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  1. Hi All I'm looking for a plastic snorkel as pictured or with a winter / cold temp added is fine too Please pm if you have any leads. Cheers Tom
  2. Hi Jason I'll do a list over the weekend and post it here. SMS me if there is anything in particular you are chasing. Cheers Tom I do, it was from an 88/89 Carrera but it'll be the same if you have a late model Aussie 944.
  3. Hi Guys An eclectic mix of bits and pieces now for sale. I know a sale thread without pics sucks but if you are interested please pm or call/SMS me(oh for too nein 944 961) and I'll dig them out and take pics. Cheers Tom 1. 1971 - 1972.5 911S alloy front calipers - sold 2. 69 - 73 left front guard under indicator rust replacement section - sold 3. 901 intake manifolds for webers/zeniths (un ported) - $320 4. G series Fuel tank - $450 5. Oil tank - $700 6. Early tinted rear quarter windows with latches etc (nice original silver anodising) - $500 7. Late (964) Sun visors - $150 8. LWB / Narrow body g-series rear quarter cuts - sold. 10. Mint (recoated) 69 - 71 911S rear swing arm - sold 11. Boxster S front brake calipers -$400 12. Upper rocker covers -$300 13. PCA deck lid grill badge - sold 16. New early non-S front bumper deco - $200 17. NOS G series electric side mirror motor, rubber and mirror - $300 18. Nice SWB heater control boxes - $170 19. RUF front bonnet badge - sold 390mm Leather Nardi Classic - Sold Other bits to come: Mechanical G Series mph Speedo (1/74) - sold 914 Tacho - $180 Refinished Repro Fuchs 7x15 and 8x15 - $1500 Also heaps of 944 / Turbo / S2 gear - please message for details.
  4. New home found with Rafik
  5. Pedal board needs new home... Not perfect by any means but usable in my opinion, no idea what model but I'm sure anyone that needs it will know.
  6. Agreed!! Anyone looking at this car will have an imagination and the ability to make their own changes. FWIW the BBS you already have and turbo fans if it was in my garage (which I very very much wish it was!!)...
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    They don't get any better IMHO!!

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