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  1. probably for the wide ass look, which is very nice. Possibly the same reason you chose the wide body conversion look for Harry. 997 (S or otherwise) is not as wide as a C4S, as is Turbo, GTS + some other WB non main stream cars. Looks mean a lot to most buyers, different road conditions would even out the assertion of heavier & slower, even if on the road (dry) its a tiny difference & you would notice? Hope this helps
  2. Seems to me having read these comments that if it were me & with budget of 20-50k pounds then its really its just a second sedan/SUV or whatever car, you are adding a lot of difficulty to your move to Aus with little or no reward. Why bother, buy a car here (Aussies are not keen on imports, uk in particular). There must be more important considerations. Forget it would be my advice because, when you want to sell the (uk) car it will be very difficult to compete with Aus rivals in $$, & you end up loosing IMO.
  3. Been on CS for a very long time. Down 8k recently, still not gone.
  4. That's the longest iPhone I have ever seen 😀
  5. Looks like someone's wife came home early!!😀
  6. This may help https://www.vic.gov.au/coronavirus-covid-19-restrictions-victoria#guidance-on-nonessential-activity-due-to-coronavirus-covid19
  7. Mr Clutch, it's very hard to have an argument or debate with someone who knows everthing, listens to no one, believes nothing, can't comprehend four simple instructions, thinks he's under house arrest, the government nearly always gets it wrong, the list goes on & on. l refuse to re-engage as its pointless, it's more fun to see a person digging a deeper hole & looking more ridiculous with each post (MO). However, it is a forum where everyone is entitled to express an opinion which we may like or not like or agree with. Very much agree with all the positive comments about our front line workers who are out there grafting.
  8. Have a drink, sit in a darkened room, breath into a paper bag. As Chopper would say "settle the Fuch down". Are you under house arrest? What have you done? Cops are being advised to use common sense & judgment, some fines are being dismissed. Yep 4 reasons pretty much sums it up, just be sensible how you interpret them. It's not difficult, no ones asking you or any of us to do anything out of our comfort zone, it's just stay at home, be compliant, do the right thing for your fellow Australians, it's difficult & frusrating for everyone. We are not even on full lock down as many other countries are. Lighten up & deal with this like a grown up & not a cry baby, it really is not that difficult to adapt & change for a few months.
  9. I see it as just good due diligence. Mostly, sellers have a high opinion of their car & have serviced & loved it, however, in the majority of cases these owners are the last in a long line of previous owners so as a buyer we know only what this person/dealer says, log book history only tells part of the story. In other words if the current seller purchased without PPI, research etc how can you buy without a PPI of your own? I always discuss the report with the author because they always look worse than they really are. I see PPI as a no BS baseline & either walk, buy or negotiate depending on the report. If a seller disputed a PPI (assuming it's from a quality well known Porsche specialist) then it's usually game over for me.
  10. Great man & a true gent. He will be missed.
  11. 30 year old Targa & only 2500klm at $200,000 dream on. As mentioned it will need a shit load of work just check never mind what will ultimately need stripping & replacing. Low Klm's (uber low here) don't in my op make the car worth double (ish) a similar registered & driven 150klm car. Even if it has been fully recommissioned by experts with receipts it's still $70k too much IMO.
  12. Doing the right thing staying home & this came up on YouTube: http://www.performer-by-elkmann.de/index_en.php Watch the "stuck in traffic" video at Hochenheim. Under 28000 euros(AUD$50,000) fully built & monstering everything. Looks like a lot of fun.
  13. On the domestic property thing, pretty sure foreigners can only purchase new build properties not previously owned or lived in. So only new builds such as appartments etc meet this req. Check out the ownership status of newly built & sold Melb properties etc to see who is buying as present. if you live in an established area it's unlikely international buyers will be swooping in.

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