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  1. Selling set of Vic plates suit Boxster / Cayman 987s Asking $400 - excellent condition
  2. Selling a set of Victorian white on black (tuxedo) slime line plates - excellent condition Suit 911 model 997 Asking $500 ono
  3. Yeah I have looked at this several times but the “minister for fun” won’t sign the purchase order for me ......
  4. To close this out for those interested - I had them replaced in the thicker 3M film by The Invisible Car Bra Coy (James) in Scoresby - was $135 for both sides inc labor which I thought was very reasonable - only issue was it took them 8 hours !! Yes 8!. This was due to the points raised by Simonk
  5. Hey folks - any tips or suggestions on replacing the clear side paint protectors on the leading edge of the rear guards? Mine have gone yellow over time - not sure if it’s necessary to grab genuine Porsche or the paint protection guys will do it. I’m in MELBOURNE and any suggestions / experience welcomed
  6. Oh ok - country Vic as well so would have been a 2 hour trek for me mate. Hapihpy to help with any others you find down this way if it’s any help 👍
  7. What a fantastic response @Niko - good on you mate 👍
  8. Where is it ? Send a link to the advert mate
  9. @Daly87 not sure if you ever managed to buy anything but sending this your way in case
  10. Hey 7smurfs - please do make sure you keep me posted on this mate, I have been looking at the Borla on line as well for my 981 S. Do you mind if I ask 1) does it come with an on / off or is it permanently ON and 2) what it cost in the end? Also, I have a guy good Porsche guy in Melb that can help install if required - he does a lot of work for many of the boys on here.
  11. Great example - very nice. Just sold my 987S through car sales as well as listing it here GLWS mate !
  12. Very keen to see (and hear) how this goes mate ?
  13. Higgo

    Buying a 986

    Ah my bad - I knew you as another name. Best of luck (once again) mate
  14. Higgo

    Buying a 986

    Hi there - I have a 2006 Boxster S manual with low klm for sale on the forum if you are interested
  15. Higgo

    Buying a 986

    the search for a new drive still going @Fishcop ! my lovely 987 S manual with 60k klm on waiting there for you still - nothing to spend either ?
  16. Depending on the price comparison @Fishcopyou could jump on mine with complete peice of mind, RWC and an available PPI - just sayin ?
  17. Ok thanks mate - pop a 981 to one side for me and I will come back to you during the week to sort out some details ?
  18. Thanks for passing on @Dave986 - appreciate it mate. I know @Fishcop is ideally hunting a 986 but having owned one of those before this (sold to a PFA member when I bought this) it is a great car to get in to - happy for him to check mine out ?
  19. Hey Rod any chance the 981 Boxsters are still available ? Higgo
  20. Now on CarSales so moving the price for PFA members here - $42,950 For sale is my 2006 Porsche Boxster S in 6 speed MANUAL – here are some details (more photos available, pls just PM me) The History I am the 3rd owner of the car and bought it in Sydney 3 years ago from a chap that owned a 911 (997) and had this as his wife’s car When I bought the car the guys at Autohaus Hamilton went right over it for me, did a service and fitted an “Autohaus Sports Exhaust System” ($1,400). I am absolutely delighted with this as it has that sports sound and feeling without any annoying drone etc….. Since I have had the car in Melb it has only been a weekend drive for me with mates from PFA or on a Sunday with the wife. The car has been maintained in Melb by Nick from Cascone Motor Sport (great business and chap). Nick has done all servicing, brakes, tyres etc…. The Details 2006 Aust Delivered Boxster S in 6 speed MANUAL in Silver 63,200klm 19” Factory fitted crab claw wheels (look sensational) in brand new condition, no damage or gutter marks Full service history with an invoice and receipt for all work 2 keys Full set of books New windscreen New Pirelli P-Zero tyres Full set of new brakes in sensors, rotors and pads in genuine parts Immaculately clean car No issues or problems – air con, roof etc…..all in perfect working order Handsfree phone system (was in the car when I got it) All original and no modifications at all RWC inc The Coin I really want to see this go to a PFA member (as per my 986 I had before this). Asking $42,950
  21. Higgo

    986 'S' vs 987

    Hey @Fishcop did you end up landing on a car yet? Toying with moving mine on if there is any interest - just not getting the time to drive it at the moment
  22. Sent a PM few weeks ago on the 987 cover but never heard back - still available ??

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