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  1. This Saturday the 8th PCGC is organising a Sportscar Together day at Tekno in Yatala. I'll be organising a run from Mudgeeraba to Yatala if anyone wants to join in. Leaving Mudgeeraba at 6.45am. Cheers, Sohan
  2. 18th May, this Saturday PCGC will be coming along with one of their newest offerings, let's make it a warm welcome for them by having a whole gaggle of Porsches present. Cheers, Sohan
  3. Cabs are great cars. Superb, can't go wrong.
  4. Easter Saturday Cars and Coffee Gold Coast. Let's make it a great morning and a fantastic start to the long weekend.
  5. Yesterday's meet was totally resumed rained out, so we'll be having a make up meet on Sunday the 24th which is this coming weekend to satiate our fix.
  6. Hi fellas, this Saturday the 16th, Alfa Romeo will be showcasing their Stelvio QV which is supposed to be one of the fastest SUV's around, so come over and let's make it another wonderful morning. Cheers, Sohan.
  7. We had a fantastic morning today with about 130 cars and some real pearlers. The car of the meet was a Marmon on is first outing after a 30 year restoration. It was simply awesome. One of the highlights was a Lamborghini Liberty Walk Huracan Roadster. Of course we had plenty of Porsche's too including a Gemballa turbo. Please visit our Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/carsandcoffeegoldcoast
  8. Hi folks, another meet is on tomorrow morning. As usual from 8am at 238 Mudgeeraba Road in Mudgeeraba. Bentley Motors will be showcasing one of their new cars. How to see you guys there. Cheers, Sohan.
  9. Ahh yes. Beautiful car. Yes that was my 928 next to the black 911. I was the guy taking all the pictures. I think I spoke to you. Shame I didn't know who you were. Anyway the next meet is next Saturday the 20th if you feel like it. Cheers, Sohan.
  10. Hi Brian, I'm so sorry I missed your post. Were you there at the last meet?
  11. Good morning folks. Another Cars and Coffee Gold Coast is coming up this Saturday the 15th. CNCGC is now an official Make-A-Wish Foundation Australia fund raising partner. This helps children going through a rough time by fulfilling their wishes. I'm hoping that we can add a little miracle to their otherwise traumatic life's. Here wishing that we can make a small difference right here in Australia. Cheers, Sohan Parekh
  12. Brian, that'll be great. Would love to see your FEP.
  13. Hi there, just saw your post. I organise Cars and Coffee Gold Coast and it is on the 3rd Saturday of each month therefore on the 21st. It's held at 238 Mudgeeraba Road in Mudgeeraba. Quite a few Porsche's turn up and it's quite nice. BTW 8am to 10am. Cheers Sohan.
  14. We have another one tomorrow chaps. It's going to be awesome. There will also be a sausage sizzle on site for all those hungry people so come on over and have another wonderful morning with some beautiful cars. Cheers Sohan.
  15. Folks another Carsand Coffee Gold Coast is upon us this Saturday the 21st. As always its at 238 Mudgeeraba Road, Mudgeeraba from 8am onwards. Hopeto see you guys there. Cheers, Sohan

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