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  1. I have the Targa roll bar sheet metal and rear window for any inspiring parties.... Just saying...
  2. Hi GentsI have this new AP Racing organic solid centre clutch disc purchased from WEVO surplus to needs if someone needs or wants a spare. I purchased a WEVO clutch flywheel deal with a 901 clutch but have managed to source the same clutch but for a 915 gearbox which suits my current application.I have it on good authority from WEVO that they are no longer offering them due to issues with supply and dealing with AP.$460 AUD
  3. All sorted now, thanks to those that responded.
  4. Still here... Only period correct if it's period correct! $450ono
  5. Yes still available. Externally they could use a pretty up but all pistons etc operate well etc.
  6. Hi Lukus It was perfectly good, only removed from a 72 returning to original early model. Cheers Tom Seats went a while back sorry Brian. There seems to be a few sets of g series seats up for grabs here and there.
  7. Oldskl60

    964 cab rear seats

    Holler if these are any good to you. Cheers Tom
  8. Hi Gents I have this one available also, happy to price per Starchy's. Also have a 360mm "sports option" wheel for 964 era cars. Ie the same as the 964 RS steering wheel. PM if interested. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/manly/other-parts-accessories/-porsche-911-930-steering-wheel/1225245750
  9. They look great! But I guess period correct is period correct...
  10. Blaupunkt Bremen SQR 32. Bench tested with video (if required). Face in excellent condition as pictured. Period correct for the early to mid 1980s cars. $550 obo PM for more information. Cheers Tom

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