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  1. Great post Chris and can't believe PFA has been going 10 years. Credit to Kerry for establishing PFA. There were other international Porsche forums around at the time but PFA filled a gap in Australia that allowed Porsche enthusiasts to get together both as a forum and physically in the format of SMT's, coffee and car events, go karts etc etc. Its a good group for knowledge, banter, drives and events. It would not exist without the members, sponsors, mods and Kez. Picture below of the first ever SMT...and none of us have aged a day since 🤣 https://imgur.com/a/5EKfT9B http://imgur.com/a/5EKfT9B
  2. Great looking car. The E has a good combination of power and weight. I hope you get full asking price 😎 GLWS
  3. A great tyre. Soft and grippy rubber with a wear rating/softness of only 220, which is the same a Pirelli PmZero Rosso.
  4. Aren't you supposed to be there by 9am, or shortly thereafter? Registered now through Mary.
  5. I have emailed the organiser through trybooking to see if you can late register.
  6. Fabricated a fire extinguisher mount for 993 after an inspection of existing looked like it was about to fall out and turn into a potential missile. First attempt (background) /prototype and final version (left) Painted and lightened into an RS version Fitted in time for 1300km test
  7. It is not an expensive upgrade, relatively. I will let you know after the next mountain drive. It was a bit nerve racking when the bolt broke, but lucky Steve has all the gear.
  8. Installed RS engine mounts into the 993. Standard Vs RS Not so easy to get out from under the aircon lines Small bolt breaks while torqueing up at 40Nm. Bolt extraction set fails. Fortunately the distal end of the bolt protrudes enough to get a grip with a small vice grip. We have to remove the aircon compressor for access and slowly turn the bolt 90 degrees at a time. Lucky Porter's garage is fully stocked with tools. Replacement bolts purchased and we are all good.
  9. Both arms are straight on my '77 Carrera
  10. The polyurethane tail is a hard thing to love. Removed mine, but kept it for originality.

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