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  1. Great work Lee, thanks for your diligence!
  2. Not that there is anything wrong with hoarding spares... right!?! hahaha
  3. As pictured, untested... Pickup preferred
  4. A mate of mine has a pair of these in sweet original condition, perfect to mate with Ando's! Sorry, maybe not so perfect to mate, these are non hearts...
  5. For sale is a mint Porsche 911 / 930 engine lid. As pictured, it is in perfect condition and primed ready for finishing. $1000.
  6. $1400+ worth of rubber makes the nicely finished genuine rims cheap... Price is Negotiable
  7. Hi All For sale is a really nice set of genuine 911 Fuchs. As pictured (minus centre caps), in excellent condition with near new Yokohama A050 rubber (good all rounder for spirited street and track). Only removed to go to 15s for a more old school look. Fronts - 16x6 with 205/60/16 Rears - 16x7 with 225/45/16. Perfect fitment for narrow body cars. Happy to assist with shipment etc. $3200
  8. As pictured, factory board panel for what I assume is a late G Series RHS rear quarter trim panel. Handy piece to make a template from or repair and recover. Includes genuine Porsche buckle holder
  9. Hi All For what it is worth just seeing if anyone has any 911R (or similar) parts lying around that they have taken off a car or bought and changed paths... In particular I'd be looking for: - fibreglass front wings - fibreglass front and rear bumpers - fibreglass rear lid - tail lights - cool seats You get the picture! I'm trying to work out what to do with a 68 tub I have and I'm a sucker for a stripped out 'racer' Cheers Tom
  10. Removed from a 68 911. Now spoken for...

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