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  1. Surplus to my needs, now have a Cayman S, free so pick up Brisbane would be good
  2. Howe

    Mild Fuel Odour

    Ok, thanks firstone will check that.
  3. Howe

    Mild Fuel Odour

    2006 Cayman S, trying to trace a very slight fuel odour coming from the front drivers side. Removed the battery and inspected the top of the tank pump and connections ---all good. Removed the drivers side inner guard plastic, checked the carbon canister and connections--all good Removed the under body front tray section can't see any evidence of weeping. Its only there after a run and the car is hot, and is very mild,any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Well it was a bit under utilized, done 27k, so not a lot of k's for its age. Can't believe that eurathane can deteriorate so badly when it has basically no exposure to UV. Other bushes all seem ok. Will go with a alignment though.
  5. Anyone had these replaced lately and an idea on price. Assume a wheel alignment is required. Thanks
  6. TDC on compression stroke Jeff, reasonable important.
  7. Just wiped it down with a damp cloth, then dry, then Dubbin. It could be that photos always look better than real life but I was pretty impressed with the result with such little effort. It won't take out any surface defects, the car has only done 27k so not had a lot of use. Stepo, I did try it on the seat but didn't make a lot of difference.
  8. Seems cheap, not sure though.
  9. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2009-porsche-cayman-s-987-auto-my09/OAG-AD-17381330/?Cr=9 sorry about that
  10. Looking at this car, One owner,full Porsche service history, Hamilton's abbreviated 1 hr PPI. Price seems a bit high? Has anyone purchased or had experience with Northshore Autocentre Sydney 2009 Porsche Cayman S 987 Auto MY10-OAG-AD-17381330 - carsales.com.webarchive
  11. So when you sign to sell on consignment make sure the funds don't go directly into your account not the dealers.Have heard of stories where the dealer has taken forever to release them.
  12. Would be interested to have a chat.
  13. Yes thats usually a good approach. Interesting how some "not negotiable " statements eventually turn around to offers after a month or so when the realization that there is not a lot of buyers out there.

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