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  1. 18x9 with 7’ back space 18x11 with 8’ back space 5x130 pcd centre caps on the way.
  2. Gave these a bit of a clean with some new pics that may help and ordered a set of centre caps as well genuine Simmons
  3. Anyone need a set of Simmons ? I’ve got a set of 3 pce Simmons I just don’t need chasing 2000 if anyone can use them.
  4. Genuine Simmons OM 18 inch three piece wheels off a 996 GT3 Porsche with Michelin cup sport 2 tires Wheels are in good condition with no bends or buckles Tires are old and due for replacement. Tire sizes are 235/40r18 and 295/30r18 Will fit all standard 996 and 997 Will come up like new with a quick wash and polish. Pickup Brisbane northside at chermside 4032 or post at buyers cost $2000 obo Mick 0407737481
  5. Mick

    Tire compressor wanted

    No I bought another one
  6. Just seeing if anyone here has a tire compressor to suit 83-4 AC Porsche believe they are the orange ones ? Txt or call, email etc if you have one to sell please and please be gentle on price😂 I’m just a poor enthusiast 😎 mick 0407737481
  7. Mick

    2010 Ruf CTR 3

    Yes please 777 Hp sequential hurry up and take my money
  8. What’s the problem? A dealer has more to loose than some back yard thief by trying to pull some dodgy deal , plus they’ve declared that they are showing the car on behalf of the owner, which is probably due to the time wasters he’s now sick of dealing with. Everything is out in the open and the dealer has no emotional attachment to the car and will be the go between to the owner and can probably talk some sense into selling the car if there’s a reasonable offer on the table. Don’t think there’s an issue if the car checks out ok.
  9. Well done I’ve got one you can sell for me at that price 😲. Awesome result 👍
  10. I’d be interested if he doesn’t want them thanks

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