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  1. Yeah I agree, perfect daily. I was going to get a Model 3 Performance, but it just didn’t quite float my boat enough to spend $100k on a daily... It was sports car fast, but in no way a sports car.. Because of the way it felt, it’s the first car I’ve driven that I genuinely thought was “too fast”, because the rest of the package didn’t match its speed. I’d still recommend it to anyone over a 3 series or whatever boring sedan they wanted to buy for the same money though. If this base model Taycan swaps some speed of the Tesla for more steering feel and general enjoyment, for low to mid 100s, I can see myself behind the wheel of one at some point...
  2. Looks like a cheaper RWD model is confirmed now: http://www.motoring.com.au/basic-rear-drive-porsche-taycan-unwrapped-in-china-124956/ If you look at the pricing in China and convert straight to AUD (ignoring taxes etc) it's about A$50k cheaper than the 4S... If that translates here, it will indeed give the Model S a run for it's money... Surely that’s going to tank Tesla sales big time...
  3. Thought I would add an update on my latest shenanigans with the 996... I decided to buy some new wheels (which are now for sale since I decided to keep the old ones on the car) and fit new tyres, as I'd finally had enough of the Kuhmo's that were on the car. They weren't very old, but were pretty average and have now been replaced with some Cup 2's. As hoped, this has made a big different. Gives a lot more confidence in the handling and has really taken out some of the nervousness the front and back both had before. I'd also found that after hitting it plenty of times with the pressure washer, one of the wheels was starting to have some paint flake. Given the location, around the edge only, and on the passenger side wheel, I'm assuming due to some gutter rash being fixed at some point... So I had it properly stripped back and repainted. Came up really nicely!
  4. My stupidity is your gain... I bought these when planning to change the tyres on my car, as I thought they were wider than my wheels, but in the end turned out they were the same, so I kept the originals on the car and am now selling these again. Photos are from the forum member I bought them off, but the tyres are not included as I had them stripped off before they were sent to me. The wheels are now securely boxed up I'd rather not unpack them for new photos in case someone would like to buy them and have them shipped to them. If someone local is buying, I'm happy to open the boxes up to confirm condition. For local pickup, I'm in the Hills District of Sydney. Asking $2,000 (plus courier costs) which is what I paid.
  5. As anyone who's tried will know, a lot of the baby seats these days don't fit in the back of a 911. This is one I used in my 996 and it fit well, as per pictures. The little guy is too big for it now so thought I would put it up for sale if someone else can make use of it. Probably not worth trying to post, so local pickup in Sydney (Hills District) preferred unless someone is really keen for it then I could take to a Pack n Send for you. Not really sure what the going rate is. How does $50 sound?
  6. It’s had a major adjustment down, now more in line with the one that was at PCW recently...
  7. Yeah, true, seems they don’t mind. There’s some interesting older articles around saying some sort of entry has been considered in the recent past: https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/f1i.com/news/365099-porsche-reveals-just-how-close-it-came-to-entering-f1.html/amp
  8. This is just a cheapy out of a set someone gave our son, but he’s happy to let me keep it here on the desk for inspiration 😊...
  9. I'm only comparing to some pretty awful Kuhmo's that were on there (and the rears were the wrong size - which is part of what threw me on the rim size) but after a bit of a drive today, I agree, well worth the wait!!
  10. Wouldn’t surprise me. I had to wait 4-5 weeks to get the full set of Sport Cup 2’s. I think they had the fronts but only one of the rears in the country when I ordered...
  11. Fair enough. In my defence, I was 3yrs old then... 😂 Mind you, McLaren didn’t sell road cars then did they?
  12. 🤣 true!! My assumption in this scenario is that they'd buy the team and rename it to "Porsche F1", or at least "Porsche Williams" or similar. As you say though, they would have to pump serious money into it, and be prepared to play a long game until it's winning. Agree, there's a huge market on the Porsche side they don't complete with, but I meant this more generally for the usual marketing effort to connect your road and race cars (however tenuously, even at the top end) in people's minds... How would this work in the F1 team - a McLaren with a Porsche engine? A Porsche with a McLaren engine? It's too messy... The only way I could see to resolve that would be if Porsche is taking a big stake in all of McLaren and going all in on a Hypercar collaboration together, then linking that to the F1 team - both chassis and engine are neither Porsche or McLaren but both... Ok now I'm really excited... 😁 No doubt about that.
  13. Not a particularly marketing friendly arrangement though, given they compete in road cars.
  14. Got me. 😆 Would be very awesome! I guess Mercedes has a wheel in each of Formula 1 and Formula E, so why not Porsche?
  15. Great, thanks, I’ll send you a DM.

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