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  1. Cheshire Cat

    -6 AN fuel lines - how to connect to fuel filter?

    I`m pretty sure I`m using typical AN6 AN -6 Male to M14 P1.5 On the filter itself it`s not a problem
  2. Cheshire Cat

    Wiring Advice Sought... 911 Engine Harness

    well, since I`ve been there a while ago and had quite a problem with identification I can say this much: some of those wires you gonna use in efi setup. ECU power, coils and injectors are the essentials. some of those are sensors to gauges wires which you might need if you want the original gauges to work (oil temp, oil pressure, oil level). there are 1 tacho signal wire which is quite useful to say at least. 1 rear gear light etc. And you will have some of them useless. If the car doesn`t have an engine and it`s easy to get rid of the useless once - loose them. If not - tape them and leave for now. The biggest problem for me was to identify all of them. Seems quite easy considering forums and manuals but either I`m lucky or my car was pretty confused at the factory or later in someones hands none of the pin outs fitted my colours\numbers. So I just made my own pin out. Btw, there could be another one like that (for the U.S. market cars though) to control emissions.
  3. Cheshire Cat

    Street Race

    Hall of Fame by Paul Walker?
  4. Cheshire Cat

    911 RSi

    Just a small update to the headlights. Got them black.
  5. Cheshire Cat

    911 Wheel Recommendations??

    Thanx. Well, they use all sort of designs, pretty much from old school racing JDM up to racing European wheels, "Y" shaped BBS like are classics so... btw JDM Concept are really nice guys to deal with, no affiliation though. My rims were built to order basically, wanted to go with no adapters or spacers, but it takes time.
  6. Cheshire Cat

    911 Wheel Recommendations??

    The design is the key. If you don`t mind non Fuchs designs - Work wheels and SSR wheels from JDM Concept (ozzie dealer) will work for you. 2000-4000 depends on the design etc For lighter and more expensive wheels - CCW in the US. Shipping is killing though. Good quality billet wheels, cheaper than the rest billets. from 900+ usd per wheel w\o shipping etc Fuchs design - there are options but none of them are cheap or, lets put it this way, affordable. But here you go Rotiform, HRE, fifteen52 - from 1700 aud per wheel landed. 18-th wheels on my car, Work wheels Meister series
  7. Cheshire Cat

    911sc headlights

  8. Cheshire Cat

    Garage Cleanout

    Can I have a few pics of the seats and are they fiberglass or steel framed? Thanx
  9. Cheshire Cat

    1976 Backdate from an Update

    Sorry if I missed it somewhere, could you post a pic (or a few) of this please?
  10. Cheshire Cat

    911 RSi

    It`s ok, you didn`t miss much Well, so far the actual ECU tuning kinda frozen for a while, saving money for some dyno blah-blah. Meanwhile I`ve decided to sort out my stereo setup just to do something, cos I`m bored. Since I have 2 amplifiers (4 ch and mono) for front speakers and a subwoofer I wondered if I could go with bi-amp setup. Why? Well, as I mentioned before - I`ve got bored, then it was an album with sound quality I was not satisfied in my car (on proper headphones it sounds good enough) aaand I wanted few other bits and peaces to fix such as get rid of those huge crossover boxes. Apparently I had to obtain a new CD-Receiver in order to cut the frequencies in proper way. Long story short - I`ve got new head unit for cheap with proper equipment, redone my wiring, put it in proper way and order and now I have those sounds I was hearing in my headphones. Not so much of the photos, cos mostly changes been done under the carpet and in sound sections. But still - the head unit. I sorta noticed that it`s not designed in a old school way but for less than 150 bucks brand new - what else do I want?
  11. Cheshire Cat

    ITB EFI DIY guide

    Thanx Al for your input, I hope it`ll be quite helpful for everyone. And thank you for your work, you are basically a role model (at least for me) in meanings of ITBs
  12. Cheshire Cat

    Porsche 9964 Clinched

    I commented on their news source about the rear lights the same - a bit thin. Otherwise - we shall see. So far this is the best backdate for 996-997
  13. Cheshire Cat

    Porsche 9964 Clinched

    nope it's not.
  14. Cheshire Cat

    Porsche 9964 Clinched

    wny not?
  15. This is pretty interesting time we live in. Backdates come along with massive wide body kits etc. A compeny from Moscow named Clinched make widebody kits and over fenders for a veriety of cars but they`re interested in Porsche market as well. This is a render but looks quite inetersting. Sort of backdate for 996 to 964. Honestly it`s the first time I dig into this backdate.