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  1. Weltmiester 964. Thats a lot of coin, not much info, its 30 years old. Go get a GT4 & under warranty. Similar future value risk also (GT4 last of the 6cyl?, 964 over priced? + maintenance?) For me, when your at $160k ish +/- there are a lot more options, Porsche or other.
  2. Nice storey & car. Getting a good vibe from the seller is the best start.
  3. The heat dropped out of this market a good while ago, demand is low & supply is high, work it out. Most a/c stuff is way over priced and does not reflect the calmed market (buyers). Most offerings are ordinary cars which are just old second hand Porsche production cars, some maybe better than others as always. There is heaps of choice no matter your pref, you could not say that 5-7 years ago. These cars are not becoming any more rare, most (probably all on Carsales) are not "significant Porsche cars" buyers are not demanding them, therefore, the prices should drop, most other markets work like this , but hey. I'll put it out there & prepare to be ridiculed, that post 73, IB cars are worth max $100k for the best 3.2 G50, 964 C2 $120k, 993 C4S $140k etc etc. My reasoning for this is that this was good/top money at the height of the market when cars were selling quick & a fight was on to get it, sight unseen, no PPI etc etc. This all could be me being a tight arse & in some sort of denial, but what I really believe is that it is now a buyers market. As an aside, anyone see the 996 Turbo at $310k, X50 factory u/g, give me a pint of what that seller drinks had!
  4. Great tutorial, easy for people to understand. thanks
  5. Backdates are a interesting proposition & I really like them. The first rule of thumb though is that stock original cars are worth the most. After that the prices drop (or should drop), irrespective of how much has been tipped into the modification/ backdate, motorsport etc & this is the area where expectations & prices differ wildly. A buyer is always out there but the herd is very small & a personalised car makes the herd even smaller therefore finding the buyer can be difficult & potentially long. So what I am saying is, that if an immaculate 1988 G50 3.2 Carrera is $130k (madness for me) then a backdate should to be well under that. This is not to say an individual will not pay a higher price as noted above but, if future value is of interest think hard & look at a real long hood they are not much more money than Lee quoted for the fibre glass ex race car. I know where my coin would go. If its your thing, then forget paying top $$ for anything Australian delivered or factory RHD as in my view if its been bastardised to that extent, whats the point, just make sure its been done well.
  6. Looks like some front damage. Cute car though
  7. Red IB crossing Wickham Terrace, Brisbane CBD this afternoon 4.45ish. Polished petal wheels. From hotel balcony . Was this you Mike D'S ?
  8. You should start a thread for hating or loving Foxtel. This post has nothing to do with the Aus Motorsport Future. I like you passion though.
  9. Sitting is my guess. it was only a few years ago that collectively we were shocked at a 3.2 in WA was listed at $100k. So what has happened since then for a cars value to rise over 50% ? Nothing, it's bizarre. The market is way slower than back then, current availability proves that, there hasn't been a culling of these cars making them rare. Porsche made many thousands of these cars they are in no way special, historic or significant, just a Porsche mass production car. For me it makes no sence at all that advertised &/or selling prices are going up & not down.
  10. Not sure why you have posted this. I watched half & turned off, boring. doubting this is the future for Ausralian Motorsport
  11. The UK British Touring Car Championship (BTTC) is a model worth looking at. Essentially this is what we had here in Australia & then it morphed into & became V8 Supercars. The BTTC has cars from lots of manufacturers, Toyota, Subaru, VW, Honda, Alfa & so on. Teams range from father & son private entries to fully blown professional outfits with or without factory support. I'm not sure, but I think the cars are highly race prepared production cars. The racing is always entertaining & hard fought & not always won by one of 3 teams/drivers, 2018 had something like 17 different winners. I'm sure we already have an Australian GT Championship, Ferrari's, Lambo's, Merc's, Audi etc and have watched this on Speedweek along with other formula and am constantly amazed at the lack of spectators at these events. Seems to me that if its not V8 SC's very few are interested. I don't know what the ultimate answer is, but it does require some thought & fresh idea's. Possibly create a new series that supports the V8s (drop those stupid Utes for a start) such as a Touring Car Championship that will in time take over from the V8s. This would help get the "Buy in" of you V8 fans so when it transitions you still have a fan base.
  12. Nice one Merv, l liked it.
  13. Case 2 Face 1 You could have minute markers 16-18 white & 19-29 in red similar to 964 rev counter & easier to read. Early Porsche green gauges may inspire you as well. I like what you are doing.

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