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  1. I did a configuration for a 992 the other day (for shits and giggles, not in the market), basic spec with just the LWB seats and it came in at 408K drive away. I would have thought 70-75K price delta over a 1.2 is reasonable?
  2. Not surprised. What factors have come into play here? a) under 200K asking price b) guards red c) relatively low Kms d) no others on carsales for months e) all of the above EDIT: Yesterday I sent the carsales link to an acquaintance who has been looking. I just asked if it was him. Autohaus told him it sold within 20 mins of going on carsales. The hype is real.
  3. You got a good one. Beautiful car with just the right amount of hotrod.
  4. My dad has a 1964 convertible 327 with a Muncie 4 speed that he’s owned for 10 years. I drove it back to Adelaide from Melbourne when he bought it, which was an experience I’ll never forget. It made the journey with a cracked head, unbeknownst to us as the seller did not disclose it and tried to hide with the issue chemiweld. We had no idea until sometime later as it never overheated. I could not believe how much performance these cars had for their time. Definitely not built to stop (not at least with drums) or go around corners but there’s few classic car experiences out there that capture the essence of that particular era as well as a C2 does. Much better car than the C1 IMO as well. The C1 was a beautiful car but more for looks than performance.
  5. It is indeed the same car that was sold by J Garage in Adelaide about 7 months ago. Listed at 179K and sold within 2 weeks back then. This car has definitely had more than two owners. First owner was Roger Lago (Carrera cup and Aus GT racer), I know the 2nd owner who had it for some years in Adelaide then CTS sold in for him in 2016, then back to Adelaide to be sold again last year. So autohouse are embellishing on the number of owners a bit there. Very tidy looking car though. I agree with Steve, less than two weeks and it’s gone for 195. I looked at this car when it was for sale at Buiks in 2014 for 108K but thought it was too much money at the time (so did everyone else, as it didn’t sell). If we all had time machines! J Garage also had a black CS with PCCB last year when they they sold this car. 70K Kms for 199K and gone within a week. Sept/Oct 2020 from memory.
  6. This place in Europe “Scuderia V” often has them in stock and I believe they ship to Australia. Get your wallet out though! https://scuderiav.com/
  7. @Jason A thanks it’s hard work keeping them looking good but with the effort. Gorgeous GT40! One of my bucket list cars. Any details on engine/gearbox/chassis? Was it more of a period spec or restomod style?
  8. paging @edgy not sure if he still has his spare fixed backs for sale?
  9. My first Porsche and the one that got me hooked on 996s. Learnt a lot about driving with this car and had many great (and also some very hairy) experiences on track in it.
  10. Too right. From the blurb...”several teams attempted to run this very powerful car, but few succeeded”. I wonder why 🧐
  11. 6.1 GT3 170-215 6.2 GT3 170-230 7.1 GT3 210-250 7.1 GT3RS tricky as hardly any on the open market in years...370-400? 7.2 GT3 240-280 7.2 GT3RS tricky as hardly any on the open market in years...400-450? 991.1 GT3RS 350-380 991.2 GT3 290-350 ^^^ those are estimates for Aus deliveries. Imports fetch considerably less due to the snobby nature of Australian buyers of GT Porsches. https://tauruslogistics.com.au/car-shipping/australia/australian-gst-duty-lct-calculator ^^^ this is the calculator I used.
  12. I just threw the numbers into an online calculator for the sake of curiosity - based on a UK purchase price of $195K...approx 80 grand worth of taxes! I’d still do it for the right car if I could.

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