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  1. Get in line for a Boxster top mate! A few of us been hunting for a while now. I hear roof rack prices are through the roof after one example fitted with them totally cleaned up at the concours last year 😂 I paid $1k for my RTS and yes I would pay that again. All are very rare. I've only ever seen one roof rack for sale, I have been keeping an eye out for a roof, yet to find one, mostly mounted to cars for sale and owners reluctant to separate. @TrevMcRev grabbed some tasty humps recently for his speedster.
  2. From memory, just pull the knob off, then disassemble the knob components by unscrewing from the inside, this will allow you to paint the chrome ring on its own. Then just reassemble and you’re good to go.
  3. That's actually not such a silly idea K... a good conversation to have over dinner next week...
  4. Thanks mate you are spot on. I usually pride myself on being a very good decision maker but this time I’m completely on the fence. So if it sells or not, either way I’m driving something awesome!
  5. A sultry Italian is calling... But I'm not giving the GT3 away, it's my perfect spec (over $50k in factory options) I think I'd want more than $330k, so maybe I'm keeping it, even starting to write the ad earlier today I was questioning what I'm doing. Maybe I stick a big number on it and see if anyone bites...
  6. You can keep the 959, I'll take their GT1 🤩 https://duttongarage.com/Porsche-GT-Evolution~89505
  7. Someone stop me... after two years and 16,000 km an interesting opportunity has presented itself that has us contemplating letting the Touring go... This may just be a fleeting lapse or something more serious. Please help. Alternatively if you're looking for a Touring in a dream spec send me a PM.
  8. Does anyone know what this Cayman R went for in the end (I forgot it was ending today 🙁)? https://www.lloydsonline.com.au/LotDetails.aspx?smode=0&aid=18230&lid=2364772&pgn=2&pgs=100
  9. Jim is one of the best in the business, he's also pretty open about how exhausting it can be striving to achieve the level of restorative detailing he does.
  10. I'm not far behind you 😜 our two year old 911 gets the nod over our 30 year old 911 for a quick run more often that not these days
  11. Yep, and I guess everyone is looking for a deal, so price it at $220k and maybe get negotiated down to high $100s. Well I might be a fool then 😀 I'd pay $150k without hesitation (yes I know where 996 GT3s are). I've owned and driven a few 964s, and the difference between a scrappy and a well sorted example is significant which I think is why sometimes people don't connect with them.
  12. Asking $220k... Owner is likely happy to hang onto this unless someone rolls along with stars in their eyes. No doubt a stunning example in a great colour and I could be wrong, but not sure there is any evidence to support a price starting with a 2? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1993-porsche-911-carrera-2-964-manual/OAG-AD-18905427/?Cr=5

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