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  1. Per pic. To suit left hand drive. very good condition...
  2. Hi Guys I'm likely to never need these so happy for them to go to a 996 owner... All genuine and new or as good as new. Prefer local pickup or post on your account. - front side indicator - front crest seal - seat emblem - vaccum reservoir (also 993) Cheers Tom
  3. Thank you, my mate needs early so will pass. Thanks all the same. Cheers
  4. Hi Raf Can you tell if the missing piece from my pic (rhs pop up wind deflector) is included in your kit, even if it is black not Silver... If so my mate will be interested. Cheers Tom
  5. I have a set of in ported manifolds if you are still looking. I'm away until next Saturday but can get pics etc then...
  6. When you read his FB profile he seems like a candidate!!
  7. Hi Raf I got scammed on GT for $4700 last week by a Stephen 'Forbes' for panels and rims (see screenshot). His mobile was 0406127924, his bank details were BSB 083168 and Acc 235179383 and the proposed address was Pennant Hills. I have had a 'friendly' debt collector visit the address and interview the residents and neighbours. Seems that there hasn't been any Porsches in that house at all... I'd dearly like to join forces to assist in an attempt to ensuring no one else gets stitched up as we have! Stephen spoke a good 'game' and at a guess I'd say he was a fringe Porsche guy so please be careful all... The stitch up has a similar feel as he kept playing the game for a few days after when he really didn't have to. And it is rather unsffisiticated, all be it good enough for me to donate $4700 haha. I note he is still active on Gumtree as I occasionally ping a message across and it shows that he has read it... Gumtree are as guilty as he in my opinion and they have been pathetic! Let's share notes...
  8. That's a cracking combo with some nice details. Looks a worthy one for the collection. GLWS
  9. My experience regarding early cars is different to this understanding but agree that these are a cost effective and hassle free upgrade. 3.5 inch struts are getting thin on the ground and not cheap plus the cost of the actual caliper... Re early cars, I understand that 3.5 inch spacing struts are 'the exception', with the 'rule of thumb' being that they were only supplied on 911S models. 912, 911T and the majority of 911E were supplied with 3 inch spaced struts. Thankfully as Peter M suggests, the details for fitment and recommendations etc are all on the PMB site.
  10. My understanding from the glowing PMB report is that they are lighter with a greater pad area and better piston design. If your 73 has 3 inch spacing (caliper mounting hole centre to centre) like the early Boge or Koni these are ideal...
  11. Hi All I have these restored 3inch spaced Brembo calipers available for sale. They have been vapour blasted and clear re-annodised (so they stay beautiful), genuine hardware replated, inner of pistons heat coated, all new rubber seals, pistons indexed etc - full deal. I went with clear anodising as I preferred the silver look ie so they look more like original Porsche calipers (they are usually black) and think they look great. These are genuine versions of the highly recommended upgrade by Porsche brake specialist PMB, see link for the list of benefits! https://m.pmbperformance.com/catalog/item/8778645/6862358.htm $800

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