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  1. Hi mate, I'll take the second one, cheers Brent.
  2. Hi all, looking for recommendations for air cooled PPI in Brisvegas please
  3. Looks very similar to Theo's which was on Carsales for many months at that price....
  4. The white 996.2 is my car, and is now sold. Both seller and buyer very happy with the deal.Took a while to sell, but I wasn't in any hurry. I won't disclose the sale price as a courtesy to the buyer, but let's just say values are solid for good, strong honest cars, which this one is. The price was certainly much more than a regular punter here predicted, suggesting that "I was wasting everyone's time" at my asking price. Not sure how that happens. There were certainly a couple of people that wasted a lot of my time, but I guess that comes with the territory. The dreaded "tyre kickers" are still alive and well. I think the moral is that if you are not in any rush in the current market, hang in there and the right buyer will eventually come along.
  5. Thanks mate, good to know. Yes Hugh, reliving the youth - an A9X hatch clone, in Papaya Orange, pretty wild..!! Stroked out to a 383, doesn't stop or handle like a PCar though 😲
  6. Hi there Are you able to give me some details re the Pirelli tyres if possible please - where purchased, and price? Cheers Brent.
  7. Rob Tait - Car Tint https://www.cartint.net.au/ Rob has been around a long time, and does great work. Is also a car enthusiast.
  8. Agree for sure. The car presents well, aside from a bit of front end patina in line with its track life. According to the thick pile of invoices at CTS the previous (approx 15 years) owner has definitely not spared any expense. At face value all the mods appear to be well done, and the last invoice was $38k of engine work by PR Tech in May of this year. At $200k it is a stretch for sure, but if it was priced at $150k it would have been sold prior to being loaded onto their website, as was on their floor for one or two weeks prior. Anyone who thinks they can buy this sort of car for $100k now is living in the past, no offence intended
  9. This is my car - not a forced sale, so in no hurry to sell, will hang onto it rather than tank the price. Happy to discuss the car in detail with genuine buyers, give me a call Brent 0401 710645
  10. Pick up the phone and have a real conversation
  11. Quality first rate, quite a heavy cover, good value for money - slightly less cost compared to OEM Porsche cover.
  12. I need this gone - please PM with a reasonable offer, you may strike it lucky
  13. Covercraft "Form Fit" custom made indoor cover to suit 964/930 Turbo, or other wide body car with whale tail of that era. Charcoal gray colour. Soft flanellette type material, with a bit of stretch. Porsche logo on front. Comes with storage bag. As new condition. http://www.covercraft-pacificshop.com/carcovers/form_fit_indoor_covers.html Has one small hole specifically cut for roof antenna which could be easily stitched up. Cost in excess of $600.00, sell for $300.00. Pick up from Sydney Northern Beaches or St Leonards, or could post at buyers expense.

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