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  1. Mick

    968 Turbo RS anyone?

    I believe it’s got the cage and seats with it, but I drew the same line in regards to 996 gt3 values atm. If they are sitting on the market @ 150k then I can’t see this being that close to it in value? 100-110 think I’d be all over it by now but 130k my gut just says to much and still have to say it’s a replica even tho it’s as good as the factory ones anyway but nevertheless it’s been made post factory.
  2. Mick

    968 Turbo RS anyone?

    Ad says no offers or test drives? Makes it hard to deal with the seller by the sounds love the car just not sure if it’s value. Already own a 996.2 gt3 and 930 and thought this would be another great addition without having more of the same.
  3. Mick

    968 Turbo RS anyone?

    Genuinely interested in this car but is it really with the asking ? I know a CS has gone through the roof but someone tell me something to convince me of the cars value.
  4. Ok peoples thoughts 991.1 gt3 991.2 gt3 991rs Are the last 2 cars that much better than a .1 gt3 to justify the extra $$’s and yes it will be tracked I have a cautious feeling over the engine issue when it gets closer to the factory bailing on the warranty. I have a feeling the RS could fall into the mid high 3’s and could become quite a car for the money but I still come back to how good a value the .1’s are and may even get cheaper. The new gt3 is probably my pick but I still think they are to close price wise to the RS. I’d like some opinions to try and in scramble my decision.
  5. Yeah can probably live without it I suppose that’s what timers are for , you’d probably be to busy to worry about flicking the lever on the spot each lap anyway. Would love to get a lap around lakeside in one. I’ve been watching these for a while now and they are really good value atm I think but I still have that eng issue in the back of my mind. Not sure if I’d be better waiting for the .2’s now ??
  6. No sport chrono?? Would be the first box I’d tick , love the car but don’t think you get launch control without s/c
  7. Couldn’t agree more but I’m probably a bit bias 😂😂
  8. Except there’s no reprocussions for the public but dealers are held responsible by fair trading etc and the public are alawys protected, pity dealers don’t get to hold public crooks responsible as well.
  9. Man dealers have got nothing on the lies that the public will tell when trading a car I’ve experienced first hand absolute lies from people with no care of the lie they are prepared to tell and then I’m sure they brag to their mates on how they ripped a dealer. You’d probably find the info they are telling you came direct from the previous private owner. Funny how dealers are always the grubs but when the public dud a dealer it’s all good.
  10. He was just hanging on and didn’t realise that was a bad grab handle for both of us hahah
  11. Mick

    996.1 Brake Pad Recommendation

    Be careful with braided lines being ADR compliant no insurance otherwise
  12. Yeah was a blast I took my uncle for those laps and had a fairly good heart attack when the hand brake warning light came on the dash as he grabbed the hand brake as a grab handle just before turning in under the old bridge 😱 found myself turning in one handed taking his hand off the hand brake as I turned in Hahahaha i still have night mares about what might have happened 😅😅
  13. Sticky button is an easy fix if your in Brisbane I can get them done in 5 minutes did the ones in my 996 perfect fix.
  14. Last club sprint @ lakeside in a stock 996 gt3 on street continentals 60.8 I was the fastest in the last session of the day and would be confident with a better brake pad and a couple of sway bar changes to get into the high 59’s. Without doubt one of the best days I’ve had at lakeside for years. That being said I did see a 991.1 gt3 do a 59.2 so I too would be quite happy to back to back my 996 to a 991 if anyone feels like handing me the keys 😎