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  1. I might have, upgraded to short shift in the Boxster and old one should be in the shed, I’ll have a look on weekend. if that’s the right part?
  2. I got lucky, they had a special ? Best I could do in AUST was $4.5k
  3. Ive gone Bilstein PSS9 coilovers, transformed in both stance and handling. Mine does see he odd track day, adjust a few clicks and away you go. Also handy to dial in/out over/understeer . Not technically best way to do it but works in the absence of adjustable sway bars. i bought from Design 911 in the uk AUD$2500 landed. Best deal around by a long shot. From memory fitting, corner weight and set up cost me about $1k.
  4. Yes, still for sale. Give me a call anytime.
  5. Thanks for comments above. @Hughesy I'm not sure haven't been able to establish. Is original RHD. I can PM you Engine & Chassis Number if interested?
  6. Time has come to sell my 1979 928, rare manual. I bought this car approx. 2yrs ago as a quick project, well still sitting in the shed and with continuingly diminishing spare time between business and family its time to move it on. Cool colour - Minerva Blue Metallic. Very presentable as is with only a scratch on front bumper and some bubbling on the Porsche Insignia on rear (see photos) Dark Brown Leather with Pasha Inserts - needs re-trim. Mechanically needs head gaskets replaced, blown just before I bought. Oil was replaced straight away. I have started runs well and replaced oil immediately of course. Brakes, suspension, transmission etc seem to be okay but not driven to be certain. Front and rear spoilers along with wheels not original but I think suit the car, rest seems original. Previous owner had the car for some 20 + years, most in Darwin with apparently a class B win in now discontinued Cannonball Run. Photos and history where promised but never received. Current plates on car are NT and not transferable, ornamental only. Car has been inspected for SA Club historic rego and is walk in club rego for SA. Great car to fix, drive and enjoy rather than concourse resto. Located Adelaide. Asking $10,500 neg. Contact for further details Anthony 0428 930 911
  7. Thanks, no hairdryer needed here given I have no hair also.........blower...........could be another conversation............?
  8. Heres an average photo of my Boxrod S at a PCSA Malalla sprint. Only mods are: Pads/fluid PSS9’s corner weighted and set up well Deep Sump kit Velo Seat 6 Point Harness & Steering Wheel Well recommend getting into one. Great fun on the track and twisting for not a lot of $$$ and keeps a lot of more expensive machinery honest particularly braking & cornering.
  9. Try design911 in the UK, my PSS9’s were approx AUD$2400 landed in AUST. Best deal by deal I could find by a long shot. They perform fantasticly.
  10. Yes, bought some wheels from Tony and assisted greatly with some suspension parts I was chasing. Good to deal with and my independent Porsche specialist spoke highly also.
  11. I’m also investigating 3.8l conversion to 986S at the moment. Seems easiest option is to go Motec or similar route rather than deal with all the issues of factory DME swaps etc. Can dial in additional performance as a side bonus. I’ll put up some costings once I get that far, although may be less concerning as a “non costed” excersize and just pay the bills as they come in and forget the final calculation. ? There is a heap of information in 101 Projects if you haven’t seen as yet.
  12. Thanks for that Trev, twisties is not the issue, not much comes close there! On the track is the issue, corner speed and braking the Boxster is great and keeps a lot quite heavily developed and expensive machinery honest, an extra 100 or so more Hp would downright embarrass them ? i have investigated the turbo option, tpc in US do some good work but somewhat risky with high compression etc is the advice I’ve been given. Have you installed deep sump and baffle kit as yet, highly recommend for any track work?
  13. Does anyone know what the engine transplant is? I’m seriously considering 997 3.8 into my S, Handling with Bilstein PSS9’s is good, brakes aren’t too bad with tarmac Pads, fluid etc Just “need” another 100 or so hp to keep those pesky 911s away ?
  14. I put Bilstein PSS9's on mine a couple of months ago, has totally transformed the handling, both road & track. Bought through design 911 in U.K. Approx AUD$2700 landed $1500 cheaper than anywhere I could find in Aust.
  15. I'd love to but will be getting the dirt bikes well .........dirty

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