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  1. Looks fantastic based on the photos. As everyone has been selling, good cars priced well selling fast. There’s a couple 997.2 C2S’s that have been sitting at CTS for months because the prices are silly.
  2. Totally agree. I always thought my next 911 might be a 997.2 but you don’t have to pay “that” much more, relatively, to jump into something that’s 10 years newer and can have that much longer warranty… I like the smaller size of the 997, but doesn’t seem like the greatest value in the world right now…
  3. Down to $88,000 today. This one also testing the waters for 996 pricing:
  4. Maybe this is expensive (even in these times) and I know you wanted a tip but I noticed this in your colour today: https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2001-porsche-boxster-s-986-manual-my01/SSE-AD-7433699
  5. Hopefully if I click this enough times my Carsales “recommendations” will go back to normal, instead of this after looking at that Ford (only once I swear!) 😂
  6. Pity that one didn’t turn out to be any good 😕… I looked for one for a little while because I really like the 986, but I couldn’t find a “sorted” one and to me seemed like I’d have to spend the same on sorting a 996 but never get it back (although I reckon one day they’ll be loved and you would). I guess if you can patiently wait for one that’s been sorted, or take up the kind offers in this thread to get one there, it will be a great buy. ps: like all hair dresser jokesters, I want to buy a Boxster at some point too 😆
  7. Check for lost scissors and combs under the seats 😂
  8. JWM

    Porsche and F1

    I watched an interesting video about this the other day... It included a good explainer of what the MGU-H is / how it works and why they want it dropped...
  9. Yours was a cracking example so not a surprise! I’ve been off and on but really I’m ready to sell mine, just having a genuinely hard time trying to work out what price to put on it..
  10. I only ever look at manual coupe prices. Seeing what people are asking for tipper cabs is a bit of an eye opener. Are any of these selling?
  11. Normally I’d say https://www.lakinplates.com.au but I see on the site he’s not taking orders due to parts issues out of the US.
  12. I just want to know if I can call and offer to buy it for that yet 😁
  13. Has anyone called them to advise it's been officially valued by PFA at no more than $190k yet? 😂 In other exciting news, it showed up this week...

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