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  1. I'm guessing @moetzmoet and @ScotterSim200 are Scammers....
  2. Sell to spend... My reinvestment strategy... Haha! Shed still full though 🙄
  3. Hi All Does anyone have a performance muffler or header set up for a 912 laying around? Open to options but think either a Bursch or Dansk sports unit... Cheers Tom
  4. Excuse the bad pic but Peter is correct. @brian in buddina I actually managed to pick up a factory Matra bench mount and yoke so I have this one available. I made a nice solid bench mount for it too so that comes with it. Send me a PM if still looking. I'm in Wynnun, Brisbane. Cheers Tom
  5. Oldskl60


    Love love love!!
  6. Hi Dylan I have a couple, will PM my mobile phone number. Kind regards Tom
  7. i All I'm looking for some 912 engine mounts. As pictured, shown as items 4 and 5 of the KAT. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Tom
  8. Hi Cam I'll grab the filler neck and cap please, will SMS. Cheers Tom
  9. Hi Guy I have these but they might be earlier, let me know if of interest. Kind regards Tom
  10. Shit...! R32🤤... So hot right now...
  11. A couple sites seem to suggest that the 928 is the same as a G Series boss kit (ie splines) but I have no direct experience with 928. That said, I do have this mint one stashed awaiting the right car... Comes with genuine boss kit and offset adaptor. Possibly outside your target price (if you were already factoring in the boss kit) as the combined set would need to be $1000 to prize from the cupboard...
  12. Hi John I have this one available. GT link Thanks Craig.
  13. I have also used Couriers Please via interparcel.com for bumpers etc. But for really bulky, awkward stuff (ie a roof with glass) I used a few removalists. They take a little longer and cost a little more (not rediculous, circa $350 for a motor from Bris to Syd - door to door) but it doesn't leave their truck until it's at the other end. PM if you would like some details.
  14. Hi All I am going down the rabbit hole of a (mostly) stock engine build for my 67 912 and was wondering if anyone had an books they would be willing to lend / sell etc. I'm thinking of the Pellow ABCs or Secrets, the Brookland 'blue book' manual or anything else people have found useful... kind regards Tom

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