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  1. A silver one in Sydney with less km (about 150 from memory) sat for a while at the same price before selling. I think you could walk, not run, and get there in time to buy if interested.
  2. I opened that around 2pm, a few minutes after getting the Carsales email, and it was (and remains) showing as “Sold”. Did it go that fast or is it Carsales gremlins and you still see it as “for sale”?
  3. Same person is selling a 996 GT3 I think. Must be funding a nice upgrade 👍
  4. JWM

    Buying a 986

    Is that advertised somewhere?
  5. JWM

    WTB - 997S manual

    Have you dealt with him before?
  6. JWM

    WTB - 997S manual

    I just noticed it now has different wheels and trade plates...and a person with the same name now has a black Carrera with the wheels off this one on it... Dealer trading cars privately to avoid Carsales fees?
  7. Location listed as a shopping centre and looking for a “cash only” sale... 🤔
  8. JWM

    WTB - 997S manual

    That’s the one that sold in a few hours from the Hunter Valley a couple weeks ago for $80,000. Flipper... 🤨
  9. That pearl white wrap looks quite nice. Did he mentioned what that cost? I've seen cars from time to time that I like except for the colour, maybe I've been thinking about it wrong, could just wrap it (assuming it lasts a decent amount of time).
  10. A lot of these have been sitting for ages. One sold after a few weeks advertised for $71k. It had high-ish km from memory but looked good from the photos.
  11. Did you find out anything else about this car by chance?
  12. JWM


    Very true, that was stunning to see all those sell so quickly as per your screenshots.
  13. JWM


    I am only watching Manual prices closely but they are all over the place too. That last comment I wrote is proved wrong by two low km manual S’s sitting for sale for a few weeks at dealers in Sydney (one same price now after being $130k, one less) now. There are other S & non-S at various price points that have sat forever too. A manual S sold in hours privately for $80k last weekend, so that’s definitely a sell price it seems, I guess a tip might sell fast at $60k then? Seems like 997 owners are in “these are the next classic” pricing mode but buyers aren’t quite there yet...?
  14. JWM

    986 PASM?

    Ah, clears that up nicely, will remember that. I found two interesting quick (basic) reads on both each here btw: https://www.total911.com/technology-explained-porsche-stability-management/ https://www.total911.com/porsche-active-suspension-management-explained/ The link above would agree with it being only on the 987, saying it was introduced in 2005.