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  1. Right you are, it wasn't on my radar as I was leaning towards fixed buckets and only changed to folding last minute. Sounds good mate, I should be up for a run late this month. Enjoy SS!
  2. Thanks mate. I'm missing it lately, too much time in the office... Here's my spec: Black Exterior Black Touring Package Black Wheels Black LED Headlights Black Full Leather (are we seeing a pattern here πŸ˜‰) PCCB Folding Carbon Buckets Sport Chrono Reversing Camera Auto Dimming Mirrors Sunvisors in Alcantara Homelink Smoking Package Floor Mats (and now a BBI Centre Bypass, I think it might be a bit loud though 😬 @NBTBRV8 Unfortunately you can't spec seat heating with the folding buckets. Car comes standard with Apple CarPlay, not sure what the mobile phone prep is? I'm no audiophile so just my opinion but the standard sound system I think is great, glad I didn't tick any stereo upgrade boxes. Good luck in the hunt!
  3. A GT3 that HASN'T seen the track is a GT3 unloved πŸ˜‰
  4. itsujack

    The A62435 Car Build

    Sorry to hear this after all the energy you put into it, must be very difficult but obviously life throws unexpected things at us from time to time. It's just a car... but what a car! All the best in your situation, will keep an ear out for anyone in the market.
  5. @deadman congratulations! keen to get the GT's out for a run, there's a few of us up here now...
  6. itsujack

    912 US barnfind OTLW project

    That was a good day! I've been thinking about how to implement Rod's back-of-the-line payment policy into our studio ever since...
  7. Agree with above, sadly not an isolated case. I've never understood this sales strategy?...
  8. Not sure about the kill switch but its now noted as under offer which at CTS usually means its sold. There are a couple more that have been for sale a while like the one at PCSS. The price is already pretty good at $400k driveaway but I think there's a deal to be done there, likewise the one in QLD with PCCB's. Good luck in your search!
  9. itsujack

    912 US barnfind OTLW project

    Getting close now. Time to book the boat trip?...
  10. itsujack

    GT3 Touring Time

    Congrats on you car Nicko! I waited 800km (2 months) before taking to 9k after pretty much everyone including dealer said just drive it! If you're doing 4,000km in one trip I'd give it 1,000km then let it go. Sounds like a fun trip, I highly recommend the Snowy Mountains Highway between Bemboka and Cooma if you're mapping out a route. Yep, very happy with the wrap, hard to tell it is even there. I used Project Detail here in Sydney. Do your homework and make sure to inspect the work of the company you intend to use before committing. The wrapping world is a bit of a minefield...
  11. Spyder has finally sold! That's the longest I've had a car on the market (5 months). I thought the price was pretty fair, but maybe trying to sell a convertible over winter or just the slump in the market meant it took longer than I expected? It did sell for more than I paid two years ago, so who knows what's going on. I do have that slight - what have I done feeling now though... In other news... I should have the BBI cup bypass install complete on the GT3 this weekend 😬
  12. sounds like a few real estate agents I know... πŸ™„
  13. itsujack

    912 US barnfind OTLW project

    Ok, as soon as POLO arrives let's settle this in the twisties Tom. So shall we book in Spring 2020? πŸ˜‚
  14. itsujack

    Rear wiper - 911 991.2

    Not needed, drive fast enough and the airflow cleans the glass πŸ˜€ Like the sunroof, it's not even offered as an option on the GT3.
  15. itsujack

    964 Market Watch

    maybe, or because 4wd πŸ˜‚