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  1. One addition (not 100% sure as I didn’t do it but based on when asked Porsche) that price for the sports wheel seems like the “worst case”. It’s less if you already have a wheel with a “round airbag” setup in your car.
  2. Just had a browse through their website after reading this ... Wow. Some really amazing stuff there!
  3. JWM

    WTB - 997S manual

    Did you see this one just pop up today? Not sure as to why the bumper swap has happened (I always think ”accident” personally) and they haven’t colour matched it well, but it’s priced reasonably https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-911-Carrera-2005/SSE-AD-5655750
  4. I’ll start the bidding at 249,600km 😁 https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-Boxster-1998/SSE-AD-5262608 Although it had a rebuild at 218,000 it says.
  5. Maybe Gumtree has the same gremlins Carsales seems to get from time to time... Does say it was last updated in April...
  6. Coincidentally I watched that last night, great collection!
  7. I was thinking it must not be registerable in the UK either (along the lines of what @Troubleshooter said above) or surely you’d send it back there and get a lot more $$$ for it?
  8. This seems very well looked after. Really don’t know if I’d end up regretting buying a tip instead of holding out for a manual though 🤔 https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-911-Carrera-2003/SSE-AD-5578134 Price seems “ok”... Maybe $50k and it would be “good buy”?
  9. JWM


    Probably getting off topic, but, I read on the weekend (in an actual news paper, made out of real paper, but it's here online too), sales of new sports car were own 38.2% (as per article everyone is buying Utes...for...'reasons') this year. The change in tastes no doubt flows through to used cars so soft demand and what really (to me at least) seems like a massive supply of such a niche car means prices can really only go one way I think... There are also quite a few 981 Spyders sitting around for sale at even higher prices too...
  10. JWM

    Another Tent for sale. In Manual.

    https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-Boxster-2011/SSE-AD-5529037 Pretty big price, and not sure I’d go with the “trash everyone else’s for sale” approach to the ad wording but anyway... Does sound like a very good example. I’d not seen a white with black wheels combo before, although think I prefer silver/white combo.
  11. Having seen this car up close, Geoff's description in the ad is absolutely accurate. Looks really nice in the metal and I know he looks after his cars.
  12. "upgraded recently to the series 2 3.6 litre motor with only about 15,000kms" It has had a new engine - with all the pros (new engine) and cons (not original) that comes with... I always assumed it was sitting due to that + the worries of how an owner who would drive a car with a wing like that treated it... 😂
  13. Someone at Shannons will work out soon enough that putting "[UNPUBLISHED]" in the title doesn't make it so...but happily just saw your video Hugh, fan-fucking-tastic watch. Well done!
  14. Was a good enough buy at the starting price that I'd be willing to overlook the questions that number plate raises...😁 and would have sold. The new price seems to align better with the reluctance to sell described in the ad, especially when you can get a manual 991 for that money. Having said that, there was a Blue 997.2 manual in Victoria not long ago that popped up and disappeared with a ~ 150 price on it from memory... It was a re-listing that had hung around previously though. Presumably he got plenty of enquires at the starting price anyway, or at least plenty of 997.2 owners calling to ask him to up it... 😂
  15. A silver one in Sydney with less km (about 150 from memory) sat for a while at the same price before selling. I think you could walk, not run, and get there in time to buy if interested.