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  1. Hi All I am going down the rabbit hole of a (mostly) stock engine build for my 67 912 and was wondering if anyone had an books they would be willing to lend / sell etc. I'm thinking of the Pellow ABCs or Secrets, the Brookland 'blue book' manual or anything else people have found useful... kind regards Tom
  2. Hi There I have a mate who is doing a back date on his SC. He'll have bonnet, front guards, front and rear bumpers, rear centre light etc. All panels are mint condition and painted guards red. If you PM me your mobile number I can pass it on to him. His is based in Wynnun, Brisbane. Kind regards Tom
  3. Come on... You know all the cool kids are going TBs...
  4. Hi All Plans have changed for me and I am looking for a set of 46mm or 50mm PMOs. Happy to pay cash or cash plus I also have a set of Weber 40ida and/or 40mm Zeniths as trade bait. Please reach out if you can help. Kind regards Tom
  5. Pm sent, I have a nice one here
  6. Thanks mate, made some room now and sent you a message.
  7. Given I don't know the answer, I certainly don't think it is a dumb question!! Being this is stainless steel (some lower end Dansk don't seem to be) and I understood Monty are Australian made, I'd hope these are better quality but the stainless Dansk I saw was certainly a decent looking unit also. Re sound comparison (ie loudness and drone), I wish I knew... These have a rumble but not obnoxious. I am only selling to fund being bent over for a Scart Super Sound... loud and obnoxious 😍
  8. For sale is a sweet stainless steel Monty muffler. Regarded by many a favoured choice for an air-cooled hot rod. As pictured it is a 2 in, 1 out let so will suit early heat exchangers, SSI and most performance headers. In excellent used condition. Will polish up nicely if that is your preference...
  9. Oh this is beautiful to watch coming together. Very nice attention to detail and obviously lots of 'thought'. Keep up the great work!
  10. Oldskl60

    Scart Muffler

    Hi Gents I'm looking for a 2 in, 1 out Scart Muffler. If anyone has one or knows of one please let me know. Kind regards Tom
  11. Great work Lee, thanks for your diligence!
  12. Not that there is anything wrong with hoarding spares... right!?! hahaha
  13. As pictured, untested... Pickup preferred

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