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  1. itsujack

    New Michelin tyres not so new

    The first set of tyres I had fitted to our 964 (conti's) we're over two years old when fitted. I didn't notice until after. Ever since, and for my last couple of sets of tyres I've told the tyre place that I want tyres that are absolute max. 6 months old. So far they've been cool with it and I get fresh rubber every time!
  2. itsujack

    New Import Laws applying from 2019

    That'd probably be true if the weren't so expensive OS too. By the time you get one shipped over here I think they're in the same ballpark from what I've seen of OS prices in past year or so.
  3. itsujack

    New Import Laws applying from 2019

    Thanks for the summary @Coastr very interesting! (immediately starts looking for OS auction sites for 964's..., which sites do we know of???)
  4. itsujack

    964 Market Watch

    Yep, the way it was meant to be! Tracked cars (either lightly or heavily) are very often maintained to a much higher level than something that has sat. Owned and cared for by genuine enthusiasts rather than posers. Still top dollar though.
  5. itsujack

    the New 992 911!

    I think the 991.2 GT3 Touring will be the peak of 911 evolution... all down hill from here 😉 Old one is better blah blah blah new one is too soft etc etc. Same response, rinse and repeat every 10 years or so (5 if you include the .2s)...
  6. Hey, quit teasing, I got coffee with mine this morning! I think I looked pretty cool 😂
  7. Ha! Maybe, I’ll set an alarm for three years time and let’s run the numbers ?
  8. So true. I added a fully specced Golf gti in options to our Touring ? (and I didn’t even tick PTS...) Good luck with the sale, pics look great. Been following @oakgruenmetallic on insta. Super colour!
  9. I think you're right, it's been discussed on rennlist quite a bit with consensus that you would have compliance/insurance issues adding seats to the 991 GT3 as the mounting points differ from the base shell apparently... however I note that on my rego papers my touring already says its a four seater?!... p.s. I may know someone interested. They were wanting my allocation. I'll make a call.
  10. Right you are, it wasn't on my radar as I was leaning towards fixed buckets and only changed to folding last minute. Sounds good mate, I should be up for a run late this month. Enjoy SS!
  11. Thanks mate. I'm missing it lately, too much time in the office... Here's my spec: Black Exterior Black Touring Package Black Wheels Black LED Headlights Black Full Leather (are we seeing a pattern here ?) PCCB Folding Carbon Buckets Sport Chrono Reversing Camera Auto Dimming Mirrors Sunvisors in Alcantara Homelink Smoking Package Floor Mats (and now a BBI Centre Bypass, I think it might be a bit loud though ? @NBTBRV8 Unfortunately you can't spec seat heating with the folding buckets. Car comes standard with Apple CarPlay, not sure what the mobile phone prep is? I'm no audiophile so just my opinion but the standard sound system I think is great, glad I didn't tick any stereo upgrade boxes. Good luck in the hunt!
  12. A GT3 that HASN'T seen the track is a GT3 unloved ?
  13. itsujack

    The A62435 Car Build

    Sorry to hear this after all the energy you put into it, must be very difficult but obviously life throws unexpected things at us from time to time. It's just a car... but what a car! All the best in your situation, will keep an ear out for anyone in the market.

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