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  1. JWM


    A mate sent me this the other week. Old clip but far fewer d***heads... 😁
  2. That ad has the fanciest translation of “personal import” I’ve ever read... 😂 (I assume)
  3. Went back and found it: https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2001-Porsche-911-Carrera-4-996-Manual-AWD/SSE-AD-5114243
  4. Is that the ‘déjà vu’ car that was for sale in Tasmania a few weeks ago (probably discussed a couple of pages back)? It was advertised on Carsales for $60k...
  5. Seems reasonably priced. The car park pic makes it look like the front bumper has been resprayed?
  6. It’s been there for quite a while. In my experience, Carsales seems to resend notifications of “new cars” when they’ve been sitting for a while....
  7. JWM

    What kinda hose you got ?

    I bought a new Gerni not long ago, with a much MUCH better hose on it than the old one (which had the cheap shiny crap hose that always coils up and generally just does it's best to give you the shits) on a sturdy reel, and I have to say it's increased my Car Washing SatisfactionTM levels at least 300%. You should definitely do it. On another note, now that there appears to be an officially endorsed PFA hose, how long before I see an ad on Carsales noting "only ever serviced at Porsche dealers and washed with Hoselink hoses"??? ?
  8. Nice C4S in Lapis Blue... Optimistic price though? https://www.carsales.com.au/dealer/details/Porsche-911-Carrera-2003/OAG-AD-16551013
  9. I'm bloody impressed that the car phone stayed on the hook... ?
  10. Ready for http://www.renegadehybrids.com/ (although they tell you to use an S)
  11. I’ve fixed that for you, based on the last post I read... ?
  12. Ahh! Yes, now I remember it. Cheers.
  13. Deja vu? Was it listed previously and discussed?
  14. JWM

    Bathurst 2018

    So I guess where I reality differs to the outlook of a naive car enthusiast (i.e. me! ?) is that the manufacturers aren't that invested in it versus all the other sponsors. The current setup makes more sense when you think of it in this way. Hard to argue in some ways, has delivered close racing and they've done well to cultivate the promotion of drivers to create interest at that level. As you say though, a lot still hangs of the mystique of Commodore v Falcon, however far fetched (always surprised me how many people didn't realise the reality!) and needs replacing with something... I suppose the question is whether the team and driver 'brands' are strong enough to keep people interested when the cars change under that... I still want GT4/3 racing ?

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