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  1. Well done @Jason A. Is that a cup muffler you have on the car? Wasn’t sure as the exhaust tips look slightly further apart. Great looking car.
  2. 20 years? 25 years? I’ve nothing against Holden BTW.
  3. ^^^ I would say a 996 GT3 is a much safer bet than anything Holden at the moment. Porsche is here to stay, Holden will be forgotten in 15 years.
  4. See you guys at Glenelg. Hopefully we get a few cars, apparently numbers are down this year. Perfect weather for it
  5. Yep amazing. What was the gap between the 1.2 GT3 and the 1.2 RS? That gives a better idea given the 2 is a bit quicker than the RS. Porsche has done it again.
  6. I know you're taking the piss but I agree with you! Id rather have what's in your garage personally. The 992 styling is too far of a departure from what the 911 should be. Looks are subjective I know, but its not the sort of car you'd turn around to look at after locking it up. I am not a player in this market however, so what I think probably doesn't matter anyway!
  7. Not as pretty as the 991.2 but 17 sec is monumental. I bet the majority of that is down to the new tyre as @WGA already suggested though.
  8. I didn’t think AP seemed all that confident about quoting Mexico Blue in the Top Gear video. I always thought it was Riviera Blue
  9. As long as it ends at The Bend where a 996 cup awaits with an empty passenger seat 😀
  10. Oh don’t worry that thought has crossed my mind a few times 😄. May have a solution to get me all the way without having to drive it, this one has tested me though!
  11. WA back to East is usually the cheapest carrying route in the country as their trucks are usually quite empty.
  12. Bloody hell, that’s very good Doug. Prix quoted me $6700 enclosed from FNQLD to Adelaide. As far as the big companies go, my recent experience is they all offer the same shithouse service. They will get your car there in once piece, though
  13. Funny I spoke to both Adam and Phil today. Turns out they work together on jobs.
  14. Thanks guys, had a good experience with Alan’s as a seller when my old GT3 went to Syd but unfortunately they don’t go where this new car is. @edgy I will give Adam a call cheers!

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