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  1. Yep, I was only saying to AnneMaree the other day, "you know, what I really need, is a writing desk!" LOL! ?
  2. And a bloody good v8 at that!!! Yeah, I couldn't quite bring myself to taking it seriously, but I did think it took the old "I'll just nick a bit of someone else's design and make it mine" strategy, better than average! Anyway, why wouldn't I be happy with the socks n jocks I got?! ? ? ?
  3. https://uncrate.com/porsche-writing-desk/?mc_cid=bc9848fa0c&mc_eid=85c020d067 Very rarely this sort of thing works I reckon (do we all remember the 917 couch?) however this looks pretty good. Love to see the trunk popped to reveal the "writing" area - I assume they mean a place to put your laptop. ? Anyhoo, many thanks in anticipation! ???
  4. Awesome day at PFA HH2 on the hill yesterday! ?️ Have to say it was great to get the old helmet back on after quite a few years - was it always that tight?! ? Great to give IGY a bloody good jab in the ribs around that fabulously technical track (nice souvenir shot above cheers @Troubleshooter). Whoever designed that course really did a fantastic job - every corner/camber/entry/exit different; every blind crest a massive breath held; every return to the carpark such a gratifying release/relief; and then a buzzing anticipation for the next run! Big thanks to @hugh for organising the vast majority of this day enabling me to retire the clipboard and get back amongst the fun. Thanks to H for also not squishing that poor bunny who just wanted to stake his claim to the post "OH SHIT" corner! ??? Thanks to @9fan for his usual "clark of course" stewardship and intimate knowledge of the track, ? mate! And thanks to @Mike737 for his scrutineering! ? Cheers to @MOTOR PROJECT Julian Gries Jules, Joe, Joe and Simon for a serious amount of filming work done at all hours of the day/night - really can't wait to be involved in getting that video up and out on youtube for all to see. Some of the glimpses I caught on the back of cameras really looked awesome! Big thanks also to Gippsland Car Club - Helen and her staff in the canteen, and Fred behind the timing-room controls, for their flexible and generous attitudes - it made the few hiccups we had disappear like the fog that swept through at 8am! Cheers also to Bryce the Ambo who thankfully none of us needed to see! ? I've got a request in for another date in March or April so will keep everyone updated through this thread, and a new poster on the homepage as well when confirmed. And last but not least, thanks to all those that attended as drivers, support crew, or simply onlookers (cheers for the hugs Toby!). As is the growing tradition of these social days, I don't think a more chilled or relaxing motorsport event can be found anywhere! ??️? Kerry
  5. Chicken Parma’s all consumed and everyone tucked up in bed, cos none of us can work out what daylight savings means and what time we’re getting up.... set the alarm and hope for the best! ??⏰?‍♂️⛰?‍♂️
  6. FYI: Rookies have double booked us (Richard-Craniums) so we’re fine dinning at the RSL at 7.30pm. Maxi-taxi picking up anyone interested at the motel at 6pm for drinks before dinner! ???
  7. FYI those people staying in Moe on Saturday night, all our names have been given to Rose at the Comfort Inn Moe so we each book in under our own names... woop woop finally driving the track instead of holding the clipboard!!! ????
  8. Hey Nick. As far as I'm concerned as long as you have a helmet on, I'm not too concerned with which one. This is not a high speed course, in fact you'll be luck to get out of 2nd gear, so your motorbike helmet should be fine. I will however defer to our Clark Of Course (Mark - 9fan) to confirm this. K @9fan
  9. That bit looks good, looking forward to seeing the rest of it though!
  10. Just seen this as well! Boffins deployed........ SORTED! Upload away.... ?
  11. Bah ha ha ha... yep S, I think it's a given that you're IN as your car is already up EVERYWHERE! ??
  12. Looking at your speedo I'm reminded... this one is going to go up to 11!
  13. # h a n g a r b a n g e r 2 Australia Day weekend, Sunday 27th January 2019 Skunk Werks, Cororooke, 3254 We're looking to include all Porsches - from a rusty patina, to a polished carbon fibre - all are welcome. So, if you're interested in bringing out your car to share and being involved... please fill out this registration form and upload a pic or two of your car. We are releasing this information now as we are aware that Australia Day weekend is a busy one, and some forward planning may be required. We will be giving more details in mid-October, so stay tuned... Follow this thread (above on right), or via Instagram & Facebook Hugh, Kerry & Polorot (John)