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  1. I was pretty gutted to learn this news. Porsche had such a good presence at this event and it seemed to be gathering huge momentum each year. Hope to see it back in the not too distant future.
  2. Brilliant ad @edgy. If that doesn’t deter the tyre kickers nothing will! GLWS mate, someone will get an awesome car (or you will get to keep it :D).
  3. “If only this car could talk”...great ad description. Looks like a top car asssuming engine is in good shape.
  4. My shop puts Delvac in my cup car, many on rennlist seem to use the same. Shifts are nice and smooth. I didn’t know the box was made by Getrag...you learn something new every day.
  5. Front well executed but the rear end really shows the longer wheel base and it don’t look right.
  6. @LeeM I missed it, perhaps said person wasn’t trying hard enough?
  7. Had a look at his Adelaide videos yesterday. The Richmonds turn out looked fantastic, far more there than I expected and looked like a good spread of food too. Seems his visit to Adelaide was a bit rushed which is a shame but I guess he’s got to keep to a tight schedule.
  8. You going for a look mate? I thought about dropping in if I can get a leave of absence 😂
  9. I looked at selling my GT3 with them a couple of years back. Whilst I ended up going privately, they seemed like very laid back (in a positive way), no pressure and professional people. David is one if a nicer blokes you'll meet in the car world. Another time I rang him to see if selling our Cayenne through them would be an option, not only was he up front in saying that particular car would be best sold privately (given the model and the stock they already had at the time), but he actually took the time to research recent sales using his dealer access to carsales and got back to me two days later with some guidance on where I should set the sale price. Unbelievably good level of service! I don't get down there enough, only because I feel bad dropping in to just drool!
  10. Thanks for the tag mate, have been looking for any skerrick of footage my car might have been in for ages! Cool that @James P car is right there too. Big hit for Reynolds and very good evasive driving by Webb at 200 clicks there.
  11. That nations cup car is awesome and recent top end rebuild to boot - a good 10-15K right there. Sharply priced too
  12. I'd imagine he bent the frame in the rear slightly. Fortunately for him the most expensive part of the car got away almost unscathed. The big dent in the roof is interesting...caused by the bonnet flying open? Figures he let go of the wheel to avoid wrist and hand injury, although he had already copped the big hit before then (with hands still on the wheel). No foot on the brake pedal, but brakes probably aren't helping at that stage?

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