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  1. Hey Sven, if you’re still looking for marshalling volunteers, Mark, Philip and I will be happy to chip in... K
  2. Signed up and ready to welcome in a year that isn’t 2020! Thanks heaps lads for organising this event! Can’t wait to get out of this 5/25kms/no historic plates restrictions and go for a fang! Also looking forward to a few glasses of red cordial and lusting over thy neighbour’s cars! 😊😉
  3. Are pre-GT3s acceptable? 😬 If so, I’m in for a red beverage and then a day at the track!
  4. Sorry one and all. Something has f****d up in the machine and we’re trying to identify it via comms with parent forum company. Please stay tuned and we’ll get back to you all here as soon as possible. Again, apologies... K
  5. Hey Tas. There are no plans for #HB3. There will be a PFA event next year and I’ll be giving all the deets as soon as I have them, here on the forum. Keep Calm and Continue to Porsche. 😉👍🏻
  6. Thanks all for the kind words, very happy to help provide the opportunity for everyone to give their cars a decent squirt! 🙈😎 Special thanks to @hugh and @9fan for their guidance, but a special thanks to @monty188, the bravest driver of the day who stood in the arctic wind and rain all morning like a bloody trooper making sure our excitement wasn't met with an unexpected head-on on the entrance/exit! Cheers boys! 🍻Kez And also thanks to our resident PFA Media operator - Niko! Cheers mate.
  7. So sorry to hear that John, but awesome that all the tests came back positively! All the best mate! Kez
  8. 🏳️*** Attention anyone who might be thinking about coming down for Saturday night, but didn’t book a room....🏳️ We had a cancellation and as a result have a room free. If interested, PM me, otherwise I’ll be looking to release the booking after lunch tomorrow (Thursday). 🍻
  9. Hey All. For those you staying the night before, we have rooms at the Moe Comfort Inn (it has a new name but same place as last time) which is here 98 Narracan Dr, Newborough VIC 3825 https://goo.gl/maps/nBEmk56HdRCJHmvdA The booking is under the PFA and you sort the bill directly with them when you check in (as we’ll be leaving before they man the office in the morning). We will be having drinks next door at Rookies Bar from 5pm when it opens, and then picked up by MaxiTaxi at 7.15 to be whisked off to Moe’s finest dinning establishment, BANJOS at the RSL for dinner at 7.30pm. Please feel free to join us at any point! 🍸🦐🍻 FOR EVERYONE: Drivers briefing will be at 8am and all drivers can have their cars available for scrutineering from 7.30am. @Mike737 @monty188 @Marks @Rod C After scrutineering and briefing, Mark and Hugh will take drivers for a drive/walk around the track. Drivers will then be able to a sighting lap or two before giving it a squirt! @hugh @9fan NB: The reason these days are so chilled is that there is no timing and as such peeps can drive as fast or slowly as they like... it’s all about having a hoot! A question asked more than once on behalf of nervous better halves, and the answer: yes, there is a 2person manned ambulance there the whole time in case anyone gets a bee sting, or feels faint at the sight of “Oh Shit” corner, or just needs a sea sick tablet... 😳😂 So, drivers, start your anticipation! ⏰🏎⛰🏁
  10. Couldn’t agree more THT re: non gender-specific shed. I know of many members who have related to me that in addition to their obvious Pcar related obsessing, their various encounters of honesty/generosity/compassion/community/support/mate-ship etc. My encounters with almost everyone on this forum has been a positive one, and in how many other environments can you say that?! I think that there is something to be said for the “tone” that the original members discussed and desired for the PFA... As an example, not having an open gate on swearing (even though I swear more than most) from the get-go suggested a more respectful platform of discussion than as some were, and have certainly become. And good luck to the Twitter sphere and FB and alltheshitcarsihate.com - there’s a place for everyone! 😳😆 Anyhoo, I don’t think any of the original lads could have imagined what an awesome community it might turn into, so kudos to all you sluggers/posters/readers out there, sitting on the loo, checking out Raven’s daily contribution before the cogs of their day begin😂 and the constant input and support, cos without it, I’d still be having a conversation with Sweaty Betty (also me) about which momo, or kart track, or backroad was best! 🍻
  11. Frank with his red 964 cab?! From down in Somers or similar? 🤔😊 ...and I think Dave preferred the title of ”mini-me”! 😳😆
  12. ( @hugh sorry mate, you can't put that in front of an old photographer without him tweaking the exposure!!! 🙄😬) Yep, that was the #HB2 nod to some of the original PFA gang... Doug, me, Chris and Niko. Of course we left out a couple of peeps that should have been in there as well, ...if only they had a black car, like a GT3, that was black, and a car, and.... 🤦‍♂️
  13. Chris my friend, you beat me to it, and nailed it! Thank you and everyone else who formally and informally supports the PFA - moderators, posters, event organisers, SMT'ers, advocates, pcar nuts, pedants etc etc 😎 We do have, of course, something up our selves for a little bit later in the year as a new amenity for our membership, as well as our 10 year celebration event!!! Cheers mate, and as usual, very kind words. Kez

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