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  1. dragon02

    Northern EMR Sunday 18th November

    Hi Pete, when is the next EMR? Cheers
  2. dragon02

    Any Porsche watch guys/gals

    Car watch 🙂
  3. dragon02

    Wanted 993/964 Tow Hook

    If anyone is moving on a Rennline tow hook for 997, drop me a line 🙂
  4. dragon02

    New tee

    I'm keen on one but as a black tee with white print. May I suggest using the AS tee brand as they are of an excellent quality.
  5. Never a truer word spoken 😂
  6. Playing around with the idea of trading my 7.1 CS manual with 11,000kms on the clock for a 7.2....3.6 vs 3.8, front lift and centrelock wheels; has anyone driven both to provide comparison/feedback? This one looks peachy - https://www.carsales.com.au/dealer/details/Porsche-911-2010/OAG-AD-15460545/?Cr=26
  7. dragon02

    Northern EMR Sunday 21st

    See you then.
  8. Sharp price!!! https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-911-2008/SSE-AD-4670370/?Cr=13
  9. Stunning car and I love the streamline look of the licence plate stickers....are they legal in Oz as I would be keen to replace mine if so!
  10. #metoo Symsy!!! Rainy day, wet road, just got into the car, very cold tyres, roll to a red light about to turn into a 90 degree left hander....proceeded to enter and gave it a bit of gas (too early), as the rear end swung around, tried to correct it and over correction swung the tail back the other way!!! Tail swung like a pendulum a couple more times, foot off brake and lightly on accelerator pedal till I got the beast back in control, definitely heart-in-mouth moment. Realised those Michelin Pilot Sports may not like the wet too much!! Respect your GT3 and never get complacent ?
  11. dragon02

    997.1 GT3 stoneguard

    Hi, can anyone recommend best place to buy replacement stoneguards as mine are starting to discolour? Thanks in advance.
  12. dragon02

    993 parts boot trim and HL lenses

    Intake ducts sold and off to Brissie!
  13. Looks like the blue 78 SC is now off the market.
  14. dragon02

    993 parts boot trim and HL lenses

    Update: red seatbelts, handbrake and a-arm bushings now sold. Still available -2. Factory original 993 headlight lenses (pair) - $195. Small amount of pitting and yellowing but overall good condition. 5. Factory original 993 standard oval exhaust tips (pair) - $50. Suits narrow body 993, scratches on underside of tip but not visible when fitted. Right tip missing connecting clamp. 6. Factory original 993 left driving light - $95 single piece. Broken tab but still secure when fitted. Only slight pitting and yellowing. 7. Factory original 993 centre console - $145. Good condition, no cracks in plastic, few small nicks in original vinyl. 9. Black carpet dash mat - $60. Tailored to fit front dash to protect from sun 11. Front brake ducts (pair) - $80. Fibreglass part sourced from design911 UK, currently painted Aventura green. 12. Factory original centre console tray with rubber mat - $45. Very good condition 13. Factory original 993 handbrake tray/insert - $45. Very good condition, no scratches and hasn’t faded or turned brown. 15. Dash end cap, $10 16. sunroof switch, $35
  15. dragon02

    993 parts boot trim and HL lenses

    Hi MrRPJ, email replied. Centre cap covers sold.

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