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  1. I think someone on here used a type of oven cleaner to remove the black anodised finish from window frames. Could have been MFX on his "Home Built" thread.
  2. Yeh, lucky bastard. been to Le Mans 5ish times, started early 90s last would be around 2001 (omg it does not feel that long ago). Things may have changed but camping facilities were hideous in all times we went ((Blanc Bleu camp site, opposite the main entrance) take plenty of arse roll paper & be at one with nature. Forget showering. i think there are now some more civilised options (glamping etc) but these are advanced bookings usually. get to Arnage corner (named after me ) especially at night. You get to see the trees light up as they come from Mulsane corner through Indianapolis into the complex, brake discs bright orange, exhaust spitting flames, f'ing ace. Usually a good food/drink arrangement there to. My favourite place to be, ever. I think they run buses now to various vantage points around the circuit. Arnage is a must see in my opinion, as are Porsche Curves (difficult to get near). Cool trip, TT & Le Mans in one hit, excellent. envious
  3. Toyota's just seem to last IMO well made & under stressed. We have a Toyota "airport" car its a 2001 car, paint is shagged(think it was repaired) wheel trims gone (outlaw) after years of being left in sun but it runs well & touch wood goes every time. Its just ace. Coppers always look at me, not sure why!
  4. I concede to Svens superior knowledge & cash & cars changing hands, however, I do believe non matching engine even if its a 911/83 type would hurt value by more that 16% on cars like these. As noted by someone else here the car would only appeal up to the one buyer who has the correct engine, or as dipstick has explained has a 911/83 engine but not from that car making it a "nearly car". My delusional comment on the seller is based on his asking price and stated value when finished will be $300k. Thats with a non RS engine supplied with the car & in bits. Additionally, I have no negative comments regarding this model at all, quite the opposite, nor do I think the wrong engine number would make the car perform any less. Mr Skids, I do think you are under selling your "deep skill & sensitivity" you'd know as soon as you turn the key!😀
  5. Thanks, I was thinking I was the only one. I am doing a home resto & found some old Porsche mags at 2011 when I was first looking. U.K. Mags, but car ads are seriously low compared to now & this was when prices had started moving up a lot. Happy to photo mag pages.
  6. Why? Even at that money it's madness. So your dealer mate wants to put his margin on that, or is he saying that's his sell? Either way it's not worth that or near. The market is so slow compared to the highs of 5 or so years ago when cars like this were at min 75% less. When was the last time you saw so many long hoods on CS? That's a good sign of how the market is. Am I the only one here who thinks this?
  7. Nice to hear positive comments for an insurance company.
  8. Maybe you have too much cash & desire, however, you never bought it, you may want to explain. Yes, even with the original engine, sellers value is way over the top. I understand this model very well & early Porsche cars, obviously you don't.
  9. Ok, it's not Lime green now. yes, a 73rs is mostly special because of the engine (this 74 car is no RS) but other enhancments are unique to the RS. A deluded buyer no doubt, did you buy it?
  10. Seller is deluded, its the engine that makes that car special, nothing else. Not even sure with the correct engine its worth that much ($300k) & fully restored. Imagine the hours. IMO its a low $$ resto purchase.
  11. Fell over this by accident on Youtube. I liked it hope others do.
  12. Weltmiester 964. Thats a lot of coin, not much info, its 30 years old. Go get a GT4 & under warranty. Similar future value risk also (GT4 last of the 6cyl?, 964 over priced? + maintenance?) For me, when your at $160k ish +/- there are a lot more options, Porsche or other.
  13. Nice storey & car. Getting a good vibe from the seller is the best start.
  14. Handsome car no question

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