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  1. Black on those GT3 wheels does look fantastic. I'm a sucker for the silver dials in the 996 too.
  2. For all the fucking good it’s done me lately! 😂
  3. That’s what I was thinking. Is that what makes it “extremely rare”? 😁
  4. This is interesting. One owner! Price is an interesting test of whether the C2 is on the move like the C4S, or just wishful thinking... 😂 Needs a bit more info on work has been done to justify the price but it sounds like it’s had a good life!
  5. Were you able to order a new service book as well? I've got print outs stapled in to make room for the service history stamps, would be a lot nicer to have a second book instead.
  6. When I was looking as a first time 996 buyer, I would have (and did) go for the very stock car. As I’ve learnt what can go wrong with the M96, I’d happily buy a Hartech rebuild for sure...
  7. Engine and transmission mounts (which I did prior to suspension changes) made a surprisingly big difference to how the car drove and handled for me, that’s a good point @Merv.
  8. JWM

    Porsche Unseen

    Previously unseen “design studies” from Porsche that they’re now showing online etc, and have published a book about. I love the Renndienst!!! https://newsroom.porsche.com/en_AU/2020/products/porsche-unseen-design-studies-car-visions-22866.html
  9. After 6 or 7 weeks without the car, I went to pick up some bread today. Got a bit lost I think, the usual 5 minute trip to the bakery took an hour and a half... Found a great un-dintable car park when I got there though... 😁
  10. So who’s going to be first to tell @LeeM to buy this? 😁
  11. It was from a well known buyer/seller on consignment so I’d lose a chunk of that. If it was a case of walking away with $60k in my pocket I think I would have!!!
  12. If it helps, I got offered $60k for mine unseen (just on the basis it was a clean manual 6.1 coupe with IMS done) a couple weeks ago.
  13. Ah cool, yeah that should work then. The only annoying thing about the “stops” is when you reach each one on the drive, you have to tap “Continue” on your phone for the navigation to progress. Annoying, but as far as I know, the only way to get it to preserve the route you want, as you’ve found!
  14. I remember having to fiddle with this to get it right, but there is definitely a way, here’s an example that should show a set of stops on your phone in the Google maps app : https://goo.gl/maps/mAAE1vY3u1K69qsK9 For one thing you have to create each of the “Stops” to force the specific route you want (versus just adjusting the route by dragging it around) and then from memory it only worked right when I generated the a short https://goo.gl link for sharing. Let me know how you go, I can jump on the computer later and have a fiddle and create some better steps if that doesn’t work. I can’t find this one in the App Store? 😂

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