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  1. Now that's how you sell a Porsche! Very nice Rob, very nice.
  2. Completely understandable. I have an ever growing list of cars I'd like to sample, yet limited storage (and funds!) means its one-out one-in for the foreseeable future... GLWS, someone is going to pickup a very special 964.
  3. @JV911 what the hell man???? Another project coming?
  4. Yep we're due another run soon! I'm in NZ for the week of 15th so was unable to attend, but I don't know what you're talking about anyway 😉
  5. Welcome! A few of us here in Sydney with new GT's. We catch up from time to time for early runs and a coffee or two... keep an eye on the SMT thread.
  6. I have a brand new in box sport design wheel and matching pdk shifter in alcantara which I no longer need and could fit a 991.1. I can get you the part numbers to check if you're interested, send me a pm.
  7. https://www.caradvice.com.au/777597/blaupunkt-drags-80s-stereo-into-2019/
  8. Having spent a little time with this C2 I can honestly say only a Countach turns more heads... it's a camera magnet in the slums of surry hills.
  9. Hi mate, I installed one of these in our old 964 C2 a couple of years ago. Very happy with it. And I can show you how to delete the chrome ring too! A couple of images here:
  10. Also try Pierre at Atlas Motor Body Works in Artarmon. Autohaus sending a few cars their way lately.
  11. If you're talking about allocations for new cars which you can spec, then next to no discount on any GT cars. I suspect the 718 Spyder would be in same basket. New cars on the floor there is usually some room, even at the top end.
  12. Thanks for bringing this up! I was searching older threads recently too and just assumed most forum goers where a pack of a**holes back in the day... 😁
  13. There's a couple of 981 Spyders on car sales been sitting there for a while, maybe time to put an offer in...

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