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  1. FAP911

    944S Gear shift boot

    Thank You - But does it actually get cabletied / clipped to top of lever. Its a round hole approx 15mm to allow it to slide over lever just wanted to know if its meant to be sealed off
  2. FAP911

    944S Gear shift boot

    Just replacing the rubber inner gear shift boot! I can see how the rubber goes around the lip no problem but does it actually affix to the lever? Or is it just a insulator between the leather boot If so How ??? Thanks
  3. Detailing porn - The Orange RS is superb http://detailparadise.com.au/forum/pro-detailers-directory/vic/affinesse-premium-detailing/14648-2008-porsche-911-997-turbo-basalt http://detailparadise.com.au/forum/pro-detailers-directory/vic/affinesse-premium-detailing/14613-2017-porsche-911-991-gt3-rs-lava-orange
  4. FAP911

    944 sale price

    Thanks Steve - I even thought someone might want it as a club track car I'd rather tell people about the warts and all so as to be transparent - Great feedback Thanks Thanks Jason - Its RWC ( Victoria ) but still needs some cosmetics Will keep adjusting price over the next few weeks Thx
  5. FAP911

    944 sale price

    Selling my 944S that was going to be earmarked for my son but now wants a Golf GTI A couple of bites but nothing concrete Am I off the mark in pricing and if so where should it be ???? https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/balwyn/cars-vans-utes/porsche-944-s/1180599155
  6. Interesting perspective on cannabis - Apparently it'll be boom times with marijuana Not into it but interesting perspective re $$$$$$ https://iview.abc.net.au/programs/four-corners/NC1803H011S00
  7. Think "Coastr" summed it up beautifully in 930 Values thread Fun topic and thread drift. Cars are a fun hobby that you can navigate carefully to not spend a fortune on depreciation. Way more fun than wine or art. But they are not investments. The fun bit is losing less than everyone else or occasionally having a win where you get a clear profit. But it’s fundamentally a greater fool game and the population of fools will eventually exhaust. The simple definition is : investments feed you, liabilities eat you. A true investment provides cashflow and has a principal value that grows at least as fast as real inflation, or sometimes better. The number of cars in that bucket is astonishingly small and I doubt any 930s are in that bucket. You don’t have to pick winning stocks to do well. Just buying the asx200 and reinvesting the dividends for the last ten years would have nearly doubled your money, and required no insurance, taxes, maintenance, and that is in a period where it tracked sideways for a long time.
  8. FAP911

    P envy !

    I recall the same too Hugh - Was it Sporto as well originally???
  9. FAP911

    Pat Burke's 1972 911 S green

    Dennis I recall Dutton's having a car that fits this description - Maybe ring John Varasso at Duttons and he maybe able to help
  10. FAP911

    misc books for sale

    Hi Dennis Id like to buy 2 & 3 please Please PM me PayPal details Thanks David
  11. FAP911

    Check Your P

    I'd say driving a 930 puts a lot of stress in the area Seriously check mine yearly and agree with your sentiments 100% - Great to hear you got a positive outcome
  12. I have two Porsche mountain bikes for sale $3500 for both One hardtail and the other a softtail In fantastic condition - Either ride or hang on the wall Great looking bikes - PM me email address for details and photos Cheers David
  13. Awesome day guys - The lineup was huge and didn't realise they're were so many cars out the back as well Too busy chatting inside but thinking about it the days success is because its such an easy going bunch of people who love a chat and their cars Well done to all for organising - Definitely worth the drive
  14. You were right Michel - Build and they will come Be a lot of fun - Bags passenger in the GT2 ( unless I get bumped by one of your boys ) I read numbers were done - Having never been what has changed????