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  1. JWM

    Wheel Kicking...

    I did wonder from the profile photo! 😁That was a nice looking car, good buy!
  2. JWM

    Wheel Kicking...

    I still have these, if they’re of interest. They spent time on a 944 with previous owner, I only saw photos but they seemed to suit it really well.
  3. JWM

    New car day

    Nice buy. How good does it look in white! Glad you found something after the GT3 shenanigans!!
  4. Like if you just sold a 997 GT3 for example??? 😁
  5. Yeah should be fine. Our son was in it up to almost 5. I’ll message you with my phone number and we can work out a time.
  6. That it was coming has been discussed for a while but the news is official now: https://www.motoring.com.au/pdk-auto-for-porsche-cayman-gts-gt4-and-boxster-gts-and-spyder-126105/
  7. I saw someone took the above and made a mock-up of what the car may look like:
  8. Same thing was mentioned during practice yesterday on Sky, sounded like it was confirmed. Also raised the question of whether the cars will be blue next year...
  9. Fantastic content! I’ve subscribed to your YouTube channel, look forward to watching them all.
  10. What does “fitted with the latest Gold spec engine” mean? Gold spec = ???
  11. Must have been Ferry day! 😁 I was out showing a friend who just picked up a new Mustang some fun roads for most of the day...
  12. 😂 yeah good point. “Yes that’s right, I’m extending my garage...one by 996...”

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