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  1. Great 986 S Manual Tasteful Mods, Price Drop to $25,000 PFA first See for sale listing.
  2. I couldn’t resist doing a burn out on that floor every time I drove on it! 🤡 GLWS & apologies for the diversion
  3. Replacement about to be delivered. Will look at offers, with or without track gear.
  4. Congratulations, stunning piece of machinery and absolute work of art. Ive had the pleasure of riding shotgun in that car and have it overtake me while on two wheels. Well cherished by previous owner for many many years, irreplaceable vehicle. 👍
  5. Will do, could have trouble keeping up going back to air cooled............... you should have come for a blast at The Bend a few weeks ago!!! 😎
  6. @edgyThanks for the comments, - it's only money and would drive to Sydney tomorrow! 😁 @Jason AAgreed, SC Tarmac prepped, will keep details under wraps until deal done! 🤐
  7. 986 Boxster S Manual for Sale MY00 PFA Only Price Drop $25,000 in "Road Trim" Standard Seat & Airbag Steering Wheel Returned. - Rare White with Black Leather - Heated seats, climate control, factory Bose with Sub etc - Low 82,xxxkms with dealer and independent service history - Boxster maintenance items done - AOS, CV boots, MAF sensor etc, coolant tank etc - Very tidy car both internally & externally with minimal paint chips etc Mods Include: - Deep sump kit with baffles - Short shift kit - Borla exhaust - Bilstein PSS9 adjustable coilovers - professionally lowered, corner-weighted + camber set up etc - New discs, fronts grooved rather than drilled, race/fast road pads, race fluid - 18" Black turbo twist alloys with Hankook Ventus S1 Evo2 Tyres (70/80%) - Fire Extinguisher on Rennsport under seat mount Car has been tastefully and professionally modified for fast road and occasional track day, motorkhana, hillclimb etc. I have owned for approx 4yrs with 3/4 track days a year and occasional hillclimb/motkorhana. Asking $30,000 neg. $25,000 Track gear by negotiation. - 18" Simmons (worn R Specs) Velo Steering Wheel (airbag delete), Velo FIA Seat & 6 Point Harness. Ultimate Boxrod with superb handing & braking - really is as simple as changing wheels, few clicks on the PSS9's and ready to drive to track day in climate control with cruise control on. Will embarrass a lot of heavily modified and expensive machinery. 1:21's Mallala 1:39's The Bend (West) with average driver! Only selling as have been offer full Tarmac Rally Car and unfortunately can't have both. Car located Adelaide, can talk delivery assistance to eastern states. for further details or photos contact Anthony 0428 930 911 (stickers removable and only recent addition) Stickers now removed.
  8. Hi Firestone, sorry don't have the measurements but went as low as practical, didn't have to change any other suspension parts. I've had max neg camber dialled in without control arms or strut tops changed. Works very well as good compromise for track/twisties, just dial up the PSS9's for track and away you go. Photo from recent PCSA Tailem Bend day.
  9. My MY00 986 S Manual Boxrod is about to come up if anyone's interested PM me? Will post shortly (My PFA membership status is still showing member rather than financial member even though paid, just sent msg to admin so I'm sure will be sorted) Basics are: Rare White with Black Leather, heated seats, climate control, factory Bose etc ~ 85,000kms with dealer and independent service history, Boxster maintenance items done - AOS, CV boots, MAF sensor etc, coolant tank etc Mods Include: Deep sump kit with baffles, Short shift kit, Borla exhaust, Bilstein PSS9 adjustable coilovers - lowered, corner-weighted + camber set up etc 18" Black turbo twists with 18" Simmons option for track Ultimate Boxrod very well set up for fast road & track days. Does 1:21's at Mallala with average driver.
  10. I might have, upgraded to short shift in the Boxster and old one should be in the shed, I’ll have a look on weekend. if that’s the right part?
  11. I got lucky, they had a special ? Best I could do in AUST was $4.5k
  12. Ive gone Bilstein PSS9 coilovers, transformed in both stance and handling. Mine does see he odd track day, adjust a few clicks and away you go. Also handy to dial in/out over/understeer . Not technically best way to do it but works in the absence of adjustable sway bars. i bought from Design 911 in the uk AUD$2500 landed. Best deal around by a long shot. From memory fitting, corner weight and set up cost me about $1k.
  13. Yes, still for sale. Give me a call anytime.

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