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  1. Philip from https://www.lakinplates.com.au/ can make you up something that will fit beautifully. I had him do some for my 996. Gave him photos and measurements of where existing holes were and he sorted a bracket that fit those, then suited my slimline NSW plates. In my case went for a slight curve on the front to follow the shape of the bumper, and for it to be tilted down. A lot better than the factory bracket. Also allowed proper alignment on the rear, which was drilled to suit a larger plate... He also has covers which I ordered at the same time. I’d love to know how this works! Have seen stickers and what look like plastic ones on cars getting around. Wonder if it’s just a case of they do it until caught?!
  2. Not 100% sure, but I think those "lights" are mostly camouflage... On the side you can see at least a fair chunk of it is just red tape?
  3. Fair bit more detail in this write up, although not sure how much of it is rumours v fact: https://www.whichcar.com.au/reviews/2020-porsche-taycan-turbo-prototype-performance-review
  4. Hanlon’s Razor: "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity." 😂
  5. Was mentioned elsewhere that it was withdrawn from sale while considering higher offers...
  6. Doesn't show it now, but from memory it might have been a bit out of the way in Qld somewhere? I thought that may have played a part...
  7. Need two sets of eye to be safe, I'll come with you. Now come on people, someone must want it looked at?! 😁
  8. Well, this is a bloody work of art if I do say so myself, you can hardly tell it's here... 😂
  9. I wonder what this sold for. Seems like very good buying, and makes that other black one that's jumping around in price look a bit silly (although it's a .2 I suppose)... https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1999-porsche-911-carrera-996-manual/SSE-AD-6026913
  10. Wow! Where has Zanzibar Red been all my life... That looks stunning. 😍
  11. Some spy shots that have surfaced... I think (hope!) what look like tail lights are, when you zoom in, just tape acting as camouflage... I assume these are official "leaks" ... nice idea to park a Model 3 here to make the much nicer lower profile of the Taycan stand out! 😁
  12. JWM


    I wondered why you were carrying that bat around when I met you in Adelaide. Makes sense now. 😂
  13. Haha 😂 I found the article I read: https://www.motoring.com.au/porsche-taycan-confirmed-for-australia-115068/ It’s even less concrete on the price than I’d remembered though: Porsche will not provide any indication on the price of the Taycan in Australia, but it’s expected to be priced below the Panamera (from $214,400) and in line with the Tesla Model S, which opens at about $125,000 for the most basic 75D variant and tops out at under $250,000 drive-away for the quicker, more powerful P100D flagship. So how does putting in an EOI work?
  14. There’s a bit more of a write up here too https://newsroom.porsche.com/en/2019/company/porsche-taycan-exterior-sketches-michael-mauer-interview-17991.html
  15. I’d love to know this too. I remember reading the same thing a while ago, but at the time I thought it must be a misinterpretation of someone at Porsche saying it would undercut the Model S and the journalist assuming that meant the base nodel, rather than the P100D price at the time... Performance wise that would be the competitor, although sounds like it may be smaller in size. For $120k they’ll sell as many as they can make I’d think...

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