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  1. Nice white 80's Carrera heading south on Gembrook road between pakenham and melbourne this afternoon.....very tidy car..!!
  2. Hi, i am am sure there is some info somewhere on the forum regarding tyres, but thought I would ask the question here anyway..... i currently have a 78 SC, and have had a set of Yokohama Neova A08's on it that have been really good, but now need replacing. they are: front 205/55R16 91V back 225/50R16 92V appreciate any feedback on what people are currently running or,looking to change to.... cheers PeterP
  3. Off track but....whole bunch of ferraris across the top,of the peninsula this afternoon....not a tow truck in sight..??
  4. Corner old princes highway and Cardinia Rd this afternoon.....BLK......known suspect I believe....!!!
  5. folks, apologies if this has been covered, I looked but this site is bigger than Wikipedia..!! can someone give me a quick rundown on getting club rego. I understand a roadworthy,mand club membership are key, but are there clubs that are better than others..? previously been a member of PCV, but didn't get value out of it...... appreciate any any feedback,
  6. Traction tyres at Rowville......do a great job, fitted yokohamas to mine a while back and very happy with them.... and were cost effective. I think they used to ( and may still) support PCV members as well.....
  7. Well done on the find., and the drive back. you'll have lots of fun in that...!!
  8. 'twas me.......quiet Sunday afternoon drive ( whilst I had the opportunity) observing speed limits signs and recommended corner speeds......!!
  9. just wondering if anybody is planning to attend this event, or indeed has in the past and has any tips about where to stay etc etc. At this stage planning to get over there, and appreciate any feedback . cheers Peter
  10. Quick drive up through emerald, Olinda and back down through fern tree gully ,and a few P-Cars to be seen.....green 964 in emerald at the market, .what looked like a dark green or black 928 in Olinda, red steel bumper 911 with duck tail on Wellington road, being followed by black Boxster, grey Cayman near Beaconsfield...... fun drive being chased by a cobra ( replica).....good thing they are windy roads...!!!
  11. I think that's a great thing......he doesn't need to be associated with top gear rubbish......He's actually a great reviewer and has the driving skills to match, as opposed to the other top gear folk........
  12. Just a quick run around the berwick area, got to be cold when you have a 911 heater turned up......!!

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