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  1. Not so much a vent, more a frustration. Anyone sold their non p-car or cars through carsales? It's been awhile since I sold privately, mainly just traded on the next car. I'm currently selling our A4 Audi, need to get down to 3 cars and no one in the family likes the sedan so it will be the first to go. When I was a bit younger and bought cars through the ads in the paper, I would ring, ask all the questions and go inspect and if interested make an offer and go from there. Now with carsales, i get enquiries asking me questions that are all answered in the ad, with pictures FFS or I get one word emails and texts that don't make sense, sentences that are vaguely intelligible, or mainly will you take random $...amount way less than asking. My standard response is, come and have a look at the car and we'll talk about the price. But no one is interested in looking at the car and also there are so many from out of state who are looking for just an average car they could find in their own area? Bloody frustrating, maybe it is a vent.
  2. Had my seat release broken by independent, didn't realise for awhile, passenger side, I don't carry passengers much it didn't notice it for a couple of months. It was the first time I tried this particular shop and won't return.
  3. Go have a search at ipaustralia depending on the class, there are a few Carrera registrations, the sunnies, glasses, goggles brand the most prevalent. Registration number 1223031 for Motor vehicles, namely sports cars. Class 12. Seems like first registered in 2007? Owner some bloke - Dr. Ing. h.c.F.Porsche Aktiengesellschaft
  4. Goes down to $84.9K, attracts a bit of chat, then goes back up to $94.9K and sells. WTF?
  5. OK, it was quick but the STI was in another league. Actually miss her but wouldn't have kept the license for long.
  6. First one was a black 2005 WRX, then a silver 2009 STI Betty. Awesome car the STI, had to sell it or lose my license, lots of fun around Wakefield though.
  7. Did you get a response, I'm looking for an auto electrician, in Sydney as well, for some work on my 84 911.
  8. keg_guts

    PCNSW Concours

    Well it was on today and surprised that it has so far rated no mention? Lovely day, nice location, if a bit spread out, but a nice walk. Some interesting cars. Strange that you see nearly as many nice cars in the carpark than in the concours and then you see a different group of cars at say, the Autohaus palm beach events? Not criticising just an observation?
  9. Did you find it on Carsales or word of mouth? Stance looks the goods.
  10. Seems crazy that there would be a 20% difference with UK cars (personally don't get it). Older may be rust affected, salted roads, ok price adjustment, but newer years? Personally never really worried about Australian delivered, however only owned 2 but both came from o/s. My first a 73 2.4S UK car and my current 84 Carrera US car have both been great cars. Never been fussed about keeping them original either? Buy one, save some cash and personalise them! Maybe too much emphasis on investment over enjoyment.
  11. Big difference, I'm is Sydney so it would be Autohaus or similar. Hard to tell with all the info out there if bore scoring is a bit of a lottery with how the car is driven or just a matter of time?
  12. Only the one, but had to sell my 'Royal Guard' when we downsized, shed a few tears... Was not sure a pinnie in an apartment would go down well with the neighbours. But do like the old Gottliebs.

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