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  1. Only teasing without a pic 🙏🙏🙏
  2. One car doesn’t dictate a market especially under auction conditions
  3. Best thing I never sold, I always felt it was the best combo of old and new school and now the values are starting to reflect it.
  4. I like 928’s but never thought of owning one but I think that’s a bargain glad I didn’t see it , could’ve been expensive 😂
  5. How well did he go price wise ? I’m keen to know the real prices. I think the majority for sale are in denial of what they really should be price wise vs what they either owe dealers or private owners not wanting to loose on what they paid them from new, then never drove them in the hope they were going up in value I’m the same those two letters haunt me 🤦‍♂️😂 RS Such a lot of power in two simple letters
  6. I bet she’ll be the best mate ever for giving her a second chance why people dump or abuse dogs and animals makes me sick. We’ve adopted 5 boxer dogs over the past 20+ years and have loved them all and been awesome mates. Good on you for adopting her well done.
  7. Exactly...... the dickhead in the car was the complete problem Drug affected criminal I just don’t like how the emphasis is on the Fact it was a Porsche and yeah he was the start of the chain of events, but now cause of the Porsche fact alone everyone is paranoid of driving your car , it sucks that one idiot wrecks everything and 4 people have been killed. Your last line says it all exactly my point.
  8. This is a great idea for a young guy , get him into collecting cars especially Porsche’s and he’ll never have enough money left to buy drugs will keep him safe forever 😂

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