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  1. Agreed. Pricing your car to actually sell it on Carsales is so 2019 … In 2022 you smoke some crack, make up a price it will never sell at, then let it sit there. It’s turned into a graveyard of cars that aren’t really for sale.
  2. Sometimes I’ve heard a price then it goes up differently on Carsales so was going to hold off mentioning, but it was $160k… only 30,xxx km…. Thoughts from the team? I might take a look at it … I guess it’s like new with these km’s … but that’s turbo money in my book?
  3. Sorry to go off topic ... but this looks interesting ... Very low k's and a very high price, should be on Carsales tomorrow...
  4. Fantastic photos @Yeatesy! … I was down in Bendigo recently and wanted to do a trip like this to Maldon but ran out of time … maybe next visit. Where is that spot on the hill?
  5. The opposite of the "I know what I've got" crowd? 😅
  6. I bought this from the forums and never got around to fitting it before selling my 996, so putting it up for sale. Located in Bendigo. It's been there at my parents since I bought it. Some of the details from the original post which still apply: Porsche Part number #99650531104G2X. Also suits Boxster from 1997-2001. Also comes with Air Inlet #9965055530501C Trim #9965055260001C Trim #9965055250001C Total cost of parts is circa $2400. It is painted in Articsilber/Arctic Silver but never used/fitted. Still unmarked / as new, and still doesn't come with the box but is wrapped up in bubble wrap... You can see the previous post for photos, I can arrange for someone to take new ones to confirm condition remains the same. Price: $1,500
  7. (Edit: Hadn’t seen NAC911’s post before I posted) So what’s the take away? Market a longggg way from asking prices or is this auction site just too obscure?
  8. But when you buy any car, interstate or otherwise, the previous owner cancels their registration (usually quick smart for obvious reasons) … I don’t think that would stop you driving it home, you have a grace period to get it registered on new plates in your name. Certainly that was the case for me in NSW, buying an SA car and driving it home. I guess you need to confirm but I assume WA is no different.
  9. JWM

    718 Spyder RS

    Been rumoured for a while but this is the first time I saw it show up outside of Rennlist, etc ... Apparently quoting AP... https://www.drive.com.au/news/2022-porsche-cayman-gt4-rs-could-spawn-boxster-spyder-twin/
  10. JWM

    Cayman GT4 RS

    Sounds like a good strategy to get you into the dealer … then sell you a Macan for the Mrs 😂
  11. I was thinking of this video of Harry's when I watched this one last night... As you'll hear, he said he drove GT3's before that were as Harry described them, but this Touring didn't pull all over the road and was more comfortable... He said the suspension is the same so he puts it all down to the GT3's he drove before being on Cup 2's while this Touring was on PZero Corsa's, which have a softer side wall.
  12. JWM

    Porsche and F1

    Does this mean I have to start liking Horner? I dunno if I can do it 😂
  13. I remember a guards red PDK with light weight buckets sold at Porsche in Melbourne a few months ago.
  14. Given recent discussion, I have for sale the perfect addition for the discerning 996.1 owner. $100,000,000. No offers, I know what I’ve got 😂
  15. I had similar thinking (also it was all that was left by the time I booked 😅) and booked one of the hospitality areas... I’m guessing it was still a fraction of the Porsche Pavilion though! I didn’t realise Porsche did this setup, looks good!

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