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  1. Your first post reads like a smart arse looking for cheap laughs and in no way should be compared as similar to the Top Gear article. The mention of his children & wives is a final footnote in that report. Also the Motor1 link you posted makes no ref to his children & wives, so why do you think it important to note in a two line post? I am not saying that his family life should not be mentioned, it seems pointless to lead with that fact on a car forum. If as you say above, you started the post as an indication of your respect for his engineering skills and his tireless achievements, why not write about these? As for showing you respect regarding my spelling, respect does not come into it as its not disrespectful to make a spelling mistake, but seeing as you brought it up you may want to look at the second sentence of your first post here. I am not outraged by this nor am I perpetually outraged, just irritated by what I feel are unnecessary jokey type comments on the passing of a man.
  2. Really, you two rate this guy on his reproductive & marital talents ( first line of both posts) why ? Shame on you. Very poor posting, & no respect shown for the passing of a very influential car person connected to the Porsche family by marriage. Tabliod posting, Raven stick with the page 3 posts, you seem very good at those, boring as they are. Peter M, thought you may have had a more thoughtful insite.
  3. Thats one good looking car.
  4. Hope you got the 458. the screem of the engine should be the deal closer. too much for the road? What! Buy what you like.
  5. How about the latest 964 price on CS, the un-pictured "grey" one. $300k, I need to be educated here. Anyone?
  6. I never knew that. Always thought, Carrera= narrow body, Carrera S= wide body & bigger engine, C4S= Carrera S + 4 wheel drive, as the basic rule of thumb.
  7. I guess were are talking the nice hotrod. Its hardly surprising its not sold, price is/was off the chart. My guess is no one bid. Anyone who thinks that planting cash into a personalised hotrod is going to get the full return on investment is nuts (happy to hear different). Its an indulgence, same as having a race car, bespoke suite made or a piece of jewellery. The sum of parts/labour does not equal the worth, & its always been this way. Invest same cash doing a sympathetic resto on a real long hood then chances are much better for a return, mostly from experience, original sells. I look at these cars all the time & I am not a original purist but have a soft spot for this work, just don't think people will pay for someone else's taste. Another car in the same ilk as above has been on CS for a while at $190ish & not moved. Other nice 911 hotrods but in period at $180ish are sticking it seems. My observations, feel free to add yours.
  8. Both lovely cars & very envious of you both. +1 on the removal of the tail, I felt no difference with the C3 but never drove it at 10/10ths. In the UK I recall that 3.2 cars fitted with F&R spoilers were known as "Sport Package" & changed to "Sport Equipment" in 1987. Also (I just read this) included Bilstein Shocks plus 6" & 7" black centred 16" wheels. If its the original engine lid I think there were holes that will now be filled where the tail fitted to the lid.
  9. 20-30% is what I got told several years ago by a dealer on most modern Pcar RHD imports but especially UK. You can be sure if you were trading this car in the dealer would use this to the max. The other option is to look at UK prices for same & offer similar.
  10. Checked my old pics from Rennsport 2013 @ SMSP & Mr T you are correct as in Blue with White stripes over the top. I also recall its sale around 3 yrs ago. A buyer for this at these prices would be a rare beast me thinks.
  11. Nice hotrod backdate, odd pricing policy! https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-911-Carrera-1986/SSE-AD-6185355/?Cr=5 This came up on CS on Wed at $165000, Wed evening $185000, Thurs $195000 & today, wait for it.....................$230,000 Thoughts?
  12. Hi Merv I think this (or a very similar car) was for sale a year or 2 ago, I missed it. From the pics it looks excellent, engine & other bright work seem very good which is a good tell tale of age & use. Sports seats are a brilliant & rare option & look in great shape, raised hub steering wheel is also rare and good for tall drivers. Sensibly priced. I would but can't at present
  13. Price reduction $995,000. Air BnB circa $3500 per week income. PM me or call the agent to discuss. Thanks. https://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-qld-trinity+beach-129601090
  14. Seems reasonable buying. Not a C3, it's a 2.7 911 from 76 with a 77 2.7 replacement engine.
  15. I signed up to Motor Trend for streaming. It's a US site, hope it works. It also has streaming for the V8 Super Cars. It's $5.99 pm 1st month free (think it's a month) cancel anytime.

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