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  1. I’d be interested if he doesn’t want them thanks
  2. Any pics of this thing?? Sounds cool
  3. So want one of these as well very cool.
  4. 89000ks vs 40000ks over double the ks is hardly comparable and 159k by memory not 150k and wasn’t it a touring? Yeah it was a pretty cheap 997 especially when you compare it to an air cooled anything, I think it was a cheap car granted but you can’t compare high klm cars to low k ones. That’s why it was cheap.
  5. Friends of mine have a 458 they are thinking of selling done 4-5000ks apparently loads of options and genuine elderly owners , turning 90 this year. Hope I’m as cool as them still at their age 😂 if anyone is genuinely interested shoot me a message and I can put you in touch. Before any bargain hunters apply they have a fair idea of value but not silly about wanting to sell to a genuine realistic buyer.
  6. $$??👍 love the car I’m a fellow lefty 930 owner brilliant car in left hook good luck with the car
  7. Probably just going to keep upping the price till that annoying phone stops ringing
  8. Any ideas how many Zanzibar were made??
  9. Anything I’m missing in the limited pics of the car or anyone know anything about it? Head unit looks after market but I think it’s an easy fix but genuine wheels missing wonder what they are worth?
  10. What’s the thoughts on the Zanzibar car? Price wise ??

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