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  1. At Cars and Coffee Gold Coast yesterday
  2. Not sure, but it was fine before the change of fluid.
  3. Yeah, I thought so too, but they re-bled it twice more just to be sure. Strange.
  4. I had my brakes bled and change of fluid. After that, the brake feels soft and travels further to gain the same effect. Told the shop, they bled all calipers again twice, ensued no air in system, feels a little better, but still not as before. Any thoughts?
  5. Hi Guys, so sorry to have to say this, but the next meet on the 21st is cancelled due to the current situation. Hopefully the dust settles for the April meet. Cheers, Sohan
  6. I've got a 1991 S2 Cab, non turbo in cobalt blue just like yours. Also a UK import. See my profile pic. Cheers, Sohan
  7. It's on the 3rd Saturday of each month, therefore the Feb meet will be on the 15th. We've got one this coming Saturday if you are so inclined and PCGC will be coming along amid showcasing one of their toys. It'll be a good morning. 7.30am onwards. Cheers, Sohan
  8. Folks, I'm looking for a house or apartment to rent for 1 week which sleeps 10 for 6 nights from 22nd Jan. Doesn't need to be in the city, something close to a train station in the suburbs is fine. So far what I've found on some websites requires me to sell a kidney! Any suggestions or anyone with a unit or home available during that period, let me know. Thanks in advance, Sohan.
  9. I've had my car assessed and there is no damage, zero. Not a scratch.
  10. Yes, true, but it's the dishonesty which gets me, and I think if my insurance company pays out exorbitantly, it'll effect my claim history and therefore my future premiums.

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