoy!
  3. I think I have my old shift knob lying around somewhere...
  4. Did someone say project?!?!?! Well, if you hope that hotroding would increase value - think again (unless it`s something spectacular aka Singer) Otherwise - g-series is the way. Say 911 SC or similar. I`d get a body (no engine) for 10-15 grand and source engine. Don`t have to fix someone`s, say features or perks. Everything from scratch.
  5. shit, completely forgot it`s a mechanical stuff which I have no idea of how it works lol
  6. I`m not suggestion anything. But one of us really needs to hook up a knock sensor and check the theories... But I can`t see why additional 7 degrees can help on idle but can pretty much destroy your engine on WOT
  7. Is that just me who can see an irony in all of that? CR for late cars US market 8.5:1 for poor fuel quality back in the days in the U.S. and yet we use 98 of presumably much better quality and scared to go a bit further with ignition...
  8. Fu..ing FINALLY!!!!!! Congrats Jeff and can`t wait!!!!! Woo-hooooo!!!!
  9. Gonna call you a LOT when I'll start reassembling:)
  10. Looks nice, mind sharing ignition and AFR maps?:)
  11. Who`s gonna tune it? None of the above and that is exactly why I didn`t mention Porsche :)) I`d, probably go with Adaptronic, which is cheaper than the most and has really good support. If you want a chat with some one who`s been there a while ago and has no intention to sell some stuff (no affiliation)- give me a call "0 four two five 008 55 one" George
  12. it`s like a question of BMW vs AUDI vs Mercs :)) I`m using EMS, but Red is not that happy with all of above (except Motec I guess)
  13. Megasquirt - DIY stuff cheap, Magnetti-Morelli - high end ecu`s EMS, Wolf, Link, AEM, EMU just for a few headaches :)))
  14. so, basically for a reason :)) I know of only one aftermarket plug`n`play ECU that Peter already mentioned above - VEMS. The rest - wire in which means you can go with literally ANYTHING (from megasquirt to magnetti marelli) as long as you know how to tune. If you don`t know - find your tuner and he will sell it for you, wire it in and tune to a spec you need.

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