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  1. Selling set of Vic plates suit Boxster / Cayman 987s Asking $400 - excellent condition
  2. Selling a set of Victorian white on black (tuxedo) slime line plates - excellent condition Suit 911 model 997 Asking $500 ono
  3. Yeah I have looked at this several times but the “minister for fun” won’t sign the purchase order for me ......
  4. To close this out for those interested - I had them replaced in the thicker 3M film by The Invisible Car Bra Coy (James) in Scoresby - was $135 for both sides inc labor which I thought was very reasonable - only issue was it took them 8 hours !! Yes 8!. This was due to the points raised by Simonk
  5. Hey folks - any tips or suggestions on replacing the clear side paint protectors on the leading edge of the rear guards? Mine have gone yellow over time - not sure if it’s necessary to grab genuine Porsche or the paint protection guys will do it. I’m in MELBOURNE and any suggestions / experience welcomed
  6. Oh ok - country Vic as well so would have been a 2 hour trek for me mate. Hapihpy to help with any others you find down this way if it’s any help 👍
  7. What a fantastic response @Niko - good on you mate 👍
  8. Where is it ? Send a link to the advert mate
  9. @Daly87 not sure if you ever managed to buy anything but sending this your way in case
  10. Hey 7smurfs - please do make sure you keep me posted on this mate, I have been looking at the Borla on line as well for my 981 S. Do you mind if I ask 1) does it come with an on / off or is it permanently ON and 2) what it cost in the end? Also, I have a guy good Porsche guy in Melb that can help install if required - he does a lot of work for many of the boys on here.
  11. Great example - very nice. Just sold my 987S through car sales as well as listing it here GLWS mate !
  12. Very keen to see (and hear) how this goes mate ?
  13. Higgo

    Buying a 986

    Ah my bad - I knew you as another name. Best of luck (once again) mate
  14. Higgo

    Buying a 986

    Hi there - I have a 2006 Boxster S manual with low klm for sale on the forum if you are interested

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