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  1. PS4 will do the job but I wouldn’t go PS2 over cup 2 (if those are your only choices). I will add that for me personally, in all the years of owning many different performance cars and buying lots of sets of tyres, I’ve not once ever regretted going with the more aggressive option. I can’t say the same for when I’ve gone the other direction though. I’ve heard of people getting 40,000 from a set of PS4. With the kms you are doing, the rubber will likely age out before it wears out (even on a rear heavy 911).
  2. How are you using the car @NAC911 and what sort of kms do you do?
  3. I have the connect in factory 996 GT3 sizes. 235/40r18 and 295/30r18. I ordered about 6 weeks ago and got the last set of 235 in Aus but more have come back into stock since then (and may have already been exhausted again).
  4. Keep in mind that the new connect compound of cup 2 has a higher tread wear than the old cup 2. It’s now around 240 or there abouts. Supposedly similar wet performance and life to the 4S but better dry performance. I am yet to really give them a good shake and don’t drive my car in the rain at all really so it was a no brainer for me. The tyres will likely age out before they wear out.
  5. @edgy were yours the newer Cup 2 connect or the older version? I have just had a set of the connect fitted and an aggressive alignment dialed in to give them a run at The Bend in a couple of weeks. Not expecting amazing but hopefully a good fit for a couple of track days per year and the rest road use. If they last a couple of years for all of that I’ll be quite pleased. Couldn’t justify faffing around with the track wheels and a set of A050 for only two days per year, but the performance in a couple of weeks will be the judge of whether or not selling them (again 🥴) was a good decision. If I was going to go that route again I would do some Pirelli DH slicks.
  6. James I am also interested in one of the new cup splitters. Cheers
  7. The issue is a lot of the “supercars” go missing when it comes time to a track day. The GT3 will do it all day. There is no true competitor for the GT3 IMO…it’s truly in a class of its own.
  8. A friend of mine used to own the silver 996. Quite a tidy car with good history.
  9. I think you left off a couple of zeros 😎
  10. Ammo lather is simply amazing. But it’s expensive to get it here from the US so worth buying a few other products at the same time.
  11. Looks great mrar. Much more interesting to look at than leather everywhere.
  12. With the way our government treats taxation I could certainly see a double standard with this if CGT on cars was a reality 🙄
  13. @cafe_racer the Exige is a hugely underrated car. Shame they aren't making it any longer.
  14. @cafe_racer have you bought something yet? Curious to know what you ended up with. If track days are your jam it’s hard to look past a cup car.

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