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  1. Not sure if this video just shows some better angles, or the red really brings out the lines but watching this was the first time I’ve really quite liked the look of the Taycan.
  2. Not much detail, as expected for what they say will be a car released in 2025, but should be interesting! Sounds like it will make use of their investments in Rimac. https://www.motoring.com.au/new-porsche-hypercar-gunning-for-aston-martin-valkyrie-120554/
  3. Here’s another new listing. Unregistered, 22 delivery km. Bit of a shame! https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2016-Porsche-911-R-991-Manual-MY16/SSE-AD-6273989
  4. If I took those spats off and de-winged it, I reckon I could swap my Carrera for it in the garage without anyone here noticing... πŸ€”πŸ˜
  5. I always really like the Petrolicious films, so jumped on this one when I saw the subject and was quite surprised when the workshop in the background looked kind of familiar 😁... Not sure if Graeme is a PFA member?? Anyway, a great watch and absolutely fantastic looking car!
  6. I had it done to mine recently, sounds really good and not too loud, and no droning, etc at all.
  7. I saw one (possibly the same car? White, red go-fast stripes) cruising down Pitt St a couple weeks back as well. So good to see on the road!
  8. Just to add to the people saying it ... beautiful looking car!
  9. What a great car! Congrats Nic! Look forward to seeing it in the metal on a future SMT.
  10. That sounds like a really good result all in all @daveyoul!!
  11. Things are so cheap over there! Mind you, I can imagine that many are not particularly well looked after when that’s all they’re worth...?
  12. JWM

    The Adelaide Classic

    That was definitely the highlight! πŸ™‚
  13. JWM

    The Adelaide Classic

    I hope it makes a come back. I'd like to come back to Adelaide one day and expand the list of sites I've seen there, which consists of: The Airport, a BP servo and your garage πŸ˜‚...
  14. It took a handful of codeine to make it there after whatever cold or flu I've had this week, but ... I managed to make it in to Autohaus to collect the 996. Now, thankfully PFA is a safe space, so I can admit to you all that I was really rather missing the car the last couple weeks... πŸ˜‚ So it was nice to see it out the front when I got there: The list of work and parts is a pretty long one, so perhaps it shouldn't be a surprise but wow, what a transformation to the car! I was struck as soon as I picked it up, and after a good run this morning on my usual touring roads, genuinely couldn't stop smiling today! I sent Chris a note to thank him for his great comms, service and the work the guys did. You never know how these things will turn out, especially starting out as a "surprise" but I'm really happy with the result. The clutch was "about 70% worn", and the flywheel had a couple of hot spots, but neither were in dire need of changing, it just made sense to do with the motor out now, so I wasn't expecting much difference, but there sure is (as you tried to tell me @PIC 😁)... The clutch action is so effortless now, you can't help but do things smoothly, whereas it took a bit of concentration before... And it makes the whole drivetrain feel better. Nice. I had the mufflers sent away to get the "Gundo hack" done while I was there, thanks to the inspiration from @Raven & @TINGY996 and they were spot on, what a great little mod to do! Subtle but lovely change in the exhaust note and absolutely no drone at all. Funny thing is, thanks to some magical mix of changes the engine noise inside the car is much quieter now, especially when you're just cruising. I don't know why, hole in an exhaust gasket, muffler (not sure if they exchange or modified mine), or even if the new engine mounts are just isolating things better, but there's a big difference now. I think the Gundo hack has kind of kept the dB level the same as it was, just instead of hearing things through the firewall, its clearly from further behind you, out the exhaust (as dumb as that seems to type!). Very glad I did it, would be too quiet now otherwise I think! Anyway, definitely a kind of 'feels greater than the sum of its parts' improvement overall. Each new part has added up to a big increase in how fresh everything feels overall, and it's a much, much smoother and freer flowing car to drive. The Autohaus guys told me it felt very tight on their final test drive, and that it was one of the best they'd driven of late, but I'm not sure if that's just part of making you feel better about spending so much money on the most universally unloved 911 at the moment... 🀣... However, I'm now more convinced than ever that they'll have their day soon! 😁 Since, as I said, I want to keep adding to this thread as a bit of a history of my custodianship, here's the list of parts that went into it the last couple of weeks: And the snap I took this morning before I headed out on my first proper shake down run...
  15. You called it @LeeM 😁 I just noticed that it's now: Gone up in price from $40k to $45k Had a transmission swap at some time this afternoon πŸ˜‚... Was listed as a manual, now a tipper... Maybe still reasonably priced if all the important stuff has been done, but being a tipper, not a bargain.

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