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  1. D-banger

    What did you do to your Porsche today ???

    It is not an expensive upgrade, relatively. I will let you know after the next mountain drive. It was a bit nerve racking when the bolt broke, but lucky Steve has all the gear.
  2. D-banger

    What did you do to your Porsche today ???

    Installed RS engine mounts into the 993. Standard Vs RS Not so easy to get out from under the aircon lines Small bolt breaks while torqueing up at 40Nm. Bolt extraction set fails. Fortunately the distal end of the bolt protrudes enough to get a grip with a small vice grip. We have to remove the aircon compressor for access and slowly turn the bolt 90 degrees at a time. Lucky Porter's garage is fully stocked with tools. Replacement bolts purchased and we are all good.
  3. D-banger

    964 Market Watch

    "CREDIBLE SINGER CLONE" is a big statement.
  4. D-banger

    Wiper arm orientation

    Both arms are straight on my '77 Carrera
  5. I believe @KG has Fister 2 mufflers.
  6. And a few more pics from #hangarbanger2
  7. D-banger

    What did you do to your Porsche today ???

    The polyurethane tail is a hard thing to love. Removed mine, but kept it for originality.
  8. What a fantastic event. It was great to see so many Porsche cars at one venue. The venue was quite unique with all its nooks and crannies. A surprise around every corner. Thanks to @Kerry, @polorot , @hugh and their teams for organising the event and to Rohan for the venue. Thanks also for all those who have posted up pics for all to see.
  9. D-banger

    Car Seat bling - Tartan me up!

    Looks awesome @Philbee. Excellent result. People might think you are Scottish. i need to talk to you about your trimmer at HangarBanger.
  10. Thanks @Philbee but I am now heading down Saturday
  11. Maybe Winchelsea to Beeac then Cororooke?
  12. Where do the roadworks start? As far back as Winchelsea?
  13. Second that. Nothing received at my end 😢
  14. D-banger

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    Melbourne based 901.

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