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  1. Thank you all for your tips.
  2. Hi Who would you recommend in Brisbane to service & repair a 993? Have T&D changed ownership? Thanks
  3. Hi John From memory the actual exhaust muffler is the same for C2 & 4S the difference on the last photo above is the pipe (length & shape) which carries the Tips. I did a PSE mod/hack on my old C4S which is essentially a "j" shaped pipe welded to the blanked hole on the left (opened obviously) & cut into the middle pipe at the elbow and welded. Wider the pipe louder the noise. Cost me less than $300 at local shop here in Cairns (drop off). Good sound. Using your last pic as ref.
  4. Unfortunately I dropped this one. PPI not too flash. Poor history, rust etc etc blah blah blah. Thank you Sven for taking the time. The hunt continues!!
  5. I'll take those. PM me. Will need posting to Cairns Cheers
  6. Hi Guys & Gals Is there anyone available familiar with A/C cars to have a look over a 993 in Riddles Creek, Melb. I am in Cairns & with commitments here I can't get down. This is just an eyes on & general condition sort of thing. If anyone can help please send me a PM with a phone number so we can arrange something. Many thanks
  7. I just re-read your post & agree with your sentiment that if it wasn't for that car then the GT3 as we now know it may never have existed.
  8. Thanks for posting, great concept. I have been listening to some podcasts by Chris Harris & guests, this is exactly the type of sports car he thinks should be made. Light weight, petrol engine with moderate power & a manual gearbox. Some of his views may surprise & get you thinking or rethinking where high end sports cars are at & where there heading. Smaller than a Boxster but bigger than a MX5 with more power I think would be sensational & sell like hot cakes.
  9. Thanks for stating the obvious. Your other assumptions are based on sweet FA.

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