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  1. I just re-read your post & agree with your sentiment that if it wasn't for that car then the GT3 as we now know it may never have existed.
  2. Thanks for posting, great concept. I have been listening to some podcasts by Chris Harris & guests, this is exactly the type of sports car he thinks should be made. Light weight, petrol engine with moderate power & a manual gearbox. Some of his views may surprise & get you thinking or rethinking where high end sports cars are at & where there heading. Smaller than a Boxster but bigger than a MX5 with more power I think would be sensational & sell like hot cakes.
  3. Thanks for stating the obvious. Your other assumptions are based on sweet FA.
  4. Did your Mum write this for you? A boxing ring! Fuch me, really. Whats wrong with you😀 The comments above are about a poor experience with a seller on this forum, if you know any better about this seller chime in.
  5. I stand corrected you did not PM me on the 964 cars, you emailed me regarding these after I contacted you regarding the repairable write off 993. I followed up with 2 emails to you about these cars & one phone call where I left you a message non of which you replied to, hence the post here which you have replied to but still no further info from you on these cars either here PM, email or phone. Disappointing.
  6. Perhaps you could be so courteous as to respond to my interest (emails & phone calls) in the imported 964 cars you say you can supply when you posted on this forum recently As well as the PM you sent me regarding these cars.
  7. Michel Orange targa, is it for sale, how much? white targa, is it yours & is it actually for sale & price?
  8. I think the lid "grill" is the same, tail or std/ flat lid on these cars if that helps.
  9. "Tourist delivery" is when the buyer collects the car from the Porsche factory in Germany. "C23" is the area designation for Australia, meaning its Australian specification (most countries have their own differences in spec) and should be plated with the Australian design rules compliant plate in the frunk. I think! If the original engine is gone and so many other things have been altered already I would stick to your first plan & build the car for you & not what you/we think the market may prefer. Value wise I would guess a long hood would be higher but that is a personal view. Car looks great already.
  10. Looks like SC script to me So, pay him the ask & a bit more so the rest of us forum members don't have to get all " Darryl Kerrigan" (who ever he is) about how much it is or how much it's worth because the engine lid badge is at the wrong position or incorrect year. Tell me this Mr WGA when was the last time you never negotiated the purchase price (or tried) of a car down? Curious😀

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