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  1. Worst I’ve ever seen The selling dealer hopefully advised strongly against this colour choice 🤮
  2. Yeah cheap car especially with the $ conversion
  3. Can you bring a NZ car into Aus??? And register it??
  4. Definitely agree with what your saying, if they’re not helping it’s different I’m just saying as a general bit of advice. If the dealers not helping then making it difficult will soon change there attitude. I’m just suggesting to be flexible first may help. I hate it when people want to smash you for a mistake no ones perfect yet perception is someone needs to be punished. We deal with the public on a regular basis some are forgiving and we help beat we can then there’s the ones that want to abuse you at any opportunity and these guys can go fly.
  5. Everyone makes mistakes yet we all love to shout and scream and punish them for something as you say is not critical but it’s the principle. I think you’d get a better outcome trying to be a bit flexible this will help maintain a better relationship with the dealer and will probably make life easier down the track especially if you need a favour later. Shoot them now and you can say goodbye to any help later, be a little forgiving and will probably benefit you in the future . Remember they wouldn’t have done it deliberately and I’m sure they don’t want the stress of an unhappy customer either.
  6. Mick

    85 Carrera

    Interested in these I paid $2800 for them open to a reasonable offer never been used
  7. Mick

    GT3 and GT3RS owners - drive days

    If there’s a Qld one definitely
  8. Mick

    930 values

    Do you know what the skyline made ??
  9. Can’t wait..... hopefully the 991. RS’s will join in the fall

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