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  1. I've been devouring every video as soon as they're live. Absolute gem of a channel, hope he continues.
  2. ^^^ agree, I think back to the SY gen 2 touring with 6K kms that sold for 200K or so a couple of years ago. Slightly stronger times however.
  3. @Skidmarks^^^ so when is the blue/white 996RS coming to your garage? 😃
  4. No it was a black 997.2 with red accents. It was wingless at one point too and was owned by someone on this forum...Jono someone
  5. spiller

    WTB MK1 996 GT3 CS

    Details on the MK2? Is it for sale? CS?
  6. I was going off the black 7.2 that was advertised for around 3 in Vic not long ago. It appears the RS market is still solid though!
  7. Notice I said “dream”.
  8. I’m guessing high 2s or very low 3s is the number.
  9. WGA, would love to hear your opinion on the 996RS v 997.2RS. Perhaps you love the 996 more as you have ultimately chosen to bring it to Aus with you, but I’d still be interested to hear your thoughts. They’re my two dream road going Porsches.
  10. A friend of mine was the previous owner of the silver one.
  11. So the black one is missing the books? Seems unusual for a GT3. Always wondered how people misplace something of such importance.
  12. I’d imagine that would be reversible. Not that odd but not common on a 996. I don’t know how many blue there are but apparently red was the launch colour and so many went with red. I prefer the blue but I wouldn’t say no to either (in my dream world).
  13. Yep I remember seeing a blue one for 180K private sale back in 2012. This red one is the first sub 300K one I’ve seen for a long time. Probably safe money as it’s difficult to imagine these not being worth twice as much within the next decade, if you track what all the air cooled RS cars have done before it. Agree, I’d have the 996 before 997.1 or 2. Where it all began!
  14. I don’t trust the carsales notifications with a pinch of salt. More often than not it’s the seller/dealer playing games just so people who have saved the cars get an alert. General fuckwittery that is off putting.
  15. My carsales app is telling me it’s hail damaged with a red banner up the top next to the headline of the advert. Usually see that banner next to ads for Toyota Hilux’s and Hyundais so bit of an odd one. EDIT: now it’s gone, someone at CTS must have clicked the wrong box!

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