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  1. Still haven't watched season two of Drive to Survive. I might queue that up soon.
  2. I guess it’s not great as a 911, but this world be amazing if it were a new Subaru Outback 😄...
  3. It would be nice if this worked but I think you’re fighting an uphill battle against the tragedy of the commons: The tragedy of the commons is a situation in a shared-resource system where individual users, acting independently according to their own self-interest, behave contrary to the common good of all users by depleting or spoiling the shared resource through their collective action.
  4. I wonder which military base he’s deployed to and how much you have to wire to get the car released from the docks before you can collect it? 😂
  5. I’m like you, I have a real soft spot for these, and if/when I make a change from my current car this would be pretty high on the list. The black one has been for sale for ages. Two white ones less. Maybe a month to six weeks for the manual, bit more for the PDK? Just a guess although if you’re really keen I probably have the Carsales notifications from when they were listed that I can dig out. All priced a bit high I think compared to some recent sales but not crazy. They’ve held their value really well so far, but I honestly don’t know if that will persist forever. Not many around and I love them but I think most people fall in the “expensive Boxster with an annoying roof” category... 😂
  6. Some people seem to think everything is a scam and everyone is a crook, I suspect it's because they themselves are, and assume everyone else is! 😂 I've bought a few low km cars and it's so obvious when the condition supports it or not...but for the sceptical, I saw in your Carsales ad you have the books and service history - If that's been at BMW, and you don't already have them all, perhaps a call to them to ask for print outs of the actual service invoices (which would have kms on them) would add some weight to the authenticity for people?
  7. Yeah, he seems to be one of the few non-wanker car reviewers on YouTube! Always look forward to his stuff.
  8. This was a good watch on the Boxster GTS, and at the end he sums up the differences to the Spyder...
  9. Good on everyone getting involved and for you organising @turboT... I would have been really keen to do this but have a little one's birthday this weekend, with some family coming from interstate for it, etc. Have made a donation to https://www.gofundme.com/f/fire-relief-run just now instead. Hope it all goes well.
  10. I read that yes, this was the case, in a thread here somewhere a few weeks ago.
  11. Argh, painful! Definitely could have been worse though... Assuming it had a few before, at least you'll have a stone chip free bumper after this!
  12. I find those statuses can be flakey sometimes on Carsales, especially if you don’t get an email notification about the change... I often look a couple days later and it will just be listed again as normal...
  13. That’s what I thought! 😂 I drove mine from Adelaide to Sydney over two days, and I was shocked at how comfortable it was, especially for a 20yr old car. One of the better long haul drives I’ve ever done. I wonder if the seats in his are “gone”?
  14. Also on Carsales. I thought I remembered a PFA member having a blue one with X51 kit? Can’t remember a name though... 🤔

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