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  1. JWM

    Macan EV

    Doesn’t mean it’s not old news, but this is the first time I’ve seen spy pics of this… She doesn’t know it yet but my wife just found her next car… 😁 https://www.motoring.com.au/2023-porsche-macan-ev-previewed-129883/
  2. And after seven months! I guess he doesn’t really want to sell it?
  3. I can’t remember which video it was but I saw one recently that suggested it wasn’t far off and as well as a Cayman there’s going to be a Spyder version, which I hadn’t heard anywhere before... Probably just YouTube drivel, but i thought that was interesting...
  4. I did the same thing @ML13 but I did go with the Eibachs, and wonder if it was the right choice sometimes. Is there anything between these and the standard springs? I was wondering about 996 GT3 springs?
  5. Look forward to seeing how that looks on the car. Seems like it should suit it well!
  6. JWM


    Assume you mean for a 996? I remember a thread where it got a bit of discussion but I'm not sure whether anyone pulled the trigger... I think someone mentioned some delays with getting stock, so you might be one of the earliest to get it.
  7. Posted 5 hours ago and no one has mentioned the floor mats? The attention to detail on this thread has really gone down hill... 😂
  8. Given this topic gets a small but regular amount of interest, it's a wonder they didn't introduce a 4 seat option for the GT3 Touring in the 991.2... Maybe 992 will get it?
  9. There really must be a shortage of stock to discuss on the market... 😁
  10. It answers the questions you’ve always had like: How does Bottas really feel about about racing with Lewis? How much does Horner love himself? Just how painful is Cyril in real life? Does Toto’s hair always look magnificent? 😂 Season 1 surprised with how candid everyone was... I wonder if they all assumed Netflix would cut most of the juicy stuff out like Sky obviously have to but then didn’t... 😆 Still, Season 3 was interesting again. I’ve been really interested in the last few seasons of racing, in part because this series added to the depth of seeing what’s going on. In some ways maybe it’s a bit like Porsche? On the surface it’s “Lewis wins again” / “Porsche releases new 911, looks like old 911” but once you dive into it a bit more there’s a ton going on... 😁
  11. Congratulations. That’s a stunning looking car. What a place to start with you first foray!
  12. Season 3 is up. I’ve been looking forward to this.
  13. Another great video @Andy73...you’ve got me thinking about sway bars now... 🤔

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