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  1. For sale is this new set it FabSpeed RSR Headers. Test fit but never used. FabSpeed quote good HP increases and weight reductions. Includes v-bands, clamps and some piping but no muffler. 39mm exhaust port. 1 3/4 inch to 2 1/2 inch after collector. Please pm for more info. $1600 ono.
  2. For sale is a really nice VDM Steering Wheel. 400mm diametre, perfect horn button and genuine VDM backing. A couple very minor marks on the rim as pictured but perfect for that period car. $600 - happy to be told if I'm off the mark...
  3. I can help with the complete front sway bar @P-Kay Will PM
  4. Brilliant Paul, thanks for letting me know. Cheers Tom
  5. Also this cool early 2.7 Carrera badge... I listed the 911 badge on GT as $50 so $50 it is...
  6. PM replied Paul, let me know if you didn't get it. Cheers
  7. 3.2 Carrera, C3 and RS badges now sold. 2.7 and 911 still available. Thanks PFA👍🏼
  8. Hi Guys A tough stainless sports exhaust for the 1-in let crowd. Quoted to increase power... As pictured, in good condition and would come up great with a polish if so inclined. Some scuffing on the under of the tips. Sierra Madre have them listed $1150 USD (circa $1600+ AUD) new, plus shipping etc Sold Cheers Tom
  9. Prices as indicated in the pic. 911 and 2.7 badge are new and never fit, others are good condition. Cheers Tom
  10. Loving the direction this it going Ken!! Keep it up

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