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  1. New front ones in chrome from Porsche are 110 ea & $8 ea for the joiners.
  2. Yeah I saw that to means we’ve told you about it but probably still covered under new engine warranty BUT fingers crossed Porsche does it if their is a problem if not 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
  3. I own a 996.2 CS gt3 and absolutely love it but I want something new school fast for the track I’ve done plenty of circuit racing in quite a few different categories and the RS is just something that draws me in. Don’t particularly care what people think about the loud out there look of the RS if you can catch me then you can call me a wanker 😂😂 but this is a car for me not everyone else so 👌
  4. What’s people’s opinions on 991.1 RS vs 991.2 GT3 ?? Which is the better one to own. Personally I still love that RS badge for similar money and yes track days will be applied.
  5. Hahahaha thanks but I’m a bit tired after doing this and I don’t think my wallet will recover anytime soon😂😎
  6. Yeah your right the heat exchangers were deleted I couldn’t justify the cost at the time and living in Qld I don’t need heat. We have left everything in place just a matter of putting them back on if I feel the need to later, I’d spent that much money at that stage it was something I felt that wasn’t all that critical and like the look without them anyway.
  7. Thought I’d share the restoration of our 930 with the forum , just hope it’s not to boring as I’m no academic story writer 😂 Back in April 2016 a mate of mine who seems to find cars in all obscure places asked if I’d be interested in a 930 that had been sitting for 17 years buried in a shed in Brisbane. Umm YES, I told him I’d love to know more and so begins the slippery slope of bringing a car back to life. The owner of the car had a massive shed with about 30 cars in it in all states of mobility and the very deepest in the shed was the 930, so deep the only way out was through the back door to get it into the back yard then cut a couple of fence panels out of the neighbours property and out through their backyard to freedom. Originally delivered in the UAE then exported to HK and finally arriving in Aus in 1999 and not being registered till 2017 showing 48000klm and covered in more dust than the pyramids of Egypt. But none the less a 930 and with the way prices had gone it was going to be a great entry level price for an air cooled car let alone a 930. WINNING. Super excited but the owner being over protective about his collection and location meant I had to trust my mate on buying the car for me which wasn’t an issue as he’s got more experience in collector cars than anybody I know. So a couple of pics a few Hail Mary's the deals done ✅ only problem he’s 75-80 and in no rush to dig her out so after a couple of weeks my mate under takes the mission to dig it out and I get to pic it up. This is where the fun begins. We where told that the guy had started to fit a new muffler to it some years earlier got distracted and never finished the job , no biggie I knew it wasn’t going to be a matter of putting fuel and a battery in her ,quick wash and off into the sunset I was super excited about getting her cleaned up , mechanically resurrected and rolling again. Brad Mckernan from Mckernan restoration at Redcliffe came over home for a few days and nights to do what we could at home before sending her out to his workshop for the finishing touches to just get it mobile and driving, just to see how I would like a LHD 911. So a new fuel tank from Porsche a borrowed turbo and muffler fuel pumps lines etc etc all ready to fire up and boom 💥 comes the phone call , Mike something seems wrong!!NO NO NO what’s going on Brad ? Broken head studs ☹️ Ok now it’s turning into a bit more of a job than we expected. After a fair bit of back and forth with Brad we decided that we may as well go all in and do a proper job of things while it’s apart we will tidy up whatever is out of her or easily accessible and detail as much as we can and make it just a bit better than a dirty old barn find. Away down the slope we go NEW everything it was then a massive engine and under body detail and now that I’m in for a full engine rebuild, I took the attitude of while it’s apart do everything new , this is a job I don’t want to do twice. This included gearbox bearings synchro’s clutch brakes just do it all and make it something to be proud of not just a screwed together patchwork job. Throw the cash at it and let me know when it’s ready 🤦‍♂️ Now I’ve gone this deep everything I look at needs to be done so all new lenses, front rubber lip spoiler, rear whale tail rubber and of course a couple of scratches on opposite guards that once weren’t worth worrying about before now cost me a paint job So now after 18 months of scrubbing replacing everything a huge amount of work done by Brad ,detailing the hell out of it from top to bottom it’s all coming together. We finally get through the massive job of bringing this 930 back to life and as painful as it was at the time I’ve been absolutely rapt with how nice these cars are and can only imagine how special these would have been at the time they were new considering how awesome they still drive today. Huge thanks to Brad and his guys for looking after the car , Stan at performance 9 for sourcing so so many parts and for a super understanding wife that loved the hole journey just as much as I did even tho I threatened to burn it on more than one occasion 😂😂 Here’s the finished result.
  8. The car you need is a 996 GT3. I’ve owned a few early ac cars from stock SC to a modified long hood RSR replica and an SC with great brake and suspension mods with an RSR look again which were all great cars. Also a 997gts which was my first Porsche, this car was beautiful in the mountains with pdk and by far the fastest thing I’ve had for the most forgiving experience. Just bang down the paddles on the brakes and turn it in , mash the throttle on the way out and gone. Lovely around town nice and sedate, turn on sport plus and changes to a proper performance car. Today I own a 930 and .2 996gt3 and this is how I’ve found it. As for the ac cars the 930 is the best of them they have that extra performance that the early aspirated cars lack and the wider stance makes them a lot nicer on the road as well. As for the gt3 it’s the best of them all , unbelievably engaging road or track , has the nosies and feedback of the early cars with aircon plus an awesome performance from the Mezger engine. Even at suburban speeds it still twitches down the road like having a race horse on a pony trail, it’s always there asking to go when your ready. Definitely the car I’d have if I had to have just one Porsche.
  9. LHD is easy, I loved the 3.0 Carrera on here a while back and didn’t buy it cause it was LHD since then bought a 930(LH) now I really wish I bought the 3.0 as well they are the easiest car to deal with in left trim and save thousands on Aussie rh cars
  10. Worst I’ve ever seen The selling dealer hopefully advised strongly against this colour choice 🤮
  11. Yeah cheap car especially with the $ conversion

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