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  1. Sorry Rod, freed some space now...
  2. Hi Guys Many of you will already know that Don is DHM not T&D per my error above... The car and motor was built by Don at DHM. Cheers
  3. Hi All A buddy of mine is selling his 3.0L to step into a 3.6... The motor has been rebuilt by Don at DHM and recently had the tappets done by Brett at Flatsix Motorsports. Both guys can vouch that the motor is sweet. Plus it is still in the car and can be test driven and/or inspected/tested by your mechanic etc. As pictured, the motor presents great with no leaks or issues and goes fantastic. The car itself was also restored/built by DHM with no expense spare so anything that has ever been needed has been done. The motor is being sold as a plug and play unit complete with SSI Headers, CIS injection, clutch/pressure plate, fan, shroud etc. Ie just add your craddle, muffler and tin. I can SMS a video taken yesterday of it running if you PM me your details. Located in Wynnum, Qld Price is $20k
  4. Hi All I have a 2.7 motor for sale on GT. Some goodies to make a nice motor... Engine number is 636xxxx. The original Targa it was from is in WA so unfortunately not going to match any other cars here. Feel free to reach out for more details. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/manly/engine-engine-parts-transmission/porsche-2-7l-motor-long-block/1261584612
  5. As pictured. For 1978 - 1980 models. Printed in 1980. Great condition. Free to a 928 owner...
  6. Peter was kind enough to let me and my motley crew reminisce a couple years back... Still such a beautiful car!
  7. Hi Justin This car has been discussed on typ901 before. My Father owned it prior to Peter, you might recall seeing the pic below from the early '80s. It's great to see it getting some love. Certainly look forward to having it back in the family at some point! 😉 Cheers Tom
  8. Hi Peter Welcome, great to see you on here. Cheers Tom
  9. White works and if pop is your goal.... OJ!? Oops, looks like I'm late to the party 😬
  10. Hi All I just put this one up on GT. Awesome bit of kit that might be of interest to some here... https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/manly/engine-engine-parts-transmission/porsche-jb-racing-tilton-clutch-fly-wheel-set-up/1258271884
  11. Hi All Like many of our members I have become a huge fan of Gibbs Brand Lubricant. It's cleaning, sealing and protective properties have proven very handy with my VW and Porsche habits. I had been struggling to get my hands any locally so I have put my hand up to stock it here in Wynnum, Brisbane. If anyone is in need of a can or three feel free to PM or give me a call. I'll also plan to keep a few cans on me at future events (ie Cars and Coffee etc..) Price is $40 per can or 3 cans for $110. Kind regards Tom
  12. Oldskl60

    Wheel Kicking...

    You still have good tastes Sir👌🏻
  13. I also went with the same👍🏼

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