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  1. I absolutely don't mind to wait for a while, but either Albert or someone else would let me know, that say we are experience some shipping problems etc, I'm ready to wait. But no reply whatsoever. Yep, double the price.
  2. It`s interesting to say at least. A couple of questions/warnings though: spartan lambda - peops on the internets keep copmlaining about unavailability of the devices cos, well, no response from the spartan web site or very delayed ones same with goingsuperfast. I have their trigger kit, took a while to ship but all is good, but recently I`ve ordered some other stuff, after some time got my money back without any explanation of what`s happened, on my emails - no reply, so either they don`t really like to deal with Australia this days (covid shipping) or I dunno... but keep going please
  3. well, didn`t update here much lately but anyone who follows me on instagram - not much news for you anyways, since the last update I have acquired a bunch of shiny (and not that shiny) goods, the list is: a set of Ti 996 Cup rods, rebushed and resized with new ARP rod bolts vs old ones weight a set of pistons made in the USA by Traum pistons 11.5:1 CR a set of custom exhaust headers and rear muffler 2 in 2 out my heads were drilled for twin plug setup, ported and benchflowed, now the intake valve is 50mm (new 964 intake valves, and 930 exhaust), intake port is 40, exhaust still pretty much the same but polished and blah-blah-blah a set of 3.2 jugs is bored out to 98mm and plated, sorry, no pictures yet a set of ARP headstuds is ordered and awaits to be shipped, and again no pics intake manifolds were 39mm in 36 out, now they`ve beeng bored out as well and 42 in and 40 out. my ITB`s are 46mm butterflies and 42 out so, no steps ordered a set of custom camshafts for my setup and flow numbers and a bunch of bits and pieces as well, like 62-2 teeth wheel, 2-nd set of O2 sensor, reworked my ECU wiring and location, got rid of sunroof, got rid of old sound proof, new steering wheel cos of a set of new light weight seats, and other yada yada yada so, that is all folks for now
  4. I`m waiting for that update
  5. I`d put money on lean. Transitions are pretty nasty to tune I find
  6. The problem is if it feels like you have to push through something, if you have a resistance at some point - it`s a mechanical problem. Unless you have dbw throttle. If it just feels like it, I mean the pedal is smooth all the time and you have to just add much more fuel - then it`s tuning.
  7. not sure if it will help but http://forums.pelicanparts.com/911-engine-rebuilding-forum/801692-pmo-46mm-carburetor-installation-3-2l.html
  8. all of them? Bell crank (on the gearbox) and In the foot well?
  9. Does she idle ok? Any chance to see the ign map and air\fuel?
  10. Yeah nah, I'm all sorted, as mentioned before. I was trying to figure a few detail about the kits, but seems like not so many people digging into this that deep.
  11. yep, my bad, it`s 350 (and 320) Nm not 420 and it`s sachs performance, which is taken from here https://www.sachsperformance.com/en/clutch-kit/performance-clutch-sachs/porsche-911/3-0-sc-carrera-154kw
  12. Well, that actually is the thing. When I was looking for this sort of information I stumbled pretty hard. I can`t find any torque capabilities of named kits whatsoever. The things I know for sure - the "normal" kit comes in parts, so you can order either the disk or the pp or bearing or all together, the "power clutch" kit comes only as a kit. But neither of those have any torque numbers. On the other hand the Sachs Performance clutch kit names the torque handling - 420 Nm or so don`t remember. In my case I have a disk from an aftermarket clutch company named Action Clutch (6 puck sprung handling about 400+ Nm) so, we shall see...
  13. Yeah not really, but thank you, it`s good to know. Apparently I have an access to a very good parts source with pretty good prices. Tried to figure things with the clutch kits to start with
  14. Well. a while ago I was interested in a new clutch kit/disk+bearing for my "project" and I realized that with everyone`s favorite Sachs it is a bit tricky. Basically how I see this things - we have: 1. Basic Sachs clutch kit (pressure plate + disk + bearing) - 721.75 USD (at pelicanparts) 2. Sachs Power clutch (basically the same as above but aluminium pressure plate instead the cast iron one) - 898.25 USD (same source) 3. Mysterious Sachs Performance kit which consist of some kind of pressure plate and disk - 804.33 euro (from sachs performance official website minus VAT) Did I miss something?

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