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  1. I have a new (to me) car due soon & ideally need the space the C4S occupying. Super keen price for someone looking for a car that ticks all the boxes. $113,995 https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2002-porsche-911-carrera-4s-996-manual-awd-my02/SSE-AD-4497890/?Cr=2
  2. News Flash. Before I put this on CarSales here is a saving for PFA members. PFA Price $117,000. First in best dressed😀 Will go on CS on Sunday 1/8/21.
  3. Hi readers Delivered by Scuderia Veloce Motors, Sydney, NSW on 12/4/02. Arctic Silver over Black (perforated) leather. Factory options, Headlamp Washers (288), Xenon Lights (601), Bose (680) & Sunroof. Also fitted is a Short Shift gear lever kit which I suspect is a dealer fitted item, wonderful to use. Very well looked after & maintained, fully stamped books all up to date last service May 2021 inc brake fluid change & all receipts from previous owner who attended to all the "big ticket" items from 2017, such as but not limited to: IMS Solution Rear Main Seal Header tank New clutch kit Drive belt Water pump Battery 2 new rear tyres (Michelin Cup2) 2000klms old These are in addition to usual servicing items, oil, plugs filters etc Paint is excellent, wheels are unmarked, interior is fantastic, under bonnet sticker in place, just clicked to 80,000 klm's. All books and wallet are present as well as 2 keys. A hard to find combination of originality, condition, history, maintenance, wallet & books, receipts, keys, factory stickers etc etc. This is a 19 year old car so it has slight ageing some may call it "Patina", but not much. I am conscious to not over state how good it all is, but its difficult! CarSales $113,995. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2002-porsche-911-carrera-4s-996-manual-awd-my02/SSE-AD-4497890/?Cr=2 Thanks for looking. PM if this is of interest.
  4. On face value seems excellent. Mods only increase its desirability for me. If I was looking, I'd be all over that.
  5. You put out a request (top of page) WTB a 996 & could stretch to a C4S. I sent you a PM with a brief overview (silver over black) of my cars history & made clear price was firm. I did not respond to your reply above which is only about prices, not a single question about history, what mechanic, paint, wheels, time lines etc etc just price. Your subsequent request (PM) that helped form my view about the type of buyer you are was your asking for a dialogue or viewing. I provided you with detailed & honest info on the cars service history & current condition ( PFA readers, it ticks all the boxes discussed about 996's) phone number & was happy to talk or for you to view the car but was unwilling to have a conversation just based on price. You declined. Thanks for your selective recall, let's see if you are in a 996 anytime soon, I doubt it.
  6. Have you been to see, PPI'd, or driven any 996, as you come across here and in your other posts as "the go to expert" on everything (especially price) Porsche 996? Have a nice day by the way.
  7. That's interesting never heard of them. Where in North Qld?
  8. Looks a bit cartoonish. That's what I say if anyone cares. Lots of money chucked in but that does not g/tee its kind on the eye or even true to its ambition as stated. Price, come on, some fool will though.
  9. Arnage

    Boxster GTS 4.0

    Sawdust, ask any quality car dealer. Fixes most clicks, clunks & rattles, a cure all etc etc...... Its a joke, not true, just for fun.
  10. Arnage

    Boxster GTS 4.0

    How very upsetting to get a new car and to be unhappy. I have watched a heap of car tests on the 718 4.0 and have not heard of this being brought up. Harry Metcalfe of "Harry's Garage" fame (Evo Mag & YouTube) loved this GTS & don't think he picked up on the noise. It seems odd to me that an engine noise as described would be signed off by Porsche. Perhaps you can with the assistance of other unhappy owners put some pressure on Porsche to come up with an acceptable fix. Great looking car & colour. Call me, I have a low Klm all work done 996 C4S that purr's like a kitten (won't drop money), your disappointment can be cured in an instant !!😀
  11. None of what you have written has any relevance to my post.
  12. Just did a quick search on production numbers, not sure how reliable they are: 993 C4S 6948 all manual (howtoporsche.com). 996 C4S Coupe 17298 (Total911) tip or manual not specified, so imagine a 60/40% split tip-man that would mean 6920 in manual, freakishly similar using this "Man Maths". The 964 was also not liked back in the day, with RS cars being sold & used as track pigs for peanuts. Now look at them. As an aside I was watching a Collecting Cars podcast & the discussion got on to second hand cars & in particular the Ferrari 360 when they were hitting the sec hand market F1's (flappy paddle) would sell like hot cakes but it was easier to get rid of "The Clap" than sell a manual, now its the manual that everyone wants. On my 3rd 996 C4S, they look fantastic in the flesh.

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