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  1. I thought I read somewhere the new turbo is still based on the 964 platform?
  2. How easy is this to swap out, I imagine you could change it back to stock for summer relatively quickly??
  3. Obviously for sale at a premium due to perfect colour combo 😀
  4. Cracking car, GLWS! These are so underrated, so much so that I’ve recently gone back for seconds myself 😀
  5. F|#k me! Thank you. Stuck at home with covid has left me a little out of touch with a fuzzy head 🤪
  6. Apologies if this has been posted before, but I've only just read about it. Does this spell the beginning of the end for flippers and anyone else looking to invest in classics? I have so many questions, like who is determining the value above which CGT is applied? How are modifications/upgrades factored into value? You can't depreciate them like you can on a property so why would you invest in adding value to a vehicle? https://www.drive.com.au/news/federal-government-to-impose-capital-gains-tax-on-used-car-sales/
  7. Another vote for Finn at Virgin. Multiple wheels repaired and colour changed by him over the past couple of years, cannot fault his work and he’ll fit tyres for you too as he won’t trust anyone else to not damage his work, my kinda guy 😀
  8. This needs to happen a lot more often this year mate, maybe we lock in at least every second month the last Sunday or similar?
  9. Me too! I just paid crazy money for Porsche Pavilion tickets. But after being halfway to Melb in 2020 when it was cancelled I figure we've waited long enough and why not make the most of it 🤪🤪
  10. I could be wrong but I thought they did this for side impact compliance?
  11. I highly rate Sandro at Car Craft Auto Detailing, his attention to detail is right up there, lots of content on his channel: https://youtube.com/channel/UCOcVjrjvQmciOGWexARl_ZA
  12. I think Jason is spot on here and articulates super well what many of us have observed for a little while now. So... GT or bust guys 😁
  13. This thing hauls!... just the right amount of noise, compliance and patina for a weekend rocket ship.
  14. Our just wait another five years until we're all converting our 911's to sweet electricity, tip or manual - makes no difference 😂

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