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  1. White 997’s 😍 ... This thread stressed me out 😂 glad you had such a good result... 👍
  2. This is really great advice! When buying, you just have to think about the times you’ve been a seller. I’m not interested in a story about what my car’s worth, just what someone will pay . Usually the story just annoys you, and the lower the offer is, the stupider the story gets 😄... That’s the way I deal with buying now. Nice and simple. First price is your best price and either you strike a deal or walk away. No story, just the number I can pay. Everyone appreciates that I think.
  3. JWM

    Should I PPI?

    Very true. I found and bought what seemed to be a very good car, and it was, but still glad I had a PPI done. There will always be something an older car needs at some point. Mine needed nothing immediate but at least I have a good idea of what it will need first... edit: saw you bought it already, congrats mate! There’s always the other PPI: Post Purchase Inspection... I’ve done those before too 😄.
  4. JWM

    911 Speedster is coming!

    The more I see it, the more I really like it, but the best thing is it makes you think a GT3 Touring is a real bargain and would be a financially sensible decision... 😂
  5. Wow, fantastic story! That's amazing, and what a car!! Huge congratulations!
  6. @Hughesy more potential members for your garage lease back program 😁...
  7. Can’t wait to read about yours. Great to have all these stories around on the forum I reckon. I was a bit like you, I was wandering around Autohaus one morning and saw a silver 996 and I think that was the point I started to let go of finding a 997 and focus on 996s...
  8. The only thing that I didn't particularly like about this car was that the rear numberplate holes had been drilled to suit a SA plate, not my NSW slimline one, and the factory bracket for mounting the plate on the font really made it stick out a long way, and looked weird straight and upright against the curved and downward slowing nose... So, I ordered a set of brackets and covers from https://www.lakinplates.com.au that I'm sure a lot of people are aware of. I remember he shut down for a while due to health reasons but happily Philip is well again and has resumed making these. A couple of shots from last night when I got around to attaching them to the car, as you can see, a really nice fit, so I highly recommend them. I also got a set of the Kinpin covers for front and rear as well.
  9. Love the red! I’d even accept the interior to have that exterior I think 😂...
  10. Nicely said. I think you mean “sporting and purposeful” interior right? 😄 Great write up, enjoy it!
  11. JWM

    PFA 996

    Thanks for sending it out (I assume 🙂)... Yeah it looks great on the car. Loved how this shot came out looking like it was glowing.
  12. Yeah, took a few attempts (and a discussion about the trade practices act at the baby store 😂) to find one that fit. Only for emergency use really but good to have it. I was pretty tired from a few long weeks at work, I blame that for the fact it seemed like a perfectly normal thing to do 😂. I was thinking on the way down it was going to be a difficult conversation if the car didn’t live up to what I’d heard and seen from afar but it seemed like a remote possibility by that point. Agree, really fantastic. For me it was having multiple people, including Lee, giving really good feedback on the car and owner and a few good conversations with the owner that gave me the confidence to go ahead. I’d run a million miles from a caper like this if everything didn’t feel really spot on. Good luck with the search!!
  13. Decided it was time... Out with the old: And in with the new:
  14. JWM

    PFA 996

    Proud to add the PFA sticker to my first Porsche! 😁

PFA [Porsche Forum Australia]

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It is also a platform to arrange and participate in off-line social meet-ups, events and drives.

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