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  1. Nice car. The old sight unseen purchase is always a little daunting. Great outcome.
  2. Thank you for the information skidmarks. It has been significantly better, and more valuable than anything that I have found on the internet. And Timm... I said I would get back to you but my wheel guy does not have any information today. It seems the smaller bolt diameter than a standard simmons is throwing up unknowns (still 36 bolt though). That, and the mysterious race LE design (as per skidmarks), is much of an undocumented beast. I can see these are going to be fast and light on my garage wall in the near future........ I appreciate the Australian PFA help. Thank you Craig.
  3. Hi Timm. I am getting a quote today (hopefully) so i will let you know what that is. I was told it was going to be dear so i might not go ahead with it. The lips are 36 bolt simmons but, for some reason, the bolt holes are a smaller diameter than normal simmons. I may have to drill the centers out....... The wheel bloke told me Tempe (NSW) is the source of the barrels now. I feel these wheels will just sit in the garage forever...... doing nothing
  4. Some more pics. Thank you to Orlando for helping me out with the uploads.
  5. Yes Orlando. They are .jpg I can PM you my login and password if that will help?
  6. I tried on a windows computer and also on a android tablet. I am failing on the upload part, not the posting part? I am listed as a FUCHer so maybe I have limits? This is what I'm getting:- "There was a problem processing the uploaded file. Please contact us for assistance."
  7. No doubt this gas been asked a million times but, how do you post a pic again? Max file size says 511MB but i keep getting knocked back on even 25kB pics? Thank you. Craig.
  8. Yes. Yes. Yes. I have been trying to post that picture for the last hour I have other pics but every time I try to post it says contact 'us' for assistance. Thank you.
  9. I am having trouble uploading. Even small pics (32kb). I'll keep trying. Here is the Jim Richards car https://goo.gl/images/dpgb7c
  10. Hello all. Does anyone know of these simmons wheels? I can't seem to find any information on them anywhere. I am looking to getting them rebarrelled to suit my '77 narrow body as they are very light, but before I do, I was wondering if they were a quality worth investing in. I will ask the wheel restorer (Depulu on the Gold Coast) but I thought there may be some valuable knowledge here first. Q 1 - Specifically, I am wondering if they are genuine simmons as the font is in lower case and a known genuine set of simmons that I have are in upper case font. Q 2 - Are the centers aluminium or magnesium? Q 3 - Are the centers cast or forged? The only car I have ever (maybe) seen them is on Jim Richards turbo at the 2006 Targa Tasmania but I can't be sure it is them. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Craig.
  11. The Singers are the highest level of automotive art and I am blown away by the detail, but is anyone really going to take it to the track and risk stone chips, off track excursion, brushing the wall or someone elses mistake? Surely that is the point of 500 Williams horsepower and worlds best conventional suspension. Not trying to poo poo the cars - they are so perfect and what most of us air guys are striving for in our own way but, it's just, what do you do with it? AU $2.4 million + tax.
  12. Sounds like you have solved the problem but if you ever need to try another DME relay, just let me know. I am in Brisbane and carry a spare. Craig.

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