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  1. FAP911

    911 'Coupe' wanted

    Lee There is an SC coming up in the next Shannons auction in Melbourne - Non-matching numbers, no books, and a tired car but genuine RHD Aus delivered I understand - Its a start
  2. And the 1974 Carrera would be 148000 today ( RBA Calculator ) not allowing for LCT etc
  3. Assuming its well sorted , original trim paint etc its very well priced - I dont need another car but if I did it'd be sold
  4. Great pictures Thanks for sharing Beautiful array of cars
  5. Strongly suggest pulling the dent as best possible - Would avoid a new panel at all costs even though some panel shops may encourage it
  6. I'm furious - And its not even my car Whether deliberate or not it typifies the scum of our earth
  7. Hi Rafik I had the same problem on my 2.4T - Stock standard system and despite going through pretty much everything it was no better It was very underwhelming and so reading your text I thought I add my 2 cents Some guys suggest running slightly differnt pads ( check 911s registry ) and you may even try braided lines in case your using the old rubber by any chance So on those Lake Mountain runs I was always nervous but loved the car
  8. https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/porsche/968/porsche-1994-968-cs-club-sport/7658781 About $72000 landed if this helps https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/porsche/968/1993-l-porsche-968-3-0-club-sport-2d-240-bhp-genuine-cs-great-investment/8691362 And another with more kms
  9. Thanks Hugh - Is that you reaching out to Kerry or Kerry does them ? Cheers
  10. Can anyone steer me in the direction who has been designing the PFA events posters for NSW please
  11. Thank You - But does it actually get cabletied / clipped to top of lever. Its a round hole approx 15mm to allow it to slide over lever just wanted to know if its meant to be sealed off
  12. Just replacing the rubber inner gear shift boot! I can see how the rubber goes around the lip no problem but does it actually affix to the lever? Or is it just a insulator between the leather boot If so How ??? Thanks
  13. Detailing porn - The Orange RS is superb http://detailparadise.com.au/forum/pro-detailers-directory/vic/affinesse-premium-detailing/14648-2008-porsche-911-997-turbo-basalt http://detailparadise.com.au/forum/pro-detailers-directory/vic/affinesse-premium-detailing/14613-2017-porsche-911-991-gt3-rs-lava-orange
  14. Thanks Steve - I even thought someone might want it as a club track car I'd rather tell people about the warts and all so as to be transparent - Great feedback Thanks Thanks Jason - Its RWC ( Victoria ) but still needs some cosmetics Will keep adjusting price over the next few weeks Thx
  15. Selling my 944S that was going to be earmarked for my son but now wants a Golf GTI A couple of bites but nothing concrete Am I off the mark in pricing and if so where should it be ???? https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/balwyn/cars-vans-utes/porsche-944-s/1180599155

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