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  1. Good chance it’s a 77 MY. Porsche usually start a new MY in Sept from memory. Ie Oct 76 build is 77 MY. IMO 77 last of breed trumps 76. 77 MY obvious difference is central air vents
  2. New topic (I think) Stories, journeys, projects etc, lets have a look. I was very fortunate to buy this car a short while ago. Its been delivered now & I have done some "finishing off" bits & pieces which I like. The car is very quick & sounds amazing & has just about all the things done to it that I would have done myself. Colour is Glacier Blue, interior is brilliant & like new, seats front & rear in Porsche Madras aqua blue fabric. Engine & gearbox rebuilt by Auto Art, paint & body conversion by Skunkwerks. Very, very happy with this one.
  3. Thank you both. The car is over 30 years old & factory RHD. Any idea how long this process should take (forgetting Covid BS) Thanks again
  4. Can the collective offer some guidance? Import approval, done with Dept of Infrastructure, tick. Car arrives in Aus & delivered to home. What is then required to fully register the car for the first time in Australia, assume state is QLD? Anyone done this? Advice & experiences welcome. Thanks
  5. Hi all I have a 69-73 engine lid that is in ok condition but will require some attention. I want to swap this for a later model lid 74 onwards. Lids that had a tail/wing (holes unfilled) are ok but pref a lid that just need paint. I could have this fixed but thought someone here may have a project that requires the correct year lid.
  6. Its back up now. I don't really need to sell, I love it, especially driving & then when its in company with more contemporary cars, so small, low & wide photos don't do it justice (similar size to a hot hatch only lower & wider) it looks tiny next to a Commadore, but it just makes life easier garage space wise. So step right up, fill your boots, don't ignore the FOMO its real, 12 months down the line you'll hate your self because you didn't 😭. I'll give it up to a week & probably pull it.
  7. Car is no longer for sale. Thanks for looking
  8. On face value seems excellent. Mods only increase its desirability for me. If I was looking, I'd be all over that.
  9. You put out a request (top of page) WTB a 996 & could stretch to a C4S. I sent you a PM with a brief overview (silver over black) of my cars history & made clear price was firm. I did not respond to your reply above which is only about prices, not a single question about history, what mechanic, paint, wheels, time lines etc etc just price. Your subsequent request (PM) that helped form my view about the type of buyer you are was your asking for a dialogue or viewing. I provided you with detailed & honest info on the cars service history & current condition ( PFA readers, it ticks all the boxes discussed about 996's) phone number & was happy to talk or for you to view the car but was unwilling to have a conversation just based on price. You declined. Thanks for your selective recall, let's see if you are in a 996 anytime soon, I doubt it.
  10. Have you been to see, PPI'd, or driven any 996, as you come across here and in your other posts as "the go to expert" on everything (especially price) Porsche 996? Have a nice day by the way.

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